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  1. I notice that Sabatini's has Chianti wine. I never buy it at home but do enjoy it occasionally. Can I buy the bottle in bars or do I have to buy it at that restaurant?
  2. Thank you cherylandtk. That is exactly the information I was looking for. Trinidad is on Day 9 so plenty of time after we board the ship.
  3. I have searched the forum for answer but have not seen anything specific. We have not sailed with Princess before. Even on other ships, we never book ship excursions, preferring private companies. However, we will probably book an excursion in Trinidad through Princess. I have looked at the official cancellation policy and I do understand it, but it says that the cancellation time will be printed on the ticket. I want to know it before I book. How can I find out the cancellation period for this particular excursion? Am I just missing it? Thanks for the help.
  4. Thank you so much everyone for your comments. Skynight, your breakdown of dining times is very helpful. In case this is a concern to others, I will try to remember to post our experiences when we return. Ellen
  5. The big thing is - Can we get a table for 2 in Anytime dining or do we have to wait a long time?
  6. We have done Anytime dining on our last number of cruises on other cruise lines. Sometimes we do make reservations in the morning. We have been able to make reservations for 6:30 which I understand is not possible on Princess. We only want table for 2 because my husband has a slight hearing disability so he finds it stressful to be in a group that you really must converse with. So, if we chose late seating in Traditional but found that we were missing some events and wanted to change to Anytime, would that be easier than changing from Anytime to Traditional if we were having trouble getting a table for 2 ?
  7. RSS: Thank you for that information. This was SO much more helpful than all the zillion rants currently on the board re the Barrel Chair. You were Proactive! All the best, Ellen
  8. Thank you Fishbone! We have vacationed in Aruba, as well as had it as a ship port, and used the bus many times. But, you gave such detailed and useful information. Really good.
  9. island284: Do you remember the cost of the loungers and umbrella?
  10. To me that is a strange Embarkation Lunch menu. Been on many ships (although first time on Princess) and always had the lunch in DR, when available. We will be fine because my DH loves Trout and I am very happy with the Tenderloin. There is always chicken available for those who are not fond of fish and don't eat red meat. I know that there is a pasta but still, not as inclusive as I am used to. Looking forward to the dessert! Following. Enjoy.
  11. Oh, that is disappointing - I enjoy a fun round of mini golf with my DH a few times. I am not a golfer so a putting green doesn't do it for me. Thanks. Ellen
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