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  1. Thanks. Just double checking.
  2. Since OBC goes on my account, just checking that when I go to play the slots on the ship, I use my 'card' and my account is charged. The expense of the gambling is the same as charging specialty restaurant, excursions, etc. Is that correct? Thanks.
  3. Yes, I was wrong - or, at least, I can blame partly on TA -HaHa. Two different programs. We are part of the group that qualifies for the Cruise With Confidence program - booked in March and sailing in November. I think that sound good. The other is an insurance which has a cost. Just checked it out properly. Very reasonable, BUT the medical coverage could easily be only enough for a day in hospital. Will get our own as usual.
  4. I just had my Travel Agent check this - yes, there is a cost. It is an insurance product. Princess was very confusing on whether government travel restrictions are included which was my main question. The rest of it is fairly straightforward from what I have read. But, I do not see that benefit mentioned. I have the phone number of the insurance company and plan on calling them directly. My TA may have not understood my concern. I would be interested in others' experiences.
  5. We were on our first Princess cruise in November 2019 on the Caribbean Princess. Lots of other cruises but first Princess. Our friends rave about the Pub Lunch so it was a must for us. Well, what a disappointment! Perhaps just the Caribbean Princess. Going on the Sky November 2021 and will try again. Yes, right about getting in as soon as it opens. We did not realize that and arrived about 1/2 hour before advertised closing. Last people allowed in (Although a man behind us, loudly proclaiming that he was Elite, was eventually allowed in). Food poor (except for Bread Pudding) and servi
  6. Not being used to premium brands, I will be fine with what I am entitled to with this package. Thanks again.
  7. Yes, I have looked at it. Wow! What an active Roll Call. Will find my way to Page 14 and sign up. Ha Ha!
  8. Thanks for the speedy help. Sounds fine for us. Do you know about the beverage package included in the Celebrity booking. Again, not looking for premium drinks but do want to have specialty coffees and some cocktails and wines.
  9. Thank you Kat. I looked there and a lot of helpful information. I am now booked. Appreciate your advice! Ellen
  10. Just booked a cruise on Reflection. Included is Surf Internet. I don't understand the term. All I want is to receive and send emails and texts to family and friends, as well as accessing a few sites to check on hockey scores, etc. I was quite excited to have wi-fi on this cruise but now am wondering.
  11. We are considering a Trans Atlantic cruise April 2022 on the Reflection. With so many sea days, I am just a little concerned that it may not have enough entertainment. We do love sea days but need to be kept at least somewhat busy. We are not interested in Bingo, or Art Shows or Shopping lectures. We do enjoy lectures on a variety of subjects, as well as games i.e. Crazy Golf, Scaventure Hunt, etc. Any help from those who have sail a Trans Atlantic cruise on the Reflection or any of the Celebrity ships? We are in our 70s. Thanks. Ellen
  12. Sorry, no advice. Actually coming to you for advice. Did you enjoy your tour of Madeira? Highlights? Areas particularly interesting? Thanks. Ellen
  13. Thank you for your reply. We have sailed HAL and just recently sailed Princess. Loved the Bridge Cams so we could follow the cruises before and after ours.
  14. Does HAL have Bridge Cams on the ships?
  15. Thank you pasta1. We are planning to be there soon.
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