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  1. I had no trouble getting unopened canned sodas on the Allure at any bar. I hope this helps!
  2. On our Allure cruise in February the drinks of the day were all $8. None of them were frozen drinks. Here is the list - Mai Tai, Woo Woo, Caribbean Sling, Melon Mojito, Citrus Cooler, Margarita Azul and Portside punch. I hope this helps.
  3. We frequently saw soccer games being played in On Air on Allure. Hopefully, they will have the world cup!
  4. Wifi calling worked fine with surf for us on Allure in February. I hope this helps!
  5. We had reservations for different times each night. We liked the wait staff we had the first night so we just asked to be seated in their area for the rest of the cruise. It was no problem. We were at different tables each night but had the same staff. Should be no problem for you. Enjoy!
  6. When we sailed on allure in february the mdr menus were 100% accurate as were the activites that we participated in. I hope this helps!
  7. You don't want to use your cabin towels at the pool. There are multiple towel stations at different locations around the pools. We never encountered long lines there. If we have an excursion that we will need towels for we grab them from the pool deck the night before so we are all ready to go in the morning. I hope this helps!
  8. We stayed at a hotel close to FLL that offered free shuttle from the airport so we only had to pay for transportation to POM. We used MJS shared shuttle to get to POM. The shuttle was $15/person. Worked great for us. I hope this helps!
  9. No self serve laundry. There was a library but we never went there so I'm not sure what they had.
  10. That should be no problem. We were a group of 4 but there were a number of 2 tops around us. They were very accomodating about seating in MTD. I hope this helps!
  11. I cover mine with tape at home and punch holes in the ends. Then I just carry some zip ties to attach to my luggage. Works great!
  12. Drinks run 10 to 13 before gratuity so you will only need about 4 a day to break even and bottled waters can add up in a hurry. It also includes specialty coffees and fresh squeezed orange juice if you enjoy those. You can always purchase the package at the current price and cancel and repurchase if the price goes down before you sail. I hope this helps!
  13. Since you are traveling without kids I would suggest the Solarium as a place to relax. Also, Central Park is very relaxing. We were on deck 11 and did feel some slight movement from time to time. I am prone to motion sickness so I always take generic bonine just to be safe. I had no problems with the motion. We enjoyed breakfast at Johnny Rockets and the Solarium Bistro. Never ate in the windjammer. There are touchscreen directories by the elevators. If you click on dining it will show you what venues are open and how busy they are. We loved that feature so we could figure out where to go for
  14. Also - unless you and your mom both need to use your devices at the same time you can get a one device package and take turns logging in. That is what my husband and I did. I hope this helps!
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