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  1. We had an early flight too. Ours was 9:30. We did the self debark and had a really early breakfast and got on line about 6am. We were off the ship and at the airport by 7:30.
  2. During the day, I was comfortable in shorts and t shirts or tank tops. The windjammer was a comfortable temperature. Our cabin we kept on the cooler side and it was fine. The dial setting was at 10 to 11 o’clock. The kids preferred their cabin warmer. Their dial was at the 12 o’clock position for the most part. At night, I wore long pants, t shirt and sweater and was comfortable. The theater and skating rink were chilly. The a/c vents in the theater are under the seats and it did get drafty.
  3. They liked swimming in the pool and the beach but they also enjoyed wandering around the forts at San Juan and seeing the different animals and nature on the other islands. Are the swimming pools on the ships in Alaska open for swimming?
  4. I am trying to get some vacation ideas for next summer. Next summer the kids will be nearly 11 and 8. We’ve done 3 Caribbean cruises with them and they had fun. I’m looking into the possibility of going to either Europe or Alaska. If you’ve been, what was more fun and memorable for all of you?
  5. I love the packing cubes. It’s especially helpful when you have multiple people’s things in one suitcase. Each kid had a cube with daytime wear. I had one with everyone’s swim wear, kids dinner wear, my dinner wear and dh did his own thing. Makes it easier to unpack. On the return, all the clean clothes left went in a cube and then partially worn things that didn’t fit in the laundry suitcase went in the other cubes. I rolled the clothes and put them in the cube.
  6. The pool was pretty empty. The things that disappointed me were that the flowrider and zip line and rock climbing were closed.
  7. We were on the Allure and we found that in order to get good seats, you need to show up at least 30 mins prior to show time especially for the aqua theater and ice rink.
  8. On our cruise, I saw several people with long sleeve rash guard shirts and pants. Then on the other side of the coin, I saw some with extremely skimpy swim suits. So much so my dd asked why this woman’s swim suit was up her butt (it was a thong) and why this other man’s suit looked like underwear (speedo).
  9. I filled one out on Liberty last year from Galveston but not on the Allure a few weeks ago. They didn’t even ask us the questions.
  10. Yes, there was lemonade and iced tea, coffee and sometimes other fruity beverages. We didn’t have the drink package either and this was sufficient for us. We are big water drinkers.
  11. With our most recent one we wanted to sail on an Oasis class ship. So we looked at that, then dates and price.
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