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  1. Our cruise is now sold out and we still don’t have cabins.
  2. Does anyone have info on when we’re going to get a room assigned for our guarantee cabins? We booked guarantee interior because they were the only rooms left. We sail on the 6/14 Edge Alaska. I don’t want to show up to the port and them tell us that no cabins are left. Is it like the airlines where they will oversell rooms in the hopes that people will cancel?
  3. Hi. We are sailing on celebrity edge to Alaska. Our ports are Ketchikan, Juneau, Skagway, Endicott Arm, Victoria. we are wanting to do some excursions on our own and wondering if it’s feasible. Are there any hikes we can take that are easy to get to? thanks!
  4. So I found several forms from other cruise lines but none specific to celebrity cruises. Where can I find the celebrity cruise form?
  5. My kids will be going on a cruise with their dad (my hubby) over spring break. Do I need to fill out some kind of permission form? If so, where can I find it? I can’t go cause new job and not enough time off.
  6. They like fun, adventure and hiking. National parks are more up their alley. They are 11 and 14. Looking back, did you like going to museums at that age? I know I didn’t. We were in NYC last summer and we went to Ellis Island and I thought it was fascinating, but they walked around for 30 mins and were done. They enjoyed children’s museums when they were younger. They might like Pompeii, but if we go to Italy, we’d want to see everything, so we might as well wait till they have an interest. Otherwise, Hubby and I will go back ourselves once the kids are out of the house.
  7. For most US folks, cost of getting to Europe can cost more than the cruise itself, especially if you don’t live near a major international hub. I don’t think my kids would appreciate a Europe vacation. They could care less about visiting museums and looking at building architecture and history. We like doing adventure type of vacations. Caribbean cruises are inexpensive and the ports are easy to get to.
  8. On our most recent cruise, we did only 1 excursion and stayed on the ship during the other 2 port stops cause we had been there done that. The purpose of this cruise was to relax and unwind and sure enough we were able to do just that. It was nice being on the ship while it was empty. The excursion we did go on as well worth it. It was the Rio Secreto cave tour in playa del carmen. Super awesome.
  9. We used the ones on the glory. It was fine. I would suggest bringing your own detergent as the one on the ship is pricey. I bought detergent sheets on Amazon and they worked great.
  10. It was super easy. We stopped by the muster station after we dropped off our luggage. They showed us how to put the life jacket on and they scanned our cards. So less than 5 mins.
  11. I wanted my kids to taste it. But even though I told them it tastes like chicken, they still didn’t want to try it.
  12. On our recent cruise, I think I ordered 3 appetizers and 2 entrees most of the nights. There were lots of things I wanted to try. the frogs legs did taste like chicken.
  13. That’s news to me. We weren’t able to book our kids in a separate room. Do they have to be a certain age to do this?
  14. You have to book with 1 adult and 1 kid per room, and then get duplicate keys after boarding.
  15. We had stayed up late to check in and got the first check in slot. After we checked in they gave us boarding groups and we had an A group so we didn’t have to wait long to board at all. We did arrive to port before our check in slot and no one checked. We got there at 9:30 for a 10:00 am check in. We were on the boat by 11. This was in NOLA.
  16. We brought walkie talkies on our cruise cause the kids don’t have phones, but we’re old enough to go off on their own. They were high end ones and they worked okay. If we were on the same deck or on all outside decks it was okay. Inside, not so much.
  17. We parked at park n cruise garage parking when we sailed on liberty of the seas. We were able to walk to the terminal. It was nice getting off the ship and into the car pretty quickly.
  18. Where is this in relation to the existing cruise terminals? We’re excited because we can drive to the port as well and we love the oasis class ships. Will this terminal have added parking?
  19. We went on a cruise a few weeks ago. It was a last minute trip that we had booked in June. We’ve been on cruises before so we knew what to expect. We were able to get a really good deal. The Caribbean is great for cruising. We’ve visited so many islands that way. We’re not near a major international airport so flying to a specific island is very expensive with layovers. we definitely like the all food included nature of cruising.
  20. We were on the Glory 2 weeks ago. We saw a lot of extended families traveling together. There’s not a lot to do on the ship especially if you are not into bingo or the casino. I did lounge by the pool and attend the various trivia games which was fun. It really depends on your expectations. We went in with the goal of relaxing and not doing much. overall we definitely preferred the Royal Caribbean oasis class ships, but we could not pass up the deal on this cruise. The kids had fun and mostly did their own thing. We enjoyed the comedy shows and attended some of the evening entertainment.
  21. On carnival used the self service machines. I bought some laundry detergent sheets which take up very little room in the suitcase. I did 2 loads since there were 4 of us during the week. We only took carry on luggage.
  22. We were on the Glory 2 weeks ago. It was a nice and relaxing trip. The staff was really nice.
  23. We went on this excursion last week and it was amazing. Highly recommend. I really wish we were allowed to take go pro video. We did buy the photo package.
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