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  1. Sounds great ,Naples has the best excursions of any city .Walk straight thru the Galleria and you will be on Toledo street .Great place for a coffee. When you get back in the evening hang outside by the gang way ,and be the last one to get back on you will see a lot of crazy action. Do watch out the people in this town drive like they are blind (and drunk) if the road is crowded they will just drive on the sidewalk .When you cross the street they speed up give some kind of obscene gesture and curse out your mother at the same time. It is a great city we love Naples and it people.
  2. I have never had it I know it is very big now .It is nice to see you on this site I met you on the Silhoutte crossing way back .Glad to see you are still cruising .A while back I saw your post about your dog I hope it worked out for you.
  3. Naples will go smooth . There is a lot right near the ship go to your excursion but try to save some time at the end of the day . Walk around outside near the ship it is great and very REAL .As you cross the wide street (be careful ) they do not stop or slow down .Walk to your right (with your back to the ship) and find Toledo street it is no tourists with cheap eats and interaction with the real people. There is a pizza place called Antica worlds best and only like 6 euros. Watch out for pick pockets .
  4. Did people carry on water or or tag it and send it thru .Thanks. We are getting on next Sat.
  5. Do not know much about P and O but maybe it will come up with some out of the box thinking and come up with some new ports.
  6. We are on this it was selling very slowly and many were moving up at good prices .We got balcony for a very good price last Sat. Good luck
  7. Yes it is the move up min. have never done what do you get.
  8. Is Agua class worth one hundred each. I have read what you get but do not know what it means ,help me please.
  9. Do they still sell robes (new ones of course) be a nice gift for the whole family.
  10. Sounds good, but I think you get very sick of the same ports over and over and over .Many on this site are that way just cruising once or twice a year.
  11. All of Europe is great but Italy is better than all other's go for the 9 night.
  12. They do still charge the corkage fee.
  13. God forbid and they don't make them that big (I hope)
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