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  1. Never been to La Spezia but you are not missing anything Livorno is ugly, hard to get out of and very big . The worst port we have ever been to.
  2. dolittle


    N.C.L . will more than likely be the cheapest .
  3. dolittle

    Spring Break 2020

    It is not even state where I live Phila. suburbs public schools have different weeks and Catholic schools go at Easter but do mot have the whole week off.
  4. dolittle

    southampton cruise

    We took he train from London to Southhampton it was good close to pier and fast .Forget what it cost.
  5. dolittle

    Equinox vs. Silhouette

    Been on both did not notice the things you mentioned ,both are great ships I like the Silhouette a little better.When we were on the Equniox we found the gastro pub empty most of the time . We found a nice quiet place to get away.
  6. Have taken many trips with Grandson ,he is a good and experienced traveler .We would let him think he was making decisions by giving him 2 or 3 options we pre -picked. Some will like the ships kids program and some won't .We would let him skip sit-down dinners a few nights. Oh yea we would spy on him when we let him on his own.
  7. I think this will be ironed out before it takes effect . It would not make sense for Europe to keep people from the U.S. out, and many countries make big money from tourist dollars .
  8. Wow I was going to write the same post, This is what we do on Med. cruises.
  9. dolittle

    Baby Mama

    Hope it works out for everyone involved.
  10. dolittle

    Baby Mama

    Maybe I am off base but it seems like you and he are looking for reasons to say NO to this trip . I hope you do not spoil the fun of a 10 year old and his new family. As Dr. Phil says sometimes you need to be the hero.
  11. dolittle

    Baby Mama

    We have a daughter and have more than a few times take our grand kids(not the same last name) out of the country .The first times we took a letter (notarized) .Then we got smart and had an undated letter we had just in case. Some lines asked for one some did not (have no idea why) we had the same letter for many years .
  12. dolittle

    Favorite Drink ON CELEBRITY?????

    Our favorite is a Bloody Mary at the Sunset Bar lime (no lemon) and no celery.
  13. dolittle

    Favorite Drink ON CELEBRITY?????

    Have not heard of a Brandy Alexander in a long time ,my mother used to drink them in the 70s.
  14. dolittle

    Baby Mama

    Tell your nephew to get over the ''I was not asked first's'' and do what is best for his kid .Give them what they need and wish them a good time . Missing the first week of school is not a big deal . In these situations it is best to be the bigger(better) person.
  15. dolittle

    No More Disney Ports

    All are giving good advice . Costa Maya is very Disney like .saw a little of it then took a cab to Maihaul very nice and real nice people too.