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  1. The new version problems are with the subscribed/participant functions and the IT folks ("help@....") are non-responsive. Read the thread for details...
  2. The app now has far more worse problems than the login matter.
  3. Actually, what would be very clear from a review the entire thread's responses is that there is no "one size fits all" algorithm. Each day, the demand for refunds and the curcumstances, as well as the personnel handling each department's piece of the puzzle, may change. And, as often been referred to in the thread, other factors including which CC company and w/wo a TA in the mix (and what country), add to making the question unanswerable.
  4. Asked and answered many times. Read through the thread.
  5. Oceania has two new builds on their books. One was due in 2022 while the other was set for 2025. Fortunately, at <1200 passengers, the new "Allura class" ships have been designed to maintain Oceania's commitment to low passenger loads with excellent space ratios. And, IMO, it will be these "smaller" ships that emerge efficacious in the "new normal." Other than Covid-19 related shipyards closures, I have not seen anything regarding the status of the Allura ships. I do know that the final of the four R ship (<700 passenger) NEXT makeovers, for Nautica (which was due to start next week in Marseilles), has been delayed until next year.
  6. You can ask every cruise line. But, I'm betting all the answers will be somewhat the same along the lines of: "If we cancel your cruise, applied FCCs will be redeposited to your account with appropriate adjustments to book by/sail by deadlines."
  7. We already knew that Regatta wasn't going to be able to do its August itineraries because of Canada's ban extension.
  8. A real red flag that you're probably overpacking other stuff as well. For example, at least for men (in the tropics): one pair of Sebago or Sperry deck shoes and one pair of sturdy reef runners covers every situation. A dress shirt (worn only a few hours with no exercise) can be worn at least twice and then was (self serve or ship's laundry)......
  9. I think I figured out at least part of the methodology! To as many days as it actually takes to coordinate the various departments' actions on all purchases made for any particular cruise, O adds 3-5 business days delay for every "I'm still waiting for my refund" CC post that the affected passenger makes. 😳
  10. I think you're still missing my question: 1) You are paid in full for a cruise with no mask requirement when you made that final payment. 2) You are now in the 100% penalty phase. 3) You travel to the ship for embarkation. 4) At embarkation you learn the ship now requires masks (because of new company and/or government policy). 5) Do you board and wear the mask or do you not board and lose your money?
  11. Sorry but, you're living in fantasyland. No cruiseline on earth is going to guarantee that safety and security (health or otherwise) policies and procedures in effect today are not subject to change tomorrow or thereafter, particularly if that change is mandated by a governmental authority. Just think of all those Covid plagued Princess passengers who had a contract stating their date and place of original disembarkation who may not have read the whole T&Cs including the part about "subject to change at the discretion of the cruise line." In this current environment and, obviously for a very long time yet to come, your statement means you may never cruise again.
  12. With the understanding that life responsibilities exclude ATW for us, we have done multiple segments during each of several past ATWs (we're supposed to be on two right now). And, given our O itinerary history, future ATW announcements always find me checking off all the ports to which we've been (some multiple times) and then focusing on those segments with the most new destinations.
  13. And, once again, we see how Oceania is fulfilling its promises. I'm not so much defending O as I am reminding folks that these are truly extraordinary times.
  14. Same question to you as in post #100. You book, you pay, you show up at the ship only to find that (though previously not the case or not mentioned) masks are now mandatory (and there are no refunds for non-compliant folks who don't want to board). I'm betting you'll don that mask.
  15. On our recent February Nautica cruise, we experienced the enhancements to the already proactive food safety and public health policies and practices which have always been an Oceania hallmark. To be honest, we felt far safer crossing the Indian Ocean than we did transiting four hastily arranged airports to return to SF when our disembarkation was changed from Singapore to Dubai. As we now see the already dangerous chaos of "reopening business" across the US, I'm looking forward to the controlled environment (and zero tolerance for "health stupidity") we expect to find on Nautica this coming November.
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