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  1. On Marina, there is a sizable dance floor at Horizons Bar. We’re not into ballroom dancing but I seem to remember that a live combo plays after happy hour and later in the evening. They play a broad selection of music. The onboard entertainers include a dance couple who often do lessons as well.
  2. Would that be the old Brooklyn “do-wop” favorite - “Donna, Donna, the Prima Donna....?” What HS? I went to Midwood (‘63) followed by Brooklyn College. Yes- If I wrote 2021, I meant 2022. When it comes to the constantly changing cruise situation, 2020, 2021 and 2022 (now even 2023) have all morphed together. In any case, fingers crossed that we’ll cruise then. As I mentioned in a previous post, we moved to this MIA-MIA from an NZ-OZ cruise in no small part because of the cost of bizclass air tix exceeding $12k/person (plus there’s no way down under will be back to n
  3. Like it or not, each one of us isn’t even a rounding error in O’s daily “bottom line.” So, there will be no gloom and doom disasters if there needs to be a significant itinerary change - even in the start and end ports of an itinerary. Pre/post cruise hotels can be reserved to include free cancellation. Most major airlines currently offer no change fees. Even travel insurance can be moved at no cost (with some insurers). Yes, it requires some research on the part of passengers. But, flexibility is doable.
  4. FWIW: https://www.cruisehive.com/cruise-lines-still-in-early-stages-of-framework-whats-next/49197 https://www.cruisehive.com/cdc-makes-adjustment-for-cruise-ships-is-the-pressure-starting-to-pay-off/49614 Recent release by CDC
  5. We’ll see you on that one (I sent you an email)! Stay safe.
  6. While it may be possible to skip Canada during the upcoming Alaska season (e.g., add Ensenada at a cruise starting from L.A./S.D. or even start at Ensenada), once Regatta heads west for the “down under” summer, it’s going to be “slim pickin’s” for NZ/OZ ports. On a somewhat related front, OZ recently announced a delay in the return of foreign university students until the spring (our spring, their autumn). That doesn’t bode well for cruise traffic. So, what to do with Regatta? I bet that there’s a sufficient number of O regulars who love transpacific cruises (including us). And gi
  7. It’s not just Bermuda. SFO-MIA bizclass RT in January 2022 = $1700+/-.
  8. DOT has policies related to air refunds FMC has policies related to cruise refunds. Neither agency is really setup to get your money for you.
  9. And while we’re at it, folks: FCC has 2 meanings for Oceania. Future Cruise Credit (in lieu of refunded $ or as a bonus compensation gesture) Future Cruise Certificate (purchased onboard for future unspecified booking in order to get the discount etc) And don’t get me started on the confusion caused by the term “back to back” cruises. Oceania doesn’t market B2B cruises. Multiple segment cruises on Oceania are packaged in one of two ways (“extended journey” or “custom cruise” [Grand Voyage is an artifact still found in the glossy brochure- historicall
  10. Would you experiment with your “baby?” Don’t forget that Oceania was FDR’s brainchild (along with Bob Binder). And, though Mr DelRio has a far more demanding role now, one gets the sense that O will always be “home” to him and (yes) even business titans can have a soft spot for one corner of their empire (even when if it makes little sense to their “bean-counters.” As for “experimenting” with the NCLH Premium/Luxury brands, remember that Oceania and Regent cater to a very large/strong repeat passenger base who are well-traveled, appreciate the product and can pay for it. - No
  11. As far as the O mailing list goes, it’s actually quite easy to stop mailings (both “snail” and or “email.” On the O web home page, scroll to the bottom and, under Guest Services, you’ll find “Update Marketing Preferences” where you can opt out of mail, email and phone contacts. Then, try not to accidentally agree in the future to receive contacts. Of course, among those correspondences, you will occasionally get news of a decent sale or O Club discount. So, choose wisely!
  12. Some regulars here seem to forget that a lot of first timers get a bit confused with the acronyms abd that includes simple things like SBC and OBC. FWIW: it can be interpreted that they are different since a couple of years ago, O started allowing their non-refundable $ perks to be used for optional ship purchases (SBC) like excursions rather than having to wait until once onboard (OBC) to do so. In any case, “the devil is in the detail” (especially when something is a new arena).
  13. As long as we’re in acronyms: O uses SBC (shipboard credit) vs OBC (onboard credit).
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