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  1. You get one of the Olife options if you pay for it. You can do it cruise only, no air, no Olife, but you will get internet.
  2. ORV

    Met and Greet

    My recent cruise on the Marina was the largest Meet & Greet I've ever gone to on Oceania. We had over a hundred on the Roll Call and at least half or more showed up to the M & G. Mike Preisman had contacted someone on the ship and they had it all set up for us. He did a great job coordinating it all.
  3. They had a shuttle when we were there in Nov. As we didn't spend the night there I don't know how late it ran. It was a free shuttle. It ran to the Faneuil Hall area.
  4. I shouldn't have said click, you need to hover over a name and it will come up, I just did it to yours so I know it works, but don't worry I took you off the list as you have some good things to say. So it can be done with one hover and one click. Try it.
  5. It's actually easier than that, just click on their name, it will show their profile, then click on ignore user.
  6. Well just for you I'll get back to the Marina. As I've mentioned before I didn't find the great downgrading that some seem to be reporting. As I've said before I feel it's an issue of unrealistic expectations along with people who thought they'd be fawned over on Oceania, and when that didn't happen they perceive it as going downhill due to NCL influence. In my great and unmatched wisdom I believe the sky is not falling. PS, on the OT thing, conversations evolve, if they didn't this thread would have been over a long time ago. Do you insist we stay on one topic at a shared dinner? Sounds like a joy.
  7. That's a nice itinerary. We've been to most of those places and enjoyed it very much. Let's hope the Turkish situation remains somewhat stable and they don't have to adjust those ports again. We loved Ephesus and Istanbul. Good luck with your planning.
  8. ORV

    Spa Change

    From the article posted; "Rubacky said that "most" current Canyon Ranch personnel will be offered an opportunity to stay with Aquamar."
  9. Don't worry about it, I was just trying to figure the numbers, we all make addition mistakes. So which cruise are you going on?
  10. I see that, I was replying to the other poster, I should have quoted them. But, I think you forgot to add in the $375 pp for tips. I also don't see how you came up with the $3550 as the subtotal for your perks. I come up with $5002 using your numbers. I still don't see how you came up with $20,998 as your total. I get $18000 I assume you booked the hotel through Oceania? Or is that private arrangements? If you booked through Oceania it is a per person charge on the hotel. I'm assuming that is not the cruise you're going on? You mentioned before Jun 4th on the Marina in 2020. I can't find that cruise. I see one on the 6th which is a Baltic cruise. I'm not trying to be argumentative, just trying to help. But what would I know? PS, also if you plan on going in early or staying after the cruise you will have a deviation fee of $175 per person. I don't know how Regent handles that.
  11. ORV

    Spa Change

    Not exactly the same as before, they're either better or worse, not sure until they announce the details whether it's per person or per cabin. I'm betting on per cabin. Still I"m happy they seem to be restoring some of the benefits.
  12. Premium Coach is not always offered on Oceania, it is never included and requires an upcharge from $199 -$249 per person each way to add it.
  13. I'm a little confused on a couple of things you have on there. On the Oceania side where you have $3550 under "subtotal perks" where did that figure come from? Also you state that the transfers are included with the Oceania hotel, but you have $89 twice for transfers. If you are using the Oceania figure for a hotel be advised that that is a per person figure. It is never a good deal, BTW. To accurately compare I'd say you need to look at what hotels Regent is supplying and see what you could book that property for. Where is this cruise?
  14. Horizons is on deck 15, the pool deck is 12. Oddly enough there have been reports that a room on 9 has a direct pipeline to the Horizons smoking area through the ducting system.
  15. Has anyone complained about the beds? If so I'll have to discount anything they say.
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