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  1. We had friends staying in that area on Regatta on a Tahiti to SF trip and they never could get the room to cool down. They were given an extra room in another location to sleep in and got a sizable OBC (refundable) as maintenance could not do anything about it. It was in the area about where Waves meets the Terrace.
  2. Thanks for the support Paul, I missed this yesterday. I may be an acquired taste and polarizing, but most of the time I do know a bit about Oceania, and cruising in general.
  3. Actually yes, it is me, I'm the only one with SW MO in their location. I asked Flo how many cruises she had been on. Though my neighbor did quote her. My question had nothing to do with starting a debate. There was nothing to debate. I may not contribute much but I do pay attention. Not referring to you with that FF.
  4. I think the "he" that they're referring to would be me. I'm so hurt that my neighbor thinks I contribute little, but if they're like most in this area(especially in the way they vote) I can understand his point. I just always call it like it is, and don't really worry so much about what others think.
  5. And some people wonder why they can't get certain things to happen. Perhaps connected TA's save those special favors for those that don't work them over to see what the max amount of the commission they will "share" with them. From many of your posts I would almost bet we have the same TA. On this subject we agree. Of course many people probably have never experienced superior service. For those that use the big online TA's with the "agent of the week" that takes care of them, they'll never get it.
  6. I was seeing the same kind of crazy thing the other day. For $108 for the two of us we were getting $400 of OBC and the upgrade to Premium, which on a 10 day cruise for two people would cost $240. Sounds like a great deal to me, but I was wondering what I was missing.
  7. Yes, and it used to be better.
  8. Not sure you've looked close enough. I've seen a couple of rants about it.
  9. You've been on 3 Oceania cruises? Or you've booked 3?
  10. Well it kinda would be 20 ft from the top of deck 10. I think he meant that deck 10 is still blocked a bit by the overhang. Personally it's always been a non issue for me. I usually look out from my balcony, not so much up.
  11. I personally tend to keep away from hot areas so I don't know anything about them. Just out of curiosity is a steam room and a sauna the same thing?
  12. Are you for real? It's hard for me to fathom people with the logic you use.
  13. I think if you tell us how many credits you have going into this we could figure it out. Let's say you have 7, if that's the case on the first cruise(and those afterwards) you'll get the Club grats. If you only have 2 now you won't be getting any Club grats on any of this. Without knowing where you're at now it's hard to say.
  14. There are plenty of people that will disagree with you. It's almost never until it is. Been there done that.
  15. Don't make me look it up but I believe that Platinum used to be $600, and when they did the change it went to $500.
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