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  1. Your interpretation is partly right but mostly wrong. I can't see complaining to a Maitre de when the misunderstanding is yours, not the other people. A Polo shirt is more than acceptable, if by trainers you mean tennis shoes or sneakers, then while tacky probably slips by. I guess I don't know what walking boots are. Cargo pants are similar to a few other things, technically not outside the dress code, but not what I'd wear to dinner. On the other hand I have no problem with Cargo shorts at breakfast or lunch. Just for future reference, dress jeans, polos and other short sleeve s
  2. I love it when people actually know what they’re talking about.
  3. ORV


    While a nice incentive for some that is one of the least of my reasons for using the TA we do. Loyalty to one great TA can pay off in ways many people will never see.
  4. I would have to agree with Lyn, but having your TA check, like you're doing is always the best.
  5. It has been my experience that when your FIRST segment starts you get the the rewards for what you would achieve by the end. Reference those going on a World Cruise. They get Gold loyalty level from the start, even if they've never been on Oceania before.
  6. I have to say I'm a bit jealous, we need a new mattress and love the Oceania beds. Once you've slept on it at home let me know if they're really that good or if it's just the motion, contentment of being on vacation, and perhaps a few cocktails that make them so sleep inducing.
  7. I do agree with this, but I've ran into many of the crew multiple times on different cruises and they generally remember us.
  8. Just got this, actually am surprised they are still offering these.
  9. Maybe I read too much in to the question. I thought they were asking if they could invite their friends on all of their reservations. Perhaps Grammie K read it that way also. I'm well aware you can invite others online prior to your cruise as we have done this many times.
  10. I'm not saying you're wrong, but I can't completely agree with this either. Maybe we could discuss it over a beer someday.
  11. So I've been going to a few MLB games this year. The only way to get the tickets is to have the MLB app and show them on your phone when you enter. No paper tickets, no printing of tickets. Seems they're shooting themselves in the foot with this set up, but there sure are pretty much no scalpers out on the streets around the ballpark now.
  12. Actually Grammy has the right of it. The friends can be invited, but only up to the number of reservations that their category allows. Don't know why you said not exactly.
  13. It's a good thing. All cruise lines need to adopt it, at least from the way it's described.
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