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  1. There is no way I would be willing to pay for this particular cruising experience - much less Seabourn type of money. Of course, as always, YMMV - I'll wait 😀
  2. Not a likely scenario but theoretically speaking anything is possible. Depends on many factors but it cannot hurt to ask - good luck. Just one request - please do not even consider “slipping” money to anyone to accomplish this.
  3. Except when the powers that be feel generous and the mysterious exemption rule is granted. 😀
  4. What if the mask requirement changes AFTER you made your final payment on either cruise?
  5. Personally, using a "public" tub is a non-starter for me - I don't even use our tub at home and had the second one replaced with a large shower. OK - I know that this is my personal opinion and choice and others have no such inhibitions. That said, it looks like one needs to poses the acrobatic skills of Simone Biles (or close to that) to get into and out of that tub. Her latest triple double should do it 😀 Just follow the moves in this video closely and you'll be fine. 😀 https://www.okayplayer.com/sports/simone-biles-what-is-a-triple-double-us-gymnastics-championships.html
  6. O Life & air are entirely separate items independent of each other. You can take the air w/o O Life or v.v.; take both or neither one.
  7. The Circular (Central?) line in Moscow is unmatched. The others are more or less like the ones in SPB.
  8. While I agree that the subway in SPB will impress any visitor it truly does not compare to the oldest line of Moscow subway (Red Circle line?) While not as well kept under the current regime, it's splendor does come through despite some minor vandalism (unimaginable under the previous Soviet Socialist system).. Not to be missed if and when one is in Moscow.
  9. LOL Have no idea of how it tasted as we passed it on 😀 A Faberge Egg we would had kept 😀 😀
  10. Ditto here. We had the good fortune of having the now owner and founder of SPB as a private guide when she still worked for Alla before opening her own Co SPB. Since then we've used SPB twice to great satisfaction. The last time we were there she surprised us and greeted us at lunch with a bottle of Russian "champagne" 😀 That said. if Alla's works better for you scheduling wise you would be just fine.
  11. I think you may be right. Perhaps I was thinking of those PHs in the back and not OC suites.
  12. Also there is no walk in closet in the 2 smaller units - just a wall closet like in a balcony cabins (if memory serves me right)
  13. A leisurely cruise on the Neva gives one a chance to both rest and sightsee at the same time. Some of the Palaces one sails by will give you an idea what life might have been like for this privileged group of nobility during the Czarist regime. The church of "The spilled blood" is not to be missed.
  14. Or could it be simply just a matter of demand and supply with only a couple of these PHs vs lots of "regular" ones?
  15. One of the craziest things I have experienced while cruising was when one of the Princess R ships (Ocean?) sunk the Norwegian tug boat while leaving a port in Norway (Nordkapp?). The tug boat failed to disengage and we all watch in horror as she was pulled and sank in front of our eyes. The 2 fellows from the tug jumped into the icy waters and swam ashore. Apparently they didn't even need to go to the hospital for treatment of hypothermia - tough folks. The police came aboard our ship for a few hours' worth of investigations but we were cleared in the end.
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