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  1. ..and if one does have one then the whole EU should.
  2. This is almost useless. If the letter is even a day old it is irrelevant (unless you are talking about a COVID vaccine) - never mind the source of it. The only thing that would work most reliably is on the spot testing if & when such a quick test is developed. And this can be repeated during the cruise as passengers return from their shore excursions. Then you'll have a ship w/o COVID passengers.
  3. I suspect that these are temporary credits rather than final refunds. The CC has to give the merchant an opportunity to answer the charges.
  4. I do/ What else would you like to know? 😀
  5. So none of these "younger ones" have parents or grandparents - they are all orphans? Or even older co-workers (assuming that they are working and not just surfing and drinking). Or do they just care about themselves (most likely).
  6. That is true - we all tend to go by our own experiences. Are you waiting for a Crystal refund? If so, how long. Did any of your friends have to wait over 120 days on ANY cruise line? Percentage-wise, how much did Princess refund at 90 days vs what you are waiting for now?
  7. Pinot, We have often disagreed on these boards. In fact, I would say we more often disagree than we do agree. Despite that, I never considered you or your posts ignorant. That apparently comes to an end with this post. In fact, it goes beyond ignorant – whatever that may be. How could you possibly be outraged that EU does not want US travelers now. It’s not you personally they do not want – it’s us stupid, ignorant Americans that they do not want. A candidate said 3 ½ years ago that the whole world is laughing at us. That was not true then but it surely is now and deservedly so. Look at how we totally scr**wed up the response to COVID. Just look at this from Johns Hopkins: https://www.gzeromedia.com/the-graphic-truth-two-different-pandemics-eu-vs-us-coronavirus-cases-spike-28-june Do you want another mind boggling stat? China, all of SE Asia, Australia, NZ and all of EU have 26 Billion people (that’s Billion with a B) and Florida has a little over 10 Million (that’s Million with an M). Florida experienced over 10K new cases in a day while the 26 B people a little more than 6K. Can you even imagine that? And that’s Florida only – we are not talking Texas, Arizona, CA, etc Why in the world would people of EU who suffered and sacrificed SO much to get a hold on this virus now want us to bring them another wave of suffering? That is like us inviting citizens of Wuhan, Northern Italy and Spain to come and visit us at their height of pandemic (which at the height was nowhere near as bad as ours is now with no end in sight). How can you not see that? PS As far as I am concerned, everyone that posted a like to your post falls in the same bag with you. Does this mean that you will no longer buy French wine and "spend my obvious filthy dollars, via my unsanitary credit cards, at home here in the States" on wines other than those from EU or SA wines 😀 😀 Somehow I doubt that - "the corporal punishment edit and political jab" isn't that strong when it comes to things you like.
  8. You are my hero (sarcasm emoji). I can't believe the enormous sacrifice you are making for America - keep up your patriotic duty no matter how difficult it may be.. (another sarcasm emoji)
  9. You are right - I do prefer Oceania to Crystal based on my one Crystal cruise. Obvioously I was willing to try them again as I booked a Jan cruise. I received 3 deposits from Oceania (each of $1500) in 43 days and 1 fully paid cruise in 53 days. I feel that they showed me some respect by doing that. Here we have Crystal that someone said Genting has plenty of funds but they refuse to refund money before 120 days (if that). What kind of customer service is that? Is that what people call luxury? ETA - Viking river returned 2 of my deposits in THREE days; American cruises in 1 month; Princess in 60 days. Why can't Crystal come even close to that? All cruise lines are busy, have reduced staff and every other excuse Crystal is using yet they get it done.
  10. Well said - congrats! It's not very often that people get 10 "likes" for a post and you deserved all of them and then some.
  11. Good news Roger - happy sailing.
  12. Some people would call that throwing good money after bad. I would be one of those people. First the least I expect from them is to pay me back what they owe me and then I just might "loan" them some more of my money for free (for at least 2 years).
  13. I am glad you said it instead of me. 1) there will be no cruise in October 2) I would not give them 1 CENT before they had the decency to refund what they owe me
  14. As I cancelled before SB did, I was not expecting money back for the cruise itself - only FCC (which I got). I also got money back for excursions and taxes (finally) and now I will fight to get money back for air changes which they approved but want to pay back in FCC instead of cash.
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