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  1. Thanks, Martin, for the Sun Yet Sen Garden suggestion. We have actually been to Suzhou and seen that garden. Is it likely in Chinatown that a restaurant will be serving dim sum in the morning?
  2. Our Coral Princess cruise arrives Vancouver June 26@7:30am. We will walk our luggage off, go through customs, and store at Canada Place. Our flight is UA298 @1:40pm. to Chicago, so int'l flight. Is there time to do anything in Vancouver before heading to the airport by Canada Line train? Is there a nice place close by to take a walk and then have lunch before heading to YVR? Should we just hang around Canada Place? I am not interested in shopping. I detest sitting around airports any longer than I have to, would rather stay in the city as long as possible. Looks like we need to leave for the airport at 11:00am. Suggestions for a short 2-3 hour visit are welcomed.
  3. Totally agree with Paul and the others. That is why I resent the moochers who just sit there and get the benefit of the team's work. If you are the spouse of a serious trivia player and don't want to participate then just sit off to the side and listen. But don't take up a team member space when you are not really a participating member.
  4. I have seen people join a winning group multiple times just to get the big O points with no intention of participating. DH and I tend to join with a different group every day we play. Because we are good at trivia, some people will ask us to join their group if they don't have 8. I don't think that would go over very well with people you may have just met. I suppose if someone asks to join your group you could ask if they are going to play or just sit in.
  5. I am one of those "serious" trivia players. I love winning enough points to come home with a t-shirt from Oceania. What really irks me about trivia is the people who join a team and don't contribute anything. They don't know any answers, don't actually participate with the team, they just sit there and say nothing. Then when their team wins they get to collect the point chips. They are trivia moochers
  6. I have been on over 50 cruises and have never once done laundry on any ship. Even with it now free I will still not be doing laundry on my next Oceania cruise. I always just pack enough clothes to last 2-3 weeks and wash underwear in the sink if necessary.
  7. I also did a San Juan-San Juan cruise this past December and there was no deck BBQ. I was very disappointed. I could not get a straight answer from any of the staff as to why not. On prior Windstar cruises it was one of the highlights.
  8. I looked at all the other lines. Since we prefer smaller ships I looked at Windstar and Azamara. The cost is much higher than Oceania. I also looked at HA, celebrity, NCL. Some do Baltic cruises RT from London or Amsterdam which I am not interested in. MSC has a lot of sailings but no way would I ever go on one of those mega ships. I have almost decided on Marina June 26, 2020 sailing due to the availability of an inside at a very competitive rate.
  9. Another comparison to consider: Marina holds 1200 passengers, Sky Princess holds 3560 pax. Both cruises have 2 days in St. Petersburg. To go with Oceania I have to go later in the season, the end of June, when ports will be more crowded. The Princess cruise is in early May, before the busy summer season starts. Princess goes to Oslo, where I have been twice before. O goes to Warnemunde, Gdansk, Klaipedia, Bornholm island, and Riga which would all be new ports.
  10. I am looking to book a Baltic cruise for the summer of 2020. I have sailed within the last year on both Oceania and Princess, and they each have their high points. I did a Baltic cruise in 2002 RT out of London and want to concentrate on only the Baltic ports this time. Because these cruises are so port intensive I will go with an inside cabin. I will do my own air with miles. Here are the 2 cruises I am comparing: May 6 Sky Princess 11 nights, 7 ports, 3 sea days, $2139 each $194/day June 26 Marina 10 nights, 10 ports, no sea days $3399 each w. $250OBC each, $315/day Note: my preferred Marina sailing date is June 16 but all of the insides are booked, balcony cabin is too expensive. O will not do an inside guarantee. If anyone has done either or both of these cruise lines on the Baltic, what is your feedback? I know with Oceania the food will be much better
  11. Since we boarded at 5:00pm the stateroom was ready. We registered in the lounge and went right to our cabin. The dockside check in was already closed.
  12. Lucky you, sometimes sailor, that you could enjoy outside dining.
  13. When we arrived at the dock for our December Pride cruise we walked our luggage on board ourselves. It wasn't far to go and I didn't want to wait for it to be delivered to the stateroom. it was not a problem as the bags are all on wheels.
  14. That makes no sense. There are glass pitchers of water in the dining room used to fill glasses. There must be another reason. On the December Star Pride from San Juan there was no onboard barbecue dinner and we were told it had to do with US regulations. No one from the staff could tell me what the regulations are and how they apply. I missed this dinner party.
  15. Star Pride cabin 135 had the double sinks and bathtub/shower combo. No problems in the bathroom.
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