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  1. I have it in writing from someone at Windstar that when I go to rebook my cancelled Tahiti cruise that the rate I booked at will be honored. Hopefully Windstar honors this. It would be on the same ship, Wind Spirit, with the same itinerary. A shame ,crilski, that after the president of Windstar states they would honor the rate that they wouldn't do it for you.
  2. I myself am one of the old farts, over 65.
  3. Looks like the earliest cruises will be full of a bunch of old farts only 😉🙄
  4. Agree, ducklite. I will not be rebooking Windstar or any cruises until ships actually start sailing again. Have to see a ship moving. I will also wait until the cruise line has had one month of successful cruises without changes or cancellations. I currently have $1500 tied up with Oceania deposits since August 2019. I am supposed to cruise the Baltic on Marina Aug. 29, 2021. If by the time O wants the final payment they have not actually resumed cruises I will cancel myself and get the deposit back.
  5. If Americans are restricted from O's cruises in Europe then the ships will be mostly empty.
  6. If this holds true there goes Europe 2021 and there goes a postponed Aug. 29, 2021 Baltic cruise on Marina. The O ships currently in Genoa, Marina Riviera and Nautica would just stay docked until the fall and then sail across the Atlantic to cruise the Caribbean in the winter 2021.
  7. It will be interesting to see if the Europe O cruises for 2021 will go ahead and start up as planned since the ships are already over there and don't need to come to the US. I'm scheduled on Marina Baltic Aug. 29 and she is currently in Genoa. Marina should be ready to go as soon as the European ports allow it. The first Med cruise is scheduled for April 23 from Rome, then she moves to the Baltic June 3.
  8. Add me to the list of Windstar cruisers and Yacht Club members who get zilch from Windstar. I use to get brochures in the mail occasionally, but nothing for over 6 months.
  9. I just had a March 4 Tahiti cruise on Wind Spirit cancelled by you. I would like to rebook sometime in the future, but want to do this cruise on Wind Spirit not Star Breeze. What are the dates the Spirit will not be sailing Tahiti? When will she return to French Polynesia? It is very difficult to tell on the changed web site what ship will be used.. Adding to another question, this version of your web site is terrible, not user friendly at all.
  10. I got my UA flights cancelled and the miles redeposited without having to pay the fee. I messaged UA on twitter and they took care of it for me. Looks like Tahiti is out for me in 2021, not going on the March 25 sailing even if it actually goes. I may try for 2022 only if Windstar runs another special. I am very reluctant to book any cruise until cruises are actually running again.
  11. Any company or business can set whatever rules they want if you want to work for them or do business with them. If Oceania wants to make having received a covid vaccine a requisite for boarding one of their ships they can. Many many companies are going to be making being vaccinated for covid a requirement of employment. If you don't like it or don't want to get vaccinated you can work somewhere else or go on another cruise line. You won't be able to yell discrimination because this is not a discriminatory policy. No one has a right to cruise or to work for a specific company.
  12. How many Windstar pax who have had cruises cancelled on them recently plan to rebook for a later date? Will you do it without an incentive or deal? My March 4, 2021 Tahiti sailing was cancelled by Windstar. I had booked with the $100 deposit and very low rates back in March. I have asked Windstar to allow me to keep my booking deal and move to another date. They are not doing this anymore, they just cancelled my booking and refunded the deposit. Current prices are very very high, almost twice what I was going to pay so I will not rebook this trip. Windstar is going to
  13. As of today 11/14/20 the web site is unusable. For those of us who just had cruises cancelled and would like to book another one, how are we supposed to do this? When will you fix your totally broken web site?
  14. With helpful advice from people on flyertalk, I know what to do. First step was change the dates to coincide with the March 25 cruise which I have asked W to move me to. If Windstar won't accommodate me then I will cancel the flights by calling UA and demanding hey adhere to their current policy of free redeposits until Dec. 30. There is language to this effect buried on the UA web site.
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