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  1. I was thinking about making a face mask like this for use on planes to fly me to my cruise. This will also come in handy on the ship if cruise lines require use of a face mask onboard. You can eat and rink while wearing this style mask. https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2020/06/22/national/veil-face-masks/?ct=t(EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_23_06_2020)&fbclid=IwAR1I5hQ4qYFcaJdxrPkX54BCuM2CD34yfiD94cYmOSCH5vsDR-7qkiDzD6k#.XvIRfC2ZPeY
  2. Nancy, the ones I sewed over the weekend aren't too bad. My husband gave me a cotton madras shirt that he was getting rid of that I cut up and made the 2 masks from. The fabric is rather flimsy and I made it 2 layer. I found 2 patterns for masks that barely touch your face due to the construction and made one of each style. My husband wore his yesterday while grocery shopping and reported it is preferable to the paper disposable ones.
  3. Ding ding ding we have a winner. The mask mandate here in Kansas City does not specify how or what the mask is made of. it also says you can use one of the clear plastic face shields in place of the mask. I am going to make one of those from office supplies that I have on hand at my business. Plenty of youtube videos showing how to make a face shield in less than 5 minutes.
  4. It depends on whose facts they are.
  5. It's only for 2 weeks. It is a toothless mandate, not a law, with no way for it to be enforced. There are so many exemptions to it that this mask mandate is part of pandemic theater. All you have to do is say you have a health issue with wearing a mask. Due to HIPPA no one can ask for proof nor do you have to disclose the details of your health condition. I actually sewed 2 see though masks this weekend, one for myself and my husband, that we will wear when we have to as part of our pandemic theater costume.
  6. Or maybe Wind Spirit will go in for refurbishment and Breeze will take over Tahiti sailings until Spirit is spruced up. There are limited ports here to rework.
  7. Why would Star Breeze cruise in Tahiti when Wind Spirit is already there? Is there that much demand for 2 ships from Windstar in one location? Is Wind Spirit going away from Tahiti in 2022?
  8. Andee, being on the deck of a sailing ship is not a confined space, which is where you spend most of your time on a sailing ship cruise. On Wind Spirit there are multiples places to dine outside. The only confined space will be my cabin, and I will be in there with my husband.😚 Yes, we are brave. We have been dining out in restaurants as soon as they reopened. As soon as our gym reopened we started going to classes. We have changed very little about our lifestyle during the last 3 months except for not being able to travel as all of our planned vacations have been cancelled one by one.
  9. No, it's not the future for all cruise companies. Windstar is resuming cruises in Polynesia in September and they are not putting on this kind of pandemic theater show. I will be on Wind Spirit in January and am not worried in the least. There will not be a vaccine by then and I will be totally comfortable. Should be a normal Windstar experience. If O were to start doing the things Ponant is next year for my cancelled and postponed Baltic cruise in August 2021 I will cancel it. Either I have the normal O experience or I won't sail with them.
  10. Paul, I agree with you about the NYT. They can't help themselves with bashing President Trump. This article just popped on to Drudge Report within the last hour. I have no idea if it is fake or not, just showing here for people to take as they want to. I am merely extrapolating out what might happen. I can see that the EU would be tit for tat with the US.
  11. Definitely no Europe cruises for Americans this year, 2020. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/06/23/world/europe/coronavirus-EU-American-travel-ban.html
  12. Depending on how long a ban on Americans going to the EU lasts may prevent Europe cruises in 2021. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/06/23/world/europe/coronavirus-EU-American-travel-ban.html My cancelled Marina Baltic cruise that would have been next week was postponed to August 2021. I sure hope things are back to normal by then.
  13. I found out who will be on your cruise right before you It's a gay cruise. https://www.purplelightvacations.com/package/2020-all-gay-dreams-of-tahiti-cruisesource-events/
  14. There is an extra charge of $500 for the bike excursions. That doesn't add anything to the cruise itself. What about the spouses of the cyclists who just want to go on the cruise but don't cycle? They are being massively gouged.
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