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  1. Check on other travel web sites. If you are flying to the US from an international destination you need a covid test before boarding a plane, most countries will have ways for visitors to get tested. I returned from a 2 week vacation I Namibia a month ago and the TA who put the tour together arranged for the testing. If they hadn't, I figured it out myself from info on TA for Namibia.
  2. They withhold the penalty/admin fee when refunding your deposit. If you deposited $3000 you will only get back $2500.
  3. But if you have paid one of these fees you need to remember that you have the FCC to use. You will need to ask your TA to apply it to your reservation. Plus it has an expiration date so if you forget about it you will be out the money.
  4. Now that Celebrity has just instituted pre cruise covid testing for their sailings from the US starting today, any information on whether Oceania will do the same? Right now it only applies to X sailings from 8/1 to 9/6 but I'll wager this will get extended to the end of 2021 and into the future, and will also apply to all sailings worldwide. Pre cruise testing will become the new normal forever. Celebrity is not covering the cost of these tests, pax have to pay for them. They are required 72 before embarkation and can be PCR or antigen.
  5. Want to to bet this gets extended and becomes the new normal for all cruises anywhere in the world? A windfall for CVS and Walgreens.
  6. I'd like to know this also. What is the end date for pre cruise testing? My cruise is in December and I am willing to bet this protocol will still be in place then. For those not on Medicare, if you get tested at CVS or Walgreens and you say it is for travel you will have to pay for the test. Some insurance may cover the testing, you will need to look into it.
  7. Do you know if the partnership also applies to Oceania cruises?
  8. Can anyone suggest a car rental company that will allow a pick up at the Port of Tampa and drop off at Tampa airport? I arrive at Tampa on Monday Dec. 13 from Celebrity Constellation My flight is not until 7:00pm. I would like to rent a car for the day to have someplace to store the luggage and to go visit some sites and museums in Tampa. I have never visited Tampa before. Then we would return the car at the airport in time for our flight home. I certainly don't want to spend the day sitting around the airport. Has anyone ever done this? Which rental company did you use?
  9. To board the plane for the US in the UK you will have to show a negative test to the airline or you won't be allowed to fly. This is the same procedure for US citizens returning from abroad, we have to get tested 72 hours before boarding a flight. This is enforced by the airlines. Testing to enter the US is a different issue than testing to board a cruise ship. You may have to get tested twice, once at home and once when you arrive here depending on Celebrity's policy in November.
  10. Where did you see this posted? I cannot find a confirmation of this information anywhere. Number 3 is my biggest concern as I will cancel if I have to wear a mask onboard while being vaccinated.
  11. I have a Dec. 3 Constellation from Tampa. Maybe the twill be cancelled too. What was the reason Constellation was cancelled?
  12. WASHINGTON (Reuters) -The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and State Department on Monday both warned against travel to Spain, Portugal, Cyprus and Kyrgyzstan because of a rising number of COVID-19 cases in those countries. For those with Oceania cruises that come and go from Lisbon and Barcelona, be aware of this travel warning just issued today as it may impact your cruise. There are quite a lot of sailings in September through November that could be impacted. Keep an eye on your reservation for changes.
  13. This is exactly what Celebrity is doing. They are calling people on the phone a week before their cruise and asking them to voluntarily upload and send a copy of their vaccine record ahead of time, and to have the card with them and volunteer to show it at embarkation.
  14. It would be me cancelling the cruise, not Celebrity., due to the reimposition of masks onboard. I will call celebrity tomorrow to verify the air tickets are completely refundable and not just a credit.
  15. Considering this just changed 2 days ago, I hope the Celebrity web site has current information. From what I read and see on Royal Caribbean's website they are now requiring masks indoors for all passengers: https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2021/07/24/cdc-will-enforce-mask-mandate-cruises-despite-court-lifting-cruise-ship-restrictions Since the CDC is talking about reversing the masking for vaccinated people not required, and reimposing masks for everyone indoors like some cities are doing, I am concerned that the cruise lines will suddenly reverse their mask protocols like they did on ships in Greece.
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