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  1. We were so lucky with the weather. On the day sailing Glacier Bay which is when we were using our balcony the most it was sunny and relatively warm, in the low 70's. The wasn't any wind unless I went right up to the railing. Sitting on the chair up against the glass door was quite comfortable. This balcony is completely covered and that helped. We got some good glacier photos from here and by stepping out the door onto the aft area to go to the other side of the ship. A few people poked their head around and could see us, but we just talked to them. It seems almost no one on the sailing discovered this aft deck for viewing.
  2. I would have taken a photo of them smoking and informed them I was turning the evidence over to staff. I hope you let Princess management know about these smoking violators. It would be cause for them to be put off the ship if they continued to smoke after being warned.
  3. I didn't experience any of the smokers but if I had seen them I would have called security to come and make them stop.
  4. I just sailed on the Coral in 737 on deck 8 on a southbound Alaska cruise this past June. I would get this cabin again in a flash. The views to the side and back were great. Being able to step outside on the aft deck was a real plus. There was almost never anyone out there. Excellent cabin choice.
  5. Which is why I likely never book an ocean cruise with Viking. I never do any ship tours, including O's. I always make independent arrangements. The tours on Viking river cruises are excellent.
  6. You can get a Miami airport hotel for under $100. or if you have hotel points use those. You can take uber to the port for $16. Do your own air, hotel, and transport. You will save a lot and can fly on your schedule, not O's.
  7. Anyone ever used the Medicare Advantage plans benefit of worldwide coverage for emergency room or urgent care visits? Let's say you fractured your ankle walking around in Europe. Would you get your ankle splinted/taped up in a local clinic and pay the bill upfront then get reimbursed by your Medicare Advantage insurer?
  8. Look at Barcelona-Venice Oct. 18 on Nautica. It is half the price of the cruise you are looking Oct. 16 if you go for an outside.$2699 USD pp. without O Life. You won't need a balcony at this time of year, too cold. There is only one sea day and all the other sailing is done overnight. I did this almost the same itinerary 2 years ago on Riviera and it was a great cruise. We spent 2 nights in Barcelona pre cruise.
  9. I have the Marina booked for next June 26, a 10 day Baltic cruise with no sea days. Because of this I booked an inside cabin. I plan to enjoy the ship in the morning before getting off and late afternoon, evening and dinner after returning. For me , sea days are boring. I did a 12 day Med cruise on Riviera with only 1 sea day, Barcelona to Venice. It was great. It was the first time on an O class ship and I didn't miss out on any shipboard experiences
  10. As empty as all the January Sirena sailings are you should have no problem changing to a different cabin of your choice.
  11. nancyshaw: yes, that is where I saw the cabin assignment. My invoice from the TA shows guarantee. Deck 4 cabins do not have extra space. That deck has no balconies, just the large picture window. If there is an upsell offer for giving up my cabin, it would have to be to at least a veranda and be no more than $100 pp or I would decline.
  12. I booked Sirena Jan. 25 substitute Cuba cruise as a C2 deluxe ocean view and was immediately assigned a cabin, 4001 on deck 4. That category is now waitlisted. I am okay with that cabin but was hoping that a guarantee might entail an upgrade to a veranda since the ship is so empty. As a side note, I have a Baltic cruise on Marina for June 26 booked, inside cabin. I was assigned 10050, which is an accessible cabin. Both inside categories are waitlisted. Might O move us up if they need the accessible cabin for someone who truly needs it? Right now, the rest of the ship is wide open, only the bottom 3 categories are waitlisted.
  13. We usually go to the Terrace at 6:30 when it opens and have sushi and appetizers. Then we go to dinner in the GDR. If the weather is nice and the entrees look good, we often just finish dinner at the Terrace. Any time I can have unlimited sushi everyday I am a very happy camper.
  14. If there is no raw fish then it isn't really poke. What you had should be called a race bowl. But it still sounds tasty.
  15. I will be disembarking Sirena on Saturday Feb. 1 and I have 10:00am flight. We will carry our own luggage off and uber to MIA. Our tickets are basic economy and cannot be changed. I'm not too concerned, we have done this before.
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