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  1. Roy, that Windstar picture is a classic. It epitomizes what I feel while cruising! (although I have never sailed on Windstar). ~Nancy
  2. TRIPACIAN, thanks for sharing your nephew's positive news! I'm still waiting for my refund so it's nice to feel like there is some hope! ~Nancy
  3. Thank you Keith1010 and Roland4 for the information. Good to know that the TAs that have already done much of the work will still get compensated. Like all of us, I am anxiously awaiting the day when Crystal is caught up on refunds and sailing again! ~Nancy
  4. Does anyone know if the Travel Agency still receives their commission if the client files a credit card dispute and gets the refund that way? Crystal has told the TAs that they will still receive their commissions from cruises cancelled by Crystal even if the client requested a refund. I'm on the brink of filing a credit card dispute after waiting six months with no refund and just wonder if/how it affects my hard working TA. Thank you, ~Nancy
  5. I haven't cruised on Seabourn but I have learned that <1000 passengers is my comfort zone in most cases. I have sailed on HAL with friends and family on their <2300 passenger ships and had a great time but can't imagine anything larger even if friends wanted to. I'll be checking out Seabourn once cruising starts up again. ~Nancy
  6. I haven't been in one, but it looks like the Pinnacle Suite is a great spot for the Meet and Mingle. It was very nice of them to host! Here's my promise that if I ever sail in the Pinnacle Suite, I too will host the Cruise Critic Meet and Mingle! 😉 ~Nancy
  7. My very first cruise was on Royal Viking Line from San Francisco to Puerta Vallarta Mexico in 1981. Oh my gosh, as a 28 year old, a lot of the people on board thought I was staff! I wasn't. It got me hooked on cruising! It was so different than today but I like now in a good way as far as I am concerned. I really like the more relaxed atmosphere today but sure did have fun on the first cruise! Those Norwegian officers were soooooo handsome and charming!!! ~Nancy
  8. It was June 7, 2019 that I was scheduled to go on Symphony from Lisbon. I still have my voucher from TAP Air Portugal for a flight from SFO to Lisbon. I sure wish I could go in 2021! Doesn't look promising though...... ~Nancy
  9. fatcat04, thanks for the Tennessee mountain pictures! I am originally from Oak Ridge (East Tennessee), thus my Cruise Critic name. I do miss the beautiful trees in the fall there. We get some color changes here but certainly no where near as spectacular as the east coast. ~Nancy
  10. Thanks for pictures the Ohio fall trees Debbie (dfish). It sure reminds me of the beautiful fall days on campus at Kent State.....way back when! ~Nancy
  11. Thanks you for this information Julia! It gives me some hope.....maybe? ~Nancy
  12. Hi Julia. I'm so happy you received your refund! I was also booked on this cruise and the following Dover to Copenhagen. Crystal cancelled both on April 28, 2020 and I emailed requesting a refund on April 29, 2020. No refund yet. Did you do a credit card dispute for the refund or did Crystal send it to you on their own? Thanks, ~Nancy
  13. Here is the link to the information! Thanks to VMax1700 for keeping this up to date for everyone. I have always checked it before booking cruises since I first became aware of the whole partial charter and groups "issues"! Enjoy your cruises everyone. ~Nancy
  14. Ding, ding, ding!! That's exactly what happened to me at age 53. I never had allergies then developed a nasty long lasting (months) cough. They finally had me take Benadryl antihistamine at night and another non drowsy one in the day (so really a double dose) and Flonase. It worked!! Now I just need to take Benadryl when I feel it coming on again. Good luck! ~Nancy
  15. Hi gadabout60. Thanks for your report. What year was your cruise? It sounds like something I imagine from long, long, ago in steerage class! ~Nancy
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