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  1. Does 4001 get any noise from the showroom which is somewhat below it? There is possible increased motion at front of ship if seas are in the least "bouncy". That doesn't bother some people but I would do anything to change cabins myself. Good luck! I'm currently booked on this cruise too. I reserved before the whole pandemic mess caused the cruising pause. ~Nancy
  2. Now what was the question??? Oh yeah....I like "The Bistro" too! ~Nancy
  3. The Panomax Webcam on Serenity has been stuck on June 28th at 12:10! It's the Malaysia views. I wonder if it's broken or turned off? It's been my daily fix for awhile and now.......stuck!! https://crystal-cruises.panomax.com/serenity ~Nancy
  4. Thanks for sharing the music Roy (rafinmd) and Aquahound! Both pieces brought back good memories of happier times....hoping for a better future! ~Nancy
  5. I would love to go on this trip if I could (I'm from the USA, so not allowed 😔). With the kind of scenery they will be sailing through there would be plenty to keep me occupied on board! I'll be watching the news to see how these cruises go. I was supposed to be in Norway on a ship right now....... ~Nancy
  6. After I requested a full cash refund to my credit card my TA received a confirmation email from Crystal that her commission was protected. Crystal cancelled the cruise. ~Nancy
  7. Hi Divi. Are you referring to a "Signature Beverage Package" which entitles you to 15 alcoholic beverages per day plus unlimited non alcoholic beverages or a "Beverage Card" which has a defined dollar amount, like a debit card? I only ask because of the comment rkacruiser made about the crew questioning her. Either way, as kwb101 stated, you just ask for another glass of wine and the waiter will bring it! Enjoy! ~Nancy
  8. I stayed in what used to be a regular verandah (P2?) 10108 on Serenity which is now where the Seabreeze Penthouses 10106/10110 are and there were no vibration or aft door slamming problems at all. I enjoyed it. My preference is still more midship on deck 8 but 10108 was an enjoyable experience too! ~Nancy
  9. It's at the very front of the ship. The motion and noise from water crashing in the front could be a problem in heavy seas. It's also on a high deck so the motion is intensified compared to a lower deck. For me, I wouldn't ever take this cabin for those reasons. ~Nancy
  10. Thanks Roy. I need to get on the sites that track ships, just for the fun of it! ctjon thanks for posting the article. It sounds like a good chance for the town to get revenue easily. It's too bad the crew can't get off at least occasionally to shop or look around. After all, they have been "quarantined" for quite some time now. Of course there may also be visa issues with foreign crew. I wish them all the best anyway! ~Nancy
  11. The Serenity is out to sea again! It stayed docked longer in Manila than I had expected. Does anyone know where she is going next? ~Nancy
  12. You're welcome. I was just so excited when I saw them DOCKED that I wanted to share! ~Nancy
  13. https://crystal-cruises.panomax.com/serenity It's 5:40pm Pacific Time and the live view is great! (8:40 am in Manila) Captain and crew are all looking out at a very clear skyline at the port! Check it out! ~Nancy
  14. I didn't read the question 12 correctly either and it wouldn't let me submit. It wasn't the best worded survey but I do appreciate that it was put out. I'll try again. ~Nancy
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