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  1. I agree that I really don't see anyone unvaccinated actually booking with these restrictions. After concluding that, I would feel pretty comfortable after all being on the ship. (I'm vaxed) I still don't like the way it was handled from a communication/refund perspective though! I'll be watching how it all plays out. ~Nancy
  2. The weather is so beautiful and so are the pictures! Thanks Lisa...... ~Nancy
  3. I wish I was there! Continue having a wonderful time. Thanks for the picture and video. ~Nancy
  4. @ger_77- Yes, the Gear Beast works well! AmazonSmile: Gear Beast Cell Phone Lanyard - Universal Neck Phone Holder w/Card Pocket and Silicone Neck Strap - Compatible with Most Smartphones, Green I have one of these too. I normally don't carry my phone with me but this is great when I am planning on taking pictures. I get so nervous that I'll drop the phone over the side so no worries with this!! ~Nancy
  5. I see the poor towel animals are still "blind". (No eyes) For some reason the eyeless animals make me sad. I don't really understand the reason behind not letting them have paper eyes. Oh well...... I love all the Tamarind pictures! `Nancy
  6. OOOkaaayyy......thanks but that doesn't really make sense to me either. If the idea is to not get guests too close to the bartenders than sitting at the Avenue bar doesn't accomplish that. Oh well. Thanks, Nancy
  7. I am also shocked and upset that Crystal made this change at this point. Florida COVID hospitalizations are skyrocketing right now. At the very least, the change to Miami and allowing unvaccinated pax should have waited until several months from now. BUT, I also wonder who in the hell would book a Crystal cruise and not be able to go into any of the alternate restaurants or bars, etc.?? I'll be very interested to see how this plays out. ~Nancy
  8. Has anyone on board gotten an explanation of why sitting at the Cove bar isn't permitted but sitting at the Palm Court and Avenue Saloon bars is okay? It doesn't make sense to me. 🤔
  9. Thank you for sharing with us! I loved reading all of it and look forward to the rest. ~Nancy
  10. Oops....picture didn't work! I'm looking forward to the rest of your comments and photos too. Thanks for posting!
  11. Virgin Voyages Cruises, Saga Cruises, some P&O ships
  12. I have been looking at the Juneau webcam almost daily since March 2020! Yesterday I saw the Royal Caribbean ship there as the first mainstream cruise ship in Juneau. I was so happy to see it but will be especially happy to see the Nieuw Amsterdam on Monday! I cruised on her twice to Alaska from Vancouver. ~Nancy
  13. The practice of asking people to order their dessert at the same time they order the entrees was being done on my last HAL cruise on Oosterdam in December 2019. I politely told the waiter that I would not be ordering dessert until after I ate! Who knows what you want, if anything, before your meal?? The waiters seemed to be fine with waiting. Don't know whose idea it was to try to get orders pre dinner! Thank you Lisa for posting! I'm excited to be even just reading about this cruise! ~Nancy
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