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  1. Actually, Keith, you're in plenty of time to still 'catch the boat' - closer examination shows they don't start until February... https://www.rssc.com/cruises/NAV220205/summary?s=EM_RSS_PT_PRO_EMI_CTB_EML_NEWVOYCOL_APR2110116_NA_UK_DESTCAR
  2. Text from just received Regent email Fly direct to Barbados to begin your relaxing sojourn into the lesser-known islands of the Caribbean with a three or four-night pre-cruise break at a luxury beachfront hotel from only an additional £299 per person. Enjoy every moment knowing Regent Seven Seas Cruises® has arranged every little touch, from your flights and transfers to refreshing welcome cocktails and delicious dining programmes. You’ll arrive aboard Seven Seas Navigator® refreshed, reinvigorated and ready to sail on to the Windward and Leeward Islands. Now, before anyone accuses me of passing my best tips to Regent too then let me say 'I'm innocent', my lud'.
  3. Suggestion? Not really, Keith - it was a 'top tip' and not lightly given. Barbados has the infrastructure - including air capacity (even though Crystal might have needed some help from a US airline to add a route or two - they're not short of aircraft) and the track record of supporting significant cruise ship capacity. Now Crystal are going to have a run on Parisians (their poshest gin and tonic - you know, the one with Champagne as mixer 🥂) following my promise of one to anyone who thought I was wrong. That could prove expensive. Oh dear. Adrian 🙃
  4. Very odd. I distinctly remember saying that Barbados was the place to homeport these cruises... Just goes to show that the guys at Crystal don't check out these boards as carefully as we supposed! 😎
  5. Silversea has announced one ship (Moon) will cruise Eastern Med from 18th June. Just sayin' (and yes, I know this is the Crystal board!)
  6. Who's to say the enrichment folk aren't also desperate to get back on board and for a $50 fare reduction wouldn't grab the chance to cruise - and make the cruise a success for everyone!
  7. Long time since it was Competition Time.... I think it will be Barbados. In fact I'll raise you a Parisian in the Palm Court it will be Barbados - I'm that confident!
  8. Lack of cruising has DEFINITELY got to bitob. If I had my doubts before I now feel convinced that he cannot wait to get on a ship again! The enthusiasm is really rather infectious.... (but not in a Covid way!) 😎 There are plenty of flights on sale to the Caribbean from the UK this Fall / Winter - especially from BA and Virgin. I wonder......
  9. Oh lordy - look what I've done.... And now I realise it is me who no longer takes a DJ on a cruise. At least I remembered it was one of us!
  10. Which probably explains why I have never seen Colin in a tux nor Steph sporting a Tiffany gown and matching tiara. Equally I have never seen either of them trying to sneak past the maitre 'd wearing baseball caps!
  11. That sounds more than a little odd. Unless COVID is changing the way things will start to operate, fresh drinking water was always available free of charge from a dispenser by the bar. So, I can't imagine why there would be any restriction on bringing water on board! And they have never been set up - in the past - to be able to check what you bring on. No scanners on Star Clippers! (with apologies to our Crystal readers who may be wondering whether they have tuned in to the wrong channel...)
  12. We have been on the sister ship to the Flyer, the Star Clipper (slightly confusing name as it's the same as the cruise line name..). I believe the two are virtually identical. We have also been on the larger Royal Clipper. The product is identical on both - there is just a bit more space on Royal Clipper - albeit shared with more guests. We would return to either without hesitation. Here's a picture of Star Flyer taken from Royal Clipper whilst having a 'race'! (Has Serenity and Symphony ever done that...?!)
  13. If we're going with Star Clippers (!) then Ivi is quite right, the hardware is like chalk and cheese - and the rooms are even smaller than Crystal (yes, really 😎). But it is much more of an 'outdoors' cruise experience - partly because there is not much space inside the ship once you account for the guest rooms and the dining room. That said both are 'classy' experiences in their own way. If you like to feel the power of the wind and the whole canvas experience then you will love it - if you are looking for a conventional cruise experience and this line just happens to have ships with sails then think again - would be my advice. (Ivi's pictures absolutely tell the story)
  14. Do you mean Star Clippers? - as in https://www.starclippers.co.uk/?gclid=Cj0KCQjwjPaCBhDkARIsAISZN7RYKP5bULdNoXV5wsaNOnaC13rtp0NhEeShE7xpvOQQlu7y23hwSBYaAm5-EALw_wcB
  15. Hang on folks - if everyone had the same view on these boards it would quickly be boring and pointless. We need contrary views, we need debate (of the intelligent and thoughtful sort) so please let's not discourage anyone to post. Adrian
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