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  1. Yes, I see the argument - and you might well be right. But what a disaster it would be if the first re-positioning trip with passengers had a covid mishap... What's more - I guess you either choose to hire your staff several weeks before a Singapore restart to train / retrain / covid train or you hire a little later and carry out your training whilst you are underway. Given that, among many other issues, passengers you embark in Singapore will have inter continental flight considerations, I would think there is much lower risk to plan your restart with a 'return to depa
  2. Yes, indeed, thanks! Somehow, given the earlier dates involved plus the many borders to be crossed I don't feel very optimistic about any of those three cruises and wonder whether Crystal have concluded that their best chance is to get back to Western Europe. Or perhaps these new cruises are just an exercise in keeping morale up in the planning / sales departments?! What a guessing game it is..... Adrian
  3. I'm wondering whether one of these trips is worth a punt... It's a bit earlier than my recent late summer restart prediction but the UK to UK routing might just improve the potential for it to happen. (subject to a thousand things going right between now and then) However, whenever the restart happens, just what are the chances of Crystal quickly rebuilding the whole service / product package after such a long stop. After all the crew have all been let go a long time ago... And don't tell me they are all standing by for the re-hire call. Some roles can be quickly filled / trained but
  4. I've just read that I am approximately number 15 million in the line for the UK vaccine. Now, I've stood in some long lines at Disneyworld in my time but never one that long.... The suggestion is that my turn will come around June! (OK, Colin, which cruise....3rd or 11th?)
  5. Well, I realize that those in the US have a little distraction going on at the moment but does that, alone, explain the difference in perspectives here?! We are being told a vaccination programme is planned to start in early December. The cold temperature issue is not nearly as significant an issue as being made out ('vaccine is stable for up to 48 hours after defrosting') and a million per week will be vaccinated, starting with those in care homes, then front line staff, then in 5 year age bands. Now, for sure, it will take a while but if it happens like this it will be an extraor
  6. Well said, Colin! I logged in earlier today and checked this thread expecting significant debate around the extraordinary news of the Pfizer vaccine. No mention at all. I have come back several hours later and, at last, one comment! Surely this is at least the beginning of what we have been waiting for? On the down side it seems to me that we might find a restart is further postponed. After all, why would you not want to wait 'a bit' longer for a vaccine now that we seem to be so much closer to one? Interesting to see the (UK) priority order
  7. Hello Roy. A small point in the overall scheme of things but my understanding is that Yellow Fever vaccination is not given to those over 65 because the risks of adverse reaction are too high. So it is a case of 'you'll have to hope you've got lifetime protection' rather than you have it! Adrian (disclaimer - I'm not a medic!)
  8. Knowing your sense of humour never leaves you, can I just say that, if I was in charge at Crystal I would undoubtedly award you free laundry for life for reaching this significant milestone..... And, in what I would like to think is a positive sign, I received the final part of a refund for a cancelled 18th March cruise (not Crystal) only yesterday. Do you believe in signs, Terry...? Adrian
  9. So, why when looking at Crystal's website for more detail, does it lead you to a PDF which is marked as being version 2.0? (and, in any case, only has subject headings with no detail at all)
  10. I had wondered about this. And as a parallel bit of fun wondered who, here, was most qualified and able to pull off an 'I'm interested in buying one of your ships' conversation. My suggestion - among many clearly able contenders - would be Stan and Jim!
  11. Well I must admit I had plumped for Oceania because I thought I had spotted an OLife poster in the photo taken outside the spa entrance (I think). But closer inspection of the blurred enlarged photo suggests I'm wrong. (Eyes aren't quite what they used to be...☹️🙄) I hope it isn't an Oceania ship!
  12. I know they say that every ship is always 'for sale' but I was surprised to see this on a 'cruise ships for sale site'. The photos could be old and they have done their best to disguise the ship but an eagle eye might suggest it is an Oceania ship? (pre face lift. obviously) https://www.qpsships.com/copy-of-s2127
  13. Am I the only one that hopes, each day, to find a post here from Stickman announcing receipt of his full refund? (and from many others that we know are still waiting) Adrian
  14. I've checked my holiday photos and to my surprise do have some sunny scenes in Iceland which I had clearly forgotten about. It seems the memories of bad weather on that trip had completely obliterated the better times. Maybe I owe Roy an apology for appearing to doubt the authenticity of his sunrise photo? (Of course, I never actually doubted him!)
  15. Roy, I am very sorry but I struggle to accept that the sun made any sort of showing on that trip once we left Dublin (where all the flies jumped on board to hitch a ride)! But maybe, just maybe, you got up earlier in the morning than I did....... But I bet you can't produce a sunset picture! Adrian
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