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  1. Thanks - I’ll try another browser then
  2. Just checking to see if anyone can log into the User Section of the Crystal website - https://www.crystalcruises.com.au/account-login?redirectUrl=https%3a%2f%2fcommunity.crystalcruises.com.au%2fs%2f - where you can look at your future cruises and shortcut to PCPC without logging in multiple times I haven't been able to log in for 24 hours and I'm definitely using the correct username and password - I can't even do a Password recovery using what I am sure is the registered email address Is anyone able to access it successfully?
  3. Yes - it’s longer than 7 nights so 1 BTO
  4. Thanks - so just to clarify it further - that future cruise might be say 18 months or even 2 years out? - ie it just needs to be booked within 12 months of cancellation?
  5. You are correct - at least that would be the case for a US based booking but I have a horrible feeling that for UK and European based bookings the cancellation policy may be different Therefore you should look at the Booking Confirmation and what it says about the Cancellation Policy - that will have been sent to you by your TA when you booked and deposited on the cruise This extract below is from a future booking made in the US that we have for a series of cruises starting on 24 May 2020 - so the 25% cancellation fee kicks in at 6 months before the cruise I've lost track of just what the Non Refundable Administrative Fee is for specific cruises - in this case it's $500 as you state it can be moved once to a different cruise (I don't believe you are limited to it having to be within 12 months but I'm not 100% sure on that ) Cancellation Policy Per Person Non-refundable Administrative Fee prior to Nov 26, 2019 $500.00 Nov 26, 2019-Dec 25, 2019 25% Dec 26, 2019-Jan 24, 2020 50% Jan 25, 2020-Feb 23, 2020 75% Feb 24, 2020-May 24, 2020 100%
  6. Thats ok - we’re on the “even poorer mans second/third leg” from LA to Auckland 🙂 You will enjoy the WC leg - the atmosphere and activities are very good on the WC and we’ve found no “us and them” issues with full WCers and Segmenters which apparently used to be the case On Shorex I can’t comment on the private van offering but in our experience Crystal do Shorex well (99% of the time and if there are issues they’ll generally respond well and reimburse costs relative to the disruption) Their tours are generally not run at full buses level so there is room to spread out on the buses - they also have a Crystal person on the tour as well to take care of any issues as the local guide who conducts the tour
  7. Its not tacky to ask that at all - keep amy questions coming One of the things I like about Crystal is you aren’t asked to prepay for things like Shore Excursions, Vintage Rooms, Spa Appointments or anything else except the actual cruise fare. If you don’t end up using the bookings (and cancel with any required notice) you don’t end up paying anything To contrast that when we cruised Seabourn they wanted payment upfront for Shorex and we couldn’t get the OBC we had from them applied to the Shorex bookings until we were onboard so they wanted payment by credit card in advance. Needless to say I didn’t bother booking any Shorex in advance. Here’s hoping Crystal don’t change their current policy
  8. A little - however the D cabins are more on the shaped bow so more exposed to the oncoming swell impact I believe there have been very rare occasions (maybe only once) where large waves have broken window(s?) in Waterside We love sitting in Waterside when there are heavy seas and watch the waves crashing against the windows - I art of the fun of being at sea
  9. I’m a reader of the One Note blog - enjoying following along and reading Reflections too
  10. Options would be: Churrascaria Silk Your room and ordering room service which could be from Waterside if it were open at that time But how hard is it to bring a jacket along for BTO night?
  11. No - not specifically for Crystal - you need to post anything re River Cruises on https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/115-river-cruising/ CC don’t allow us to talk about Crystal River Cruises on this board area
  12. There is typically nothing special eg BTO about the last night dinner It’s always a little sad that last night - bags out and saying farewells
  13. I agree with you - I included the “real” very deliberately in my initial post with those video cabins in mind
  14. Yes - fortunately I missed the entry for Mark on Symphony early next year - that will be very popular with many going across the Pacific We enjoyed Colin Salter on Symphony earlier this year
  15. Carl Wishneusky has been on the Crystal River ships and Crystal Esprit according to his web site - so I guess someone’s heard him http://www.carlspiano.com/ John Randel’s got an incredibly long contract stint according to this list - 4 and a half months is a little excessive I would have thought on Symphony from March 1 to July 14 Of course Mark Farris’s absence is unfortunate but I’m guessing he will be on one of the River ships at that time - maybe?
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