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  1. Never heard of him on Crystal But here’s some videos of him (plenty more on You Tube) Looks like he may have a partner who sometimes performs with him
  2. Guess it depends who you are hearing it from? The optimists will continue to say/think that until Crystal announcesomething different I guess 2022 is a 12 month spread so it could squeeze into Q4 2022 it would be nice to hear an update on their plans - from Crystal
  3. You haven't mentioned Insure and Go - did you try them? I have pre existing conditions and they are one of the few insurers who will provide cover (with an additional premium) They might be worth a try
  4. One of a very select few - if you are able can you tell us more about the service. Interesting destination for a charter - was it to visit one of Genting's casinos?
  5. I would be amazed, and very disappointed if you were offered "red or white" when being offered wine. Crystal is a little more sophisticated than that I believe you will find your are offered by vineyard and variety - and if the initial choice is not to your liking just talk to the sommelier and give them a feel for what your preferences are They will then offer you some alternatives from the all inclusive list which is quite extensive but will vary from cruise to cruise depending on the locale being sailed and the stocks on board. I've never failed to find a good number of choices from the all inclusive list 🙂 After a while you start to have some go to choices however do take the opportunity to try wines from around the world including varieties you might not encounter so often
  6. For some the $$$ involved are not an issue and the fear of missing out on their preferred cabin/suite will take priority so they will book asap There are probably some who simply must be first to book The loss of a relatively small amount of their deposit should they need to cancel the WC and not take any other cruises instead is unlikely to be the deciding factor for some Now whether there are enough in that category to create a mad dash onboard is questionable - many have good TA's who will handle it for them anyway so need to involve the On Board consultant
  7. Sorry to hear Ascension Island was a miss for you today - sounds like tendering wasn’t possible due to sea conditions A bonus sea day 🙂
  8. Here is the promo video for the cruise released by Crystal
  9. Whilst I haven’t tried recently the amount of data a e-book requires should be easily accomodated by the bandwidth available on the ship - so I don’t believe you would strike any issues with this
  10. You really don't make it easy to follow the points you're trying to make as some of your posts are almost indecipherable due to missing or muddled words - maybe take a minute to check them before or after posting? I would be surprised and disappointed if full WCers were no longer going to Prego - surely they would raise it with management if there were issues - boycotting it only inconveniences theme I don't think they ever leave Parmesan on the table - if you want more just ask the wait staff What is the issue with the arrangements for bunkering? (and trust me they're not putting Petrol into the tanks - you wouldn't want that!) - refuelling is something that cant be avoided - and Crystal doesn't govern the availability of barges and staff to undertake this. What is the issue it causes for you and others? What time is it over there? It must be getting late I suspect Like others I'd be interested in hearing about what you like about Crystal?
  11. There is an existing thread on this subject - I suggest we use that one for this discussion
  12. Thanks Interesting that Regent and Silversea aren’t on that list so limited options for luxury ones going forward I can’t see us doing Endeavor for Alaska at the per diems they are currently asking The good news is there’s plenty of other exciting locations around the world for us to experience on Crystal
  13. I don’t believe that’s the case - they are self insuring to cover that risk (although only the cruise cost and not the medical aspects - I hope they have cover for that)
  14. The insurance premium isn’t $45k - nor is it the deductible - I read this as they are self insuring for the cruise cost of $45k
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