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  1. Probably not in the early stages as no one knows how effective a vaccine might be, and the presence of antibodies proves nothing more than you have been exposed. Again no one knows if you can get COVID more than once.
  2. They implemented these policies (except the masks) for the last ten days of the 2020 World Cruise, and while it was off-putting, it was not really that big a deal. Of course, there were only 200 of us on the ship at that point! It actually made you think about what you actually wanted and probably led to much less food waste from people self-serving far more than they would actually eat! Most probably out of embarrassment in asking for more!!
  3. We have nothing booked until next September on Endeavor (assuming it every leaves the yard), but if these protocols are still in place I suspect we will be cancelling. As I have said on other threads, we have no desire to sail on a hospital ship! Getting a COVID test before leaving for the ship is essentially meaningless. According to our Public Health people, the incubation period is 5 to 7 days for most people, so a negative test proves nothing unless it is done the day before, and even then, the rapid test at the pier will also prove nothing other than the person is negative at that moment, and the rapid test will most likely not catch anyone pre-/asymptomatic.
  4. If you cancelled before Crystal did, then you would be subject to the cancellation penalties as noted on your booking confirmation from Crystal. I checked on both bookings we still have outstanding (2022/2023) and the confirmation does not contain any reference to a timeframe for a refund. Truth is, before COVID there was no reason to put information like that on the confirmation as refunds were generally processed, by every cruise line, in 5 to 7 business days. Unfortunately, these are no longer "normal" times.
  5. You are on the wrong thread. Check the Refunds Rollcall thread for the most current info.
  6. It might also mean they have sorted out their financial issues. Have not seen anything to that effect though. Also, the 30 day window is more in line with some other lines.
  7. I think the reference in the previous post was if new ships are ever built for Crystal. As to the new ships "on order", only Endeavor is built (apparently 60% finished) but the other orders have all been suspended while Genting sorts out its financial issues. Right now a new ocean ship for Crystal is a pretty big "if".
  8. As I have said many times before, and to paraphrase what my paternal Grandfather once said about beer, there are no bad cruises, just some that are better than others. While Crystal is our preferred line, in the last ten years we have also cruised multiple times on Princess, Celebrity, Royal Caribbean (twice, on Oasis Class ships), Cunard (once) Regent and Silversea and have enjoyed all of them. The key is to adjust your expectations to the ship you are on. And at this very moment I would be very content to be on any one of them. 😉
  9. Leaving aside the fact that both New Zealand and Australia remain closed, case numbers are showing increases in Asia/South-East Asia, and of course, India, this is a big reason why I think they will cancel. While the ships may be in warm layup, given Crystal's current financial straits, it makes zero sense to incur the costs involved to dead-head Serenity from Port Klang to Miami. Either the third or fourth segment was supposed to start in Hong Kong March 1/21. I could see a case, assuming the financials are fixed, where they might resume operations from there on March 1, but I think anything before that may be wishful thinking.
  10. I am more inclined to think the next announcement will be the cancellation of the World Cruise as both Regent and Seabourn have already done.
  11. It happened a couple of years ago and was noted on this board at the time, though I can't find it now. As I recall there was dissatisfaction among some crew members with the then newly appointed Hotel Director.
  12. As a TA in Canada I have had clients run into this problem over the years. The supplier is only required to reimburse the amount they collected in the currency it was booked under. Any difference in exchange rates are the responsibility of the customer. If the rate had gone the other way, you would have been ahead $700.00 and Crystal would not have asked for it back! As almost all lines now book in CAD$ (Crystal being an exception) it is not as big an issue as it used to be. It is also why we have a US Dollar credit card issued by our bank.
  13. Actually we did get a very nice first day in Reykjavik eventually. It was windy and rather cool, but it was also sunny! The evening was clear and we sat up in Palm Court hoping we would see the Northern Lights. Alas, not to be. I am pretty sure that was the last sunset we saw though!!!🙃😁
  14. I wish that Carnival itself would switch over to POLAR. The Carnival agent site is without question the WORST in the industry!!!😁
  15. FWIW, Cunard/Princess/HAL/P & O/Seabourn all operate under a common agent booking platform called POLAR which was originally designed for, and rolled out from, Princess in, I think, 2005. It was one of the first online agent booking sites and in my opinion, is still one of the best.
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