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  1. My sister and her husband got the AZ yesterday. He had no reaction, while she had a headache and a slight fever, both of which went away. I got my Pfizer shot on Monday and my Better Half will get hers next week. We will be very happy once that is done!
  2. I wouldn't worry about it. While every line has its "look down the nose" types, guests on Crystal are pretty much friendly and easy to talk to. It is hard to know how well the experience will match the pre-COVID ambience, but your biggest problem might be that the experience will make it hard to go back to RCI/CEL!😉
  3. The final payment for the full WC out of Miami is due mid-July. After having to cancel the 2020 WC, I suspect Crystal will wait as long as they can to make a decision on WC 2022. Just a WAG (Wild Ass Guess) on my part, but I would not expect anything before mid-June. As I posted earlier, we are scheduled to board in Perth mid-March, but I won't be making flight reservations until very late in the game!
  4. I just wish they would drop the phony 2;For-1 Discount nonsense, which would be a help. The problem with all of the lines now is the complicating factor of FCCs and how they are handled, as flying shoes just posted. After 16 years of doing it, I can usually make sense of them, but I had one from Celebrity a couple of weeks ago that, after an hour of trying, defied logic. I finally told the Consultant to use the numbers they gave her and I would "fudge" the commission rate to make it balance! Creative Accounting at its finest!!😁
  5. I have to disagree with you here. Just did a deposit on a 2022 Endeavor and it was 15% of the total cost after the 2-For-1, Book Now and Crystal Society discounts, PLUS the PS&H fees.
  6. Including the NCL Group, which announced today full vaccination will be required of all guests AND crew. That would include NCL, Oceania and Regent. Now that one mass market line has taken that step, it will be likely that the others will soon follow.
  7. No problem there. Any Caribbean port is better than anyplace here in Canada in January or February!!!😁😁
  8. Thanks! I get my first shot tomorrow, and the second was automatically scheduled for July. My Better Half is waiting for the next drop in the age bracket here in York Region, which I hope will be this week, to get her first shot.
  9. Until such time as the federal government rescinds the "no travel" and "no cruise" advisories, no Canadian supplier is providing coverage for out of country or cancellation. It's "self-insure", or stay home. We have a final payment in July for a September Endeavor sailing, and if the advisories are still in place, we won't be making that payment.
  10. Keep in mind TICO only covers "end supplier failure" for airlines and cruise lines. It is not blanket coverage.
  11. Here in Canada, all returning air travelers, along with having to have a negative PCR BEFORE departure, get tested again on arrival and must quarantine in an approved hotel for three days until they get the test results. If negative, they can complete the 14 quarantine at home, if CBSA is satisfied with their quarantine plan. If positive, or their plan doesn't pass muster, they must stay at the hotel. The first three days are at THEIR cost, but if they must remain for the full 14 days, the government covers the rest. There have been reports of vaccinated individuals refusing to do the three da
  12. I am not optimistic on the 2022 WC. The CDC has said the US restrictions will stay in place until November, which jeopardizes both of the first two segments if the restrictions are not lifted, or are not modified sufficiently, making Miami and LA unavailable. Would it make sense for Crystal to accept final payments in July without some assurance that Miami and LA are a go in January?? As to the rest of the itinerary, New Zealand and Australia are huge question marks. As Stickman has posted elsewhere, the Australian vaccine rollout has been slow and they are not projected to have se
  13. NCL used almost those exact words in their circular to the regulatory bodies when they were obtaining their new financing last year. It set off something of a firestorm on the Regent/NCL/Oceania boards at the time.
  14. True, but the second mouse gets the cheese!!!😁😁
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