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  1. Now if we could just get Crystal to start pricing in Canadian Dollars........ For some reason they are pretty much the only major cruise line that doesn't.
  2. Nice to know I am not the only one who felt that way about Flam and the train ride!
  3. Referred to in polite company (if polite company spoke of such things) as "bovine excrement"? Or perhaps "the night soil of a well fed oxen"?? Didn't want to run afoul of the CC language police, but the word to which you refer is undoubtedly the correct one for most cruise lines.😁😉
  4. And even when they do give a reason it can be pure "bafflegab"! Celebrity decided in August to pull Constellation out of the Middle East in Fall/Winter 20/21 for the stated reason "due to client demand for longer duration cruises out of Tampa". There are lots of legitimate reasons for not wanting to have a cruise ship based in the Middle East, but I very much doubt hoards of people demanding Tampa is one of them!
  5. And do not be surprised if you don't get an answer. I have seen dozens of itinerary changes from every line over the years and very few of them came with an explanation other than "operational reasons". Yes, it would be nice to know the reason, but the lines are under no obligation to divulge it.
  6. Especially since Monica and I will be cruising with Terry and Kerry, and we have been known to take LOTS of food pictures!!!😁 And gin & tonic pictures. And martini pictures. And, well, you get the idea!!😉
  7. Vince, As if we aren't already counting down the days to January 6, you had to post those pictures........😁😉 Larry
  8. Royal Caribbean's Crown of Miami Terminal, built to accommodate their "tiny" ships! I think it is supposed to open for this Winter season.
  9. One thing to keep in mind here is while that looked like a long line, if Vince had wasted the time to count, it probably totaled less than 100 people, or about 20% of the capacity of Waterside, spread across the entire dining room. I would not think that would put that much stress on the staff and probably a lot less than under the old fixed dining where +/- 500 people all showed up at 6:00! We were First Seating diners all along, but with open dining, unless we are with someone, we generally wander down between 7:00 and 7:30, have never waited, and have always gotten seated in our "preferred" area. Heck, one time last March Leo even seated us at "Keith's table"😀!!!
  10. Hence the reason some mass market lines, like Princess and Holland, start First Seating at 5:15/5:30 on some sailings!!
  11. Because Crystal does not have a regular presence in Miami, like RCI/Carnival/NCL do, the ship could be almost anywhere depending on how many ships are in port the day you are boarding. As Keith mentioned on another thread, they once disembarked up the pier with a large temporary tent as their "terminal"!! (It would appear Keith and I were typing at the same time, and he types faster than me!!😁 )
  12. And we are looking forward to seeing you and Steve again!! We are really excited about this trip! Not quite at the "counting down the (88) days until we leave for Miami" point, but getting close to it!!😁
  13. Well THAT is great news! For the first time, we are doing the whole WC this year, starting from Miami on the 6th! Larry
  14. It would be an interesting combo cruise, but the problem, at least with the river ships, is Amsterdam is the only place they can really make it work.
  15. Roland4


    Actually until the last couple of years, maybe our last five cruises, all of our cruises were in standard balcony cabins and our experience was always the same. Mind you, most of the stuff on our profile is pretty "pedestrian" as we are usually happy with the standard "fittings" in the room and the fridge. In our experience, the stewardess has the list with her on Day 1, so ask to go over it with her to make sure everything you need/want is accounted for. Personally, we have never had much success with OBGS so I don't even bother with them anymore. I do agree that once you move up to PH/PS with a butler there is a greater attention to detail, but then, that is the butler's job!
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