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  1. Keith1010

    Crystal Symphony 9/25 - 10/5 NYC to Montreal

    Thanks for sharing your very balanced review. I think it is great that you took the time to put together this review. Great to hear that you will be back on board Crystal on a future cruise. Keith
  2. Keith1010

    Live From the Serenity, Sept 23-Oct 7

    Bob thank you so much for the kind words. We truly hope we will sail with you and Jeannie again. I look forward to following your future voyages. Keith
  3. I have written a review from our three seven day back-to-back cruises. I wanted to begin by saying that in life nothing is absolutely perfect all of the time. The same applies to a cruise. With that said overall these cruises exceeded our expectations. We knew going into this that the down-side would be all ports and no sea days other than a planned arrival to one port at Noon which still isn't a sea day. As a result we knew less enrichment, less time to get to know fellow guests not staying on and that with full cruises that specialty restaurant venues would be busy. We knew that we would have to move one time. This is a review of our sailing on board Crystal Serenity between September 23, 2018 and October 14, 2018. OVERVIEW ========= Three seven day cruises comprised this back-to-back sailing . We visited 19 Mediterranean ports-of-call with no sea days over twenty-one days. Overall, we had an outstanding time between the on-board experience and the ports of call we visited. Although Serenity was going into dry-dock the day we disembarked one would never get the sense of this. The crew was focused on the present cruise, providing an outstanding experience to the guests. Almost all food items were available and the end of the cruise ended on a high note. There was not attempt to push guests off the ship on disembarkation day. THE SHIP ======= Crystal Serenity is now fifteen years old, and the ship continues to be in excellent shape. It is well maintained. Yes, there are some areas that need a makeover and also some areas needing to be detailed. Areas that have gone through makeover since the inaugural voyage include all staterooms and suites, the lido deck, the shops, portions of the casino area , the children's area, the Crystal Cove lounge and a few other areas. The upcoming dry dock will bring several changes including open seating and the conversion of the Crystal dining room to Waterside, the change from Tastes to a Silk Asian restaurant, the makeover of the Palm Court and Stardust Lounges, the addition of a nighttime restaurant on the Lido Deck, the conversion of some staterooms to suites, new flat screen televisions in all rooms and a few unannounced enhancements. The makeover of Stardust which I mentioned will provide lots of new possibilities for that room. We continue to enjoy the layout of the ship, the wrap-around promenade deck and the space to passenger ratio. When we boarded Serenity in 2005, we realized this ship was a perfect size for us; not too large and not too small. It was on that cruise that we decided to book a World Cruise. Those areas that I think will benefit the most from the dry dock will be addressed; Palm Court and Stardust. I hope that the Crystal Cove can be updated in a future dry-dock. CUISINE ======= We thoroughly enjoyed the dining experience. We dined at most of the venues with the exception of The Trident Grill and The Bistro. This is not to say that each and every item was perfect but if something was not to our liking this was an exception. Most items were very much to our liking. We enjoyed the selection of food items including its diversity. Something that is very important to us is the ease of being able to change something out whether that is how an item is cooked to ingredients in a salad. We enjoyed the wait staff in all dining venues. We have had the same Senior Waiter in the past including when our family was on board last year and on Northwest Passage. Our waiter was wonderful as well. We didn't know him from prior cruises but he was truly a gem. Our Head Waiter was wonderful. We dined at Silk Road one time and chose to eat the other two times in our room. There is no question on seven day cruises with high occupancy the specialty restaurants get very busy and IMHO work better on longer cruises with less people visiting them each evening. With that said, while very busy the waitstaff team was able to keep up with it by working as a "team". Often various dishes were served by several different waiters and this made things work. Many of the waiters have been working there since we first sailed in 2005 and have been there since 2003. Head Waiter Mario from Prego was filling in as Head Waiter on these voyages and demonstrated team work himself. We dined at Prego three times. Its busiest times were during the last part of our meals and later at night. The overall experience was wonderful and what we have come to expect from Prego; great food, cuisine, service and a wonderful dining experience. On two of the three visits I had the addition (they don't call them specials) and on the last visit the item I had for an entree didn't work for me. So I can say that twenty of twenty one dinner entrees were wonderful and one was not. That is a good statistic. We dined at Tastes two time for dinner. Both were very enjoyable. Between the two nights we tried most of the items and loved the majority of them. We keep breakfast simple. I chose not to have the birthday breakfast. We enjoyed lunch in the dining room two times. Actually if time permitted I would go each day because we love the service but with me playing paddle tennis we go to the Lido Cafe. That is the one meal that we don't linger like we do with other meals. The variety of food offered at the Lido Cafe was terrific. Since these were seven day cruises they didn't have any themed buffets. As this was a port intensive cruise and with touring many times it was not busy when we dined there other than the day that we arrived to port at Noon and it opened at 11:30 AM. We had the Vintage Room dinner and the food was terrific as was the wine and the overall experience. The difference between Symphony and Serenity is the location of the galley to each room so the food on Symphony arrives hotter than Serenity. BEVERAGES ========== We continue to enjoy the inclusive wine. It is diverse and we find it better than we have had on other cruise lines offering inclusive wine. Since inclusive rolled out a few years ago the number of spirit brands has greatly increased, as has the beer selection. As noted below Crystal has also rolled out a new drink menu. We had three different sommeliers during our sailing as they rotate each voyage. All three were very knowledgeable and two of the three I thought were excellent with one very good. The bar staff is superb. We primarily went to the Crystal Cove. One night we went to the Palm Court. One of the bartenders was a bar server in January of 2007 and when we were on Northwest Passage the year before. She hadn't seen us since then. She not only remembered our name but where we sat in the Avenue Saloon. Amazing. ENTERTAINMENT ============== The cruises featured individual artists as well as Crystal’s own team of entertainers who in our opinion are the best in the cruise industry. Since these were short cruises unlike longer cruises there were not as many shows offered at night. We didn't go to much of the evening entertainment for a couple of reasons. My only suggestion is that given the number of in-transit guests (250 continued from cruise one to cruise 2 and around 125 from cruise two to cruise three it would have been better to have varied the production shows a bit more from cruise to cruise to minimize repeat performances. There certainly are other shows that could have been performed. I understand the first show being repeated and one other one but would have avoided any other repeats. As has been the case the past couple of years we enjoyed having more than one musician in the Crystal Cove before dinner as was the case with Irina on Violin and Richard on the Piano. They are wonderful performers individually and as a duet they have amazing chemistry and just added to the overall experience when we had pre-dinner drinks. THE LOUNGES =========== We changed things up on this cruise often sitting at the bar and mainly in the Crystal Cove. In the past we rarely have sat at the bar and really enjoyed this. It provided an opportunity to speak with the various bartenders, to watch them perform their magic, to learn about all sorts of drinks, and it had the added benefit of allowing us to converse with lots of guests and many we have never sailed with. Recently Crystal rolled out a new special drink menu, which includes a focus on drinks made with gin served in Sangria Glasses. This is in vogue in some selected places on land. For me this was something new, and I enjoyed many of the drinks instead of having wine before dinner. I feel that I have a much better appreciation of differences in gin and an array of drinks. I would not have tried this if not for a few folks on this board sharing their experiences from recent cruises. THE CREW & SERVICE ================= The crew is amazing and reflects the culture we have seen since we first stepped onto our first Crystal Cruise in 2002 on the former Crystal Harmony. The crew is professional but also is very human and very welcoming and we adore them. It is that human side and feeling of family that I have not experienced on other lines. Yes, the more you sail with the crew the more you get to know them but I am reminded on that very first Crystal Cruise how in very short order I realized they were seeing us as people rather than just a number or just a suit. They truly have become our extended family. They work hard to make the experience theybest they can. We met some crew members for the very first time and in a matter of a day or two we felt the same chemistry with them as we have with so many other members of Team Serenity. INTERNET ======== This was our second cruise since full complimentary internet was rolled out. Overall we had a similar experience between this cruise and our one on Symphony in May. The overall Internet ranged from excellent to very good. Yes, there were a few times when the Internet slowed or when it was not available but this was the exception. and far better than a few years ago. With this said experiences can vary by person. Early on the first voyage a friend on-board from Cruise Critic said her Internet was poor while at that point in time ours was terrific. It could be that her room is located in an area of the ship where the connectivity is less strong as ours. Another factor can be where in the room one is using it and other factors include type of advice used and even the internet browser. I do post a lot of photos and when I post them on my blog I go with lower pixels and that allows for easy uploading of photos. Since we are not printing those photos uploading with lower pixels does not change the view of the photo on a blog on cruise critic, etc. We also experienced excellent quality when placing phone calls using a Wi-Fi connection on board the ship, using apps such as WhatsApp for phone calls, texting and even video calls. THE PORTS ========= This was a port intensive cruise as we visited 19 ports over 21 days. We enjoyed the vast majority of ports and the time spent in port. We were able to revisit ports and see many for the very first time. In short, these three cruise was a fantastic opportunity to experience a nice range of ports. We love the Mediterranean and prefer visiting this area in September/October or April/May. SHORE EXCURSIONS ================ We did one Crystal Tour, which we arranged through the Los Angeles Office, which was a tour of Florence. The tour exceeded our expectations. Our tour guide had a solid background in art so she could lead us through the artwork in the places we visited and explain what we were seeing in a way that was easy to understand. The driver was courteous and drove safely to and from and inside Florence. This is a tour we will remember for the rest of our lives. EMBARKATION/DISEMBARKATION ============================ The process of getting on and off the ship was terrific. We would have to say this was one of or the most organized disembarkations we have ever experienced. We used a Crystal private transfer. We met the Concierge at the designated time, which is 15 minutes prior to the transfer time. The vehicle was already there. The concierge took us down to the port shuttle, which took guests between the ship and the building where the luggage was being held. When we entered the building the Chief Concierge greeted us, took us to the section where are luggage was located, and one of the many porters who were all in suits took our bags and put them on a trolley. After saying our goodbyes to the Chief Concierge a Crystal representative escorted us to the vehicle waiting for us. She went over the details with the driver. When we arrived to the airport another Crystal representative who escorted us inside and verified where we would go for check-in met us. CHANGE ======= In the eighteen plus years we have been sailing Crystal and close to thirty years of cruising we have seen a lot of change. Then again the same applies to all our life experiences. Change in today's environment is coming at a faster pace than ever before. Today most of us use smart phones. Those didn't exist back in the day nor did the ability to use your own personal computers when we first sailed. On our first Crystal cruise sodas and bottled water were not included. Many of the changes have been driven by three things; Innovation by Crystal Cruises. The competitive environment. Changes demanded by people of all cruise lines. Most of us are resistant to change. We are creatures of habit. I found that at work and with people we know and see it when we cruise. Yes there are a few items we miss from those earlier days of cruising but they have been driven mainly by the three areas I mentioned. At the same time we appreciate many of the changes. I remember when inclusive was rolling out the vast majority of Crystal Society Members who we know said this would be the end. Crew would leave. How would the bar staff know your names? The service would be poor. Etc., Etc., Etc. Like most new things there were some startup issues. Slow pouring of wine. Insufficient choices of wine, beer and spirits. In time, IMHO all of this was worked out and just like other luxury lines new guests would think this is the way it has always been. On of the things I like best about inclusive is that it has made the lounges so much more social and vibrant. I also like that if you invite someone to join you there is not the issue of who pays for the drink. I also like not signing for each drink. The change to open dining is the most current of the changes. Just like inclusive this will be tweaked, and tweaked, and tweaked until Crystal gets it as good as they can. I am reminded that the ships were not built with open dining in mind or for that matter the new evening dining venues. The reality though is both ships have been evolving to open dining the past couple of years. On our recent cruises many people were showing up at hours that we not the time for main or late dining and the Maitre d' was being creative to get them seated. I believe that each of us has changes that we like, some that we are indifferent and some we don't care for. That's the way changes work, but some of them that one person doesn't like another one does and again some of these are driven by people. An example of that is evening dining attire. FINAL COMMENTS =============== We have another Crystal cruise on Serenity scheduled for late December and look forward to seeing the "changes" that are being implemented in the dry-dock. We have already experienced open dining on Symphony but even this on Serenity could look slightly different based on experience gained on Symphony such as the set up of the tables at the new Serenity Waterside. After sailing this ship so many times and with Crystal Cruises frequently these back-to- back cruises still exceeded our expectations. I can't tell you how much Anne Marie and I enjoyed these cruises. When you arrive back to the ship from port each day they say welcome home. For us that is the way we think of Crystal. Until next time. Keith
  4. We found a few voyages that work very nicely for 2021. What we now want to do is to see if we can match a River Cruise that will blend with a couple of voyages that we are very interested in. I noticed for Serenity that right after the World Cruise there is a gap so think that is likely there is another dry dock for Serenity in 2021. Keith
  5. Val, I too am sorry that we didn't get to meet. I do hope we meet on a future cruise. Your memory about cruises is spot-on. 😁 So glad to hear that you booked a 2020 cruise and with the kids. Having family with you will add to the overall enjoyment of the cruise. Wonderful. Best to you. Keith
  6. Bob and Larry, I think each of our experiences has allowed us to come to the same view on this. I do believe in the saying do not put off to tomorrow those things you can do today both literally and figuratively. In our case Anne Marie and I have taken this approach because of events in our lives, including family. Keith
  7. I am glad you enjoyed the blog and posts. Thank you for the encouragement to try the G&T's and the Tarts. Now I've checked off two more items from our bucket list. Just kidding. LOL. Keith
  8. With the butler service we are not stating at dirty plates. Just like a dining room meals are served course by course and collect at the end of each course so we really haven't had any issues with this and no smell afterwards. In terms of dining, we do have breakfast in our room each morning but that is simply cereal and some fruit or oatmeal and some fruit. We actually have dinner in our room infrequently (this cruise an exception). Normally we've had dinner in our room on those very long cruises on the last night and once in awhile one other time. On these recent cruises because of their very short duration (three seven day cruises) we chose to have Silk Road in our room two of the three times where we first had reservations to dine there because the dining venue was very busy. This also had the benefit of freeing up a table for others. In addition to eating there the last night we also added in one more night in our room because on a particular night we would be in the dining room we knew that night would be a very busy one. Keith
  9. Keith1010

    Live From the Serenity, Sept 23-Oct 7

    Bob, I've enjoyed reading each of your posts and hope that you will continue to post on this board. Thank you for sharing your very thoughtful and balanced review. It was wonderful to sail with you and Jeannie. You two are very special people. Keep enjoying each and everyday and I know we know what that means. I hope that the four of us sail again on a future cruise(s) Keith
  10. karenbeanpole: We are back from our cruise which ended with an overnight in Lisbon and there were not only taxis but tour guides available for booking right at the cruise ship terminal. Keith
  11. Last night we had dinner in our room which is a tradition for us the past few years. As most of you know we don't have the canapés that the butlers bring in the afternoon. Instead we have fruit. But we made an exception for the last evening. Whereas they used to bring type of canapé they now bring an assortment and that assortment changes each evening. We also had veggies. This was followed by Caesar Salad (light on the dressing) from Prego. Pizza. Our butler picked up a treat for us in Lisbon. Yes, I finally tried my first Portuguese Tart. Our Butler brought us a dessert from Lisbon. Yes, our first Portuguese Tarts (one for me and one for Anne Marie) So on this cruise we changed a few things up. We sat at the bar most evenings for pre-dinner drinks and really enjoyed speaking with the bartenders, the bar staff and those guests near us. I tried several of the gin drinks and would say having one per evening for maybe 10 or 12 of the 21 nights that is more mixed drinks than I have had in the last several years. It was nice to change things up from the go to wine. Had our first Portuguese Tarts. And first time on a cruise of this length with no sea days. Overall we had a blast. Keith
  12. A few food photos of cuisine from Silk Road that we enjoyed in our room. Nobu Box which Anne Marie enjoyed. Hot Soba Noodles which I enjoyed. Sushi and Sashimi. Full disclosure...I had most of the Sashimi.
  13. Our cruise concluded on Sunday, October 12. Hopefully many of you continued to follow along vis-a-vis my Blog. The last seven day voyage was terrific as was the first two voyages. The overall weather was nice in most ports but we had a couple of days with either morning or afternoon rain. We passed on Gibraltar which we had visited many times because of the rain. We had an alert in Lisbon. The forecast called for high winds the night before we left the ship. The morning and afternoon was fabulous. In fact, they closed the port at 8:00 PM. I guess the winds got up to the low 20's in terms of Miles Per Hour but where we live that happens from time to time so it really didn't seem like much. The day we disembarked there was a marathon scheduled for later in the morning. Sort of ironic that we had a Marathon in Rome the day we embarked and a marathon in Lisbon the day we disembarked. Disembarkation was one if not the most organized disembarkations we have ever experienced. We did have a private vehicle booked with Crystal. When we arrived to the Crystal Plaza (15 minutes prior to the scheduled time as the concierges asked) we were greeted by the concierge who said our vehicle was ready. The gangway was on a major angle. Crew members were on hand and they took our hand luggage for us to the port shuttle to take us to the terminal where the luggage was located. At the terminal we were greeted by the Chief Concierge. There were porters there all in suits and one assisted us with our checked bags. We were escorted to the exit by the Chief Concierge and then a Crystal Rep met us and walked us to the vehicle with the porter. The rep verified with the driver where we were going. When we arrived to the airport the driver unloaded our luggage and we were met by another rep. who escorted us into the airport and showed us where to check in for our flights. I have to say we had excellent private transfers with Crystal for both embarkation and disembarkation. Back to the cruise. I know some people worry about a cruise before dry dock. This is our second one as we were on Serenity in 2016 before its last dry dock. In both cases the crew was focused on the guests. Food remained in great supply. Service at high levels. There was a sad note and I have to say I am still numb over it. Some of you may know Walter Pietschnig. He had been Food & Beverage Manager for many years. There was a time where he swung between Symphony and Serenity but more recently on Serenity. He was a professional and focused on the key responsibilities of his position. He might not have been as visible to the guests because of the focus he places on the food and beverage areas. His life was taken in a senseless act by others. He left a wonderful wife and darling daughter. Over the years we met the two of them when they would come to Serenity from time to time to visit him. When they were not on board if Anne Marie and I asked hm about the family his face lit up with a big grin. They were truly the loves of his life. To the crews credit (and they were shaken) they carried out all of their duties the way they always do with care for the guests and a high degree of professionalism. I know I've said this often but this reaffirms my view about enjoying each day and trying to not let the little things bother us because in a blink of an eye one might not be around. It also reaffirms my view that our own lives are like a book and no one knows when that last chapter will be written. A few thoughts about the three cruises. They were port intensive. We knew that. We found balance between time in port and creating our own sea days. Each voyage was full. A nice diversity of guests on board. There were some groups on each cruise but had no impact at all on our enjoyment. Interestingly the last cruise had around 24 children on board from very young to around eight. All well behaved and Crystal brought on Junior Activity Directors. I plan to post a review in a few days. I hope that you check out the photos and narrative on our blog. Stay tuned for the next adventure. Should anyone have questions, comments, etc. please be sure to post them. Keith
  14. Latest Update: As Of October 13, 2018 PLEASE NOTE: Please use the following format when requesting to have your updates added to this thread Jan 23 (8302) Los Angeles to Sydney - Keith1010 (Keith/Anne Marie) or Jan 23 (OCY180123-24) – Los Angeles to Sydney – Keith1010 (Keith/Anne Marie) Thank you. Keith ========================================= For anyone booking a cruise, please post to this thread so that we can include you on the future cruising lists for your cruise. This thread is also used for the Bon Voyage threads. Please use the following format: Date (Cruise Number) Embarkation and Ending City - Cruise Critic Name (your own first name(s) should you choose to want to include this) Example: Jan 23 (8302) Los Angeles to Sydney - Keith1010 (Keith/Anne Marie) or Jan 23 (OCY180123-24) – Los Angeles to Sydney – Keith1010 (Keith/Anne Marie) (1) If you are new to CrystalCruises also be sure to check out the thread, which is titled “Some Thoughts For First Time Crystal Cruisers”. http://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=2463018 (2) If you would like to attend the MEET AND MINGLE PARTY that Crystal Cruises hosts when there are 10 or more of us on board, you can do so by visiting the registration section of Cruise Critic. This link will take you there. http://www.cruisecritic.com/rollcall...ruiselineid=12 (3) If there is a ROLL CALL for your voyage post a message or questions for your voyage on that thread. Posts for a particular cruise might be better placed on the roll call so that the maximum people on that cruise may see it. These are the links for the roll calls and after you reach the thread then click on the area that takes you to the last (most current) page. Crystal Serenity Roll Calls http://cruisecritic.com/rollcalls?cr...12&ship_id=258 Crystal Symphony Roll Calls http://cruisecritic.com/rollcalls?cr...=12&ship_id=26 FUTURE BOOKINGS CRYSTAL SERENITY 2018, 2019 & 2020 ================================================ FUTURE BOOKINGS CRYSTAL SERENITY– 2018 Nov 10 (8323) Lisbon to Fort Lauderdale - bitbob (Bob/Larraine) Nov 10 (8323) Lisbon to Fort Lauderdale – ancienmariner (Trudi) Nov 10 (8323) Lisbon to Fort Lauderdale – liv2dream (Carol) Nov 10 (8323) Lisbon to Fort Lauderdale – UCCruiser (DeeDee/Larry) Nov 21 (8324) Fort Lauderdale to Los Angeles - bitbob (Bob/Larraine) Nov 21 (8324) Fort Lauderdale to Los Angeles – 2Bobs (Bob/Bob) Nov 21 (8324) Fort Lauderdale to Los Angeles – nooosey (Philip) Nov 21 (8324) Fort Lauderdale to Los Angeles – edge (Ed/Lynn) Nov 21 (8324) Fort Lauderdale to Los Angeles – ancienmariner (Trudi) Dec 7 (8325) Los Angeles R/T - Twirlgirl (Bev/Jan) Dec 7 (8325) Los Angeles R/T – yhime407 (Beth/Eric) Dec 21 (8326) Los Angeles R/T - 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  15. Keith1010

    Crystal Cruises - Alaska

    Have been fortunate to have sailed Alaska many times including voyages on Crystal Harmony, Symphony and Serenity. A short video from Crystal Cruises of Alaska. [COLOR=#000000][FONT=Cambria][YOUTUBE]VNPKCwBcse0[/YOUTUBE][/FONT][/COLOR][COLOR=#000000][FONT=-webkit-standard][/FONT][/COLOR] [COLOR=#000000][FONT=Cambria] [/FONT][/COLOR] [COLOR=#000000][FONT=Cambria]Keith[/FONT][/COLOR]