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  1. There are a countless number of items that you can purchase. While the list provided is extensive there are many more items that I could think of not on the list. I think a better question might be for any specific items you were thinking of and if you list the ports of call you are visiting you could ask where is an ideal place to buy them. For example, let's say you wanted a music box. You could find them in various places in Italy but if you were visiting Sorrento that would be the place where I would recommend looking. If you wanted wood made from olive wood and listed your ports some places I would recommend over others. In fact these are two examples of items not on the list above. Keith
  2. We also have used Rome Cabs who is not a Taxi service. www.romecabs.com Others recommend rome in limo at www.romeinlimo.com As cruisemom42 said there are a number of services recommended on this forum and these are two of them. Keith
  3. Yes as of October of this year E-Visa is now required. There have been about five threads on this one but I realize it is not easy to search on CC. You can apply either on the web site or via their app. We used the web site. Initially they said it could take up to a couple of days and our came through in seconds. Have your passport in front of you when you apply for each party and your credit card. Very easy. Keith
  4. I know it's too late but I would not recommend booking through the cruise line. Years ago I did speak with the reps at Silversea and I still get calls from them. However, I booked the cruises through our TA. Even if you can get the same perks with a TA, a TA can do many other things and possibly provide benefits for things that have nothing to do with the trip from private insurance (not through the cruise line) to hotels. Also, should someone go wrong with the cruise or cruise line I would want someone who is my advocate and I think there are times that someone from the cruise line couldn't be your advocate. I realize this was not the question but I wanted to share my perspective. Keith
  5. I really would encourage you to speak with your doctor. How people can give you any advice not knowing your situation is beyond me. Also this post really has nothing to do with the cruise fashion board unless you are looking for coverups for your feet. I am not being obnoxious. I could see this on the Ask A Cruise Question Board. Again for people to be giving advice without knowing your situation is really not good. What works for one person could be a disaster for someone else. Keith
  6. Well I'll give you my take. Spirit will likely not dock at the port. Usually they have smaller ships dock there on the Grand Prix. Yes you will save money buying tickets on your own. Woud I? No. Why? Because you will be tendered back and forth and at this port there is a risk and it does happen where tendering will be haulted for part of the day or worse yet for the day. If you have purchased the tickets on your own you might end up not seeing much of the race, a portion of it or miss the race. So like some things in life it depends on how much risk you are willing to take. I know of people who purchased tickets on their own when another cruise line was there a couple of years ago and they were unable to go ashore when the tender service stopped. I was there last year on a different day and for a few minutes had one of the worst tender experiences and I have been on many tenders over the years. So if it was me I would buy them through the cruise line. As to the event. It is amazing. It is very well organized in the area with lots of people directing you and it is very organized given the number of people there. I am not sure if Spirit is there for the day or for a couple of days. If a couple of days it is very busy so it makes getting to and from the city a bit challenging should you wish to tour other areas such as Eze but it can be done, but patience for traffic is important. Keith
  7. Or better yet have him park at the Intercontinental Hotel. He can sit in the lobby. Very easy and just call him and he'll be there in five minutes. Keith
  8. If that's medical only not surprising and there are others out there who have similar pricing. Even for medical only factors influence pricing and that includes the age of each traveler and the length of the trip and possibly the destination. I say possibly because I have never tested that out even though they ask you what the primary destination is. Thy do offer three plans I see and if this one is the lowest of the three it would not be one I would want to use as it has at least for me a lower than desired cap on medical expenses. In the end the devil is in the details so one better know what the are getting. You have to know what you want and what risks if any you want to take. One size does not fit all people nor all circumstances. I try to avoid recommending a specific company or a specific policy for this reason. If it was so simple and one company fit all there would be far less companies out they IMHO. Personally, if possible I desire a company that acts as my primary provider. (eg., you don't first waste time going to your own primary provider and you go directly to them). But again what is something I desire might not b what others desire. Many TA's can help with this and there are companies out there that can help with this for those who don't want to take the time to look at all of the options out there themselves. Being retired I have time to do this myself. Keith
  9. Thank you wvsails for providing the additional detail on all of this. Keith
  10. Rob I will be faster next time. I promise. LOL. So glad you enjoyed your Symphony cruise. I hope you are able to get on this voyage. Best to you. Keith
  11. Yes you can book it and turn it over to the TA. You have a set time to move the booking so be sure that they go over this with you. Keith
  12. As to insurance and whether or not someone chooses to insure their trip which by the way is not what the OP was asking it all comes down to cost and how much risk you are willing to take. If risk of cancelling and losing the cost of what you have paid is not a concern then no reason to buy trip insurance. I am talking about the trip and not the medical portion. This is the same for other policies. For example how much your deductible is on ones car or home or whether or not they choose to insure high price jewelry. Like most things in life one size does not fill all and even people change their approach overtime based on several factors. Regardless, this is not what the OP asked about. Agnesd asked a very simple question and that was does anyone know how much Crystal (she didn't ask about other policies) would cost. Pretty simple question and a pretty simple answer IMHO. Keith
  13. USC Adventurer. each company is different so there is no fast and hard rules on this. And even the same company can vary their plans year over year not only the plans they offer but also whether or not some portion needs to be insured and if so how much. So while it might be $0 for the company you use, it might be something more for another company. It definitely varies. Keith
  14. The plans from Medjet are very east to understand. Website very easy to use. I’ve been using it for years and the first time was as easy as my most recent time. Keith
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