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  1. Keith1010

    Early Disembarkation

    Singapore is one of the strictest areas we have gotten off as both in-transit guests and also when disembarking the ship at the end of the cruise. So I am not surprised that they would want you to sign a waiver because they can't guarantee how the process will work as in the end it is controlled by the local authorities and not Crystal Cruise nor any cruise line. Personally I think you are much safer to get off on the official disembarkation day. Keith
  2. Keith1010

    Visas for cruise

    Joe, all you have reported makes perfect sense to me. They will likely have this sorted out very soon. Unfortunately the visa situation changes often and is not so straight forward. If it was all (and I mean all) Cruise Lines could easily tell people what to do. Many cruise lines basically provide no information. I am sure that it will all get cleared up and most importantly the only visa you may have to get is China. If this was 2008 you would also be getting Vietnam and Cambodia which a couple of years after that Crystal started to get for the guests as most (not all but most) cruise lines get. Keith
  3. Keith1010

    PH on Symphony

    marycruz, the room is perfect. I would book it in a heartbeat. Location is terrific. Being near the laundry room and its location is great. Keith
  4. Keith1010

    Stateroom Size

    You are correct. While Crystal excels in many areas the size of the standard staterooms on Crystal are smaller than the other luxury lines. With that said if you are traveling solo I would go with a standard room and not go for a Penthouse (PH). You will find on Crystal that you will likely spend more time outside your room and find that the public rooms are quite a bit larger than other lines and that they offer many more activities including enrichment/entertainment compared to the lines you mentioned. Keith
  5. Keith1010

    Early Disembarkation

    I would check now with on board guest services so that they can verify if this will be OK. Their e-mail is: obgs@crystalcruises.com History doesn't always mean anything thus I would check with them. Keith
  6. Keith1010

    Visas for cruise

    Joe, great information for those on the cruise. Glad you spoke directly with Crystal on this. Usually when you get within around 150 days they try to have items finalized such as the China situation. Keith
  7. We like to book early as we do like specific rooms. Also if price goes up we are protected and if price goes down we have TA obtain lower pricing. And part of the enjoyment is the planning. Just be sure to understand the new booking rules starting with calendar year 2020. Keith
  8. Keith1010

    Crystal Symphony Wine In Cabin?

    I wanted to let you know that I maintain a sticky thread for first time Crystal Cruisers. You may may find it to be helpful as you prepare for your first Crystal Cruise. This link will take you to the update I posted just the other day. Keith
  9. Keith1010

    FAQ on air travel

    Your better option is to fly into Houston. You will be much closer to Galveston than if you fly to DFW. You might also want to post this on the Gulf Coast Departures Board: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/316-gulf-coast-departures/ Keith
  10. Keith1010

    Visas for cruise

    You are very welcome. The experience that Larry (Roland) had is the same experience we have had on other Crystal Cruises. Again just verity this with Crystal. I thought I would provide a link to the Visa Site that partners with Crystal about the Visas. For your voyage it only shows China as I would expect. https://visacentral.com/tourkits?bookmark=1&login=50102 You will see towards the top that it does mention that visas for Vietnam and Cambodia will be obtained for you on board the ship. While actually not always that way it has been this way for several years now. Also while under Russia it says you don't need a visa when taking a Crystal tour the same should apply for several of the "official" private companies that can get the documentation for you. But if you use one verify that. Also if you were to do it privately I would not use a company that requires a deposit or at least one that would not refund it back to you as our experience has been often the ship will not make it to Petropavlovsk, Russia due to weather conditions. You have booked a terrific itinerary. Lots to look forward to. Keith
  11. Keith1010

    Monaco or Nice?

    If it was me I would go to Monaco over Nice. I have been to Monaco several times and most recently was in Nice. I find that there is a lot more to do and see in Monaco. Now for something special look at Eze which we also visited a few weeks ago. Keith
  12. Keith1010

    First World Cruise booked ...

    Congratulations on booking this World Cruise. A world cruise is like no other cruise we have ever been on. Part of the fun is the planning so you have lots to look forward to. Keith
  13. Keith1010

    Late January Mexican Rivera clothing

    As others have said expect similar weather that you find in the Caribbean once you are one day into the cruise. Once in awhile very early in the day could be on the cooler side but I have found that can be true in the Caribbean as well. Keith
  14. Keith1010

    9:45 am flight out of Miami. Doable??

    I am not sure if this fits your budget or your schedule but since its the only direct consider staying over one night in Miami and flying home the next day. Keith
  15. Keith1010

    Visas for cruise

    Joe, I just looked at your itinerary. With all due respect I think your TA is misinformed. I doubt that you will not need to get visas for Vietnam, Russia and Cambodia and after looking at your ports for China not sure about that one but you might need that. In fact, I just looked a the visa service that Crystal uses and from what I can gleam China might be the only one. Ask your TA to go to Crystal Cruises documentation department to find out if these visas will be obtained on board Symphony for you. This is what I would do. Keith