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  1. It's CC so I'm used to it and have done my share and I do laugh. Sometimes when I start a thread I have some ideas on how it will get off topic and what the topic would be. This one, I never would have guessed the ship would come up let alone some ranting about it. As they say, welcome to CC and never would have predicted on two other threads there would be discussion about the C word. 😀 Keith
  2. No Crystal did not send me this information to share. I just heard about it and thought it was positive news people might want to hear about. Keith
  3. Well, just wanted you to know that Captain Birger will be flying on Wednesday to Kuala Lumpur as part of joining Serenity in Port Klang. Yes, he will be tested for the virus in case you were wondering. 😃 Keith
  4. Jonathan....All that I know gloves are really not the way to go at the grocery store. This is why you don't see the employees doing this. Gloves get dirty/contaminated immediately so you would want to clean them on the spot or at least not touch eyes etc. IMHO based on all I've ready I would just have hand sanitizer with you if you are concerned (this is what I do) and clean hands when I get out to the car after putting the bags in the trunk. And then wash often at home. When I open freezer doors at the grocery store I open them with a hand wipe. I've been doing this for a few years now. Keith
  5. No worries. It seems most threads are getting off topic including the one I started about today's cooking demonstration where it got into comments about how to spell Endeavor or is it Endeavour. Maybe we need to rid the world of the virus so we can just cruise. I am ready. I really am. Keith
  6. You are correct. You should not wear gloves. People think there is a benefit to them. If you wear them you would have to keep washing them. Better not to wear them. You should frequently wash hands and much easier to wash hands than gloves. Keith
  7. EU began to open its borders to several countries but not mine. It has nothing to do with cruising .
  8. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and also the article but what does this have to do with where Serenity is now which I thought was the topic of this thread? Keith
  9. This was amazing. So many variations. Makes me feel like I am on-board Crystal. Can't wait to try this recipe out. Keith
  10. Larry, very few states require the 14 day quarantine, at least for now. A few implemented it recently and that depends where you are coming from. For example, New York and some neighboring states implemented it but it's not for everyone. It was for those coming from 16 other states. On a national level there are some countries that we don't accept people entering the country from. The ones that I think about from the USA will likely come on in the USA as they wouldn't be essential for the ship to sail. I also think where they can get personnel on board here and avoid the costs of the flights they will look at that to minimize expense. However, I can think of one who is essential and that will be the Captain so we better hope he can come. 😀 In terms of sailing the situation has not been helped by the big outbreak of COVID-19 in the USA including in Florida. It might cause pause with those who will make the decision on whether the cruise lines can sail which is unfortunate. Your country overall has done a lot better in managing this situation than we have. Some of our states have done a terrific job on this but unfortunately many didn't. Let's hope things improve here and in those places with large outbreaks. Well it's time to get ready for today's cooking demonstration. Looking forward to it. Keith
  11. Roy, the USA based CD will come on board in Miami for the first set of cruises (assuming they happen) and then the other CD would come on board I believe late November as part of rotation. Should be Shane. I don't think it will be a problem for the USA based CD to make it to Miami. If it is then we are all in trouble. 😀 Keith
  12. Larry, I agree that depending on our numbers other countries might not want us flying there but in the case of USA employees such as a CD they would join the ship in Miami so I don't think that will be a problem. As to our numbers, at the current rate they will hit new milestones everyday unless something changes. Let's hope something changes and people wake up because in some places there will be insufficient beds for people including ICU and we may run out of medical personnel. Keith
  13. Muriel, yes they will get the crew back on the ship. They do have plans. Things are opening up but it will be fluid. For example, things open in terms of travel but it could close and reopen. I suspect (just a guess) this will happen with Europe and I mention them as they have opened the EU and UK but I would not be surprised for some of it to close and then reopen again. Keith
  14. We are in the same "boat". We so miss cruising. Part of the fun of travel is all of the planning that goes into it so I hear you. I feel the same way. This is yet another reminder to me to appreciate all that we do and to not put off until tomorrow those things we can do today. In other worse, no one knows what the future will be like in terms of ones health, world events, acts of G-D and we'll had things like COVID-19 to the list. I do feel confident we will get beyond this. It might not happen as fast as we would all like but the optimist in me feels we will travel and cruise again and we will all get back to what we love to do. In the meantime I have been focusing on past trips and writing about them and also on other non related areas and it won't be long when I will get back to planning some of our future cruises with Crystal. Keith
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