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  1. I like getting to the airport early but you will have a lot of times on your hand. If you do want to go there my experience is you can check in early (unlike Fort Lauderdale) but do consult with your airline. There are lots of restaurants, and shopping etc. If it was me and I wanted to go there I would go to the airline lounge. However, that is a long time? You could go there check in (confirm with airline) and leave for a few hours. You could look at a post ship tour. You could look at getting a day room at a hotel. You could look at renting a car. Keith
  2. Keith1010

    10:55am flight out of FLL?

    Not an issue as long as ship is on time and you get off early. Keith
  3. Keith1010

    Hotel in LA

    Yes, that would be wonderful. Best to you. Keith
  4. Keith1010

    BTO for women

    This is excellent advice. As some have said dress does vary cruise to cruise for a wide range of reasons. It can range from the length of the cruise, the number of BTO's, where you are sailing, the demographics of the cruise, the type of cruise, even the them of the cruise. We have now found ourselves varying what we bring with us from cruise to cruise. The good news is that when it comes to BTO there is lots of flexibility so a woman could wear a long gown, a short cocktail dress, a nice dress, a glitzy top and pants or even some other options. Same for the gent with some in Tuxedos or other formal attire, suits with ties or even a bow tie, or a sports jacket with dress shirt and dress pants with or without a tie. I would just wear what you want and it's easy to do with as BTO has lots of flexibility. Conversely on a Crystal Casual night while it is much more casual if someone wants to get dressed in more dressier attire feel fine doing that. Most nights I wear a sports jacket because I like to and have no worries what others do. Keith
  5. Keith1010

    Any bloggers in Jan 2019?

    Yes hopefully the cruise line will advise. We sail with Crystal Cruises and they let us know how many blank pages we will need for each World Cruise. Keith
  6. Keith1010

    BTO for women

    You are very welcome and the good news is you can still dress up. 😁 Keith
  7. Keith1010

    BTO for women

    This one is a true 7 day cruise so no BTO nights. Also if you log into PCPC and look at the Calendar it will list either Crystal Casual or BTO for each evening but for your cruise I am certain it is all Crystal Casual. Keith
  8. Keith1010

    BTO for women

    Yes, that is technically correct but for the vast majority of cruises a seven day cruise would not have a BTO. This is noted in Crystal communications and has been our experience such as our recently completed three back to back cruises on Serenity in September/October of this year. The exception that I can think of would be if it is part of a longer cruise. There are a few of those that the cruises were organized separately from the get go and also you have some that are subdivided many months or even a year or two if the sailing is not selling so well. In those cases it is possible one would have one or more BTO nights on their seven day cruise depending on where that seven day cruise falls within the longer cruise. Keith
  9. Keith1010

    Private Tours in Japan Ports

    You are very welcome cruisemom42. Keith
  10. Keith1010

    Private Tours in Japan Ports

    Cruisemom42, I think it does help with the cruise originating in Japan but I have found that some ports it just takes more time than others for the local authorities to give the OK for guests to proceed ashore. I think they have this concern that we are not going to return to the ship. In fact, our last stop before leaving Japan involves a long process as we have to go ashore at the terminal and have a fact to face with a local person and I think go through some type of passport control. Keith
  11. Carl & Christeen, will do and I'll reflect this on the next update. Coincidentally about an hour ago I noticed that I didn't have 2021 listed in most of the header titles and just just edited all of that in preparation for the next update. Best to you. Keith
  12. Keith1010

    Live from Serenity

    Robin, sounds like a good plan and yes you could adjust it if the shuttle is on the 14th and no shuttle on the 13th. Typically there has not been a shuttle but I'm thinking there would be one on the 14th since there is the overnight on the 13th. The port will be relatively quiet on the 13th and 14th with Serenity the only ship in port which is nice. The USS Iowa times for visits are from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Keith
  13. I am so sorry about this. I will remove on the next update. Sending positive thoughts. Keith
  14. Keith1010

    Private Tours in Japan Ports

    I too would post on the ports of call board. As to arrangements I would meet the guide 60 to 90 minutes after disembarkation. Japan is pretty strict particularly at your first port of call so allow time for getting the ship cleared for guests to get off. Keith
  15. Keith1010

    Live from Serenity

    I want to note that since this is a USA port on the morning of the 13th all of the in-transit guests will have to be off the ship at some point in the morning. Likely around 10:00 AM. How long they will have to be off will vary based on how long it takes to get the ship cleared and that is dependent on a a few items including the cooperation of all guests (those leaving the ship and those in-transit) getting off the ship). Keith