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  1. Keith1010

    Just back from Symphony

    Lee Anne, one piece of advice. If you are in Waterside for dinner and will be dining there the following evening ask the Head Waiter to look at the menu for the following evening. If you don't find something that is to your liking that is the time to consider request one or more special items that you would like. We were on Symphony in May and on most nights we found one or more entree that we were very happy to order. Only one time we didn't so we had something off the menu. While that night didn't work for us in terms of the menu I suspect it might have for some people as we all have differences in what we liked. I only had one entree the entire time that didn't work for us. We pushed ourselves to have appetizers most evenings to try as many items as we could. For us we thought the cuisines was great and as I said at the time and on other thread really appreciate that it came out hot and thought it was presented well. I am reminded that experiences can vary on any cruise because of overall occupancy, time one dines and even what chefs including executive chef is on board at the time. I know this has nothing to do with how inspiring someone might find the menu but do think that it does relate to how one might find the food itself. A friend of ours was just on Symphony before the current cruise and loved Waterside. Like anything you will always have mixed reviews. That makes the world go round. The good news is you have more choice than ever before on Symphony and for those on Serenity the same is true. The better news is that your cruise is nearing. Keith
  2. Keith1010

    Crystal cruisers in CA

    LeeAnne, I am glad that you all are fine. I had been wondering how our Cruise Critic members in this area were doing. I have a good friend who lives in Thousand Oaks and just a little closer to where you are and he and his wife were asked to leave their house on Friday but were able to return later in the day on Monday. They have two college aged children and don't me their son has gone to Borderline many times. Thankfully was not there the night of the horrific act. All of this is a reminder to enjoy each day and not put off till tomorrow those things you can do today. And try not to let the little things bother us whether that is a meal on the ship or some other item that in the scheme of things is a nit to the items you have posted about. I did hear on the national weather this morning that there appears to be a good chance of rain over Southern California over a three day period later next week. Hopefully that is one forecast that will be right. Stay safe. Keith
  3. Keith1010


    As I mentioned earlier Cruise Critic's sister site Trip Advisor also made a format change recently. There have been some articles on it. The conversion seemed to go well. I think from what I have read more will be coming to that site. I am still getting used to CC. There are some new features I do like and find things like adding photos so much easier and I also like the search function. I can't put this into words but for some reason I find it more tedious to look at as many threads as I used to. Not sure why. As noted earlier they still have the issue that sometimes you are logged in and other times you are not. Also there are some days it is very clear what threads I have read and which ones I have not and then an hour later they all look like I haven't read any. I do recommend e-mailing them with any suggestions and also problems. Keith
  4. Wishing those of you continuing on Serenity another wonderful cruise and those of you making your way to Fort Lauderdale safe travels and a Bon Voyage. Enjoy every minute. Keith
  5. Keith1010

    Live from Heaven (Serenity Trans-Atlantic)

    Pat, sounds wonderful. Keep enjoying! Keith
  6. Keith1010

    Suggestions for the port of Kodiak

    If you are going to take a city tour I would skip the tour and do this on your own as that is easy to do. It is a small town and there will not be many tourists there that time of year. It is walkable from the tender pier to the town. Some photos: The tour of the downtown area will typically use school buses like this one. Most stop at the museum which you could see on your own. Some people visit Kodiak to see the bears but you would be too early in the season. I am not sure what your excursion options are and what interests you. Unlike many of the typical Alaska Ports Of Call where the downtown areas are look like the Caribbean because of all of the jewelry stores and the influx of tourists and even those who work there in the Summer, Kodiak is more like visiting Alaska was 30 years ago. Keith
  7. Keith1010

    Disembarkation in Buenos Aires

    You will want to arrange transportation as vans will not be sitting outside the terminal. I don't recommend the taxis that sit out there either even if there were just two of you. You'll want to make your own arrangements for transportation. Keith
  8. Miles, that is human nature. Most people repeat themselves on CC about issues that they have a view on. I did find it interesting that the new format had the ability to flag this thread as one with a lot of activity. I hadn't seen that before on other similar forums. I have absolutely no opinion on it other than noting I had seen it. In my case it would not cause me to view the thread or not. I look at thread across CC that have topics I have an interest in. Keith
  9. Keith1010

    Live View - Serenity????

  10. Keith1010

    Live View - Serenity????

    Peggy you are very welcome. Keith
  11. Keith1010

    Live View - Serenity????

    MIles the person I checked with who is on the ship knows precisely what is working and what is not working and I am sure that Symphony was aware as well. Keith
  12. Keith1010

    Crystal Serenity 2018 Dry Dock

    Yes, they built a dance floor in the Studio. Keith
  13. Keith1010

    Live from Serenity

    She's not on the ship. Keith
  14. Keith1010

    Live View - Serenity????

    I'm not sure on that one. I only checked on Serenity. Keith
  15. Keith1010

    Live View - Serenity????

    Peggy, Nancy and Jonathan....I wanted to let you know the ship is aware of the live-cams. It might not be up for a bit as they are working some related items but just wanted you to know they are aware of this. Keith