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  1. Keith1010

    Shipping luggage home at cruise end

    It's really no big deal that we have a different point of view. Many of our cruises are very long. We bring a lot of luggage and that is why we began to do lists. Then we had two issues (one airline and the other cruise) with less luggage and we decided to make lists for all cruises/land trips. It has served us well. With that said, I recommend that people do make the lists because should something go lost it will make things easier to file a claim or to purchase items if it is before the cruise begins IMHO. Keith
  2. Rhonda has given you excellent advice. I too would take the second of the two voyages based on the research we have done. This is one is on our bucket list. The experience will be very different than sailing off an Ocran Vessel as the experiences will be very different including the ability to get off the ship. We we are just waiting to review additional itineraries but this one is certainly a very good one keith
  3. WELCOME TO ALBANY, AUSTRALIA It is almost 6:00 AM local time on-board Serenity and will should arrive to Albany, Australia within two hours. The Crystal Cove was buzzing last evening before dinner. I was thinking of those days before inclusive when it was pretty quiet in the lounges and how much more enjoyable and social it is with so many people enjoying drinks together. The drink of the day involved lighting up the peel before the drink was served so it was fun watching both bartenders do that. They are trying something new. Let’s say you order wine and a glass of still water. They would put lime in the water unless you didn’t want it. They just started substituting a slice of cucumber instead having learned that the lime might be too acidic on your tongue and impact your enjoyment of the wine. They will see what the guests think over the coming weeks. It is a reminder to me how one can keep learning. The World Cruise choir sang several songs last evening. They have been terrific. I think they had the biggest turnout last night. Lots of people in the Choir and Reverend Ed has done a terrific job leading them. Pianist Richard Pucci accompanied them. One of the songs really brought out everyone as they went alternated with the ladies singing one verse and the gents singing the next one. This is one of many items that is very special about the World Cruise. Enjoyed a terrific dinner last evening. We laughed for a while when our Senior Waiter recommended the Vegetarian Chicken Consommé Soup on the menu. We laughed that maybe the Chicken used for the soup was a vegetarian. Ironically, we did have the soup for an appetizer but not because it was listed as Vegetarian. I wasn’t sure about which fish to have as an entrée; salmon or tilapia as I don’t have tilapia very often. In Crystal fashion the Head Waiter not only described the tilapia to me but recommended that I request the salmon but also ask for One of the three pieces of tilapia that would have come with that entrée added to my order. I did just that and was very pleased. It was like the movie Groundhog Day when we returned to our room last evening and set the clock back an additional hour to get on the local time zone for Albany, Australia. We have been to Albany one other time when it was a Maiden Port of Call so we are looking forward to our visit in a few hours from now. Tomorrow, we will visit Busselton which is a Maiden Port of Call stop and then this segment ends in Perth. I am including the daily Reflections program for today. Reflections.pdf Blog will be updated in about 10 hours from now and will include some video from the World Cruise Choir and photos. Keith
  4. Keith1010

    Shipping luggage home at cruise end

    Yes to each his/her own. We find it worth the effort to prepare the lists for the reasons I mentioned. It has served us well. It has nothing to do with Luggage Concierge. It has a lot to do with things that can go wrong that is out of their control such as in Customs, Immigration and with the Delivery Company whether sending items domestically or internationally. It is in these ares that problems can occur rather in areas that are in the control of companies such as Luggage Concierge, Luggage Forward and Luggage Free. The things they have control on are picking up the luggage from ones home and or ship and making the shipment arrangements and tracking the luggage, and providing its customers with updates/tracking numbers, etc.and very importantly being there if something goes wrong (eg., answering the phone 7x24) and knowing how to cut through the red tape. On a related note we send items earlier then required when going to the ship. We know they already have pad in their schedule but we add in additional padding. This served us well when in Vancouver local immigration/customs removed the vendor information from the luggage and one item was temporary missing until Fed Ex actually got a hold of us (benefit of having our contact information on the inside and outside of the luggage). Since we knew what luggage did make it through before that one was located and we had an inventory list should our piece had not been recovered in time for that cruise we could have bought a new piece and items that we needed. Since we were going on the Northwest Passage cruise if the items related to being out in the cold it was critical that we would have them and given the itinerary it's not like we had stops along the way where we could have found the required items at a store because most of those places didn't have stores. Like most things each person should do what makes sense for them. For us it has worked out well and worth the effort. The vast majority of our items are not underwear but that one is really easy to inventory.[ Keith
  5. SophieJ17, we have sailed this a few times in the June and July time frame. My experience is that history really means nothing and with changing weather patterns you just never know. I have experienced seas on this itinerary that were very calm, some that had some roughness and one time where the sea swells were strong for an extended period of time. Even sailing in and out of San Francisco harbor varies. So if this is a concern my recommendation is two fold; book a room mid ship and on a lower deck and come prepared with something that prevents sea sickness. I am also reminded that what one person considers rough that another person does not. On our current voyage there have been portions of it when some thought it was very rough and some did not. Keith
  6. Keith1010

    Shipping luggage home at cruise end

    Photos of the outside of the luggage is good to show the condition of the luggage for luggage lost or damaged. It is also helpful should for whatever reason all your tags or the majority of them get removed from the piece. To me what is key for us has been having a complete list of what goes into each piece. Sometimes we have been asked what is in the missing piece so we have that. Second should we have to follow a claim we have that complete list of what was in each piece. Third if our bag does missing say before we arrive to the ship we know precisely what is in that piece so we can think through impacts if it does not show up and if there are any items we should go out and purchase. But the majority of why we do all of this is to be able to file a claim, know what is missing if a piece or more go astray and know if items are missing for all pieces that did arrive but someone got into our luggage. As I mentioned we have a list for each piece and that is for those being sent to the ship and those being sent home and each list has a number on it that corresponds to a number on each piece of luggage. It is time consuming but has been very helpful to us. Keith
  7. Keith1010


    You are welcome. If the menus are updated before that time I will post them here and will also share photos and experiences from our visit on the next voyage. Keith
  8. Keith1010

    New Website!

    Coral, you have not turned this into a river cruise discussion so no worries. And of course and of us can comment because to me the issue is simply the need to show the shore excursions (River, Ocean and Yacht) on the site as early as they are available (even showing prior years as examples as has been the case) and most importantly having them listed by port in the order of the itinerary and being able to click on the tabs to get the details. Also having a tab in the summary that says shore excursions as is the case for other tabs such as cruise fares. I am hopeful that most if not all of this will be doable. Keith
  9. Keith1010

    New Website!

    tipsygirl, I am glad that worked so you can get in. I also agree about the concern for the way the excursions are listed for both the ocean and river cruises (I haven't looked at Esprit) and the inability to click on the river cruise ones. They should be sorted by port with all excursions for one port listee together followed by the next port and so forth. I am sure this will be looked at and hoping it can be easily corrected. Keith
  10. Bob and Jeannie, Congratulations on Jeannie's Milestone Birthday and Birthday trip. Wishing you both and your family a lovely time. Enjoy every minute and we know you will make memories which will last a lifetime. Best to you both. Keith and Anne Marie
  11. Keith1010

    New Website!

    That is interesting because I had similar problems yesterday a few hours after having the problems with the other issue I posted about where it was something like lost at sea message. I too am using a MacBook Air and Safari. I will try mine again. In the meantime try shutting down Safari completely and restarting your computer and then log in. Please let me know what you see. Crystal is monitoring the forum so the specifics is helpful plus I will report it as well. Keith
  12. Robin sounds like a fun evening. One of the things I enjoy about sailing East to West is setting the clock back from time-to-time. After having moved the clocks back 30 minutes each on two different evenings, last night we moved the clock back one hour. I believe we do the same this evening. Last night was Black Tie Optional (BTO) night. My observation is that even on the World Cruise we are seeing less Tuxedos and long gowns than years past. I saw a greater mix of gents in suits and also in sports jackets/dress slacks/ties and women in cocktail dresses than in years past. All of this is appropriate for BTO nights. Just saying less of the tuxedos and longer gowns and noting this since CC members ask about this from time-to-time. Although I brought a Tuxedo and a White Dinner Jacket, and Anne Marie brought some gowns, last evening I went with a suit and Anne Marie a knee length dress. We like to mix it up. Speaking of BTO night we attended the Crystal Society Party. Between guests, enrichment staff and Officers and Senior members of Serenity the room was full. It was very appropriate that one Crystal Society Member was recognized and that was Olga on her 300th milestone. She is the only guest still living on Serenity at the present time. A very kind woman who we have enjoyed many conversations with along with some pre-dinner drinks. Crystal Society Hostess Alissa noted that there are 600,000+ Crystal Society members. Captain Giske noted that on Crystal Harmony the first Crystal Society Party was held at the Captain’s Quarters with 10 Crystal Society Members and twenty officers in attendance. Today is our final sea day of this segment of the World Cruise and then we have three ports to look forward to. When we leave Fremantle on the way to Africa we begin with seven sea days. There is lots on today's program which I am posting at the end of this post. For food lovers there is a Viennese Sunday Brunch. There are three lectures. Even a few spa talks. Oops, I better keep my mouth shut. One of the items that is very special is at 5:30 PM which is a Crystal Chorus Concert. On this World Cruise we have been very impressed with the number of concerts the groups have been able to perform. Reverend Ed Voosen assisted by is wife Ruth do a terrific job organizing this and they are accompanied by wonderful Pianist Richard Pucci. Anyone can participate. They mean servers times to learn the songs and to practice, practice and practice them. It is one of many things that make the World Cruise so special. A couple of food photos from last night: Caviar. Chilean Sea Bass. A photo of Anne Marie and myself with Shore Excursion Manage Storme Brown. Today's Reflections Program. Reflections.pdf Keith
  13. Keith1010

    New Website!

    I received word that the log in problem was corrected and when I signed in a few minutes ago it was now working. Could you please try again. If you are still having a problem please post here what you are getting when you attempt to log in and what device/operating system and browser you are using. Keith
  14. Robin, more than likely you did see me playing. Keep posting and sharing your thoughts. It is much appreciated by everyone including me. Keith
  15. Had a great day on-board Serenity today. It turned out to be a great day of Fitness. The weather was a delight. We had a nice breeze. I had personnel training with one of the Fitness Directors. I have been doing personal training every few days. While I've done this at home this is the first time I have been doing it on the ship. My sessions are 30 minutes which works out great for me. We also had indoor cycling and today was the best class we have had since we boarded the ship. The Fitness Director created a new playlist and the songs were very motivating. Including myself there were 11 participants. A great workout and a lot of fun for all of us. Thankfully I was able to play a lot of Paddle Tennis and we had a lot of people out on the courts so we had two both courts in use when I played this morning and afternoon with very little wait for people to come in. Today's enrichment included two lectures and there is one that I am very interested in watching and will watch it later today. This is one of the benefits of having the interactive TV's where we can watch the lecture on-demand on the television. Tonight is Black Tie (BTO) Optional and we will attend the Crystal Society Party in an hour. I have updated the Blog. This segment of the cruise is going fast. I realize we missed the first few days when we were with our family in Sydney. It seems that each day goes by in a blink of an eye. Keith