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  1. That's correct because it normally takes several years of research, trials and approval. And yes the test will include how long does it last although we'll likely need a booster for the variances. Hopefully, we will get a high percentage of the world population to get the vaccine. Keith
  2. The USA Food & Drug Administration just gave the OK for the Johnson and Johnson Vaccine for Emergency Use and the Independent Committee will meet this Friday so it should be approved on Friday for use in the USA. This is a single dose vaccine. Keith
  3. The USA Food & Drug Administration just gave the OK for the Johnson and Johnson Vaccine for Emergency Use and the Independent Committee will meet this Friday so it should be approved on Friday for use in the USA. This is a single dose vaccine. Keith
  4. In the USA it has bene noted that the trials were based on two dosages for Moderna and Prizer so not enough is known as to how long one dose would last which is why experts such as Dr. Fauci say go with the two dosages when asked about one dose. Keith
  5. I am adding two photos. Another one showing the outside of the tender when it was floating and an interior photo showing a portion of the interior of one of the Symphony tenders (forward half of the starboard side of the tender) Keith
  6. Brian, this is terrific. I am glad they are doing the contact tracing and the safe travel form. I knew they were requiring the COVID test as a requirement otherwise a quarantine was required which I thought was excellent. Yes, very impressive. Best to you. Keith
  7. Don't think so but we can agree to disagree. I think in the coming years historians and science experts will look at how we dealt with this highlighting things we did right and things we did wrong or could have done better. Hopefully we wil all be around to see the results. This is very important IMHO and equally important is as soon as we get this under control later this year efforts (including investments) begin for the next pandemic because there will be another and another and another. We have had pandemics in our lifetime but the difference on this one was more of a perf
  8. We will disagree. I do not think anything was intentional to slow down the production of the vaccine. Part of the speed for the USA in the coming months is the invoking of the Defense Production Act which by the way is being used for other items including face masks. My daughter and family has been living in Australia for 3+ years and they have done a great job with testing and contact tracing. You go to a restaurant and they utilize contact tracing so if anyone got COVID-19 they can trace others who are there. No size is not the issue. It is commitment. Same with
  9. LOL. Now Patty....You can record it as we do. 😀 I am so happy not to go through these roaring power outages and not hear right now a drip of a faucet (well faucets with some which were more than a drip). The quietness is wonderful. What we might hear though is screaming about the utility bills; water, gas and electric. I don't quite understand who gets impacted with electric bills 700 times the normal cost and hope it is not and of us. I never thought I would say this but last week makes COVID-19 a walk in the park. Keith
  10. Yes, rapid testing is not 100% accurate. We know that but having this is one more tool in the arsenal and as Vince and SusieQft say it's better than the alternative and progress is being made quickly. I also agree with Bitob...I most certainly see the cruise lines doing COVID-19 testing. Also in the USA hopefully we will see more emphasis on contract tracing which some of the other countries have done much better than we have from South Korea to Australia. These are unprecedented times at least in our lifetime and everything has to be done to get this under control and to man
  11. You wondered if there will be testing and all I'm saying is it could be done frequently. Companies are working to bring costs way down for the tests and by the way even the more pricey tests haven't been so accurate either. To me it is amazing how much is being accomplished in a relatively short amount of time and by the time cruises start up lots more will be accomplished. What they can do in months used to take years and on the vaccine front they've never done this for COVID but now they have. Keith
  12. Last evening on the one hour weekday news with Shepard Smith, during the on the money segment he noted that Crystal Cruises announced the COVID-19 Vaccine Requirement for all passengers and no vaccine no cruise. The narrative included some video showing some of the interiors of one of the Crystal Vessels.and also showed the exterior of one of the River Boats. Nice to see Crystal Cruises mentioned. Keith
  13. If they want they could do daily because as Vince says the testing is evolving and one could just do it in their room like the home tests. The reality is everything will evolve and continue to be a work in progress and what is done will be based on the science and what the situation is at the time of each sailing. Keith
  14. I am pretty confident overtime more and more people who are reluctant to get the vaccine will for several reasons. - Hopefully, they will see how well people did with the vaccine. - Hopefully the proof will be in the pudding and those who got the vaccine will either not get COVID-19 or if they do they will not die, need hospitalization or have very few side effects if any. - I suspect overtime we will see ad campaigns encouraging people to get the vaccine. - Finally we could see mandates for getting the vaccine going far beyond Cruise Lines such
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