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  1. Wow you won the jackpot for the week ...neither test is for the faint of heart! Seems there are several reasons other than symptoms
  2. Agreed. Under 24 hour turnaround here; and like you we continue to be social isolated except for Click and Collect grocery runs
  3. Thank you neighbour!😉 Happy July 4th to you Still think there is a difference in terminology but who really cares as long as the word is understood.
  4. I think you are right about people being tested but there is another group who receive testing.....I am sure it is the same in the US...those who are asymptomatic but who want to visit a relative.I went to be tested last week because I wanted to visited my 90 year old mother at her senior’s residence. They require proof of a test to go inside and even then you are restricted. Surprisingly... to me anyway.....most people that I spoke to in the line were there for the same reason...they wanted to visit someone in a senior’s residence or long-term care. Out of approximately 30 people that I saw reasonably close, only one family seemed to have overt symptoms of a cough....I stayed far away.
  5. Depending on where you reside some places have consumer protection laws to cover your loss or or at least part of it in the case of financial default of a supplier.
  6. Thanks Nancy! We must have been online when the gremlins were making changes. My daughter had a problem two days ago. She was able to log in but her Crystal Society number was blank and a recent booking was blank. Her Crystal history was blank also. She reported it. I had an issue around the same time. I logged in perfectly fine. All of the information was perfectly fine (except my full passport first names showed unlike the past) until I was distracted and left the screen for 5 minutes. When I came back to log out the information had changed and said that I had 81 days until my next cruise...news to me!!! September 13-29 Island Explorations of Japan and a booking number. No other info exposed. The screen froze before I could take a screen shot ...then the info disappeared. We have never booked a trip to Japan.
  7. Have you checked to ascertain if there is any statutory consumer law where you reside that would protect your purchase?
  8. My invoice is similar to the OP except it also says underneath *General cancellation policy for reference purposes only. Actual penalty amount will be assessed at the time of cancellation and may differ from the general policy. I went back to my TA with a copy of the temporary June 8th cancellation policy/table that differs from the general policy and asked for confirmation to ensure that there was not any misunderstanding. I received a reply that the Crystal Confidence June 8th policies apply. In fairness to Crystal, certainly the wording reflected at the beginning of my invoice is This reservation is subject to the terms and conditions. Please refer to the applicable Crystal Cruises brochure or Crystal Cruises website for additional terms and conditions that apply to your booking. The terms and conditions that are applicable with effect from June 8, 2020 are as per the Cancellation and Refund tables in the posts above. I don’t why Crystal couldn’t put a statement regarding such under the cancellation policy section in the invoice. I suspect they anticipate an additional amendment.
  9. The only guarantee I saw was for a C3. Unfortunate because a guarantee can be the best value when available. Perhaps you or if applicable your TA could give Crystal a call. Good luck with October 15th. We are booked and hoping for December 2!
  10. I took a look at several of these. The $7599 pp plus tax totals $8105.00 USD pp that you mentioned is for the best available penthouse. It is approx $1500 USD savings pp from the originally posted prices so $3000 USD (approx $4200 CDN) savings per double stateroom. There is also a $250 USD OBC per stateroom. If you have a booking on board discount it does not apply but you can use the $200 on board deposit for the deposit on these “specially priced cruises”.
  11. I haven’t stayed in 10002 but I have stayed in 10122 Seabreeze (Med 2019-24 nights) which is the furthest AFT room. IMO there are actually 2 doors that could potentially be perceived as an issue depending on the habits of your fellow passengers, port intensity of the itinerary and your personal sensitivities/preferences. Hard to tell from the deck plan but I believe that 10002 would also have the 2 doors.The aft deck door can be an irritant if those passengers who want to smoke (AFT only I think) or use the chaise lounges let the door bang behind them. I also did not think to ask maintenance to try to fix it. Thanks as always Keith! It did not happen much but you certainly knew when someone went outside. The second potential door issue is the door of the stateroom across the little entranceway. We had three sets of fellow passengers stay in the room across from us and the door slamming was noticeable from only one of the three groups. It was not an issue for us but we certainly heard the door banging. I have stayed in a traditional penthouse since then and it is definitely quieter but the door issue did not bother us in the Seabreeze. We have recently booked in a Seabreeze again. It may sound silly but because of Covid....I think the open spaces of the Seabreeze penthouses are easier to disinfect and clean! The balcony was fine for us but it was a port intensive cruise so there was little time to sit outside. No vibration or engine noise.
  12. Thank you Keith for the above information. Fortunately we have been receiving many Crystal emails including the survey even though we were not subscribed! However based on your info I have now subscribed so we don’t risk being dropped from email mail outs! However shortly after the New Year we started receiving Crystal brochures/offers in the mail addressed to someone else and no longer addressed to us. We have lived in this house for 27 years so the mail person must think we have a boarder! We sailed in May/June 2019 and November/December 2019 so our info in Crystal’s records should be current. I contacted Crystal and they kindly sent me this response: There is a service called NCOA which means national change of address and it is distributed by Canadian authorities. We are required to scrub our list against the NCOA list quarterly to remove bad addresses, people that moved, deceased, etc. etc. The Canadian NCOA had an issue with 30% of their file where it had inadvertently swapped names or removed them altogether. We have created a triple check so this doesn’t happen again and have been working with Canada Post to remedy. While I appreciate Crystal’s efforts to rationalize the situation it is very odd that Crystal is the only company that sends mail to the “mystery” person. All other companies including cruise companies we have never done business with manage to address mail to us! I don’t really care but the computer gremlins have impacted our mail as well as other’s emails!!
  13. Thanks for this info. Kathy. The Canadian Government has issued a similar advisory. Large ships vs small ships may be a moot point. Our travel insurance, and I understand many other travel policies ( Canada and the US), becomes invalid and will not be honoured if we commence travel after an advisory is issued; or if travelling we do not return home within 10 days after a relevant official government travel notice/advisory is issued. Apparently it depends on the wording ( advisory vs warning etc.) of the relevant section in your policy. If anyone plans to travel you may wish to check that your travel insurance is still valid.
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