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  1. Thanks for your troubles looking this up Keith! Not a biggie. I was just curious. We have never received such a chocolate box. Since we switched to PH at cruise number 9 we receive a white box that they refill as my DH eats them. And yes you are right that the Ritz Carlton no longer provide pillow chocolates. However, the dog did receive special evening treats on the dog bed they provide when they did turn down. LOL
  2. Thank you! Number 15 is our next one.
  3. Interesting! Does anyone know the actual threshold? We have more than ten cruises. The chocolates we receive are the refillable box of chocolates that I thought PHs receive. We have never received a box from the Crystal Society or is the refillable box from the Crystal Society?
  4. Cancun01


    In the SH on the Serenity there are several US outlets. As an added feature there is a little chrome shelf (fits a cell phone) over the toilet roll with a USB port next to it. Different!
  5. On first meeting the Butler, he will discuss canapé delivery. He will make timing suggestions based on your dinner time preferences, port days etc. We have never found the time to be precise because of other distractions that can interfere with the butler’s routine. Last cruise we received them as early as 3:40 and as late as 5:30. They will leave them there if you are not there; and remove them if necessary for food safety etc. In our experience he will adjust the canapés to your food preferences after a couple of days.
  6. I also like to order Perrier and San Pellagrino. I have never had an issue getting it without a pre-board order but around the ship you have to ask for it specifically by brand or you may just receive “fizzy” water or one of the lesser known “fizzy” brands.
  7. Well Keith, I find this rather amusing. Thank you for the up date. Most disappointing! I just double checked with my husband and he confirmed the conversation. I remember the conversation with the informant well. It was in May/June and we were on a tender returning to the Serenity in the Med. Our butler happened to be on the tender and introduced us to someone who was “high up” in housekeeping. He asked how we were enjoying the new SH. I told him basically the same positives as I have written on here. I did tell him that we like to order breakfast in the am and from Prego once in a while. I then went on to say that my main issue with the room was the table which was not the most convenient for either guests nor the butler. He told me that the new tables were on board and they would probably be installed the next cruise or the following cruise. Well, all I can say is that I guess he wasn’t as “ high up” as he liked people to think. Haha! Too funny!
  8. My husband and I have stayed in both types of penthouses for at least periods of 24 days each. Last week I booked a gty for any available penthouse for a twelve day cruise and we are not concerned to which type we are assigned. Most pros/cons have been discussed but I will provide a few additional comments about the seabreeze. We really liked the openness of the seabreeze room but the traditional PH feels more luxurious if that is important to you. Openness wins for us overall. We were able to manage room service with the small coffee table in the seabreeze but admittedly it was not the most convenient. When we were aboard on May/June the new coffee tables had apparently been delivered and were to be installed. Hopefully they are in place now. There is not a bed skirt. However, the bed is higher and luggage can be easily moved in and out without having to lift a corner of the bed. The luggage can be arranged so that it is not an eyesore. I found the closet lighting much brighter and it was easier to organize our clothing than the closet in the traditional PH. I particularly liked the shoe rack and the general set up of the closet. I wish they had reversed the location of the bathroom and closet as the bathroom is always visible. LOL. The hairdryer in the closet is the new expensive Dyson in a brown leather case with various attachments. The TV on the bracket was not an issue for us. It was easy to move. We did find the little hallway somewhat of a negative. The doors face each other. Every time someone next door closes the door you can hear the door slamming. We had three different sets of passengers next to us and it happened with all three groups. The little secretary desk was a collector of our “junk” rather than being a useful desk. Certainly the two desk configuration in the traditional PH would be a positive on long cruises. It is really depends on the features that are important to you. If you like a good soak in a tub after a long day on shore, the PH with bathtub would be the way to go.
  9. Interesting that you mention Asia. I am aware of a couple of friends who have recently been questioned about their expensive watches on their wrists upon return from Asia. They were told to ensure that they fill out the appropriate forms the next time they travel. In Canada we have similar forms as mentioned above that you are supposed to fill out if you are leaving the country with expensive items. I understand you can obtain a wallet sized card if you travel frequently with the items.
  10. I concur. The TV in the Seabreeze penthouse on the Serenity is not an issue. Certainly in our experience it can be easily adjusted to be seen from the bed, couch or wherever you choose to watch it from... we don’t watch a lot of TV but there is also a TV volume dial/speaker in the bathroom if required!
  11. Sorry if I caused confusion. I was thinking in the context of the words of the O/P who stated that they “ ended up eating in the buffet many nights” which I took to mean a large “ all you can eat” self-serve buffet as found on most ships in the evening. I do not think of Churrascaria as a buffet in that context but more a Brazilian restaurant/steakhouse.
  12. Just so you know, there is not an evening buffet venue on Crystal unless you consider the Bistro but that would be a bit of a stretch!
  13. We were never interested in the Magic Show either however on our last cruise the people we were traveling with wanted to go. Our butler arranged tickets for us and we had a terrific time. I would recommend that you go at least once. It last about 20 minutes.
  14. All three times we have been there during the F1, the ship’s tenders have been used. Two out of three years were difficult rides with tender service being suspended for periods in 2018 and 2019. However, please don’t loose any sleep over the comments on this tread. The post by the O/P and certainly my response related to concerns during F1 Grand Prix weekend. There is more boat traffic than usual during that time and this traffic creates a lot of the wake that creates some of “wild ride” issues discussed here. The behaviour of fellow tender passengers getting off seems to be enhanced during that period. In fairness, it could just be that many people, not all, have been so scared that they are in a hurry to get off. I would think during a turn around day at the beginning of May the ship will be docked. It is a lovely port.
  15. Just to clarify - it was not my intention to contradict what you heard - I just wanted to state what was said at the Crystal Society party on the same itinerary. Mr. Wolber’s very short “low-key” speech stood out because it lacked the usual “hype” and he was so clear in that he was not willing to commit to a date. It is always possible that the messaging to Travel Agents was different than the messaging at the Crystal Society party.
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