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  1. I thought it was steep considering that if one has symptoms and testing is required it is covered by our provincial health plan but they are trying to discourage travel. Same test. We had an essential reason. No app...just an email so I printed it. Since we were going to the US we had to show the test results at our first domestic flight check in, before we entered the “connections to the US” gate area, to the US immigration officer in Montreal and again at boarding our flight to the US. Our Covid documents were not airline specific but included our passport numbers which had to be shown at
  2. Exactly....the paperwork to enter the US is actually a little more than just proof that you don’t have Covid 19...although the actual test is the same it is a different testing centre when the test is for travel purposes. We flew into the US earlier this month from Canada to check on a property that we own. To board the plane we each had to provide a “Fly Clear Certificate of testing for Covid19” from a RT-PCR result. There is the lab report plus a certificate. One is not valid without the other. ...all yours for $225 CDN each!!!
  3. We have been there 3 times on Crystal and we are also booked for next May. Even if Crystal was anchored closer to shore than it is, based on our experience you would not be able to see the race even on land without a ticket/pass. Even the viewing spot from the Palace walls is roped off and requires a pass of some sort. Crystal usually has two different price ranges of tickets with various amenities. My family has bought ticket packages through Crystal twice but in 2019 we bought them through the F1 Grand Prix official site...better seats better price ( approximately 1/2). However I shou
  4. Thanks as always Keith for your “due diligence”. I rarely go on Facebook. We are not booked on this cruise but the following one out of Miami so it is also a head’s up for us. Jack Anderson did mention in his video when the Bahamas cruises were introduced that Crystal may convert all fall cruises into Bahamas cruises. It seems as this may now be a good possibility. Time will tell!
  5. Well we are booked in an SH on the Symphony next May also so I guess we will find out at the same time! We don’t watch the TV that much but if the virus is still lurking we may opt to watch lectures, movies etc, and have more “ in suite” dining so hopefully the TV does swivel. It is not important to us so I never checked but hopefully it does. You may wish to see if someone has posted a tour on “you tube” with the suite’s features.
  6. Yes the Serenity SH TV pulls out from the wall and swivels.
  7. OMG confusion reigns! 😂. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. It is not a deal breaker but It was my understanding that admin fees were waived for any new booking for all voyages from 2021 through 2024 as long as the deposit was paid within the set parameters. I am going by this email I received from Crystal. There were previous identically worded emails with earlier dates as they slid the “no money down” date. Maybe I need another coffee but what am I missing? For all voyages from 2021 through 2024, enjoy an extended No Money Down deposit window through April 5, 2021 on
  8. I questioned about admin fees vis a vis 3.0 last week but I am still waiting for an answer. On our actual booking for 2021 and 2022 it does not mention administration fees. However if you press on the link under the highlighted “This reservation is subject to terms and conditions“: it reads CANCELLATION & PENALTY FEES 2021 - 2023 Voyages of 13 days or less 121+ days prior to first date of service: $100 (thru 2021) / $200 (begins 2022) Administration Fee* However there is not a link to the Asterisk. My TA’s cancellation fee is listed elsewhere a
  9. We are also booked on Serenity for November 2021. Maybe your page hadn’t finished downloading. I just checked the Crystal website and the December 2021 cruises for Serenity were still listed including the Miami R/T Holiday cruise embarking December 22, 2021.
  10. This thread has gone off course ....I am thrilled for the wonderful officers and crew who are able to go back to work because of those booking staterooms.
  11. Not sure! However I took it as the ordinary meaning that they are renewing their policies which may change in July. We are sticking with the status quo which although has some limitations to financial exposure( if cancellation/interruption is because of Covid) it is much better than we thought we could obtain at this time.
  12. As an FYI, I called the CSA after I saw your post. The agent assured me that coverage was for anywhere out of the country including cruises despite the Government Advisories. I requested the information in writing and received a very nice email this afternoon. The email reiterated that their Emergency Medical Coverage was for anywhere out of the country....but get this....we are not able to comment, at this time, on what limitations might exist in any updated policy...Please inquire with us again once our updated plan is released in July of this year. LOL In brief our multi-trip prov
  13. I would like to emphasize to the OP that you obtain confirmation IN WRITING. Another poster on these boards and I have received different answers from the same company. I confirmed again yesterday with their call centre that we would be covered. I am waiting for confirmation in writing!
  14. For starters....I am not a TA nor do I have any insurance company connection. I know of two companies that offer emergency medical coverage in the current climate. So many companies say they provide coverage but as you know the devil is in the details. My husband and I have multi-trip emergency medical coverage that applies to situations where there is a level 3 advisory related to Covid19 CDN Government travel warning. This is the current warning level. It does not apply to level 4 but they will pay expenses to get one home if it changes. They changed their policy in Janu
  15. Thank you! I was aware but it never hurts to have clarification.
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