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  1. My cruise specialist told me that it is questionable for segments to become available since there is so much demand for world cruises right now with 2020 and 2021 having been cancelled. I have spoken to HAL because I wanted to book a segment for my son and they told me we can put down a refundable deposit to wait list in case they ever will open a segment.
  2. Just attempted to book a cruise for end of July 2021 and our cruise specialist is not convinced that these cruises will be happening, according to the cancellations she is receiving from cruise-companies she assumes hardly anything will be going before Fall 2021. Cruise companies might have 2 or 3 ships out in the Med, so the specific itinerary I had been looking at will most probably not be one of them. Very disappointed.
  3. I have been wondering about existing itineraries. What are they able to actually sell at the moment without knowing what destination will be open to ships. It doesn't make any sense to sell cruises now and then have to cancel and refund the deposits. Just frustrating when you want to stay positive and plan to get on with your life.
  4. I got this from Costa: Dear .......... We are currently experiencing IT technical issues that are affecting the functionality of our systems. Consequently, we are momentarily not available by phone, and email traffic may be disrupted as our IT teams are working to assess the nature of the problem. We regret the inconvenience. We will communicate further once the issue has been solved. Sincerely, Costa Cruises
  5. You have me worried now. I am booked on the World Tour for January 2022 and am looking forward to it. I am a little worried but figured that is 12 month so I might be safe. What was the reason for them to cancel your sailing?
  6. Hi Essiesmom, I am on Deliziosa but boarding in Venice (or Trieste, not sure). So we will be 3 days before boarding in Italy arriving on the 5th of January. Bad experience in the past with lost luggage has taught me that. I doubt that the climate in Tenerife will be warm enough for me so I will be in my climate range on the 26th of January when we reach St. Lucia. Not sure how cold the Atlantic Crossing will be, have not done that before. And I live in the Tropics. Right now here is winter when our Tourists are frolicking in the the ocean and pools. For us locals it is much too cold and you wi
  7. Thank you all very much for your thoughts. Donating is kind of out of the question since I do live in the British Virgin Islands and have to mail-order warm clothing. Sometimes until the item reaches here freight and duty are again more then the cost of the item. And then there is already a loss with items which are not fitting right or don't look the way they are pictured and therefore get donated right here for people who might leave the island. Have been before only for a few days in cold climate so the few pieces of nice enough layers I do have will not be sufficient. We are going to be d
  8. Thank you every one, that has been a big help, luggage forward seems to be the thing to use and from my finale destination just in case I need to use anything again. For whoever is interested I found another option sendmybag.com. Cruise Critic is just amazing, I had found Dayuse through them when we needed a place to stash our luggage in Hong Kong waiting for a late flight and were so happy to be able to shower and change before our trip, I have used dayuse quite a lot since then and am still grateful for the members recommending it.
  9. Will be going on a world cruise in January 2022. The first 3 weeks we will need serious winter-clothing but when we reach back to Europe it will be early summer. I assume that there will be quite some clothing I will not like to carry around with me getting off the ship and spending a few extra days in Europe. We will have 1/2 a day in Sidney and was wondering whether there is a possibility close to the cruise dock to mail clothing home. I have gotten off a cruise in Sidney but don't remember the cruise terminal, just got in a taxi to my hotel and didn't pay any attention. We will also stop in
  10. I am from Germany but live in the Caribbean for over 40 years, so very American influenced. I have been on lot's of different cruise ships, some smaller one's in Europe I don't even remember the company names any longer, several Holland American, P & O, Costa and Princess. Price wise Princess is probably more expensive. I did like the coin laundries on Princess and P & O, but my favorite is Costa. I remember the first cruise we were on on Costa in 2010 we had one cabin for 3 persons and it was really spacious. Now we travel in single cabins because of the privacy. I was surprised readi
  11. we did receive our refund for our cruise July 23rd, it took a while but came. It is a hard wait but just hang in there.
  12. BVILady


    We were booked July 2019 on a Costa Cruise and had booked a flight with Alitalia to our next destination. We booked 2 seats on Sep. 2019 for a flight on July 30th, 2020. On June 18th Alitalia cancelled the flight. They refuse to issue any refund. I will not be anywhere in the near future where Alitalia is flying, so vouchers are useless to us. I had booked Alitalia because i had assumed that they are the most reputable airline flying this route. So if you need to book a flight, think twice about using Alitalia, I can not recommend it. Not having provided the service I paid for and keeping our
  13. and I think BioNTech joined with Pfizer since they are to small to be able to produce and distribute the vaccine. BioNTech is a couple so a Mom and Pop operation.
  14. where did you get the transportation information from, do you have a link. The last update we had gotten was that it will be to hot in my area so we will not be able to get it which has been very disappointing 😞 . Would hate to not be able to receive the most effective vaccine.
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