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  1. Costa has us only for 1 day in Mumbai, I would love to visit the Taj Mahal, so with itinerary changes we might actually get a chance to visit. If India is open at all. At the moment Istanbul is not on our itinerary but have been thinking with so many ports not open we might get to Istanbul and to Malta, 2 ports I would love to visit again and which we will miss on our 2022 summer-cruises. Let's see what surprises await us if the cruise actually sails.
  2. WholeNewWorld I am with you, my patience is very challenged and I never had much to begin with. Wondering when they will get us out of our misery. Open to new ports and experiences but WHERE is the question with so many countries heavily infected with Covid or just simply closed. So that seems like a lot of cruise lines are still hopeful for the 2022 World Cruise maybe a reason to stay optimistic even it is only 5 month away now.
  3. At the moment I don't see any cruise for P & O, Cunard has been cancelled, I also think that AIDA has been cancelled. I do see Holland America, Princess, Oceania and Viking (?) still on. Are any other world cruises for 2022 still scheduled?
  4. drsel when I started to look into booking the cruise costacruises.de and Costacruises.eu had the best price, with eu having the price less the Euro 10.00 per day service-charge. I had put a hold on the cabins at eu and then the price went up. When I checked uk it was already a higher price. So you need to also catch it at the right time. So in my case more then 1 year in advance.
  5. Thank you drsel. Got through and the cruises are also finally listed on the US website.
  6. I transfer a chunk of money to my credit card account and then make daily partial payment for the amount limited on that card. Like to use one particular card because it gives me airline-miles, works out better for me then the cash-back on my card with the higher limit. Just doing that for an outrageous Home-insurance bill (looking forward to the points 🙂)
  7. Hi Stefan, not getting through. Have reservation-#'s but cannot complete the reservation and payment of deposit. Can you send me contact for your travel-agent by e-mail uschi_m60 at yahoo. As it looks will never be able to get through to pay the deposit since paying guest is always the name the cabin is booked in, cannot be changed, but I am the one paying for all 3 cabins 😞 Very frustrating. US-travel Agent can't access the European Reservation. Almost tempted to keep the reservation with Royal Caribbean and not bother any longer, maybe Costa doesn't want our business - lol. But I am just too
  8. might have gotten through on the EU-site, hoping, waiting for on-hold confirmation.
  9. VENTING - so I want to get 3 cabins for a Mediterranean Cruise in July 2022. It is up on the German website but I can't book it because I don't have a European Phone-#. Have no problem paying the German price. It is still not available on the US website. It is for July, so in the heights of Summer season. We are booked with deposit on a different cruise line but I like this cruise better and have preliminarily changed all other reservations for our summer 2022 to fit this new schedule including being in Europe 2 weeks before boarding to meet the current Covid-restrictions on Costa. Now just on
  10. Thank you Stefan. Will that dock have taxi-access also since it is on the Mainland? Really don't want to drag all my luggage on a boat, that is why I have booked Hotel Santa Chiara in Venice. We will see and hopefully we will actually sail.
  11. https://www.msn.com/en-us/travel/news/italy-to-ban-mammoth-cruise-ships-from-venice-as-of-aug-1/ar-AAM710K?ocid=winp-sf I know it has come up before and there is no docking facility for cruise ships currently close to Venice. Wondering where the ships will be moved to, especially since I have my air-tickets into VCE already.
  12. I am sure you will have a great time, the 2023 is similar to the 2022 with going to Australia and Asia. I have booked the 2023 with Costa because I wanted to go to Africa, had only been to Kenya before on a Safari. That cruise also goes around South America, had been there already but figured there will be still lots to see in the ports what I had not seen before. Let's hope that at least the 2023 will go, chances for the 2022 seem to dwindle away. Royal Caribbean just cancelled February cruises to Thailand and Vietnam. All we can do is hope Covid19 will be eventually in the past.
  13. I think the package is called passeporte, might not be available for every cruise. It is 3 excursions packaged together and not all excursions are included in this package only certain ones. I think it was something like $ 150.00 for the 3 of them, so 100 sterling might be correct.
  14. Hi Lydia, I am also booked on Deliziosa. I have not been on Deliziosa before but on Costa Luminosa which is the sister-ship in Northern Europe and Russia and had a great cruise. The ship is not to big and not to small, just the right size for me. I have previously sailed on Princess, HAL, P & O and some smaller European cruise lines and personally do like Costa a lot, being European and used to European life style. For example if you get a drink, you will not get a glass full of ice, Europeans will consider that for you to try watering it down, which is a complaint I have seen on reviews a
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