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  1. I’m pretty certain that the results of this poll don’t reflect reality one bit.
  2. Awesome. Have an absolutely wonderful time on the Oasis!
  3. We are in the midst of raising a young family, but I’m beginning to feel the same way. We’ve gradually become less attracted by the high energy, activity filled cruise experiences, and drawn instead to more relaxing cruises. Even though my children are 9 and 11 years old, we decided to sail on Holland America for our last cruise in 2020. Long story short, we absolutely loved it. Even the kids raved about it. The slower pace and more relaxing cruise experience as you mention was heaven sent, and a welcome change from the fast paced, activity filled lifestyle that we lead back home at t
  4. I consider Carnival’s biggest advantages over Royal to be accessibility (they have more “drive to” ports than any other cruise line in the USA), but most importantly, pricing. They are consistently cheaper than Royal. They offer a good product considering the money you pay, but with cheaper prices also comes an experience that is less polished and more budget feeling. So you do need to adjust expectations accordingly. For many though, the money saved is not worth it. Their older ships tend to show their age more than similarly aged ships on Royal, but they’ve truly upped the ante wit
  5. We have our first cruise out of Tampa booked for April 2022 and I’m truly looking forward to it! We live in the Atlanta area and normally, if we are going to drive 7 hours, we’ll sail out of Port Canaveral because we do enjoy the newer, larger ships as well as the larger variety of cruise lines (our most recent one from there was a 7 night on the Disney Fantasy). But as others have mentioned, itineraries from Port Canaveral tend to be repetitive, and Tampa will have on occasion itineraries that break the mold. That’s why we are sailing from Tampa on April 2022. We are booked on an 8
  6. While we haven’t sailed on Regent yet (but I have my eyes set on the Navigator for our upcoming wedding anniversary), my favorite cruise so far was a Mediterranean sailing from Civitavecchia that we took in November a few years back. Loved visiting Valletta which still ranks as one of my favorite ports of all times. I was a bit concerned about the “cooler” temperatures during that time of year and what others described as rougher seas and less forgiving weather, but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. We enjoyed perfect sunny weather and calm seas during most of the cruise, a
  7. When we sailed on the Fantasy in 2019, we were traveling as part of a group of about 25 friends. On embarkation day, we learned that several people in the group had upgraded to grand suites. Turns out that all of them had received the upgrade call but we didn’t! We “survived” in our standard ocean view stateroom with bunk beds for our family of 4, but we spent quite a bit of time at our friend’s suite who were gracious enough to entertain others in their stateroom. Envious doesn’t even begin to describe how we felt! LOL
  8. They are in for a rude awakening when they try to check in for their cruises and they are turned away for not having a Covid test.
  9. I guess we'll have to wait. I'm just kicking myself for canceling a cruise out of Venice a few years ago. I told myself that I'd do it some other time.
  10. So is it confirmed that ships less than 40,000 tons will still be allowed to transit the Giudecca Canal and dock at the Port of Venice?
  11. I wanted to test the system to see if I could indeed get a free test here in GA, so I went on the website for the department of health to attempt to schedule a free covid test. It did ask if I've had symptoms, been exposed, if I've had or if I'm the caregiver of someone over the age of 60. I answered NO to all of the questions to see if it would allow me to proceed, and it did. It said that I'm eligible to take a test and took me to the next screen to schedule the appointment.
  12. I really like the design of MSC ships. In some way, they remind me of Royal ships. Well thought out, good passenger flow, spacious, and open pool decks with tons of space and larger pools. When we did the Meraviglia in the Med, I remember thinking that it reminded me of an Oasis class ship. Not quite the same "wow" factor, but close.
  13. I didn’t check every single ship in their fleets, but I did check each line’s 2 newest ships. On both counts, Carnival packs more passengers per tonnage with a considerably worse space to passenger ratio at double occupancy.
  14. I’ve been tested several times along with other family members in the last year to fly to Puerto Rico where I’m from. A PCR test is required to fly there. I have not paid out of pocket for a single one of them. Health insurance information is requested at the time the test is administered but I have never been asked if it’s for travel purposes and I have never received a single bill for one of them. I’m guessing the same would apply if I were to fly somewhere for the purpose of cruising.
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