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  1. That helps. Because I currently have no "My Cruise points", I couldn't have looked it up myself.
  2. The points guy says that Celebrity "My Cruise points" expire in 5 years, but I can't find anything about that on the BOA website. Is that old information?
  3. What is it about the Port of Tampa that indicates one of your January cruises will likely be cancelled? What's different about the other 3 that makes you think they'll be a go?
  4. Japan to Greece: Tokyo to Singapore Singapore to Athens Athens to Athens (Black Sea) Athens to Athens (Greece Intensive)
  5. It does help. Thank you. We will be using a credit card for everything we can, but since our 42 day cruise is really 4 cruises B2B, I think the credit card bills will come due before we get home. I have our accounts set for auto-pay, but there has to be money in the bank to cover them. Does Azamara send charges to the credit card companies as they're made, or at the end of each cruise? or (I wish) at the end of the final B2B cruise? If I book a shore excursion ahead of time, do I have to pay when booking? If I cancel, do I get my money back?
  6. How much should I budget for an Azamara cruise? Of course, I know how much the cruise itself costs. But how much will I need for onboard expenses and shore excursions? My cruise will be a total of 42 days, so I want to be sure that I have enough cash in my bank account to cover charges without counting on slow, unreliable or insecure ship's internet to move money.
  7. Here in Florida everything is open and cruises might restart from Miami soon. But it isn't safe for those of us who are in high risk groups or for people who have family members who are, to go anywhere. The virus is still infecting and killing many people every day and few people wear masks or distance.
  8. Assuming there were to be an Azamazing Evening on my cruise, where would I look to find information about it? Would I have to sign up? Azamara already has paid shore excursion information available for my cruises in 2022. I don't want to book anything without knowing when/where an Azamazing Evening might be held. Also, where do I look for information about the time and place of the White Night?
  9. I wish I could say the same. We already had 5 cruises booked when the pandemic hit, 4 of those with non-refundable deposits. 😟 Cruise #1 has been cancelled by the cruise line. We're trying to postpone the other 4 until 2022.
  10. I have 4 cruises planned with Azamara (B2B2B2B), that I think has the same cancellation policies as Celebrity and RCCL. The dates are problematical for me though. Our final payment dates are January and February 2021. Sail dates May and June 2021. If we cancel, we'll receive a FCC good on a cruise before April 2022. How will we know by January whether it will be safe to travel in May? If we cancel our 2021 cruises, the next time these cruises might be offered would be May and June 2022 - too late for Azamara's offer 🥴 To make matters more difficult, Azamara hasn't yet posted any cruises after April, 2022. What to do? What to do?
  11. I am also close to 80 and am taking every precaution to try to live to cruise again. We'd rather be cruising, but we can use this year + to enjoy things that we miss while cruising. I'm gardening and planning future cruises.
  12. Will your flights be refundable if you decide to cancel or if the cruise is cancelled? Are you having to pay extra for "flexible" fares?
  13. Not yet. 😟 Have you seen this? https://www.cruisecritic.com/news/5501/
  14. I too have a cruise booked for May. My final payment date is January 1, 2021. If my cruise doesn't cancel by then and things are still uncertain, I'm not sure what to do. What will you do if it's still dangerous to cruise by your final payment date, but your May cruise hasn't cancelled?
  15. Do you feel safe getting on a plane? Are you aware that the European Union is closed to US residents? Right now, Florida is not a safe place and it isn't getting any better. I live there.
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