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  1. How do you get on the list for notices about Azamara's webinars?
  2. Do you all feel comfortable sailing on a ship where not everyone has had the COVID vaccination?
  3. What are the vaccine requirements on your two cruises?
  4. 😳 Now I see that you've already answered that question. Sorry.
  5. I'm still waiting for mine. Maybe I missed it, thinking that it was just another advertisement. What was the subject of your email?
  6. 🤫 I miss spoke. I meant to say April and May.
  7. Does anyone have any ideas about where Azamara Journey will be sailing in March and April of 2022? I was on two cruises those months that were cancelled and would like to begin making new plans.
  8. Two more of my cruises have just been cancelled. Now my next cruise isn't scheduled until May 24 of 2022.
  9. On her "Search for the Northern Lights" cruise, Princess offers two excursions in Alta, Norway that sound very similar: "In Search of the Northern Lights" 4 hours "Northern Lights Safari At Paeskatun" 3 hours. Are these the same excursion, but one just shorter than the other?
  10. Spud & Andy, So simple. I can't believer I missed that option. Thank you. Good luck with your cruise this August.
  11. Am I reading the Passage to Eastern Europe itinerary correctly that days 1 and 11 are spent in a hotel, not on the ship? If so, can anyone tell me which hotels Viking uses on days 1 and 11 of the "Passage to Eastern Europe" cruise?
  12. We are considering booking the Viking River Cruise "Passage to Eastern Europe" from Budapest to Bucharest. On Viking's website, I can only find the itinerary for Bucharest to Budapest. I would like to see the Budapest to Bucharest itinerary and its pre- and post- cruise extension options. Does anyone have that information or know where I can find it?
  13. My Island Princess "Search for the Northern Lights" October 2021 has been cancelled. This is the second time. I'm about to postpone my Viking River Cruises Danube Waltz October 2021because of the Princess cancellation. My next booked cruise is Azamara Journey "Asia Intensive" April 26, 2022. I don't have much hope for that one because it originates in Tokyo and Japan is not doing very well with COVID.
  14. I'm in trouble, then. I received my vaccine as part of a study and will not be given a CDC card, only a Janssen card, and I'm not in the official Florida vaccine shot base. I have 3 international trips, including 2 cruises: Princess and Viking River, booked between now and when the study finishes. What is a VeriFLY account?
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