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  1. One can enjoy luxury cruises and still feel as if they want to spend each dollar well... In fact, perhaps some can enjoy luxury cruises precisely because of that.
  2. We booked a C2 guarantee and ended up in a deck 10 balcony (pure?) on Serenity 2 years ago. I can't recall exactly when we found out, maybe 2 weeks prior?
  3. One of my favorite memories from my first (and so far only) Crystal cruise... I'm not against breakfast food, but I mostly find it kind of bland and boring. Often at home I will eat lunch or dinner foods for breakfast... spicy burritos, fish, chicken salad, etc. I love Waterside's Japanese breakfast. Our last day in Vancouver on Serenity, we had to leave the ship prior to 4am or so, to make a flight home. I called the night before and asked for a tuna melt (for me) and spaghetti with meat sauce (for DH) to be delivered at 330am. They seemed a little.... surprised, but made good on it. We enjoyed a nice, filling breakfast before a very long day of travels and I really appreciated the accommodation on their part.
  4. We have 2 perks and are considering upgrading one of our rooms to the 4 perks. There is 1 adult and 2 kids in that room. Am I correct that adult would get classic beverage package and whichever child is "2nd pax" would get non alcoholic? Also, no tax or gratuity if gotten as a perk, right?
  5. I just wish they would make the drinks on the premium package more widely available. I was annoyed on Reflection in November to have paid extra for premium drinks (namely wine) but most of the time they are very, very hard to find.
  6. Too early to START packing? The real question is why aren't you done yet!?
  7. Got word from my TA yesterday that Viking is offering full refund by 8/15/19 on cancelled Cuba cruises. The suggested alternative was a 7 night trip Miami/KW/Progreso/Belize/Cozumel/Miami (maybe not in that order... I forgot.) No thank you. (Also only 6 hours in Cozumel... a port I used to hate and then made peace with once I found a private tour vendor I really like.) We are taking the refund.
  8. We are normally big "dinner as an event" people. Usually we do NOT like buffets. In November we went on Reflection with our two young children + nanny. On nights when the nanny was helping with the kids, we wanted to enjoy as much of the ship as possible. MDR dinner was just so SLOW. So we ended up eating in the buffet many nights, so that we had time left to enjoy the music performances, get a drink at the bar, etc. It wasn't perfect but honestly it was pretty good. Generally very quiet, calm, a nice variety of choices. The best food I've ever had? No. But quick, a reasonable selection, and enjoyable. Surprised myself!
  9. We never travel during spring break despite having kids in school. It is too expensive, and because we must have a minimum # of folks left behind at my job, I can basically not get any time off. (Same is true of virtually any holiday.) Really stinks!
  10. Exactly. We just rebooked our adjoining CC and AQ cabins into adjoining 1A balconies for a party of 5. Total savings about $750 (admittedly loss of $200 OBC but we have more OBC than we know what to do with anyway so it was just going to get spent for the heck of it.) I've only sailed CC, AQ, and Sky Suites on X but the price difference for the dwindling amenities is just crazy. My first AQ class cruise was on Solstice in January 2010 (I think.) Way different now.
  11. Argh! I cancelled our adjoining CC and AQ staterooms for our Feb Equinox trip JUST TODAY. The biggest reason why? Footstools. Seriously. I mean, there were other cutbacks that we were unhappy with, but that was for us, the straw that broke the camel's back. We rebooked into adjoining balconies. I'm fine with this choice and the money saved, but honestly, what is the point of CC any more? (We are nearly Elite on X and have only sailed CC, AQ, and Sky Suites... way to alienate your mid-level customer, X!)
  12. We can get hump slant balconies and save almost $750. We lose $100 each cabin OBC but still coming out $550 ahead. Time to buy a dining package!
  13. Hello, Our party of 5 is booked on Equinox in January. We have adjoining (not connecting) CC and AQ rooms- 1 adult and 2 kids in CC and 2 adults in AQ. I know about the different dining rooms and that is fine with us. My question is that I keep seeing about the cutbacks for CC and AQ (we have sailed AQ twice and CC once so somewhat familiar with the products.) The changes to the balcony furniture (NO FOOTSTOOLS) is feeling like the last straw to us... considering downgrading as we haven't made final payment yet. What else would we really perhaps miss besides embarkation day lunch and eating in Blu? I don't care about the cheap wine, the canapés, the phone call from concierge, we've done Helipad (although hopefully as Elite we can get an invite anyway?), umbrella, binocs... what's the point of CC and AQ anymore? What should we downgrade to?
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