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  1. Fear not. O is a GREAT line and you will have a good time. My personal take is that the posters on this forum are TRAVELERS - and we haven't been able to travel. Hence built up angst, frustration, etc. I admit to being guilty of that also. We came to O after over 30 cruises on other lines. Other than a Celebrity cruise (hopefully) this October with friends, I doubt we will ever sail anyone else than O or Regent. The average passenger list on an O cruise is quite diverse and we have never had any issues no matter ones political take. Some think our way, some do not. So be it. I'm there for
  2. The Governor brought it on by her actions. Top 5 for Executive Orders, still restricting everything and now she had the gall to say the reason for the surge was because not enough Michiganians had antibodies . Well, duh. lock everyone up and all you do is delay the inevitable. The surge, BTW, is in the younger demographic of 18-40, none of which have been eligible for the vaccine until now.
  3. Must be a nice reality where you live. I suggest a dose of realpolitik to give you a clearer picture. The sad truth is, Host Jazzbeau is correct. If you had worked in the "system" you would know it's true.
  4. FDR was on Cavuto this morning and reiterated that NCLH had submitted all their plans to the CDC weeks ago in response to the CDC's requirements. He 1 upped the CDC by stating that only vaccinated passengers and crew would be allowed on board. Response from the CDC? Crickets.
  5. Yep. It's called a Drivers License. That or a State ID. Show it and you vote.
  6. Yes I read the article and my opinion of it still stands. You are correct that Rossen is not the Head of statistics so I'll give you that point.
  7. We have not as of yet. We tend to book a PH3 cabin for the early dinner reservations, extra size, and butler. Well worth it.
  8. Just another salacious hit piece. MSNBC?? Yahoo "News"?? Hardly credible sources plus you overlooked the CDC Stats Director's rebuke of this.
  9. Please don't give the authorities such ideas!
  10. I always buy the premium package, even though O has Happy Hour and Captain's Reception Happy Hour. I just like the convenience of not have to sign a chit every time I want a drink or needing to wait til Happy Hour just to get a discount. Plus you get a discount on wine bottles. We LOVE O. And we are Elite on Princess and Elite + on Celebrity . Oceania outclasses both by far.
  11. The celebrity cruises are going out of Athens. Both Greece and Israel are welcoming vacinnated passengers as of June. Not going to UK or other EU countries.
  12. Yes, I do wish them good luck as it might prove the point it's time to set sail again.
  13. Depends on the cruise and whether taking shore excursions makes no sense. I get where you're coming from since the credit for not taking OLife is whatever the OBC option amount is. But in some cases, taking it may make sense as in only one person wants a beverage package and uses the OBC to pay for it. Consider it a pre pay.
  14. Pick the shore excursions or the cash option. You can then apply the cash option to a beverage package if desired. And thank you! For a cruise related question.
  15. One which you should assume they already thought out and planned for. Otherwise why even announce?
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