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  1. They sure are less than forthcoming about the opportunity to get a refund in the short run!
  2. But can you enjoy a cruise, knowing that if even one passenger or crew member comes down with Corona Virus, you may be quarantined in your cabin 24/7 and you may have to stay there for weeks on end if the ship is not allowed to dock at multiple ports. No way could I even consider taking that risk, no matter how small.
  3. Pros of Oceania are longer cruise, much more luxurious atmosphere, much much much better food, for you guys an opportunity to trying a new cruise line, more interesting itinerary. Pros of Princess are opportunity to experience wonderful Glacier Bay, less cost, (although on a perdiem basis, Oceania is not that much more expensive, especially if you get Oceania prepaid gratuities), better and more diversified evening entertainment.
  4. Great response which is well deserved.
  5. When I read an article like this it makes me wonder if I ever want to give this company or Carnival Corp my money ever again. Horrible way to treat people...although not sure CDC is being reasonable, either. What a mess! https://www.miamiherald.com/news/business/tourism-cruises/article242380421.html
  6. Thanks for posting, Keith. Enjoyed seeing it again...noted faces/cute scenes I missed when viewing as part of Gary's larger program, which was so terrific BTW.
  7. Per SW Airlines website looks like your air credits MAY NOT expire. SW says expiring credits are now good until September 2022. May want to check out the particulars of your situation and see if the extension applies to your credits.
  8. Fair point, dabear. Even opinions from government officials projecting that far into the future are indeed, just that...opinions albiet more informed than opinions from CC posters....Time will tell.
  9. Since your combined voyage itinerary starts in Vancouver and ends in LA you will not have any issues with the 'PVSA" law. It only applies if your back to back itinerary begins and ends in different U.S. ports. There are numerous threads on Cruise Critic explaining the intricate details of the law, but none of it should apply to your plans.
  10. Plan for Italy will likely eventually apply to nearby countries which were also hit very hard by the pandemic. You can accept a very logical opinion. But since you asked, here is an article saying hotels in Spain will be closed until the end of 2020. https://www.thesun.co.uk/travel/11434941/spains-hotels-shut-end-year/
  11. Could not agree more about Vegas, but it is no laughing matter that, deservedly or not, cruise ships are viewed differently by many.
  12. What about multiple people touching casino chips, cards as well as slot machines. Chairs, shared surfaces at bars. Dishes of nuts at bars. Exercise equipment. Indeed, many of these issues are, of course, the same issues as what we will be facing in our daily lives outside of cruising. But for cruising, the microscope, so to speak, will be more focused since ships have been declared to be virtual petri dishes by media and health officials.
  13. We are booked on the Serenity TA in late August and have sadly come to the conclusion that that cruise will likely not happen. Even worse, there are reports that Spain's hotels may not open until early 2021 and Italy may ban tourism until December or later. If this is the case, I do not believe we will see European cruising until March or April of next year.
  14. Bad press for some cruise lines (in some cases deserved) such as in this Bloomberg News article, can taint the whole industry IMHO. https://www.bloomberg.com/features/2020-carnival-cruise-coronavirus/
  15. Food on Oceania is far far superior to HAL. Celebrity is a step up from HAL in regard to food, but no match for Oceania. Oceania exudes a quiet elegance, but if you like more activity and programming on the ship, Celebrity and HAL are better IMO.
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