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  1. Per today's press release, the NEXT upgrade will be completed April 1 of next year. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/oceania-cruises-debuts-2022-europe-122600967.html
  2. I am a past cruiser on Crystal ( 5 cruises since AI kicked in about 10 years ago.)but not nearly as frequent as many on this board. While I agree that tipping at the bar is not common, I have always left individual tips for my room stewardess, butler if in PH and, at times the head maitre'd.
  3. I am booked on this itinerary which shows up as a 17 day cruise, but is really a combination of a 10 day and 7 day cruise. I paid the larger deposit. My TA has prepaid gratuities for the 7 day portion but not the 10 day one. I can tell you that Oceania is very very fast refunding your deposit should you wish to cancel. I recently cancelled a S.A. cruise and refund happened within 72 hours.
  4. I live in NY area and was all set to book a Symphony Bermuda cruise for October. Even though I have zero travel challenges getting to embarkation, this crazy turn of events on Serenity itinerary makes me question the reliability of Crystal to deliver a reliable, stress free vacation. The continual posting and selling of false itineraries, such as NZ/OZ cruises in January is most disturbing. Maybe by January, if I can find out where Symphony will actually be sailing I will consider cruising with them again.
  5. According to funtrivia.com Iceland has been driving on the "correct" side of the road (same as U.S.) since 1968. Happy to be corrected if I am wrong.
  6. Hardly anything about Endeavor other than publicizing its maiden voyage.
  7. Peter Greenberg streaming from Iceland onboard Endeavor: https://petergreenberg.com/2021/07/16/icymi-peter-greenberg-on-facebook-live-july-16-2021/
  8. If they book you a cruise comp or significant discount cruise, you can certainly tell if the booking is legit, as your cruise should show as booked when you sign into cruise line web page just like any cruise booking done either through a regular TA or directly with the cruise line.
  9. Another option is to work with a few casino-focused travel companies that have independent hosts who arrange comps at land based casino hotels and cruise lines. If you are a fairly "high roller" they can get you comps at major casinos and some cruise lines. Of course I cannot name them on Cruise Critic, but you can probably google them successfully.
  10. All are now posted on website....A few 7 day Boston RTs with two nights in Bermuda then same for New York every week up until Thanksgiving. Since I live in NY area will seriously consider!
  11. We have always booked Concierge..pros: 1. Being able to book specialty restaurant reservations about 2 weeks ahead of most of the rest of the passengers. We have strong preference about eating early and getting a table for two. Some say they have not had trouble getting both without Concierge level priority, while others say it is sometimes a problem. Can depend on the length of the cruise. 2. Sometimes gives us a choice of better cabin location. 3. Access to spa terrace is important to us. 3. Earlier ability to access cabins on embarkation day is nice to have....not super important. 4. Concierge Lounge is a nice to have on O class ships, which is all we cruise on these days. 5. We never order room service, so access to better menu options for our cabin is never a consideration for us...important to some.
  12. Of interest is this promo for Italy "open travel" I saw when booking flights to Rome on Delta's website for next summer Oceania cruise: "ITALY IS OPEN FOR TRAVEL Travel to Italy without the need to quarantine with proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test result." "
  13. I hope you are correct that things will be open in S.A. by end of year but what in the world do you expect travel guides to say? Of course they are going to paint a rosy picture. They do not want folks cancelling. One reason we chose to proactively cancel is that we feel that if tourism does go forward in S.A. it could still be operated under a mask mandate at all port stops. That would be a deal breaker for us.
  14. Instead of waiting for O to cancel I did it myself ahead of payment/penalty date for January 2022 Marina Antarctica cruise. Amazed that my deposit and shore excursion purchases were refunded within a few days. Maybe process is faster if you cancel on your own vs. waiting for cruise line to cancel the itinerary.
  15. Next shoe to drop will likely be 2021/2022 Marina South America/Antarctica itineraries.
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