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  1. Also when cruise director Gary Hunter does his ventriloquist act...usually once each cruise he is on..he gets a bit edgy and is really funny...
  2. edgee


    I just spoke with owner of one of the major trip insurance websites about this very matter. According to him, not a good strategy because by putting zero into the cost you are not fully insuring your trip costs which is a requirement of most policies in order to assure pre existing conditions are covered. This means medical expenses and possibly evacuation coverage could be denied due to pre existing conditions.
  3. edgee


    Not sure you came up with that broad brush statement that "people in the USA" usually do this or that. I have met very few experienced fellow travelers who do not purchase cancellation insurance, or at least have it included by their credit card provider.
  4. Yeah, the second night often has something real "special" in the GDR. It is known as a mob scene when loads of people descend on the place following the Captain's reception. This can sometimes mean waits to get a table and slower service for those already seated. We now try to book a specialty restaurant or eat in the Terrace that evening regardless what the menu looks like.
  5. My original booking was done in the name of my TA in cooperation with IJ. Particular agency offered cruise credit...I believe 200 bucks plus a bottle of wine which I declined and got another hundred bucks or so in cruise credit. HOWEVER, when my agent tried to apply the AMEX Plat credit it was denied..I have found many times that the Amex platinum credit is not combinable with discounted fares..casino or not. So if your agency only offers the Amex Platinum credit which is part of an agreement between Amex and Oceania, I doubt if you have a chance to get it based on my experience. If the booking is through an agency which offers additional cruise credit or cash back besides Amex platinum and the initial booking is made by your agent calling IJ you could get some agency benefits, based on my experience. Also, my experience was in February, so it is possible the rules have changed.
  6. And again I will respond. The PVSA requirement for a closed loop cruise DOES NOT APPLY since the cruise itinerary includes Aruba, which is legally considered a distant foreign port!!!
  7. No it is not. The cruise goes to Aruba Curacao and Bonaire. Aruba and I believe the other two ABC islands qualify as a "distant" foreign port. PVSA restriction requiring return to same U.S. port does not apply.
  8. Oceania's situation is totally irrelevant to Celebrity. Oceania has a pre printed benefit structure that promises the time your room will be ready, yes, Suites first, then Concierge, then everyone else. People pay more for the benefit of earlier room access depending on your room category. Earlier access is considered a paid for benefit. I believe that no such situation occurs on Celebrity.
  9. Thank you. I will call the Captains Club.
  10. We will be buying internet for two people (devices) for upcoming nine day cruise. If we purchase in advance on line it says we get a 10% discount and price is $358 including discount. However, as Elite customers I thought we are entitled to a 30% discount on internet. Do we have to wait until we are on board and get our 30% discount off of the higher base price which does not include the 10% discount? Thanks for any advice on this.
  11. Couple of points re: booking discounted casino cruises on Oceania: 1. If you still have a regular travel agent that books some of your cruises and you are getting a discount rather than a full comp, you can have your travel agent call IJ to book the cruise and get both the casino discount PLUS any benefits the the TA offers such as on board credit. 2. I am a BJ player and, unfortunately on Oceania all four of their R class (smaller ships) generally do not have table minimums higher than $10. As I do not like playing these lower level tables which tend to be crowded and have inexperienced players who jump in and out of the game, I no longer cruise on these smaller ships. The BJ games on Oceania's two larger ships, Marina and Riviera are fine. They open a $25 table for me any time I want it. They do have a policy on Oceania of paying any winnings for the cruise to you by check at the end of the cruise. You are not allowed to cash out chips which exceed your level of buy in.
  12. We do enjoy the seclusion and the T pool on Riviera, but agree the heat can sometimes be bad...as well as the wind, which can be much worse up there than at the main pool area.
  13. Thanks, since are looking at a Caribbean cruise, I assume the price would be on the higher side, so will plan on $20.00 range.
  14. We are considering booking Riviera with a B category cabin instead of our usual Concierge (A) category. Since it will not be included for us this time, wondering what is the cost of a pass to use the Thalassotherapy pool at front of the ship for a ten day cruise?
  15. Not sure what kind of extra personal touch you are expecting from Crystal and I do not mean that in a critical way toward Crystal. We are not super veteran cruisers but have cruised over 50 times on a variety of mass market and luxury lines. We have had excellent stewardesses on Crystal and a few not so great, including a bad experience in Seabreeze PH on Symphony last summer. This was followed by a stewardess who did a wonderful job when we last cruised Crystal in a regular balcony cabin on Serenity last December. Our two most recent cruises have been on HAL and Oceania where we have had some of the best room attendants we have ever experienced. So, from our experience, the quality of stateroom attendant service often depends on the luck of the draw rather than the cruise line.
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