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  1. Last time we rented a car coming off of ship in Port Everglades, we found it cheaper and easier to pay for an inexpensive taxi to FLL airport and use our Costco membership to get an unbeatable price from one of their preferred vendors at the airport. No need to deal with a potentially crowded rental car van at cruiseport. Even with the taxi cost of less than 30 bucks we saved money.
  2. We live in an area where most everyone is mask compliant, as are we. We both have received both vaccine doses. We have several cruises scheduled for 2022. One is a Crystal river cruise. However if masks are going to be required in public areas on the ship/ boat we will not cruise. For us, it ruins the enjoyment of the vacation. We took our first plane flight since Covid a few days ago. It was a 6 plus hour transcontinental to see our daughter and grandkids for first time in a year. Seven hours wearing a mask in a 767 even with middle seats blocked (on Delta) felt very confining and unpleasant.
  3. Dining out is not the issue because you normally do not where a mask while actually dining. Respect your opinion, however. To each his or her own. Not arguing the science...but comfort wise it is a big issue for us. 7 hours masked seated in a 767 sealed the deal. Do not want to have to wear a mask constantly while on vacation. Not fun.
  4. Reason is that you are in effect paying between 8 and 11 percent more for your cruise by not taking advantage of cash rebates or cruise credit offered by a TA. My agency rebates me via check about 10% of the cruise fare 3 weeks prior to sailing for most cruises.
  5. Good analysis. We are vaccinated and have flown U. S. transcontental (with masks, obviously)to visit close family. After that trip we have decided we will not vacation on a cruise or otherwise while wearing a mask. Just no fun. I am afraid it will be at least late 2022 until travel mask mandates end. Will see how it goes but likely will be canceling some great 2022 itineraries we have booked.
  6. Elsewhere on the Crystal website it says that a negative Covid test is required. But on another part of their website it says that the test will be administered at the pier...thus implying that the passenger will not have to worry about advance logistics...obviously "only" about getting a negative test.
  7. Thank you. Good point. Upon further review, elsewhere on the Crystal website it says the following. "Guests will undergo a COVID-19 test at the terminal and must test negative prior to boarding the ship." So if Crystal is taking responsibility for that required test...no worries as to logistics prior to the cruise. Lots of details to shake out.
  8. I am not so concerned about requiring vaccinations. I think it is a good idea. The big concern will be requirement for negative Covid test within 3 days of embarkation. Fine, I guess for folks who are flying directly to their cruise and can get a test in their home country, but what about folks who want to do land tours or other activities away from home prior to the cruise? Can one feel comfortable traveling around Europe (for example) for a week before their cruise and then be assured that they will be able to procure a test in a foreign country in order to board their cruise ship? Penalty f
  9. Good point. We disembark in Amsterdam from Celebrity TA with short walk/ride over to Crystal (or another company's riverboat), if all goes according to plan.
  10. Of course things could change, but when deposit money is due for a set of itineraries that are logistically impossible according to rules currently being put in place, concerns being raised are valid and acting on those concerns is rational.
  11. If we pull it off, this will be the first time we will have gone directly from one cruise to another on different lines. Roy, there are many folks like you who, with return to a sort of normalcy will want to go back to scheduling back to back cruises as, I know you often have done. These testing requirements could be an issue.
  12. We have already booked the exact same itinerary...Celebrity transatlantic to Crystal River cruise. May cancel Crystal Bach and book same day itinerary on Emerald or Avalon on the 14th, or Uniworld on May 15. However they may also put pre tests in place.. Lots of uncertainty!
  13. Interesting point made in today's New York Times daily email. The point is that once vaccinated and 14 days have passed, you are extremely unlikely to get Covid, and in super rare chance you do, it is like a minor cold. Also highly unlikely you can pass on the virus to others. It also opines that a cautious scientific community emphasizing masks and social distancing without a timeline to end in sight even for those vaccinated will discourage folks from getting the vaccine. Some who are skeptical anyway will say, "what's the point?" Combine this group with the anti vaccing community. Then fas
  14. Seems if Crystal says customers should have such coverage then the coverage they offer to sell you should include it. I doubt if it does.
  15. Oh, we have copies on our phones...will see in time whether copies will suffice or if originals will be required.
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