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  1. After November Bronze benefit is $100 credit per stateroom. Your invoice appears to list it as $50 per person. Here is link to the Oceania flyer containing more detail: https://www.oceaniacruises.com/Images/EmailAssets/domestic/Sales/81604468085/MAR183971_OceaniaClubFlyer_new2.pdf
  2. We had zero difficulty being served alcohol last week during dinner in the Terrace.
  3. I would love to have a cruise director who does his or her job without making things about her like Dottie does. Really, I have never seen another CD who is introduced with a drum roll and music and gives a third or fourth reading of events listed in Currents each evening followed by a repetitive joke before each evening's entertainment.
  4. Paulchili, Thanks for your thoughtful and courteous response. I think we may agree more than we disagree.I had a similar experience as you on Crystal a few months ago where I had to reach three rows back for one of my favorite breakfast items...with a bad shoulder I had to ask the staff for help. I much prefer Oceania's non self service Terrace. It is mostly efficient and seems a lot more sanitary. One efficiency issue is the crowding for deserts, especially on sea day lunches since the ice cream, cakes and pie and mousse/pudding type dessert areas are very very close together. However, I do not think it is the total cat's meow for sanitation and customer service. As I noted in a post above, there are some areas of Oceania service where people share tongs for self service cookie trays and the like, so we are still not talking about a super sterile environment here. Also, the idea of passengers correcting newbies or recalcitrant people who do not obey the rules can cause many problems...I just don't feel comfortable doing it. I am happy to share suggestions with folks in other venues such as how to avoid odd even corridor confusion on O ships by looking for the wall phone which is always on the even side as you get off the elevator. However, it seems that almost any way you tell folks about the serving rules, they could take it as a criticism and I just prefer not to risk confrontational moments while on vacation.
  5. If you are concerned that a few people reaching for food is going to cause a code red then you should be concerned about Oceania's food venues which are self serve. These include the pastry/cookie/biscotti self serve counters at Baristas, the self serve mini sandwich and cookie trays in Executive Lounge, Concierge Lounge and some mornings in Horizons, the self serve coffee machines in lounges and in Terrace, the open self serve banana and apple bowl at the juice/ice cream bar in Waves.
  6. JMO that it IS NOT the role of passengers to correct others re: the self serve rules. Better enforcement through signage would be a positive step by Oceania, however. I also find somewhat amusing the attitude by many regarding the Terrace self serve policies of Oceania, that it somehow makes Oceania superior even to luxury lines which allow more self service. I must admit that I do prefer Oceania's "no self service" approach partly because it seems more sanitary and is usually more convenient, but I do not regard it as a big deal, and in the overall picture not sure it makes much of a difference health wise. I enjoy venues similar to the Terrace on luxury lines such as Crystal where more self service is permitted. Indeed, the only experience with necessary norovirus measures I have had in over 50 cruises on multiple cruise lines has been on an Oceania ship.
  7. Hotel Madero is a very nice, fairly small property. We checked in there for an 8 hour stay under their day pass program following a Celebrity cruise when we had a late night flight home. I wish we had stayed there pre cruise for a few days. Great location, lovely rooms and nice buffet restaurant.
  8. Best Oceania cruise director I have experienced was Julie James. Marina in 2015. I thanked her for minimizing announcements. She commented that "people are not stupid...they can read Currents." Apparently there has since been more clarification from Corporate if, as Dottie says, announcements repeating Currents info is now mandatory.
  9. I have cruised with Oceania cruise directors other than Dottie who make the required announcements as evidently required by corporate, but in a much more brief manner. Constant reminders of sales in the shops, availability of the ship shopping consultant, bottled water availability as you exit to go ashore, happy hour times...much more repetitive information than just the activity schedule by Dottie..10 days of this gets to be quite annoying.
  10. Thanks for your review. I was also on the cruise. Correction: The ship missed Harvest Caye which is Private island in Belize due to high winds. Wish we had docked there. We did dock in Costa Maya..it was a crowded zoo,. Our ship and six others...made for a very congested day in that port.
  11. Several posters on this thread HAVE considered downside, as your concerns has been mentioned more than once. Oceania staff told me that they have had a lot of complaints about the fees to use self service laundries, thus the decision to end them. Also, it has been discussed on this thread that many other cruise lines do not charge to use machines and the posters do not see any difference in usage/availability. We just disembarked the Riviera and laundry machines were available each time we wanted to use them...zero waiting. Perhaps on the R class ships which have far too few machines compared to numbers of passengers, as some have speculated, it could make a difference. Time will tell.
  12. Strongly agree about number and length of announcements. I complained the first day of the cruise and received a v. mail response from Dottie, as I was out of my cabin when she called. She said that Corporate requires three announcements going over the program on sea days and two on port days. She said that she tries to keep them brief. If she is trying to keep them brief I would hate to be on a ship when she tries to keep them long! I believe it is disturbing to passengers and takes away from the luxury experience to listen to her (and, to lesser extent other Oceania cruise directors) drone on and on repeating information that we can read in Currents.
  13. Thanks for your review. I am Elite on Celebrity and just disembarked Riviera today. The variety and quality of fresh berries and quality of baked goods on Oceania is unparellelled in the cruise industry. I like Celebrity, but disagree that buffet quality is equal between the two lines. Also, Riviera's Waves grill has a significantly greater variety of food than just hamburgers available until late afternoon...large variety of sandwiches and salad.
  14. Agree that eliminating tokens is mostly a good thing. However the marketplace disagrees that removing self serve laundries would make for a more luxurious cruise. Indeed all of the major luxury lines(Crystal, Regent, Seabourn, Silverseas) have free self service laundries on most, if not all, of their ships.
  15. One good reason to get Concierge if you are on Riviera and cruise has a warm weather itinerary. Much better on larger ships esp. Riviera.
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