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  1. I received my deposits from Crystal (two cabins) for Alaska 2022 which was booked before the pandemic. Our excellent TA company helped to cancel my cruise with $1,000 admin fees waived by Crystal - goods/services not as expected. I filed disputes with my credit card and two months later got permanent refunds.
  2. Interesting info about AMEX! About the Chase bank MO: United Airline Mileage Plus credit cards are erased for closed accounts with a zero balance 3-4 months later. Chase admitted that it saves them money (no expense to maintain closed accounts) and frees up space for new accounts. United Airlines bases the time eligibility for bonus miles on a new card as follows - 2 years since the last bonus miles were paid on a previous card, not 2 years since a previous card was canceled like other airlines (like American Airlines). Thus, Chase does not need to store MileagePlus closed acco
  3. Vince, Thanks for the valuable gateway ID tip! I have one more "surprise by Chase" to tell you about: Chase offered me to settle before the court but I would have to sign an IRS form which Chase would report to IRS as my income. It was my understanding from the form description on the IRS website if I understood it correctly and I believe that I did. Then I would have to pay income tax on the refund (earned income). Would it then make it a business expense for Chase to write it off ? One more thing: Chase did not let me know that the dis
  4. The Chase erased my credit card from their system 3 months after I canceled my United Explorer credit card which made it impossible for me to file a dispute. After I have complained to CFPB (Consumer Finance Protection Bureau), Chase filed a dispute on my behalf on January 20th, ruled in my favor on February 13th, got a refund from PayPal on February 13th. Then Chase falsely claimed for 4 months that Chase sent a refund to PayPal on January 20th and I have to get this refund from PayPal. I knew that Chase was lying: 1. No bank would send a refund anywhere before the
  5. Here is the Update: Today was my Small Claims Court day. I was suing the JP Morgan Chase bank. The Chase bank received my deposit refund but refused to give it to me. Well, I won, as was expected. Too bad that I cannot get back the 4 aggravating months - I should have taken them to court much sooner. Now the Chase Bank must send me my refund check in the next 30 days. The judge also ordered the Chase bank to reimburse me for a court filing fee and a sheriff's fee (serving papers on the Chase Bank agent for process). No more United Airline mileage credit
  6. It does not look like Crystal is completely solvent. Crystal claims that they refunded to my credit card over 3 weeks ago but I did not get it, still. My bank confirmed that the credit is not in a pending mode either. The only conclusion might be that Crystal's merchant bank does not have money (or enough money) in Crystal account to pay out.
  7. I am not going to book with Crystal ever again. I am putting a lot of time and effort to recover my deposits. I filed disputes with our credit card company which contacted Crystal weeks ago - no response from Crystal so far. There is a saying - "customers vote with their feet." If Crystal does not have any integrity nor the slightest respect for their customers, it is not the business I chose to support no matter their "luxury" status.
  8. Good to know, thank you. My dispute was opened under "goods/services not as expected" which is a different category from "failed to deliver". I cancelled my booking today and opened the dispute right away. We have an excellent travel agency and amazing TA which proved very valuable in the pandemic. The agency has a special department which advocates for their customers. It would get our refund with the agency's help but I had enough with Crystal. I am not going to book Crystal ever again.
  9. I had an interesting experience filing a VISA dispute with my credit card company today. My deposit charges go back to 2019. Since they were too old to file my dispute on-line (6 months time-frame to file on-line), I called the dispute department direct line. 1. The first employee told me that she could file only for transactions being made the last 6 months. I asked her if she works for the dispute department. No - customer service (?). I asked to talk to someone from the dispute department. 2. The dispute department employee told me that my charges are to
  10. If it not the Chase bank, you have a good chance to get your refund back and even file a dispute on a canceled credit card. Do not wait, call or go on-line to check your credit card balance. If you have a credit balance, request a check to be mailed to you. If you have checking or savings account with this bank, ask your refund to be transferred there. If it is the JPMorgan Chase Bank credit card and you do not have any other accounts with the Chase, then call Chase right away or go online to check if your account is still in their system. Chase Bank erases cancelled cre
  11. I absolutely agree with you not giving a cent to Crystal. When people accept FCC, they would have to give Crystal more money in order to use it. No way! :). We do not even know how long all the covid-19 restrictions are going to last - could be for a long time. Now is the best time to visit US national parks - not too crowded and no lodging reservations are required far in advance as before the pandemic. We went to Rockies Mountain NP in Colorado, Saguaro NP in Arizona, Joshua Tree in CA... Yosemite Valley in CA, WY, OR - so many beautiful places to see!
  12. Thank you for your encouragement and advice. I have requested a cancellation last week and just waiting for Crystal to process it. I have paid deposits only (before the pandemic). I am not waiting for Crystal to cancel because by that time I would have to make the final payment and my charges would be considered "too old" to file a dispute, as you have pointed out. My dispute will be for a full refund including admin fees. I will post the end result of my dispute. Thanks again!
  13. Thanks! Last Friday I have started a cancellation process for two bookings and requesting a waiver of admin fees. We are expecting a reply from Crystal this week. I still have time to file a dispute as I was told by our credit card company and a good chance to get my admin fees refunded based on our specific reasons. I just wanted to give Crystal a chance to do the right thing before deciding never-ever to book with Crystal again.
  14. You are correct, thank you - I did not know that. I found the link below in my booking confirmation, not on the Crystal website. See #21 : https://www.crystalcruises.com/legal/crystal-cruises-general-ticket-terms-conditions We decided to wait for two months for our excellent TA to deal with getting a full refund from Crystal. If Crystal declines our request, we will file a dispute for a full refund with our credit card. The final dispute resolution might take up to two months. I will post the end result.
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