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  1. Okay, yeah, I know I'm late to the party - but that's just how I roll... Our first trip to Rome we did one of the 'See Everything In Rome In One Day' ship tours. We ended up calling it the 'Roman Death March'. Yeah, we saw a lot. We also missed a lot. And at the end of the day (night?) we were exhausted. Until our 'Moscow by High Speed Train' Russian Death March tour it was by far our most tiring day. My opinion is it's better to pick the things YOU want to see and find a tour that hits most of them. If you're like us you'll end up going back again and again just
  2. My wife and I just had a similar discussion this past weekend - we're booked on the Tokyo-Tokyo in October and we're both of the opinion that if there's a ship-wide mask mandate we'd probably cancel and hope for better conditions in '22. To us, wearing a mask 24/7 while anywhere outside of our cabin would NOT feel like a luxury experience and definitely wouldn't feel like a typical Regent cruise. Mandatory masks while onboard would be a deal-breaker for us.
  3. Couldn't agree with you more - on BOTH counts!
  4. Our one non-Regent cruise was on the QM2 sailing out of NYC and we hit some winter weather, i.e. 30' seas and crazy wind...the lounge we were in was on like deck 4 or 5 and the waves were routinely crashing into the windows. In other words, we were rockin' and rollin'...and someone doing karaoke came up and sang this song. Seemed wildly inappropriate at the time considering the weather. Was still kind of funny, though. 🙂
  5. And of course we can't overlook the fact that this song is an integral part of Crew Capers - always a bittersweet moment as it signifies the impending end of a cruise. I also like Cruisin' by Huey Lewis and Gwyneth Paltrow (or Smokey Robinson's version, but either will work), or Sailing by Christopher Cross. For Caribbean Cruises you can't beat Kokomo by the Beach Boys. And personally I always associate Cover of the Rolling Stone by Dr. Hook and Just a Gigolo by David Lee Roth with cruises as I earned a certain degree of notoriety on a couple of cruises (fueled by Make
  6. My wife and I both needed to renew ours. We both applied online within a month of each other. Hers was approved automatically and arrived in the mail, but I got pegged to have to go back up for an interview. Grrrrr... Once I got there, though, the process was quick and easy. I asked them why some people had to interview and others didn't and the answer I got was "It's random, we call in about 25% of the applicants." Not sure if I believe that, but I suppose it's possible.
  7. When you said you ‘refereed’ two other couples, I thought, “Man, if they’re fighting so much they need a referee, do they really want to go on a cruise together?” 🙂
  8. Agreed. When you think about it, let's say the Virgin ship carries 1,000 people and sails an average of 10 day cruises. That's 3,000 passengers or so each month, or 36,000 a year. Figuring there are just over a billion 20-somethings out there, I'm sure they can find that percentage to fill some ships...
  9. Rachel - just to clarify - you still need a Russian visa to 'go wandering around St Petersburg' on your own. You can't just freelance it on the 72-hour 'cruise ship visa'. But several of the tours we were on did allow a certain amount of 'free time' to wander around, but this was while you were out touring with the approved group. So you could go out for a few hours on your own and shop, eat, drink etc. just as long as you made it back to the bus on time.
  10. Statistically, I think that couple might have been an outlier. For every 20-something couple that can afford a $3 million plus house, there are thousands (maybe tens of thousands) of 20-something singles sitting in their apartments alone tweeting about how they'll never get married or be able to afford a house, any house.
  11. My take on it is that the food on Regent is usually very good, often excellent, and rarely fair to poor. In eleven cruises (about 100 nights) I can count on one hand the number of times I've been disappointed with a meal onboard. I've lost count of the times I've been beyond impressed with a meal. I agree that the quality of the wine seems to have dropped off a bit over the last few years, but if you make nice with the sommelier early on they can point you to rather nice included wines...but that's what OBC is for - wine upgrades! We have done quite a few tastings that have some
  12. As a 20-year USAF retiree, I just had to chuckle about the acronyms floating around on here. I was waiting for someone to get to the Special High Intensity Training...I had to sit through a LOT of that! LOL!!
  13. I was just thinking the same thing; my oldest daughter (late 20s) makes decent money. But she's not in a position to drop the $$ for a Regent cruise for anything other than a VERY special occasion. She sure wouldn't sail as much as I do...and I don't sail nearly as often as I'd like. I see this demographic flocking to Virgin, not Regent. (Assuming Virgin survives this moratorium)
  14. And of course - another plus is that the more people that send laundry out, the fewer folks will be using the laundry rooms (assuming they don't repurpose them). I usually use OBC to have my laundry done, but there are times I just want to run some small things through on a sea day and don't want to mess with bagging and tagging...
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