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  1. I made these pickled cucumbers and they were delicious. I had them on a fish burger but they would be good as a savory snack with drinks as well. I think that pickles (as we know them) are brined longer and also undergo a hot water or boiling process (?!). Thanks, Keith, for posting the recipe! Bill
  2. I was looking forward to reading about your HAL and Oceania cruises! If I recall correctly, you were on your way when cruises were halted. 2022 Panama Canal sounds wonderful! I'm booked on Nov 2020 RT San Diego to Hawaii on Koningsdam. What I don't understand is why this cruise hasn't been cancelled when other Hawaii cruises (like yours) have been.
  3. I like your positive attitude Jancruz. Yes, I would cruise without a vaccine if treatments were improved and cruise lines incorporated enhanced hygiene and safety practices. I'm cancelling all my land and sea travel plans for this year. But I'm booked on Crystal for Fall 2021 and Summer 2022 and I don't plan to cancel. The only change I'm considering is moving up from an oceanview to a veranda cabin - just in case! Time will tell.
  4. Coincidentally, I called Ponant today to cancel a September 2020 cruise. The rep gave me the same information: My deposit will be refunded minus 10% of the fare. She said that Ponant instituted this (original) refund policy on Monday. Let's hope they follow through in a timely manner.
  5. Hi Keith, One more correction to the Future Bookings: You entered my cruises in the Symphony 2020 section, but they should be in the Symphony 2021 section. I'm hopeful about cruising, but not that hopeful! Sep 28 (OCS210928-13) Rome to Athens - CabinBoy2020 (Bill) Oct 11 (OCS211011-16) Athens to Abu Dhabi - CabinBoy2020 (Bill) Thanks for all your contributions on this board. Bill
  6. Celebrating your 20th anniversary on a transatlantic cruise sounds wonderful! I'm booked on the Legend Oct 31, 2021 Barcelona to Baltimore. Maybe the same cruise? I did a transatlantic many years ago on HAL both East and West and loved it. Many people prefer sailing west as the days are longer due to the time changes. I would guess the demographics and vibe will be somewhat different from a typical Carnival cruise. Probably older and fewer children which is a plus IMO. Plus the Legend carries fewer passengers than most Carnival ships which may be a good thing these days. Let's hope we're able to sail by late 2021!
  7. Happy Passover/Happy Easter to you Keith! Can you please add these upcoming cruises on the Symphony for 2021: Sep 28 (OCS210928-13) Rome to Athens - CabinBoy2020 (Bill) Oct 11 (OCS211011-16) Athens to Abu Dhabi - CabinBoy2020 (Bill) Also, when you have a chance, can you update Serenity 2022 cruises to reflect my new Cruise Critic name (CabinBoy2020) as follows: Jun 14 (OCY220614-09) Los Angeles to Vancouver - CabinBoy2020 (Bill) Jun 23 (OCY220623-07) Vancouver to Whittier, AK - CabinBoy2020 (Bill) I’m canceling all my land and sea travel plans for this year. The September 2021 cruise will be my first, much anticipated cruise on Crystal. I’m hoping the health crisis will be behind us by then. As you say, Keith - Time will tell! Keep healthy and happy, Bill
  8. I received this email today from Crystal. Any thoughts? A $500 NON-REFUNDABLE “OPEN BOOKING” DEPOSIT GUARANTEES 2.5% ADDITIONAL SAVINGS ON VOYAGE OF CHOICE If being homebound today has you exploring adventures of tomorrow, you might wish to consider our new Crystal Assured Savings providing a guaranteed 2.5% additional savings on the voyage of your choice when you make a $500 non-refundable “Open Booking” deposit before June 30, 2020 . You’ll then have until March 31, 2021 to select your perfect Crystal luxury cruise of 7 nights or longer – by Ocean, River, Yacht or Expedition – on itineraries departing through the end of 2022. Crystal Assured Savings are combinable with nearly all other offers* including 2-for-1 Fares and Book Now Savings representing great value, tremendous choice and something to look forward to as we anticipate our return to the seas of the world and the rivers of Europe. Your travel advisor can attend to the details, or you can reach us directly at 1-866-608-4555.
  9. There's something very sad about that picture of Serenity "Out to Sea." Uncharted waters and all. Bill
  10. Keith - Your heartfelt words about the crew (Team Serenity) are absolutely beautiful. Stay happy and healthy until your next Crystal cruise. Bill
  11. Thank you, Keith, for all the information about Global Entry. I should have mentioned that I do have TSA Pre Check. However, when I returned to the US from Israel last year, I realized Global Entry could have made the process much easier. I'll continue to try to get an interview to complete the process.
  12. Hi Denise - I hope you're onboard and sailing down the beautiful Pacific Coast on your adventurous voyage! I must admit, I'm envious -- Have a fantastic time and please keep us updated when you have a chance. Bill
  13. Keith - I'm sorry you had such an unpleasant experience at JFK. Since you have Global Entry, I'm wondering why they subjected you to additional screening. Is it basically random? I've been provisionally approved for Global Entry, but am wondering if it's actually worth it. Besides, I've been unable to schedule the requisite interview at SFO (the nearest enrollment center) because the website consistently shows zero appointments available well into next year. If I really want it, I may have to fly to LAX! Do you think it's worth pursuing? Enjoy your stay in New York! Bill
  14. Denise - You are right about Roy. I've been following along on his many cruises and he is amazing at cobbling together cruises, trains, and I think a ferry here and there! I don't think I can aspire to that, but I can definitely relate to your three upcoming cruises. They all sound wonderful and I hope you'll share your impressions when you have a chance. Bon Voyage! Bill
  15. Bon Voyage DeeniEncinitas and all you cruisers! Denise, I've followed your posts about your upcoming voyages with great interest. I really like the way you put several cruises together to avoid flying! I'm trying something similar next year and you are a great inspiration. Please keep us updated about your journey. Have a healthy and happy cruise(s)! Bill
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