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  1. I hear you, JodiandFrank, about cancellation fees! I booked a cruise through a "luxury" travel agency and was not informed of any cancellation charges. They charged $100 when I canceled the cruise (the cruise line later canceled it as well). I objected, but they said that's their policy. Unfortunately, I had already booked through this agency another cruise on Crystal that is unlikely to sail. The agent told me they would not charge me a fee if I canceled that one. We'll see! I've had better success and service through discount online travel agents and that's what I'll use in
  2. Kangforpres, I would guess you’re considering Regent? Their fares include air and excursions as well as all the other usual luxury line inclusions. Plus they're doing that cabin upgrade deal now. If it fits with your schedule, interests, and budget, then I would absolutely book Regent. Beautiful small ships, spacious staterooms, fewer passengers, excellent food and drinks — it sounds wonderful! The largest ship I’ve been on was the Eurodam and I would not repeat that experience. I enjoyed a cruise on the smaller Volendam. I booked a 2022 Volendam cruise only to have HAL cance
  3. I can't answer the question, but there is also a Seabourn TA from Lisbon to Miami on Nov 6, 2021. I'm booked on that cruise but perhaps the date doesn't fit with your plans. I'll also be interested in the responses to your questions.
  4. Thank you MightyQuinn. The Odyssey sounds like it would have been perfect to cruise Alaska. I hope to experience Seabourn in the future.
  5. Things do indeed change quickly! Today Seabourn canceled my 21-day Sep 2021 Alaska-Pacific Coast cruise. Just a couple days ago they were offering a 10% discount if I paid the balance in full. I was tempted but glad I didn't bite. It seems impossible to book any cruise (even 2022) due to the constant changes. Bill
  6. Just received an email from Seabourn: My 21-day Alaska-Pacific Coast cruise in Sep 2021 is cancelled. Now another decision about requesting a refund or taking the 125% FCC. I need a spreadsheet to keep track of all these credits!
  7. What about 7 day back-to-backs? I have three 7 day segments booked on the Odyssey in Sep 2021 (B2B2B Alaska-Pacific Coast). Has there been any clarification about these sailings? Thanks. Bill
  8. Interesting video from Wall Street Journal about a cruise to nowhere aboard the World Dream. Their safety efforts are quite impressive. https://www.wsj.com/video/cruise-industry-reinvents-itself-with-trips-to-nowhere/EAAD5F4F-8CE7-4F98-8FF2-01770E9E55E3.html
  9. Hi Ivi - I'm holding onto my bookings as well. In fact, the Crystal website informs me that there are only 583 days before one of my cruises! Can't wait!
  10. Thanks, Hank, for your comments about Seabourn. I'm booked on Seabourn Odyssey next Sep 2021 for Alaska and Pacific Coast. Perhaps similar itinerary to your Alaska cruise. This replaced a canceled Volendam Alaska cruise. I'm encouraged to read your positive perspective on Seabourn. I'm especially looking forward to the small passenger numbers, spacious ship size, and all-inclusive features. Best wishes. Bill
  11. I appreciate your comments about sailing solo on Seabourn. I’m so glad you mentioned that dinner can be an uncomfortable time for you as a solo. I completely empathize and agree. As a solo traveler, I have no problems throughout the day whether on land or sea, but dinner can be an issue. The dinner invitations for solos are one of the reasons I booked my first Seabourn cruise (next September). It will be nice to have the option to accept a hosted table or not. I’m so glad Seabourn takes solo cruisers into consideration.
  12. Hi Denise - Yes, I also got the email regarding my Jan 2, 2022 Sea of Cortez cruise. I don't understand the reasoning for the cancelation, but it's annoying that they just offered this cruise for sale with multiple promotions. I booked it last month and, like you, planned to apply FCC. I'm glad you found a good alternative. I'm doing a Hawaii cruise on the Crystal Serenity in 2022, so the Volendam cruise is not an option for me. I'm really not interested in HAL's larger ships. GOOD LUCK to you and everyone who has cruises booked! Bill
  13. I received the same email canceling my Jan 2, 2022 Volendam 10-day Sea of Cortez cruise. I don't know what HAL is doing, but I think it's reasonable to wonder about the future of the Volendam. After all, two of its sister ships have been sold and we know Carnival is not done paring its fleets. I feel for the cruise lines and especially for the crews, but it's annoying that HAL just offered this cruise for sale with multiple promotions. I booked it a month ago. Not interested in their larger, more crowded ships.
  14. I also received the email canceling my Volendam Jan 2, 2022 Sea of Cortez 10-day cruise. They suggested the Koningsdam 7-day Mexican Riviera cruises as an alternative (No thanks!). I'm sure the HAL regulars are better informed than me, but I wonder about the future of the Volendam. I don't understand the timing of this cancelation, as the cruise is 1+ years away. Any thoughts?
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