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  1. Usually your hotel can arrange a private water taxi
  2. NONE are approved by the FDA only Emergency Use Approval. Just look at the reactions to the J&J vax at colorado facility - they would put a hold on a trial with that rate.
  3. Anyone else get this? Did regent just make vax mandatory? Is there going to be a disclaimer on their deposits that if you get seriously ill or debilitated due to the vax that RSSC can't be held responsible? For those already booked that cannot get a vax for whatever reason (availability, medical conditions...) will the deposit be and fees be fully refundable? Lots of questions especially given that the vaccines may only be effective for 6-7 months and need a booster. D
  4. WOW that sells it all. Isn't that what the Chinese thought under Mao, Russia under Stalin, Germans under Hitler, countries under older monarchies? ..... this list goes on and on. Government and many politicians have their interests and staying in power at heart
  5. the article doesn't specify the tonnage though it mentioned that 96K tons was the previous ban. Mariner is 48K tons and scheduled there this fall
  6. The article didn't say what a " large ship" is in this recent ruling. It did mentioned ships over 96k tons were banned previously. If it is under that then ships like the regent SS mariner can still dock (48K tons)
  7. Amen to that but unfortunately big brother and big globalists think they are better at telling you how to run your life.
  8. They Keep cancelling but have no place to "transfer" passengers as many of the 22 and 23 cruises are nearly full. The need to come out with their 23-24 schedule to be able to book people.
  9. Personally, I would do anything to avoid a connection in that airport. Between the busses between terminals, have to go though security again.... at least going you wouldn't have to do that in Newark airport.
  10. I have been getting a lot of those answers from companies and on viator don't see much availability. Walks of Italy did say that our sept 28 Duomo and David tour in Florence is a go as it the oct 4 colosseum tour so maybe....
  11. Yes never prevent 100% but more to indicate it will not eradicate covid of flu as they mutate too fast for the vaccines to keep up. (some) peoples immune systems are better at keeping up.
  12. Mostly agree, Temperature checks will probably be the norm embarking and disembarking and entering an eating venue - If you have a fever you would be tested and sent to your cabin if you have the flu or covid. I think given the length of the cruises a doctor on board and a small bed facility might be added, so someone can recover in a couple days without having to be airlifted. Lots of options. Vaccines will never prevent sickness like covid and the flu, due to the variations and mutations.
  13. Has the government indicated whether they will allow cruises and passengers from NA into Italy in May. Haven't heard much and May isn't that far off.
  14. they do have a complimentary shuttle that takes you into the city and return - not sure the current schedule. We are staying 5 nights post cruise in may if it goes or may just stay on land if it doesn't, all depends on if Italy opens. They do have a very fine restaurant on site in Le Pergola but book well in advance .
  15. The USA could simply suspend the jones act temporarily to allow the lines to skip canada and still do Alaska - perhaps that is why NCL hasn't cancelled yet
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