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  1. My favorites are the Cole Hahn Zerogrande wingtip oxfords. Great for excursions and dinner super comfortable.
  2. On AA I usually watch for patterns 360 days out and will book 330 if it is a good award especially on partners. I have found if I book on AA at a high level the price will come down over the next 4-5 months and I tend to check daily. I was able to grab a DOH PHL DFW flight dec 30th 24 for 200K miles per person which is a bunch but it is holiday time so glad to grab anything. Now the whole couple of weeks is 300K pp but I suspect it will drop later or perhaps Qatar will add some award inventory. Goal is to fly from JNB to DFW but having to piece it together, but a stopover is welcome, so we are flexible. It is worth an extra night stayover somewhere if the award or fare is substantial. If fares are low enough we may just pay for the air around $2500-2900 one way on united or Qatar. tools like expert flyer, kayak flyertalk(which I'm sure you use) are very helpful in finding the best deals seats and routes.
  3. They obviously had time to print up the itinerary with this change prior to sailing, so why no email. It would be fraud if they were sued for it. My point is I'm seeing lots of comments of unusual changes and missed ports out of regent. I don't know why but it is becoming a trend.
  4. I really don't know but it was poor form to not be away of holiday's where you cannot berth. Especially when people don't find out until they have boarded. How could regent not be aware of this? (But wait I guess they weren't aware of the NZ biofouling regulations either.) If you think the way regent handled these situations, then Some would say you are wearing rose-colored glasses.
  5. They notified us the of the cancellation upon embarking.
  6. $$$$ we also missed belfast on a 2022 cruise citing some holiday again. Holidays aren't like weather, strikes or acts of war.
  7. saw this on the rssc site any idea what they are doing? ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME MOMENTS Regent Seven Seas Cruises® inspires life's most meaningful moments through its extraordinary journeys and personalised service, leaving indelible marks on the lives of guests — the same way the Aston Martin Aramco Formula One® Team brings exhilarating joy to their fans worldwide. Our collaboration exemplifies our mutual commitment to delivering truly singular experiences. Together, we embark on a new quest to celebrate Once-in-a-lifetime Moments on land and sea.
  8. I was on the NZ cruise in January with all the biofouling issues and the decisions made onboard and the attitude the officers had was not pleasant. The Israel cancellation and how that was handled by regent air and post cruise customer service was horrible. Again, the officers were not very apologetic and somewhat condescending. I get stuff happens whether it is Regents' fault or other but the handling of it and the post cruise CS was horrible. Whereas our first cruise post covid on splendor was great the officers and staff were friendly and apologetic to the missed ports Ullapool due to winds and Belfast due to a holiday (which regent should have been aware of ahead of time and we found out upon boarding. I'm one to usually make the best of the situation but they made it hard to especially the corporate so called post cruise customer service.
  9. Based on my last two cruise this is tending to be the new trend. I thought Voyager was a tired ship as well. I did like explorer and splendor better. But the new Regent attitude, decisions and service have left a very bad impression on me.
  10. With added ships, bookings better be at an all-time high or they would be in dire straits. If that is their main concern, then they may not be addressing the issues in their own workings. Time will tell.
  11. If they would focus a little more on retaining their current customers instead of losing them due to poor customer service, they wouldn't have to do this. Retaining an existing customer is anywhere from 5-25 times cheaper than acquiring a new one, according to Bain & Company, so it’s a much more cost-effective strategy in the long run. * * What Is Customer Retention? Importance, Metrics & Strategies Austin Caldwell | Senior Product Marketing Manager
  12. Welcome to regent. Their customer service is definitely lacking and they really don't care. We had 5 cruises booked with them and cut that to one to utilize a few FCC which we have accrued through all of regent's missteps. Still not 100% we will go on that one.
  13. I think OP intended to short check it so they should be able to.
  14. from the AA flyer talk forums: " If you are landing in MIA in the PM, have a hotel for the night, and departing to Barbados the next morning - yes, you can short check. Need to confirm with the ticket agent at your departure point. If it is a red-eye into MIA to arrive early AM, you have a standard connection, and then departing shortly there after to Barbados - no you wont be able to short check."
  15. Not always the case looking at Bclass from JNB to DFW dec 26th or 27th regent credit is $6500 2pax and I have found several airlines with one way fares from $5500 on up (QA, TK, AF ) with the usa carriers and BA it is still too far out. I used amex miles to avisos for award the outbound DFWxDOHxCPT. It is possible just have to search. Not sure how much credit regent gives or how much they charge for UK/SIN and SYD/UK. If you fly BA choose the plane careful so you can get the new business suites(777 A350 788 781) vs the old Club world (A380, 789)
  16. agree with the concierge choice in addition you get : 5% savings on Pre- or Post-Cruise Hotel or Land Programs 5% savings on Regent Choice Shore Excursions Not sure if you get the included pre or post cruise in the UK. Personally I would pass on a pre cruise tour in Singapore. It is a very easy place to do on your own and you can uber or do the hop on bus or the MRT and It is a safe city, and everyone speaks English. You could book extra night at the ship hotel if you want the included transportation, but it is not expensive from the airport to downtown and to the port so you may save a good amount booking your own hotel. You can do the gardens by the bay on your own very easily just prebook the dome tickets which are spectacular if you like gardens. We stayed post crise on our own last February. Just my 2 cents you may prefer to have it all preplanned.
  17. there are some tasting events not included (scotch, wines....) and Cigars and Cigs are also not included
  18. Yes, trip is over didn't tip generally unless something special. The porter in NZ wouldn't accept it. On the tours it was not and it was nice to not have to mess with it, Though, several people were tipping for just average tours which ruins it in the long run. My wife wasn't feeling good on a tour we did via viator from Auckland to the west coast. The owner came and picked us up so we didn't have to stay another 3 hours. I gave him a nice tip for that. I gave the driver that took us from airport to hotel a tip in USD since the airport baggage and customs was a clusterf... to put it mildly and we didn't have time to go get some local currency since customs took so long. He didn't mind a bit.
  19. Just a general trend I have observed - I don't recall where I saw the pricing but I think I compared the same tour on Regent Oceania and NCL might even be as high as $169 included.
  20. Norway has imposed restrictions on the ships emissions so that might be part of the reason.
  21. I was surprised to see a tour on regent that is charging $170/pp in Wavis Bay is the same price or cheaper on get your guide or viator. It is the sandwich harbor tour. I'm sure they use the same operators and all the descriptions are similar (some include lunch, regents tour does not specify.) I thought they gave a discount on the tour or include it if it is $149 or less. This tour I am looking at should be a $21-$40 upcharge.
  22. If you have any oneworld status you should be able to get seats.
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