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  1. Thanks so much! Joel does sound like a fun person to have as a server. It is a shame that have won't be on Splendor with us. Don't want to forget to thank you for the warning that eggs have eggs in them! That is so important to know🙃
  2. You can likely find others on your cruise on Roll Call. I would have linked the area for you but you didn't say what cruise/ship that you will be on.
  3. Thank you for bringing up the other half of the menu - that is an important piece that I missed!
  4. Appreciate the civil way in which you explain things that I may have not understood from reading the boards. While I do not see Regent as a "booze cruise", when they went all-inclusive, the formerly quiet lounges with few people in them changed. I rarely see people over drink on Regent but most people in the lounges do have a drink that they are sipping on - along with canapés. The lounges are now comfortable places to meet before or after dinner - enjoy a quiet drink and chat with other passengers if they choose to do so. Agree about the ever-changing market. However, what I am seeing so far is small "yacht type" ships with fewer passengers. Would you mind sharing which cruise lines are building larger luxury ships (I know that Regent's Explorer is newer and holds 50 guests more than their typical ships). Silversea and Seabourn's ships are quite a bit smaller than Regent's and they are generally newer. Crystal, on the other hand, has two old ocean going ships (reportedly in excellent shape). They will not have a new ship until either 2022 or 2023 and it will be interesting to learn what the size of that ship will be since both Crystal ships are considerably larger than Regent. In any case, I do not doubt the service, luxuriousness of the ships........ it is just isn't for us.
  5. Wow - quite angry and harsh. There is no need to yell - really! Your experience with a lot of English speaking passengers is not what I have read on CC but understand that each cruise can be different. I have not even tried to speak for others - I post/report on what I read. Obviously I am speaking for my DH and myself. While we do look for 100% people from the U.S. and Canada (Regent has approximately 80% North American passengers), we do look for a English speaking crew (In my opinion, this is very important in case of an emergency -- I want announcements to be in a language that I understand). In terms of children, based on personal experience on Regent and Silversea and what I have read on the Seabourn board. When the subject of children comes up on CC, we/they try to suggest other cruise lines as the majority of posters on these lines prefer not to sail with children (but understand that they need to avoid cruising during the summer as ships are full of children). In any case, your message could have been more effective if done with a bit more thoughtfulness and my post may have been a bit harsh regarding H-L
  6. We are doing an Alaska cruise in 12 days and, off the top of my head, I don't know if we are starboard or port. Usually when I book a cruise I check directions, etc. to see where the sun will rise and set, etc. For Alaska, it really makes no difference. When they go into areas like Tracy Arm and Hubbard Glacier, the ship goes in a long way - does at least one turnaround of the ship and returns. Both sides of the ship get a great view.
  7. I only know what I read on the luxury board. I do know the difference between Europa and Europa 2 and my comments are always about Europa 2. I have yet to read a post or thread that said that even half of the passengers on Europa 2 speak English. I am also aware that they are trying to get inroads to the U.S. market ........ good luck with that as Crystal, Regent, Seadream Yachts, Seabourn and Silversea (and soon Ritz Carlton Yachts) have this market wrapped up. As has been asked on this board previously, if you do not speak English, would you want to be on an all English speaking ship? On the luxury lines that I've mentioned, announcements are made once and is always in English. On the other hand, Europa 2 apparently make announcements in multiple languages but the majority of passengers are not native English speakers. Note: If someone on Regent cannot speak English, there is always a crew member that can assist but it would be a case of finding a crew member that speaks your language and is available to help. Now that Silversea is advertising for children and families, there is no need for yet another cruise line to offer this - especially when it is not inclusive and there is the language issue. Note: As many know, Silversea and Crystal are foreign owned but the crew (making an assumption about Crystal) and most guests speak English. It was my error about H-L not stopping in the U.S. This was an incorrect assumption based on the stringent rules that are put on cruise ships when they enter U.S. waters. Regent has to change many things before they reach the U.S. - down to how silverware/napkins are placed on the table, how sugar on the table is packaged, etc. English Voyager - I am well aware of the Mariner's Club on Regent (that only runs during the summer). However, you may not be aware that these programs take place in spaces usually used by passengers - there are no dedicated children areas. On the Mariner (the ship that has been cruising Alaska the last few years) has a very large lounge that isn't used until late at night. This is used for the kids program. Next year, when Regent moves Explorer, I have no idea where the kids will go. They do have one lounge that is closed during the day so that may work. Silversea also does not have specific areas for children (except for the Muse and possibly their newest ship). I highly doubt if Seabourn has a dedicated children's area and am surprised that Crystal does (I'll check it out when we are onboard in 12 days. )
  8. wishIweretravelling - thank you for posting your experiences with Regent and Crystal. We are going to board Crystal with the same open mind as when we have cruised other lines that were new to us. I realize that Alaska cruises are different (the make-up of the passengers. - more newbies and families) since I tell the same thing to people that take Alaska cruises on Regent.
  9. The Compass Rose menu is the same every night. If you would like Regent to make you something special, they will do so with 24 hours notice (only in CR).
  10. What time of the year did you cruise? You mentioned that the ship had the same amount of children as Regent. We have done 33 Regent cruises (with 5 more booked) and have never seen more than 5 children (except during our two summer cruises - one to the Baltics and one to Norway). I do not consider "summer" vacations to be "normal" (at least not on Regent). Good to hear that there were more English speakers than others on CC have mentioned (all of my "knowledge" is from reading the luxury boards on CC"). You also mentioned younger cruisers. Between younger cruisers, and everything else that I've read about H-L, your post has made me even more sure (if that is possible) that we will not cruise on that line. Cruise lines need to understand that people from the U.S. either will or will not cruise on a luxury ship depending upon what is offered (all-inclusive is a huge draw), other passengers, food and service. If a luxury cruise line is not inclusive, does not stop in the U.S., has many non-English speaking passengers and announcements in multiple languages, children on board, etc., it just won't work for them. So, if H-L is really hoping to get inroads into the U.S., there are many things that need to change
  11. After Diet Coke ate through my stomach in Australia, I had to give it up. That is how I learned that Coke will eat through most things. I am now happy with iced tea and have no problem whatsoever with alcohol! Must admit that I have 1-2 Cokes per year and still love them!
  12. Enjoyed that story! Since my DH is British, he warns me about wiring. I just buy kitchen gadgets (actually, I buy too many kitchen gadgets - both at home and while traveling ........ a big deal since I rarely cook).
  13. Yes - Regent, Crystal, Seabourn and Silversea welcome families during the summer but they are not quite so welcoming the rest of the year. Except for Silversea's newest ship, I would not say that they have onboard facilities for children. Regent, for instance, takes a lounge and turns it into a temporary children's area. Fortunately, the lounge they are using is a waste of space and isn't used much. During the times that we cruise (anytime except summer) there are 0-5 children onboard (and they are generally not thrilled to be there because there are no programs for them). The biggest reason why people in the U.S. do not sail on Hapag-Lloyd is the language issue. As I've mentioned previously, when we were younger, we went to many Club Meds where the main language is French so we know what it is like to dine with people that do not speak your language. I would not pay luxury cruise line prices to cruise with non-English speaking passengers or children.
  14. Thank you so much for the detailed response (much more information than others have posted).
  15. Not sure what a “Hakuna Matata” philosophy is, however, it sounds good! As some people know, we have been fortunate enough to visit the world by land and now by sea so there are not many places that would make us ride a bus for hours to see something. We have been against the "included excursions" since its' inception. After years of asking Regent to give those of us that do not want included excursions to receive a credit, we decided to accept that which we cannot change. We still cancel most excursions but enjoy Regent Choice excursions and some included excursions (generally those that include local food/wine). We have learned a lot when we decided to forgo excursions and go out to see how locals live and what they eat. We even go into food markets and household goods stores to see what they have. We find this much more interesting than museums, cathedrals, ruins, etc. (note: We have seen more ruins, museums, cathedrals than we could list). We want to know how they live now rather than what was going on many years ago. Others may disagree but that is fine.
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