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  1. Travelcat2

    Wine with room service?

    Included wine is served by the glass. However, in your suite you can order a bottle of wine or spirits per person.
  2. Travelcat2

    Too white and glaring!!

    Thank you. I'll give it a try. P.S. Your dog is beautiful!
  3. Travelcat2

    Too white and glaring!!

    Just wondering what would be satisfactory for most users. I do not find the white bad at all and would be unhappy if the background changed. Even if CC could change it, there would likely be complaints. Last year I just dimmed the brightness a tiny bit and it was fine. The only issue I have with the upgrades is the triple spacing between paragraphs. In any case, this is likely something that people will disagree on because our eyes all detect color, etc. differently.
  4. Travelcat2

    Questions about food service in room and reservations

    I do not want to post what wishIweretravelling already posted since they answered the question and it was repeated again in the last post. However, must agree that Pacific Rim and their Asian-Fusion cuisine can be difficult. It probably took 5 visits to Pacific Rim (on three cruises) to find something that we enjoy since it is not typically Chinese, Japanese or any other Asian cuisine. Since I really enjoy trying different sake's, we kept trying to find food to pair with it and finally found that we enjoyed their tempura style lobster. The miso glazed fish is quite good but I did not care for the Nigiri Sushi at all nor did we care for any noodle dishes. You don't have to search for the Pacific Rim menu - here it is (you have to scroll a bit) https://www.rssc.com/experience/cuisine/pacific-rim P.S. Sorry for the triple spacing - it is a glitch in the new website.
  5. You figured it out before I was able to post and tell you that I thought that you could do it on a phone - just going into the CC website. Good to see that it works. Now, if I could just suppress my signature.......
  6. Travelcat2

    Link to Regent Roll Calls!

    When I pressed "Quote" your original post comes up and then it is duplicated below in a box. Very strange. Anyway, at least two of us are here and we'll get this figured out (positive thinking):-) P.S. Sorry but I don't know how to suppress my signature anymore so it just keeps showing up.
  7. Travelcat2

    Can't login via Tapatalk

    I used Tapatalk but find the new way to insert photos is much easier. You can try out the new feature here https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/860-test-forum/. Several people are testing out the photo feature.
  8. Travelcat2

    Too white and glaring!!

    This is the same comment that was made during the last upgrade. We (the poster) have the ability to change the brightness of our screen. Just turn down the brightness a bit and it will be fine - this isn't something that I believe CC can control. P.S. Generally, white backgrounds are more difficult after cataract surgery rather than before.
  9. Travelcat2

    Link to Regent Roll Calls!

    Actually, Roll Calls for Explorer and Splendor do not appear (the content - not the title). And, I have already reported this on the board we are suppose to post errors and problems https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/861-report-bugs-glitches/
  10. FYI, the place to post "bugs and glitches" is here https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/861-report-bugs-glitches/
  11. Thank you so much. I was there but didn't notice what to do the first time.
  12. What did the option to change your signature go? It is probably in front of my face but I don't see it. I read on another thread that Tapatalk wasn't working with the new site (2nd hand information)
  13. Travelcat2

    Triple Spacing???

    When I want to start a new paragraph and hit return twice, it appears that I am getting three spaces. This is an example of what I thought would be a double space.
  14. Maybe for the time being, posting in bold is a good idea. The font isn't that much smaller than on Outlook for instance - I can still read it without reading glasses but it would likely be easier with reading glasses. Has anyone tried going to Settings and make the font larger for the whole screen? Anyway, just noticed that a double space is more like a triple space. Bob - you're right about Tapatalk but I'm loving the way you can drag a photo into a post (from photos that I have on this computer).