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  1. Travelcat2

    Mah Jongg

    Yes there are!
  2. Hope that you enjoyed Acapulco and that the weather there was decent. Would enjoy hearing about your Nature Encounter Hike and Swim - that is a port we will also be visiting in 4 months. Apparently sailing in the part of the world where you are is "iffy" during hurricane season. Appreciate the fact that you brought up the Seven Seas Society get together. It is important for both the crew and the guests. It was 11 months ago when we were presented with our Titanium pin and it was very special. Stay safe - hope that the ship doesn't rock and roll too much while the Captain veers clear of storms.
  3. Travelcat2

    Boston Deviation

    I'm not aware of a specific amount of time required between when you leave the ship and your returning flight. It depends upon so many things (traffic, do you have to go through customs at the port, etc.). I suggest that you look at the departing fight time, the time average time that it takes to get to the airport (with traffic as there will likely be traffic) and whether or to you pass customs (depends upon whether you have just left a European Union country and are departing from a European Union country). As a general rule, we book fights noon or later since most airlines want you o be at the airport 3 hours prior to an international flight. Having said that, if you are on the Athens to Athens itinerary on the Voyager, you will likely not have to go through customs/passport control and the ship arrives at 6:00 a.m. If this is the case, you can likely leave the ship as soon as it is cleared (probably 6:30 a.m.)
  4. Travelcat2

    Navigator Casino

    If I recall correctly Miles, you are a long time Crystal cruiser who has not sailed on Regent for a long time. In my opinion, you are in for some positive surprises. From my observations, the casino is not a huge draw on Regent but there are some people that are staunch gamblers which is why Regent likely keeps the casino's onboard. On Explorer, the casino is in a location that draws in gamblers (next to CR and the Explorer Lounge). While we enjoy a bit of gambling, our experience has been that gambling on cruise ships tends to be a losers game. Not sure why but we do not spend 1 cent on Regent ships.
  5. Travelcat2

    Beef Wellington?

    I cannot say how much I appreciate you giving back to posters that are new to Regent. Your insight as a former "newbie" is so valuable. Thank you
  6. Travelcat2

    Navigator Casino

    Have to agree that our "join date" is rather prominent and an be misconstrued as being the date of the thread (as far as I can see there is no date when the thread was started unless you actually click on it). Linda VH - your question had me wondering what the heck 3 card poker is. Will have to look it up In terms of how the casino works, it is likely the same as the last time you were on Regent. There have not been any changes.
  7. Travelcat2

    Holiday Sailing Voyager 16 Dec

    Generally, there are no special programs for children on Regent except during some summer (summer in the U.S., Europe, etc.). The Cruise Director will do some special things for children on Christmas and Christmas Eve but little else is done that is specifically for children. We did a Christmas cruise on the Voyager (Bali to Sydney) and some of the children hung out together but, unfortunately, there are few places on the ship that are not being utilized by adults (not that this is a bad thing). Fortunately, from what I see, the Christmas cruises this year are quite port intensive so the children will likely be happy to have quiet days on the ship after being quite active during the day.
  8. Your photos and commentary are great. Now I know that we would not be interested in that excursion (nor the other one with the poor animals - it makes me sick to see them in such poor condition). Was there anything near the ship - shops, restaurants or ??? If not, we will make this a "sea day". Thank you for taking the time to post.
  9. Travelcat2

    Beef Wellington?

    Yes - you can pre-order for a night that you are in CR. Also, the Maitre 'd may be able to let you which night it will be served (generally it is a "special" night like the night of the Seven Seas Society cocktail party, the Captain's Farewell, etc.). It has been served on every Regent cruise that we have taken.
  10. Travelcat2

    Amazon packing advice

    If I recall correctly, the only ATM's were in Manaus. This is likely why people in the villages took U.S. dollars when we paid for souvenirs.
  11. Sounds as if you had a really nice sea day. I'm particularly interested in your stop today at Puerto Quetzal as we are scheduled to go there in February and the last time a Regent ship was scheduled to go there it was cancelled. You will likely be exhausted after a 9 hour excursion. Really enjoying your posts! P.S. On a slightly different subject, I see that John Barron is is autographing photos. Will have to give him a hard time about that. Did you see his show? He is amazing!
  12. Just read your post on the other thread - it is so useful! The one thing I've learned in the last 10 years is that things will continue to change and we need to be open to it and accept it. While off topic, my DH told me last night that some new phones will be the size of a credit card. While this makes no sense to me and I'm happy with my slightly outdated iPhone, there is always a reason why companies make upgrades and changes. Had it not been for changes, we would not have tablets, laptops or even the desktop computers as they exist today. There seems to be people complaining all over the CC boards. IMHO, complaining isn't going to get us anywhere (although reporting real problems on the Glitches board is helpful). Instead, let's follow Bob's lead and help each other learn how to navigate the new website. P.S. The font is now back to normal so that is one issue that is resolved!
  13. Travelcat2

    For those who miss the app...

    Thank you so much for the detailed information. It is definitely appreciated!
  14. I like the way you are enjoying your vacation - you seem to really be savoring every moment. Whenever you can post, it is appreciated. Hope that you sea day was fun!