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  1. I do not believe that there will be quarreling on Regent ships. There will be no choice for passengers other than to follow protocol. Regent has too much to lose if someone on board gets sick due to not following protocol. I've already seen a Captain on a Regent ship wearing a mask (on Voyager).
  2. Keep in mind that the vaccine (if/when it is developed) will likely not be 100% effective. Therefore, cruise lines need to keep up the sanitation indefinitely. We feel that a cruise ship will be safer than most places in the U.S. because protocols will be strictly followed. Our Japan cruise is in October 2021 so it will be after the Olympics.
  3. Your point about onboarding lodging, etc if there was an outbreak is definitely something to think about. I'm not certain if they are in our Ts&Cs - will have to check. Still, my husband, Dennis, thinks that cruise ships will likely be safer than any place on earth as their restrictions will be enforced and the sanitation measures sound quite good. Have to ask where you live in the U.K. Dennis is from London so we have been there several times (but not recently as we seem to always be cruising). I love the West of England (actually, I love everything about England). It is so wonderful to have my own private tour guide (especially when trying to navigate the "tube" in London.) It is really confusing for this American that was raised in Los Angeles with horrible transportation. I also want to thank you for your kindness and support. It is appreciated more than you know!
  4. Yes - Oceania does do that itinerary and are less money than Regent...... however, it is not all-inclusive. Once you add airfare, internet, excursion and drinks* the price goes up substantially. We have sailed on Oceania twice but am not sure that we would try it in Tahiti * Oceania does have promotions when a few excursions are included, the wine package (not worth it but you can upgrade to the Premium package) and/or included internet. Here is a link to scuba diving in Bora Bora (gorgeous island with amazing water) https://www.viator.com/Bora-Bora-tours/Scuba-Diving/d5180-g17-c28901 We have been to Tahiti four times (only once by ship - the PG). In some ways we prefer staying at a resort in Tahiti vs. sailing on a ship but it depends your taste. Food is extremely expensive on land (the last time that we went, a couple paid $50 for two hamburgers and two soft drinks). If we returned to Tahiti, we would stay in a luxury all-inclusive resort. Here is a glimpse of a few https://www.luxury-resort-bliss.com/all-inclusive-resorts-in-tahiti.html If you want to do a land vacation, our favorite spot in the world is Fiji. Lots of all-inclusive resorts with great snorkeling (and diving) and the friendliest people on earth (I read that years ago in an Encyclopedia). The locals are truly amazing which is why I prefer Fiji to Tahiti. So, you have lots of choices.
  5. The only people that can fix this is your TA (working with their contact at Regent) or going to Regent directly. That is really the only suggestion that posters on CC can tell you.
  6. Frank Del Rio has already said (more than once) that if masks are required on land when they resume cruising, they will be required on the ship.
  7. Regent does not tend to mention the CDC, or CLIA in their literature. When the CDC approves the resumption of cruising from the U.S., we’ll know that the cruise line protocols have been approved. Regent likely has tentative approval but everything is subject to change when it comes to Covid-19.
  8. Is this grade school? Who cares about likes?
  9. Hi and welcome to the Regent board. When asked about sailing in Tahiti, many of us used to recommend the Paul Gauguin. However, since they were recently purchased, the feedback from passengers has been less than positive. Regent’s dress code for dinner - on all ships and in all locations is “Elegant Casual”. For men this means slacks (could be Dockers but no shorts) and a collared shirt (that could be a polo shirt). Women also wear slacks and a blouse but court wear a skirt or sundress. Shorts and jeans are pretty much the biggest thing that people cannot wear after 6:00 p.m. During the day, you can pretty much wear whatever you like (but they do ask that you wear a cover-up if you’re wearing a swim suit. Here is a link to the section of the Regent website that will answer most questions. https://www.rssc.com/frequently-asked-questions Booking as early as possible is always a good idea. This insures that you can get the suite that you want. I highly recommend using a Travel Agent that regularly books Regent cruises. Besides being an enormous help, many of them give a percentage back on your cruise fare.
  10. Good for them! I could name the people that posted those likes without looking at them (and I neither look at who posts likes or post them myself). If you want to count likes, I received almost 100 of them on the Regent Facebook page (for one post). They are meaningless (as are the ones on the Facebook page).
  11. You are correct. And, as we know, Regent has hired a doctor and is working with him as well as the CDC to come up with protocols that exceed what is required. Just as with the way muster is done on Regent ships, they exceed requirements. Regent is taking this very seriously (unlike a a couple of cruise lines that are already waffling about buffets). I have no doubt that all protocols will be enforced. It could end up being like passengers smoking in their suites when it was banned. You get one warning and the you are disembarked at the next port. greykitty - Regent would not publish anything that is not approved. Frank Del Rio gave us an outline during his interviews but, unless something changes, these are what the protocols that will be in effect when cruising resumes.
  12. I do not judge - I debate and question. There are kind and polite posters that have disagreed with me for years There is a mutual respect and understanding. I do not tell them what words to use or not to use. The same group of posters that are being unkind now have been that way towards me for as long as I can remember. As long as posters put Regent down, if I disagree, I will defend them by giving the other side of the story. And, when posters from other cruise lines add to the negativity, I ask them why they are doing so. CC members are entitled to read everyone’s opinions - whether they agree with them or not but it becomes skewed when people unfamiliar with Regent start in with negative posts. There is a huge difference in disagreeing with someone and feeilng the necessity to put them down in order to make your point. Debating, when done right, is a good thing. When I questioned you yesterday, instead of getting upset, why not respond to the question giving your side and in your own words? In any case, it would be great if this diatribe ended so, if posters stay away from rude remarks, I’m done - I have given my point of view and some posters do not like it. Others understand. That is the way life works. Wow - I can’t even finish a post without being bombarded with another (while I was posting.) If you did not like the response that I made about it being easier to bash the hard working people at Regent........... , why not simply respond rather that turn this into what it has become. I did not say “YOU” find it easier to bash Regent - it was a general statement. If would be nice if, at least one time, posters that are angry at Regent about refunds would acknowledge what the employees are going through (and that was a general statement as well),
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