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  1. Travelcat2

    Three passenger suites

    The Paul Gauguin is no longer part of the Regent fleet (hasn't been for several years). Suggest that you ask your question on the Paul Gauguin thread. Here is a link https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/492-paul-gauguin-cruises/ Also suggest that you start a new thread. Many times old threads have absolute information.
  2. Travelcat2

    A newbie's notes- Voyager Jan 7-17

    Really enjoying your notes. Hope there is more to come
  3. Travelcat2

    Miami post cruise - couple hrs free

    Yes - they likely will - especially when you don't use Regent air.
  4. Great advice - will include that information for our trip next month.
  5. Travelcat2

    Miami post cruise - couple hrs free

    As indicated above, when you do the Regent excursion and they take you to the HoHo bus, they store your luggage.
  6. Travelcat2

    Live on Voyager; First timer on Regent!

    Congratulations on winning one game of bingo - you are the first person that recall that won anything at bingo! As you know, food is subjective and our opinion of the food on Oceania is quite a bit different. We will not dine in the Terrace Cafe (equivalent to La Veranda) due to the food quality (it looks beautiful but we did not find that quality to be there). We also avoid the MDR. We do love the food in the specialty restaurants - especially Jacques (which I do not believe is on Nautica). And speaking of differences, we sailed on the Spirit before it was stretched and did not care for the ship at all (not even a restroom in the very small observation lounge). Of course, this may all be different now. Despite not liking the ship, we enjoyed the food and service so we went on to sail on the Whisper and Shadow and loved both ships. In our opinion, their lunch buffet is a bit better than Regent (likely because there is so much sushi/sashimi which I love). We found the food in Compass Rose to be better than their equivalent MDR. Service was excellent. Our suite was quite strange (Silver Suite). There were three doors that went into the closet. The first night I found myself accidentally walking into the closet instead of the bathroom. Still wonder about that closet. I did not care for the fact that the desk had no drawers but the suite was generally quite nice (liked the separate toilet/sink area with a door between that part of the bathroom and the part with the shower/bath, etc.) Silversea's wine tastings on transatlantic/transpacific cruises is the best we have seen anywhere.
  7. Travelcat2

    Miami post cruise - couple hrs free

    You won't read anything about this - it only appears once you are onboard - generally midway through your cruise. You will have to ask Destination Services about whether these excursions are available to you (or someone may pop in on this thread and let you know).
  8. Travelcat2

    Miami post cruise - couple hrs free

    I'm sure that you will get suggestions but keep in mind that once you are on the ship, Regent typically offers an excursion or two before dropping you off at the airport (which assumes that you are using Regent air).
  9. Travelcat2

    Suite walls on Explorer and Mariner

    Even at home we have special places for our cords and chargers (not in a drawer). They are in a labeled box on a closet shelf. One can purchase an accordion file for papers that you want to save. When we are on a ship, we always have our extra plug unit that also has USB ports on the desk with two or three cords attached to it. It is small and out of the way. Since this seems to be turning into a world cruise thread, perhaps a new thread would be useful for everyone that have taken a word cruise (posters that could help people that are planning a WC) as well of those that haven't. Except for ArtsyCraftsy's organizer, most things could look quite tacky if placed around the suite. IMHO, the only place where Command hooks are okay is when they are not obvious (behind a door - in the closet).
  10. Travelcat2

    Another NEW Ship

    As indicated, I was only looking at luxury cruise lines. I knew that if we looked at RCI that it would appear that Regent is copying some of their names. I know that some RCI cruisers accidentally post on the Regent board but doubt if any Regent cruisers are looking around the RCI website for the Navigator, Mariner or Explorer. BBWC, interesting that RCI has named a ship "Splendour" of the Seas (note: my computer did not want to accept this spelling - it was recognized as a typo). If I saw a word spelled (or in British terms "spelt") like that I would mispronounce it. In any case, the Splendor is named and will be debuting in 13 months. Let's not rehash old news. There likely will not be discussions about the new ship until the Splendor is launched. By then there will be lots of new CC'ers with new ideas and names to suggest (hopefully this will happen as the group on this thread - including me - could use some new, fresh and positive ideas for Regent). We have pretty much read everything on this thread before. Just knowing that there will be a new ship is exciting news! P.S. Acknowledging that all of us were raised learning how to spell in many in different countries. No one should be put down for spelling words that they learned since they could read.
  11. Travelcat2

    Another NEW Ship

    Sheila, the ship that I was thinking about was Radisson's Song of Flower. Can you find her on the list (no need to look farther than the letter "L")
  12. Travelcat2

    Another NEW Ship

    I understand that some people do not like the name and others do. Personally, I would rather see a ship with a name that other ships do not have (like Voyager of the Seas and RSSC Voyager, etc.). Splendor is unique even though it may not fit a theme of the other ships. In my opinion, the name of a ship has little to do with marketing it worldwide. Thinking about luxury cruise ship names, the ones that come to mind are Muse, Whisper, Symphony, Serenity, Spirit, Encore, Silver Moon and Quest (I know that I'm missing quite a few). Unless I'm missing something, I do not see any correlation between the name of the ship and the fact that they market their cruises worldwide. It seems that spelling issues can always be a problem with various spellings of different words around the world. In fact, there are few threads where we do not see spelling differences based on where the poster is from. I find it interesting and does not bother me at all. At the end of the day, Regent headquarters is in Miami, Florida and they spell Splendor the way that they were likely raised to spell it. For those that are interested, here is a link to a site that shows ship names worldwide (many not in service today), It is a good read and for those that sailed on the Radisson Diamond, you will learn where she is today! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_cruise_ships
  13. Travelcat2

    Another NEW Ship

    Sorry - In my opinion, the rivers are becoming so crowded that they do not need more ships. I would much rather see Regent re-enter the expedition market - perhaps with the Navigator. In terms of Splendor's name - it is spelled correctly for people in the U.S. If Regent was a British company, they would likely spell it as they do in the U.K.
  14. We have also taken an offer to change cruises. Regent never "bumps" a person from a cruise but rather keeps making offers and eventually some people will accept.
  15. I just copy the itinerary from the Regent website and paste it into a letter to our credit union. Very easy. While we rarely go into the credit union, I need to stop there for "tip money" (not on the ship but for tour guides, bus drivers, baggage handlers, etc.). Our Chase credit card does not require it but appreciates it. For them I paste the itinerary for our trips onto a message on Chase's website. I don't think feel that this is being an old "dog" (or in my case "cat") but rather insuring that a credit card charge and/or an ATM withdrawal is not refused due to the country where I am.