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  1. Travelcat2

    Ordering wine/spirits for our suite

    We had a Singapore Sling more recently (about 10 years ago) at Raffles Bar - it was great. When we went they served peanuts with the drinks and everyone threw the peanut shells on the floor. Kind of different for a hotel that is so fancy that you cannot enter at the front entrance if wearing shorts.
  2. Also glad that you are safe. The people on that bus certainly had a lot to go through. It is definitely interesting but not surprising that Nicaragua was cancelled. We are scheduled to go there in February but doubt if we will stop. Fortunately, we spent a week in Nicaragua several years ago. Wish that we could have joined you to see John's show - In my opinion, it is the best show on Regent! Hope that you enjoyed it!
  3. Travelcat2

    Quite Possibly a Tacky Question, But.....

    Had to smile about your post. I gave my grandson our bear but may purchase one or two more ....... I think that our kitties would like them. 🐢 (not sure why there are no at emojis).
  4. I'm quite happy with the upgrades on CC. It is normal for companies to change their website rather frequently since they need to keep up with technology (so do we - even if we don't want to sometimes). Not sure if Tapatalk was the CC app - but even if it was, I like the new and improved way of posting photos (even though it is a shame that the thousands of photos posted through Tapatalk have been lost). If I recall correctly, CC's last upgrade was to make it easier on mobile devices. While it is still easier to access CC on a computer, laptop or tablet, it is still fine on my iPhone (and I don't have the latest version).
  5. Hi guys - looking forward to hearing your "take" on the Hawaii leg of this cruise. If we had not been to Tahiti so many times, it would have been an interesting cruise for us. The Splendor Roll Call is down at the moment but I seem to recall that you two will be on the San Diego to Miami leg. Do I recall correctly? Hope so! Jackie
  6. Travelcat2

    Quite Possibly a Tacky Question, But.....

    Yes - the teddy bear is adorable. We purchased a slightly larger "Regent" bear in the Boutique with on board credits and put a seat belt around it on our flight out of wherever we were (Some Business Class within Europe have three seats across). She/he was the hit of the flight! My husband saves toiletry bags from airlines too! P.S. I wouldn't necessarily say that this is your first and only luxury cruise. You never know (I said this before out first Regent cruise) - we didn't even think that we'd like cruising and definitely did not want to spend so much money on vacations........ now - 31 cruises later, we are still cruising Regent.
  7. Travelcat2

    Quite Possibly a Tacky Question, But.....

    The Regent beach bags that are given to passengers in Concierge and above suites can be taken home. We have been given so many of them that we give them to someone that didn't receive one. There are also items in the top suites that you can take home (Regent caps, backpack, water bottles, etc.).
  8. Travelcat2

    Wine with room service?

    It is just Cruise Critic working on the system. The same thing happened when they did an upgrade before. Eventually they will be done and we will stay logged in. Just a comment about wine in restaurants - included wine is by the glass only. You cannot order a bottle for the table. However, if you are the only table drinking a certain wine, we have had the bottle left at the table. It is up to the server. Generally they just come by your table and refill the glasses.
  9. Travelcat2

    Ordering wine/spirits for our suite

    If you are in a PH suite or above, you an pre-order wine/spirits online (under My Account on the rssc.com website - the same area where you book dining and excursion reservations.) Otherwise, you can order it once you get onboard from your stewardess/steward (it doesn't take long to get and there is champagne in the suite to drink right away).
  10. Travelcat2

    Roll Call underconstruction

    The message option was disabled and, as of yesterday, was still disabled. It may have been up once upon a time but I've not been able to use it in the over 10 years that I've been on CC.
  11. We were on that ship last month (our first and only Celebrity cruise). The ship sure is ugly on the outside but is refurbished beautifully on the inside.
  12. Really glad that you are posting. You'll have to let us know what animals you saw on your "Walk in the Clouds" excursion. It sounds like fun. Had to laugh about the pink cars in Havana. They are certainly colorful and we found Havana extremely interesting. Looking forward to your posts!
  13. Travelcat2

    Questions about food service in room and reservations

    We were not a huge fan of Red Ginger either but did find something that we liked (do not recall what it was). The biggest thing that I disliked about Oceania is that there is a "class system" (not as much as you find on mainstream cruise lines but when you can't get a full hot breakfast and they have the special Executive and Concierge lounge - for for some passengers - it bothers me. Must say that I love the Riviera -- "almost" as beautiful as Regent's Explorer.
  14. Travelcat2

    Roll calls missing?

    I just posted on Roll Call. They are working on it and it goes in and out. Suggest that you keep trying!
  15. Travelcat2

    Boston Deviation

    The best place to find fights is this site http://matrix.itasoftware.com . I did a quick search for September 2, 2019 and here is what I found (sorted by shortest time)... http://matrix.itasoftware.com/#view-flights:research=BOSATH Regent almost always contracts with United and Lufthansa to Europe (we're flying Lufthansa to Barcelona next month on a deviated flight) but they can be picky about Air Canada. Hope that this helps!