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  1. Actually, there were no GM's on any Regent ship. They were all at the meeting in Miami. Wish I could have been a fly on the wall to listen in
  2. Hi Peggy - they did the bamboo stick dance on the Voyager last month. I suspect that it depends upon how many crew members know the dance. I've seen this on most of our Regent cruises.
  3. Travelcat2

    Shipboard etiquette? Re handshakes.

    Being a newbie is a good thing (my favorite posters on CC)
  4. Sorry that it comes across that way. Perhaps I'm just in suggestion/complaint overload. I'm not against having classical music on Regent but it sounds like some posters are putting the cart before the horse (think I got that old saying wrong but you know what I mean). Shouldn't a trial of having classical music be tried before jumping in and hiring people?
  5. Travelcat2

    Question about Regent Booked Hotels

    When we contact the hotel, we give them the date and tell them that we are part of the Regent group of reservations. That is basically all that we needed but different hotels could have different requirements.
  6. Travelcat2

    Shipboard etiquette? Re handshakes.

    I wrote quite a bit about shaking hands on my Amazon cruise blog a year ago. Captain Serena put the no hand shaking policy in place after many people on Mariner became sick on 3-4 cruises. It worked wonders and the ship stayed healthy. In general, people shake hands (if Captain Serena is not the Captain and I wish that others would follow her lead). On our Voyager cruise that ended a couple of weeks ago, the officers did not shake hands when guests entered the theater for the Captain's Reception but that is to to say that it isn't done on other ships. When there is a policy in place as there was on the Amazon cruise, everyone understood and it wasn't awkward. In fact, it became a bit funny. We would "bump elbows" instead of shake hands. After a while people made a little dance out of it and sometimes did hip bumps, etc. Captain Serena was also fine with hugs -- as long as the open palms of your hands do not touch.
  7. Agree with you about the suite configuration -- Regent did miss the mark on that. However, the Mariner was just refurbished this year so it will not undergo another refurbishment for at least 2 1/2 years. Hopefully Regent can add some type of storage when the Navigator is refurbished in 2019 and then the Voyager in 2020. My comment above comes from reading CC every day. Posters have a long list of what they would like to change (and everyone's desires are not the same). The ones that come to mind that have been commented on recently are: 1. Play music from this century 2. Play more classical music 3. Put back the storage in the suites. 4. Negative comment about the design of the pool area on Explorer (which I would wager will never be changed as it is fine now) 5. Change the lighting in CR 6. Coffee complaints (not solvable IMO) 7. Complaints about Destination Services (many times from me - one of the few things that I ever complain about as I think Regent does an excellent job and if I did not think so, I would change cruise lines). 8. Champagne The list goes on and on. Maybe there should be a sticky so all the complaints/suggestions can go in one place (makes it easier to read for Regent and the rest of us don't have to read about it if we do not care to). I don't want to get this off topic (another thread has already gone into the suite storage issues) but keep in mind that anyone new to Regent has no idea what it used to look like. Wonder if they are complaining? Sorry if I sound grumpy but sometimes it seems that Regent passengers are never satisfied. If Regent did everything that you, I or anyone else requested, it is a sure bet that people would complain.
  8. Travelcat2

    Question about Regent Booked Hotels

    We have dealt directly with a few hotels after Regent has booked them. At the Four Seasons in Sydney, we paid a nominal amount to upgrade to a club suite where they had fabulous food for breakfast and in the evening (plus an open bar). So, if you are an elite member of a hotel chain, I would send them an email. They should get back to you before you arrive. Have a wonderful cruise ..... the itinerary you are doing is one of our favorites!
  9. Yes - there are many talented musicians - not disputing that. However, since "talent" sometimes have to take revenue generating suites, this needs to be taken into consideration as well. And, someone or a group would need to be let go to accommodate the new group/individual. Some talent already on Regent ships do play classical music, so, isn't it better to test out classical music in one venue to see how Regent passengers "take" to it? Sometimes I feel that "us" posters come up with great ideas but have no idea what it would take to implement them (the same can be said about changing back the suites on Mariner, for instance, to what they were before to give passengers more storage space). And, Regent needs to decide what fits for the majority of their passengers.
  10. Not criticizing about going off topic but wonder if Regent will even see these comments about their suites since it is buried in a Cuba thread. We have several "cubes" and do not care for them. They are flimsy and difficult to zip and unzip unless they are completely full.
  11. Travelcat2


    Navigator has a super expensive machine to make coffee in their "pretend" Coffee Connection. We haven't sailed on Navigator in about 6 years but the last time we did we were told that the machine cost about $45,000. This could be the difference, Agree that French press on Explorer but, to my knowledge, this is not available on the other ships.
  12. And who do you think will pay for the "serious musicians"? Likely us! Nothing is free.
  13. papaflamingo - fish and ships sounds so good! Melbourne is such a lovely city. My husband has cousins there whom we have visited (he is from the U.K. but part of his family moved to Australia many, many years ago). He also had friends in South Island in New Zealand that we also visited (both land trips - not cruises). We fell in love with that part of the world but must admit that we liked New Zealand the most. It will likely seem strange when you get off of the ship next week after being at sea for so long. Did you book another cruise while onboard?
  14. Travelcat2

    Dining in Chartreuse

    We shared one piece of fourteen layer cake with Captain Serena last year. The portion size (divided by three) made much more sense than trying to eat the whole thing (no ice cream needed since it we have never experienced it dry).
  15. Really appreciate these photos. They show that even though some of the areas are rundown, they are able to provide excursions, buses, etc. It may not be what many of us are used to but they deserve credit for working to make their lives better. As a quick aside, we took a Regent cruise from Cape Town to Rio (that included a couple of stops in Africa). After seeing how little the people in Africa have and how much they do with it, we were appalled when we arrived in Rio. They have everything - beautiful seas, beaches, etc. but did not seem to care about what they have. Instead there was graffiti everywhere, trash in the ocean and a lot of crime. Note: This was our first trip sailing from Cape Town to Rio and was about 8 years ago. When we did the same sailing 3 years ago, much of the graffiti in Rio had been cleaned up (at least in areas that are seen by tourists).