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  1. In addition the state of Florida has no standing to sue the federal government or any agencies especially since they are filing to support foreign businesses. Like Howie stated pure political theater much like fdr asking CDC to approve a completely different restart plan that is missing quite a bit of the CDC requirements. would be much better if all parties worked together to restart cruising rather than make more work that will further delay cruising restarting.
  2. Actually not NCLH or any of the three cruise lines are Florida or even US Businesses. Believe NCLH/NCL are Bermuda and Oceania/Regent are. both Panamanian Companies
  3. While not 100% positive believe you can only use the FCC to pay for cruise costs not including the deposit. Have not heard this question before so best to have your TA get a definitive answer. Almost positive the deviation few won't work as it is non refundable and hotels have their own cancellation penalty schedule so pretty sure the answer is no to both.
  4. Believe it was CabinBoy who posted yesterday in response to flossy that he was contacted by a third party after a request on the rssc website. I also stated yesterday other reports were over a year ago before COVID and not going to look fir those but sure they exist. Unfortunately others have ignored the clear post yesterday and the fact that the OPs oceaniaregent response was proved by several posts to be from Regent but the one for CabinBoy was a third party response so far not disproved.
  5. Truly amazing how you consistently bring totally unrelated items into conversations to support your points while ignoring posts that differ from your position.
  6. What is a “Regent Outside Sales Team”? And if what they told you is true why are others reporting the have been contacted by third parties?
  7. Has nothing to do about flying to Miami vs Nassau. IN fact likely most of the people going on the ship in Nassau will fly thru or from Miami. And therein is the problem with starting in Nassau, the lack of flights and small planes going to Nassau. Non-stops to Nassau are only available from a liminited number of cities. It's about the CDC not providing the details that the cruise lines can implement so they can cruise the test cruises and then get conditional approval to cruise thru US waters. And the conditional approval is months away from occurring.
  8. Believe the biggest problem will be lack of lift (available seats) to the Caribbean ports. Even before the Pandemic most flights to the Caribbean Islands were extremely limited and on relatively small planes. In addition other than a few east coast cities most flights were out of South Florida. Perhaps fly people into Miami and then charters. Once the cruises start will be a challenge to book flights on your own and with the limited availability prices will significantly increase.
  9. What policy? Only policy you described in this thread was moving a booking without the approval of the customer. This situation is quite different and I already posted that in the past other posters had posted that they too had been contacted by TAs after contacting Regent on the RSSC website. some even mentioned that this had occurred without asking anything and simply making dummy bookings and not following thru with completing the bookings.
  10. Better to find a great TA that provides great service more perks than booking direct and rebates cadd as h direct to you while working for you and not the cruise line. ALways better to book with a good TA than direct with the cruise line.
  11. No personal experience. Always go thru my favored TA. And no ability to reference just sure I have seen the complaints and with the COVID more than a year ago.
  12. That is NOT the situation I was talking about. Have read on CC of people requesting information directly from Regent and getting responses to those requests from Independent Travel Agents. For the explanation above absolutely agree that a booking cannot be transferred to an outside agency without the approval of the customer.
  13. Thanks Susan, did not see your comment before responding. Just another indication of the lack of good IT from all cruise lines. The multiple responses are confusing as well as the different email address and should not occur. Unfortunately appears most cruise lines treat IT as a secondary priority which causes confusion like this especially since there have been reports of people going direct to Regent yet getting responses from TA's and not Regent direct.
  14. Appears clear to me that the oceniaregent.com is a travel agency and not really Regent. All from Regent come from rssc.com. You can also look at the emails themselves and should be clear that oceaniaregent is an agency and NOt Retent.
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