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  1. Why would this help the case? As has been identified previously rules are specific to different countries and by not being included in the Ts and Cs or posted on the websites can be changed at any time.
  2. I mentioned Steve who is owner of tripinsurancestore.com and an expert on travel insurance. And, yes we are allowed to suggest vendors as long as they are not TA's on Cruise Critic. Steve has been mentioned many times on this board and is highly recommended. He even had a thread set up by CC where people could ask him questions just like when cruse executives are set up with open threads. And while you may know exactly what they want and need, if you are not an insurance expert like most if not all TA's are not, you may not be getting them exactly what they want or need..
  3. Thank you, but, are you an expert on the ins and outs of insurance policies? They are even more complicated than cruise line T's and C's. Understand you now exactly what your clients want but, are you knowledgeable enough with the intricacies of insurance policies to be sure you purchase the best policy? Strongly believe even with your limited cliental would be good to use a broker like Steve which costs your clients nothing to get them the best bang for the buck since he is an expert and doubt you are regarding the intricacies of insurance policies.
  4. Just like you don't go to a car wash to get your engine repaired, don't go to a TA to buy insurance. Even a great TA cannot be an expert in everything especially insurance. Use a TA for what they are expert in and use other sources when they are the expert. Insurance is so complicated that most, if not all TA's do not have the ability or knowledge to provide you the information and service you need for insurance. Agree if your TA sells you the insurance, they should earn their commission but, most likely none have the expertise in insurance you need.
  5. I can answer this for you Wendy. Insurance companies are regulated by state/province and federal governments. Would be cost prohibitive for American Companies to operate in Canada or other foreign countries just like the same goes for Canadian companies who don't sell insurance to Americans.
  6. Agree with most of what you said but, for insurance would NOT trust the TA but, go to a specialist in insurance who can provide info about many insurers. Strongle recommend tripinsurancestore.com who do the same thing in the insurance side that a good TA does with most anything else Always best to go with a specialist especially for expensive and complicated things. The insurance broker earns their commission from the insurer just like the TA earns from the cruise line. Just like don't buy a cruise direct use a TA, don't buy insurance direct use a broker.like Steve at insuremytrip.com and read, read, read the policy as it answer all your questions just like reading the T's and C's of a cruise line.
  7. Yes it would. You have to read the full policy to understand what happens to an insurance policy should it not occur. Policies vary but, for most policies you can purchase the initial policy for a minimum amount and simply increase the coverage as penalties increase only covering the full amount after making final payment. Strongly suggest you contact Steve at tripinsurance.com as he and his staff are extremely knowledgeable about all of these issues. Have to be extremely careful regarding pre-existing coverage and when you have to purchase plus the T's and C's of this in the policy. Sincerely believe hiring a legal representative would be a complete loss as insurers are very good in protecting themselves with extremely comprehensive T's and C's in their policies. Doubt they would would construe pre-existing conditions out of nowhere. They would go back to your doctors records to find any conditions that would allow them to disallow your coverage. You would buy the insurance ahead of time to get the coverage at an earlier date as once you buy the policy increases in coverage costs are based on date first purchased. Also there are penalties before cruise start date that you would want coverage for. And for most pre-existing coverages have to purchase the policy within 14 days of booking. Lots of reasons and ways to reduce risk should you need to cancel. It is more than the cruise line cancelling that you cover. You could be in penalty phase and get a serious disease and need ot cancel so penalties will limit your refund. Full cost is more than medical but, if you only want medical, buy a medical policy. If you want cancellation most cover medial as well. As far as who pays first again have to read the policy and see which is primary and which secondary. Primary pays first while secondary would only pay after submitting to primary and getting those results. Yes there is a need before final payment for pre-existing if you want that plus to cover penalty phase which starts before final payment and if you don't take pre-existing coverage, anything that occurs before final payment becomes pre-existing and wood not be covered. Like I said earlier, buy at purchase minimum value and enough to cover any penalty and as penalties increase increase your coverage and again increase at final payment.
  8. You missed the point of my post. 1. Why if this is the policy is in not on the website?? 2. Why is it different in different countries base on comments of people in the UK and also not on the Regent websites outside the US?? 3. Why is their policy not stating that people who got their FCC's under different circumstances and rules early in the COVED Pandemic have gotten an extra year to book and sail?? Great that you have it in writing but, should be clearly stated on the Regent websites for the 99.9999999999% of people other than you??
  9. Actually as the no sail has progressed the terms of FCC usage has changed however no way on the website to know how long a specific FCC can be booked or used. Remember in the beginning back in March cruise had to be booked by the end of 2020 and sail before the end of 2021 or the FCC's would be void. Would be great if Regent and other cruise lines included a chart on their websites stating the policy for FCC's depending on the dates the cruises were cancelled to create the FCC's plus any other differences as cancellations have continued. Right now the cancellation policies and policies for FCC's are a hodge podge of this and that and not consistent for different cancellation dates as well as different countries.
  10. All good information however does not answer the "escrow" question. Guess in a way your answer confirms my belief that there is no "escrow" for moneys paid into any cruise line.
  11. No way to know with this new normal. Historically it would be supply and demand determining price decreases or increases plus Regent sometimes adds perks rather than discounts. With the financial issues facing all cruise lines it has been expected that prices would be rising. And they have. You pays your money and takes your chances. Really no way for anyone to provide and accurate answer.
  12. Don’t believe any money paid goes into “escrow”. Like they told you they won’t answer the question as it is confidential brkueve many found during this pandemic that it was difficult getting money paid so possible should bankruptcy occur you might lose all monies paid.
  13. Well then Dolebludger you won’t be going on regent or any other cruisel line again as the chances that any cruise line will make the changes you are asking to be changed are slim to none and slim has left the building yes have had platinum gold and green over the years and my comments apply to them all. And while I too would like the changes you are requesting there is zero chance any cruise line will make those changes.
  14. Sorry but, I have to somewhat disagree. Have been an Amex card holder for over 50 years now and yes, Amex does a better job for the customer than say Chase. Luckily during this pandemic the cruise I had booked and cancelled was after I was in the 12% penalty phase and the cancellation notice identified the amount of cancellation charges but, for whatever reason I got my full cash refund. But, had I received the FCC rather than cash refund just because I cancelled I am sure Amex would not have refunded the penalty dollars. Like I said, over 50 years as an Amex card holder and NEVER have I gotten a final judgement in 2 weeks. This year a late portion of the refund that I disputed was in my favor in about 6 weeks but, never in over 50 years withing 2 weeks. Believe the standard time a merchant has to respond in their contracts with Amex and Chase is 60 days based on experience wnd what the letters stated after I had disputes on both this year. Simply because the services or goods will not be delievered does not make the money be refunded if there are written cancellation terms that all cruise lines have so in your comment you have to include except when cancellation terms are included in the merchant's T's and C's. Don't want people to believe that money will be refunded for non delivery in all cases as you stated. It all depends on the T's and C's and response of the merchant.
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