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  1. Glad you clarified things. Don't believe using or not using Regent air makes a difference in how airlines allow or don't allow for upgrades or awarding points. Your idea of phoning the ailne in the midst of booking a deviation is good idea if you can get the full fare basis from Regent. Think I might have a better idea for those who want a fare that allows upgrades and/or make sure they will be awarded points. Once you choose your flights to be submitted to Regent Air contact the airlines you are requesting and ask them which fare basis do not allow an upgrade and/or give you FF points and then when you submit your request to Regent specify that none of those fare basis be booked. The possible problem with phoning the airline after Regent provides your acceptable flights is that Regent might not be able to provide the necessary information and that your flights will not at that time be in the airlines computers so will be unable to answer your questions.
  2. It's not Regent that determines whether miles are given for certain airline tickets, especially bulk or consolidator tickets. The booking/fare codes determine the terms & conditions and each airline has many different booking and fare codes so no reason for Regent to know what they are. ITA Matrix is the best source of this information for the public but, have to have the booking/fare codes for your flights and those won't be available until tickets are agreed to. Best to just contact the airline once your flight is booked for his information as well as any possibility of upgrading with points Just because someone doesn't know something does not mean it isn't true.
  3. Getting miles really depends on the type of ticket Regent purchases for you. The rules of the tickets determine if miles are or are not given to you. Cannot generalize by airline, route, etc.
  4. $400 internet is for entire cruise no matter the length. There are different packages you can buy with varying minutes included. Minutes are approx. $0.20/minute. Self service laundry is free (included). Sending out has varying costs depending on the item or $50 for a bag you can stuff as much as you can in. Depending on the items, probably 20 to 25 items. There will be a laundry list with prices in your suite and perhaps somebody can post it. All depends on how much you send out and the types of items.
  5. Probably because rules and types of price changes are very dynamic. Once you have made final payment more difficult to get price reductions but, not impossible. While some TA's do keep track of price changes, you have to remember they have hundreds if not thousands of customers on different cruises so difficult to be aware of all price changes and some changes may only be available for a short time. So even if your TA says they will keep track of your cruise pricing, best to do it yourself to make sure nothing is missed.
  6. Wouldn't be any different than the rebate check except you might be tempted to spend some on board and instead of having the cash before the cruise you would have the cash in your pocket as you disembark. You see generally the ship refunds all refundable OBC in cash on the last day oft he cruise.and if not you can certainly ask for cash so you can spend as you choose and not have a credit balance on your credit card. O Am a little concerned as to why this new TA won't simply give you a check rather than sending the money to Regent. You see there are times that REgent provides some of the OBC to the TA for promotional reasons and even if the TA adds their own cash the entire OBC becomes non-refundable. Recommend you tell this new TA you want the check sent directly to you before sailing to avoid the possibility of finding out on board that the OBC in non-refundable. Can't think of any reason why the TA would not send you the check directly unless Regent is supplementing the amount making in non-refundable. Their not knowing that OBC is generally refunded in cash and not to credit card is concerning. You see putting a credit on your credit card means Regent pays a credit card charge so better for them to give you cash. Good luck
  7. You will be informed once you board. And it is formal optional in that only semi formal in The Restaurant where only a jacket, no tie is required for the men an the same as every other nite throughout the rest of the ship. The number of nites for formal optional varies based on the length of the cruise. Believe it is the ship that decides the particular nite close to embarkation. Pretty sure on sea days but, can't be sure. Last cruise a B2B and one on each with first 15 nites and second 10 nites. YMMV
  8. Believe depending on where you live and how you got O Life you actually paid the $600 they are giving you in OBC. If so you can simply cancel O Life and your cruise price will be reduced by the $600 and then you can spend or not and not worry about the $600 being non-refundable..
  9. Thanks for the clarification FlyingScott. Was just trying to clarify the having to made final payment as well as other misnomers that have recently been posted here.
  10. Thanks for the clarification Host Dan. To add to the information for newbies, the coupon can be applied at any time prior to sailing for instance our next cruise is almost a year from now and we applied a coupon where we referred others and seabourn has applied the OBC to our account already. No need to wait for final payment in this case and no need for the referred party to have made final payment for the coupon to be applied.
  11. And, don't forget with O missing ports is a profit making situation since they don't spell out port charges and taxes (of course they are included in the total fare) they fail to make any refunds for missed ports. Instant pure profit.
  12. That might work if LAX is the final destination and although none of us know what contracts or routings Regent has, sincerely doubt that they have contracts the long way back from the Middle East plus they are unlikely to purchase a non-refundable fare as this most likely is. Might be time for you to book your own flights and take the non refundable risk while getting flight credit from Regent. And, in case you are unaware, you can get a credit for the complete round trip or either of the two one ways. Just another option for you to consider. You could also avoid the deviation fee by taking the Regent flight to Dubai on their schedule then booking yourself back home.. Wish you good luck Jay and hope you find acceptable flights without much if any upcharge.
  13. There have been similar questions earlier and yes, when you deviate you are able to use other airports for return flight. Flying East from Dubai is significantly longer distance so would more than likely increase your cost significantly. it is not a case of regent offering the other airports; you simply provide them those options and they will come back and tell you if that is within the dollars you paid for your cruise or how much additional it will cost you the same as return from your disembark airport.
  14. Not talking about consortiums. I'll try to explain one more time host agencies generally provide their services to independent TA's who are self employed and purchase services from the host agency which is how the host agency makes their money. The host agency may also provide services to the public direct. For further help google the host agency listed by the OP. As far as TA's being affiliated with Regent or any other cruise line don't believe there are any affiliated with any cruise line. Was not trying to say or allude any agencies are affiliated with Regent or any other cruise line.
  15. Not convoluted at all. A simply google search will find what was reported. And, I first stated that no agencies are affiliated with Regent. Just because someone never heard of something does not mean it doesn't' exist. Have seen and heard of many independent TA's who are self-employed and rely on the host agency for support, They work from home and have the host agency to fall back on for services. Doubt these would provide rebates, OBC or other types of purchase perks nor would always be available or have backup.
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