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  1. The ships are banned from the Canadian Ports and that would include tendering if it were even possible.
  2. An almost complete difference between 2 boards allowing the spread sheet and Azamara blocking the information. Yes, posting this on Azamara is a recipe for deletion but, pretty sure with "Bonnie" on the board a lot of influence can be put on CC to not allow what would surely show unfair treatment of Azamara customers. Took one cruise on Azamara and loved it. Booked another and after having my cruise being cancelled by greed in the home office and all of the other issues that have been discussed daily would not give them a red cent. Follow Azamara just to see what horrible customer service will appear again. And, the complete lack of change when they are completely wrong and continue to exhibit the same awful lack of any management is appalling. Good luck with your upcoming cruises but, would not go on one of their ships if offered a free cruise.
  3. That limit was reduced to not allowing ships with over 12 people so hopefully these ships are US flagged and stay in Alaska. See article in link below https://www.travelmarketreport.com/articles/Canada-Will-Now-Ban-All-Cruise-Ships-from-Ports-Until-July-1
  4. Hope you found the link on the first post. Understand your confusion Blag as you were not allowed to do this on the Azamara board yet there is one here on regent board as well as another on the seabourn board might be Azamara influencing your board to not allow a similar spreadsheet to keep Azamara cruisers in the dark.
  5. Nothing in our T&C about refunds. Could sue but, not worth the effort, cost more than what you would get back unless you have a Lawyer on retainer. Remember always better to be the one writing the Contract and that is generally the seller and sure the big shipyards have all types of clauses to cover payments or lack thereof. And, don't forget the writer of the Contract puts the location for filing any suits in a state or country that is favorable to them. Used to write and negotiate Contracts for dollars much larger than the costs of the biggest Cruise Ships so lots of t's to cross and i's to dot and lots of time before finally signing the Contract.
  6. All depends Paul what the Ts & Cs in the contract have to say.
  7. So to be clear for those who have or will be canceling cruises for say September they will not get their refunds until December?? Doesn't matter when the cruise was cancelled, and somone canceling a November cruise will have to wait until 2021 for their money???
  8. And check on the Regent board, there is a thread they are keeping a spreadsheet for returns and the response has been pathetic there as well. Not discounting Azamara's seeming incompetence but, pretty much the same for most cruiselines including the ones you want to go to.
  9. On top of the almost complete lack of confidence no word on how this affects those of us waiting now almost 10 weeks who have seen several changes including this latest one which in some cases better but in other cases significantly worse???????? Absolutely not one iota of communications and they believe we will be suckered in to this new plan when reduced fares will be dealt with based on their whim??
  10. Just remember the "value" can be misleading. Yes you pay for excursions up to a $199 Oceania price but, historically Oceania puts extremely high prices on their excursions and the ones included in O Life are generally the 4 hours bus tours that can be bought privately for less than the $100 per excursion you are paying with O Life. Value is used way too much these days in advertising and other places like here on CC and don't represent the actual cost and can be misleading.
  11. Yes, someone who doesn't understand how to communicate or document different versions of the Book With Confidence Policy when they have had several versions . We cancelled under a different version and this new one doesn't mention what happens to those who cancelled under a different policy. Also the complete BS where they will match lower fares but, how at their discretion whereas in the past they matched fares by revising the fare as long as before final payment. Huge difference between say OBC vs repricing the cruise especially when the difference can be thousands of dollars. Much worse new terms for fare reductions. Guess with the president gone in 3 days and nobody replacing him, nobody is at the helm and making such stupid decisions?? And, while the pricing games go on, the refund games continue with a new promise date each time the previous promise has passed. Thoroughly disgusted with what I thought was going to be our go to cruise line for the future. Perhaps somebody skilled in contracts and customer service should be involved in these totally ridiculous press releases and programs.
  12. Absolutely yes, dispute your charges with Amex ASAP. Being in the UK only makes it more egregious than those of us in the US. Had the same problem with a cancellation on March 23 and only this week after disputing with my credit card company have I gotten most of my money back. So far the sounds of silence from Seabourn have been deafening.
  13. Ah, 60 Business days is 84 calendar days plus any holidays ((60/5)*7) or 12 weeks plus any holidays
  14. Extremely rude response. Had absoluetly NOTHING to do with the credit card company The problem is the fact that the Seabourn clerk either didn't really look for the status or Seabourn failed to post in their system that the credits had been approved and sent to the credit card company. The status should have been that the credits had been approved by Seabourn and that it would take approximately a week to appear on the credit card online report. Yes, credits usually take a couple of days to appear on the credit card report and the clerk probably was allowing extra time as most companies do but, certainly should have informed the customer that the credit had been approved at Seabourn and sent to the credit card company. Only telling part of the story is incompetent.
  15. Been following a thread with Azamara on this exact subject. Seems the guarantees you mentioned cannot include any bonuses like the 25% FCC's so people are concerned about the credits not being split to 100$ and then the additional 25$ to assure full coverage of the 100%. The question was asked thru the Aaamara blogger in mid April who has said the question has gotten to senior management but, here at the almost end of May no response from Azamara has been received. So based on that disussion if the FCC is not broken into two pieces 100% and the bonus 25% no ATOL/ABTA coverage. Do not know if Regent would issue separate certificates but, the experience of the Azamara loyalists is extremely disheartening as they mull over taking the refund or the FCC. Also, based on reports here and other cruise lines while the 25% bonus sounds like a winner, it appears that cruise prices are currently increasing in the next year or two by more than the 25% bonus so it is helping the cruise lines manage their cash flow as well as getting the 25% back with higher fares so not in all cases a win for the customer.
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