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  1. I agree that some of the main courses in Chartreuse can be disappointing. However the starters & desserts are delicious; the cheese trolley in Chartreuse is not to be missed if you enjoy a selection of hard & soft French cheeses 😋
  2. @All_About_Food, You will find some useful reviews of Regent cuisine if you search out some of the live blogs to be found on this Board. Here is one from Explorer which has some excellent food pictures & descriptions scattered throughout the pages: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2685671-sorta-live-from-the-explorer-in-the-norwegian-fjords/ We have always been very pleased with the standard of food on Regent - menu choice, quality of ingredients & care in preparation. The evening menu in the main Dining Room, Compass Rose, is exceptional with an extensive list of delicious "always available' options plus daily specials.
  3. Cruise ships are moored or anchored around the world waiting for this pandemic to abate. According to this BBC News report a canny boat operator on the Dorset coast has turned the cruise lines' misfortune to his advantage this summer.
  4. Since Regent has not yet formally cancelled the 2021 WC, we do not know what offer(s) will be made to the customers still booked for the full sailing. Are HAL doing more than Regent for all their cancelled cruises? or just for the WC? I agree that Regent should consider extending final payment dates for cruises in Q1 of 2021, as they have done for the balance of cruises in 2020.
  5. No. You put everything in a bag with an itemised laundry list, keeping a carbon copy in case of an issue. Laundry staff check items on receipt & stick laundry labels on each large item (dresses, shorts, shirts etc); I assume smaller items such as socks are put in a labelled mesh bag for washing. Seldom, but quickly corrected. We have found the laundry & pressing service to be excellent in the past & hope it remains so in the future.
  6. HAL had to cancel their 2021 WC in July as they sold the ship that was to be used for the sailing. https://www.hollandamerica.com/blog/topics/news/four-ships-to-leave-the-holland-america-line-fleet-in-2020/ It was good that they accommodated the affected customers by transferring their bookings to a similar itinerary in 2022. This also meant that HAL could retain monies paid for the 2021 WC in preference to giving everyone refunds, so a good business decision.
  7. What do feel requires scepticism? The October date or the 2022 itineraries that will be published? Personally I am surprised that Regent have delayed the issue of 2022 itineraries until October. I would have thought that they would welcome some new income in the form of deposits as soon as possible. I would also hope that mankind will have this pandemic totally under control by mid 2022 (2 years hence); otherwise we may as well forget about most of the international travel & hospitality industry, including cruising ☹️
  8. Return with Regent The "Return with Regent" offer is reasonable and offers the customer increased flexibility on certain cruises in 2021. Whether the 100% refund or 125% FCC offered by Regent for a cancelled 2020 cruise will fully cover the cost of a similar 2021 cruise is a separate issue and depends on a number of factors: how long ago the 2020 cruise was booked what "deal" was being offered on the 2020 cruise at time of booking? is an equivalent cruise available in 2021? Regent's pricing of cruises for 2021 (which will include their forecast of supplier costs, including airfares) If Regent's pricing for suitable cruises in 2021 does not suit then the option is there to take a full refund for the cancelled 2020 cruise and shop around. It is good that we all have choices.
  9. .......... or cells for those who disregard health protocols? .......... and for pool deck lounger hogs 🤣
  10. This is not necessarily about keeping customers, but rather it is about trying to keep hold of the customer's money to help keep the company afloat. However, I am not understanding the angst about what Regent are offering. Regent are trying their best in difficult circumstances by offering three choices in the event of them cancelling: a full refund a price match on a future cruise (this choice may not always be offered; and if offered the selection of cruises may not suit) 125% FCC Not sure what more they could/should offer 🤔 How can it be described as "bait & switch". The customer has choices that can be made and the 125% can be applied to an existing booking in which case no price rise is applicable.
  11. Russian Regulatory approval has reportedly now been given. Maybe someone will be booking their flights to Russia 😉 🤣
  12. Explorer is now anchored in the Bay of Gibraltar. Navigator left Genoa yesterday and is now at anchor off Villefranche. Splendor is on its way to Europe; due to arrive in Gibraltar on Aug 17. Voyager still moored in Livorno, Italy. Mariner still moored in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
  13. Maybe NCLH has found cheaper lay-up moorings for its ships in Europe?
  14. In the UK, we had a long debate on this during June. In the event the UK Government kept the 2m rule generally but relaxed to 1m+ with mitigation where 2m is impractical. The following news reports show how thinking developed: BBC News, 23 June (the graphic showing the different rules in different countries is interesting) BBC News, 31 July Because the CLIA announcement only covered cruises in US waters; presumably following consultation with its members and the US authorities. This could be considered positive news in that TUI Cruises' pre-screening protocols were effective in identifying an issue before the crew boarded and before the cruise embarked.
  15. I understand that CLIA is the same organisation worldwide and the major cruise line members also operate worldwide. Being a trade body its primary aim is to "provide a unified voice" from the cruise industry rather than to influence its members. There has been no equivalent press release on the European CLIA website. The recent TUI Mein Schiff 2 mini cruise seems to have escaped problems. Maybe just lucky? Social distancing in many European countries is mandated at 1.5m (4.9ft). The WHO recommends a minimum of 1m (3.3 ft) ........ or maybe it just proves that it is virtually impossible to keep cruise ships covid free while this highly contagious virus exists, whatever protocols are introduced & enforced.
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