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  1. I've dated myself with that gaffe! How long has it been since Regent was Radisson?
  2. I'm a six time Seabourn cruiser and am due to board a ship in Australia on March 22. I believe this will probably be our last Seabourn. I expect high end cruise lines to be better than this. Silversea and Radisson are much better.
  3. We actually just agreed with each other. You just didn't realize it. You can justify paying £3K and cannot justify paying more. That's pretty much what I said. "If you cannot justify such a big jump in price for Queen's Grille, then it is not for you. ." Don't forget, I'm American. You're British. We don't speak the same language.
  4. Perhaps the difference in when refunds are coming, etc. has more to do with where the client lives (Australia office of Seabourn may be processing refunds more quickly) or what credit card the client is using. Just supposition on my part.
  5. You will be fine in a dark suit. On my last cruise, I think there was about a 60-40 split. The majority wearing dark suits!
  6. Absolutely you should be frightened. We have set fire to many cruise ships over the years and actually sank two. For your safety and my sanity, Please never cruise with us. 😁
  7. At almost every table in the Queen's Grille, even a table for two, it is possible to chit chat with diners at other tables. We had a table for two and found ourselves conversing every meal with another two top on one side of us and an eight top on the other. The good thing about that was when we wanted to be alone in our conversation, we just didn't talk to the other tables.
  8. If you cannot justify such a big jump in price for Queen's Grille, then it is not for you. QG is best enjoyed by people who are not concerned about the extra cost. They want the experience, no matter the price. The extra cost won't bother them. It is quite an experience. I enjoyed my 10 day cruise in QG immensely. You will still enjoy the cruise and the food in the Main Dining Room. You will also enjoy knowing you paid substantially less than Grill customers. Don't give it another thought. Or conversely, if you have to think about the cost, you won't enjoy the Grills.
  9. Sure, I'll weigh in. Seabourn is awesome because tipping is not expected. That much being said, if my cabin steward goes above and beyond what is normally expected of a steward, I'll leave a little something extra at the end of the cruise. On one cruise, we hosted a cocktail party in our cabin that the steward helped with. She got my wife an extension cord for the room because it didn't have enough outlets to support a cell phone charger, a curling iron and blow dryer at the same time (something my wife desired). And she shined a pair of dress shoes without me asking her to because she overheard my wife comment they looked a little worn. That steward got a little something extra. But, do not ever feel the need to tip extra on these cruises. That's the beauty of Seabourn.
  10. There are a couple of nice wineries you can visit from Brisbane and I believe I researched a koala sanctuary where you can interact with the animals. I'd check Trip Advisor and do a search for Things To Do in Brisbane.
  11. If you like Caviar, it is available at any time, in any location, except the Thomas Keller restaurant. Just ask your server. You may even pre-order it as an appetizer for dinner each night. Seabourn sells The Retreat as a semi-private exclusive retreat with complimentary food and beverages. In fact, all food and beverages are complimentary on board (except premium wines) so The Retreat is generally not very popular. There are plenty of places on board where you can find privacy and solitude for no additional cost. You may order off the menu at any dinner, ahead of time, by asking the Maître d' 24 hours ahead of time. If the chef has the ability to make it, he will. Hope this helps.
  12. You may absolutely go through your travel agent. In fact, when we had a future cruise credit, Seabourn even notified our travel agent.
  13. We have seen it both ways on Seabourn cruises. I suggest you ask before signing for each service whether gratuity is included.
  14. Seabourn does not attract many families with children. The Seabourn ships I've been on did not even have a dedicated staff nor facility for children. Seabourn would not be my first choice for cruising Alaska with a teen. However, if you want to increase your likelihood of finding a cruise with children on board, book during the summer when school is out. Or, if you're feeling especially generous, think about inviting your grand-niece's best friend along.
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