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  1. We loved the jeep ride around Corfu on Seabourn. In fact, we did it two cruises in a row. You must be able to drive a manual transmission, as all the jeeps have a stick shift. The Seabourn tour of Dubrovnik was so lame, we asked for, and received, a partial refund. Hope this helps.
  2. The water sports deck is usually open once per seven night cruise. It will obviously be on a day when passengers are tendered to shore and the ship is at anchor. I do not wear a jacket, except on formal nights on Seabourn cruises. . . and then I wear a tux or dark suit. I usually book through a travel agent, because she guarantees Seabourn's lowest price and offers perks such as shipboard credit and champagne. She is also my advocate when I have a dispute with the cruiseline.
  3. Greetings Australian cruisers! I'm an American, who will be visiting Australia in 2020 and I need some help. We'll be visiting Moreton Island on our cruise next March. We have heard sand tobogganing on the dunes is a great adventure. I have not found any companies on-line offering rides. Any suggestions?
  4. We'll be visiting Moreton Island on our cruise next March. We have heard sand tobogganing on the dunes is a great adventure. I have not found any companies on-line offering rides. Any suggestions?
  5. I have booked with Sydney Private Day Tours for my upcoming trip. Very responsive. Very highly recommended on Trip Advisor. www.SydneyPrivateDayTours.com.au
  6. You may absolutely order almost anything off the menu in the Queen's Grille. We had veal parmesan, caviar, crepes suzette, shrimp cocktail, bananas foster, lobster just to name a few of our choices. And yes, we had caviar 8 out of 9 nights!
  7. I am a retired TV Reporter from Florida, and have covered dozens of storms. Caribbean hurricanes are very rare in November. And I would now plan on making that 8:50 flight. In fact, I wouldn’t book a flight before noon! Just to be safe.
  8. I cannot remember the last time I was mailed referral vouchers and I've cruised Seabourn five times. Can anyone offer insight on getting some? Thanks!
  9. 1. I am American. 2. It's unrealistic to pay American gratuities on a foreign vessel with foreign crew. 3. My server in the Queens Grill comes from a country where the average monthly wage is $300. 4. My assistant waiter in the Queens Grill comes from a country where the average monthly wage is $325 a month. No one should be expected o pay American wages because the pay scales are so different. Cruise staff work so hard on cruise ships, because even with auto gratuities of $3-$4/day per passenger they are earning far more than they could back home. You should not feel bad about leaving the auto gratuity and nothing more. All the service people who took care of me were on their 6th-20th contracts. They keep coming back for a reason! The pay is good compared to what they could earn back home. That much being said on my 9 day cruise this summer, I gave out a lot of additional gratuities: Head Waiter Waiter Asst. Waiter Sommelier Grills Bartender 2nd Head Waiter Butler Asst. butler These are people who I believe went above and beyond to make our cruise special. I wanted to let them know that. However, some people did nothing extra special for us. For example, I did not tip the Maître 'D whom I hardly saw in 9 days. I guess I'll wrap by saying as long as you're leaving the auto gratuity, you should not feel bad about gratuities. You've don the right thing. But I have to tell you it felt really good to see the staff smile when I handed out those envelopes!
  10. American Cruises actually has its own board on Cruise Critic. You might want to check there.
  11. Thanks to both you and Wes. I had concerns about booking my first Silversea Cruise on Shadow until I read this. I’m booked now.
  12. You sort of made my point, with your post cruisemom42. While you were waiting for buses, walking between attractions and taking the train. I was sitting in an air conditioned BMW while my guide told me all kinds of interesting facts about Athens. He dropped me off exactly where I needed to be for every place I visited. That includes places outside the historic area. The Olympic Stadium, changing of the guard at the prime minister’s home, scenic overview of the Acropolis, etc. Your way way is a great way to get the flavor of the city and save some money. But if you spend 20% of your day on public transportation and walking between attractions, that’s time you don’t spend doing the things you want to do. And what happens to tourists who aren’t as smart and confident as you are? What if they get lost or take the wrong bus? That won’t happen with a guide like PK. You and and I can agree to disagree and let our fellow cruise critics decide what’s best for them. We will both be right for someone out there! Safe travels everyone!
  13. Don’t worry! Your guide will wait for you! They understand, there can be delays. The big reason they want to start early is to beat the morning traffic! But with a private guide, show up when you want to. The day is yours.
  14. Free Tours, Visby is a wonderful tour run by an older Englishman, who fell in love with Visby on a vacation eight years ago and never left. It truly is a free tour. Aiden works on tips and the average tip on our tour was $10-$20 per person. He accepts all currencies. And he doesn’t push you or lay on a guilt trip. He mentioned his pricing only once Aiden was humorous and informative as he led us on a 90 minute walk through the lower part of the walled city. He mixes local folklore with verifiable facts, which makes it especially interesting. We were never bored and never overwhelmed with information. You will have to walk up some hills, but there were enough stops that no one felt winded. It is definitely NOT handicapped friendly. Important: please try to book ahead. Aiden strictly limits his tours to 20 people. Ten pre-registered guests and ten first come-first served walk ups. He turned away at least 10 people on our tour. You can pre-book the tour on his Facebook page, which is listed below. https://www.facebook.com/freetoursvisby/
  15. We could not have had an easier, more enjoyable experience in Copenhagen, than we did on our Copenhagen Segway Cruise tour. The tour office is literally located on the pier where our cruise ship docked. We booked a group tour, but turned out to be the only guests, so my wife and I got a bonus private tour. The guide spent 10 minutes training us novices on how to operate the segways and off we went. 1. Segways are easy to operate. 2. We saw an awful lot in 2 hours. 3. frequent stops for photos. 4. One stop for coffee and Danish! 5. A lot of people on walking tours looked at us with envy! We really had fun on our two hour journey. The tour website is included! https://segwaycruisecopenhagen.com/
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