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  1. I’ve used Trip Insurance Store for several cruises including the aborted 2020 Regent Seven Seas 131-day World Cruise. Steve is excellent at putting together the perfect combo of policies to cover your trip. I’m working with him right now on a 94-day Arctic cruise in 2021. No relation to his company other than a very satisfied customer. Lana in Bellingham, WA
  2. I’m posting this in response to Sheila’s post but it’s really in response to everyone who encouraged me to at least try using a TA. You were right. With some help, I found a TA and transferred my booking to her today. I’m getting a very generous rebate and I can still contact my guy at Regent as long as it isn’t related to $$$ or changes to the schedule (as Sheila mentioned above). My Regent guy still gets credit for the initial booking, and everyone seems happy, including me. so thanks again for your encouragement. I think this will be the ”new way” I’ll be dealing with cr
  3. Honestly, the feeling I had was that I was being "brushed off" -- by both of them. Didn't give a good impression for sure. I'll try again -- we'll see what happens. Thanks -- Lana
  4. I appreciate the sentiment, but no, actually, I don't know that. When I booked the 2020 World Cruise, on the urging of more experienced folks both here and on the FB group, I spoke to two different luxury cruise specialty TAs that came highly recommended about this, and the best they could offer was a savings of maybe $1,000 on the cruise (one said $750) and some OBC. For a six-figure cruise, the hassle of having to go through a TA for every question or issue just wasn't worth the minimal savings offered. Both of them explained that it was due to the fact that I travel solo, so t
  5. I'm booking directly through Regent -- and Michael said he could start the process prior to the 23rd. Right now, I'm just waiting to see which of my 3 "preferred" cabins are available, so I think they're actually taking deposits now. Lana
  6. My email said it would be open for bookings on September 23. When I called my cruise planner guy at Regent, he said it was open for booking for prior guests with priority given to prior World Cruise guests. So they may be delaying a more general announcement until the 23rd. Just a guess ... Lana in Bellingham, WA
  7. I'm definitely booking this one. For me, it's a "dream" itinerary. I'll be on the 2022 WC so there's some overlap (some overlap with the 2020 WC, too), but there are enough "new" (to me, anyway) ports to make it worthwhile. I'm going to check to see if there's a way to get from Barcelona back to the US via a ship, -- or perhaps see what the Mariner is up to after the WCers disembark. If it's doing a Mediterranean cruise, I might just be interested in staying onboard for that. Lots of time to figure that out. Lana in Bellingham, WA
  8. If they have good fresh oysters and/or know ahead of time that you want them and they have a local source for them, it shouldn't be a problem. If you use a travel agent, go through them to get your preferences to Regent. If you don't use a travel agent, go through your Regent cruise planning specialist. If there's a particular wine or beverage she would like you'll be able to get that as well. Regent will do everything they can to fulfill your wishes. I'll be celebrating my 70th birthday in July 2021 on the Grand Arctic Adventure (May 31 - Sep 2) and the Navigator be in Helsinki
  9. I'm with you on this. I'm holding out hope for May 31 on the Navigator out of NYC, but I'm not holding my breath. If it sails and they'll let me board, I'll be on it. I cruise for the shipboard experience. Actually going ashore in ports is a secondary consideration for me.
  10. I haven't been cruising that long (my first cruise was in September, 2017), but I've taken 6 1/3 cruises so far. I travel solo so additional cost (single supplement) is a major factor in my planning. Most of my cruises have been longer -- 21+ days -- including part of a World Cruise. I was on the ill-fated Regent Seven Seas 2020 World Cruise that ended early on March 17 in Fremantle (Perth), Australia after only 51 days. And I currently have six more Regent cruises booked -- it would have been more, but two scheduled for this year have already been canceled (a 15-day Alaska tr
  11. I really do feel that the answer to this depends on your individual reasons for and expectations of cruise travel. I'm single, no kids/grandkids, no pets, no houseplants, so my situation is probably a little different than most Regent travelers. For me, the onboard experience is more important than excursions and port calls. I have some physical challenges that make walking even moderate distances tricky so a lot of excursions are just not possible. I'm also in a "highly vulnerable" population (over 65, overweight, COPD & asthma). So I tend to spend more time onboard than
  12. My first cruise on Regent was in 2018: a 28-day trip starting in Vancouver to Alaska, then down the west coast, Central America, through the Panama Canal, and ended in Miami. I had sailed twice before that on Holland America including a 38-day North Atlantic cruise, both times in a Neptune Suite (I mention that only because the "amenities" and perks are similar to what is offered on Regent's Concierge suite although here's a size/square-footage difference). I was so impressed by Regent that on day 10 of the cruise, I booked the 2020 World Cruise. I couldn't tell if it
  13. Yeah -- my 68-day Oct 29 -- Jan 5 Cape Horn cruise was canceled this morning. I'm still jockeying my FCCs from the truncated 2020 world cruise plus the canceled 15-day Alaska cruise a few weeks ago, but so far, it looks like my next cruise (94-day Arctic Adventure NYC-NYC starting May 31, 2021) and the three cruises I just booked last week for late 2021 are mostly covered except for the airline upgrade on the Nov 14, 2021 cruise. Keeping my fingers crossed for summer 2021. Lana in Bellingham, WA
  14. I saw that, too -- I'm tempted to book that SF to Vancouver cruise for after the 2022 World, since I live about an hour from Vancouver. That way I wouldn't have to fly from SF to Seattle and then shuttle to Bellingham, Something to think about, anyway. 🙂
  15. Absolutely! I'll be on the Navigator for the Arctic cruise next year. And I keep checking itineraries/schedules for the other ships to see if I can find something that fits. I much prefer cruises that either start or end (preferably both) somewhere in the US as I tend to avoid long international flights as much as possible. It just seems that, for now, the Mariner offers more cruises that work with my schedule and preferences. This particular group of cruises immediately preceding the 2022 World Cruise was a happy coincidence: I get to see the Amazon which I'll
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