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  1. Currently on Splendor and Starlink is NOT installed yet.
  2. Anyone know if Starlink has been rolled out on Splendor?
  3. I sincerely hope they do NOT roll these changes out fleet wide. The Impossible burger is a sodium laden chemistry experiment and is in no way heart healthy . And ground beef instead of filet medallions??? When you start messing with "the finest cuisine at sea" you risk losing your customers.
  4. One of the strange mysteries between O and R. Why would you allow passengers to feed themselves from the buffet? And they wonder how norovirus spreads?
  5. Interesting. I air deviated 4 weeks ago for our July Grandeur cruise and have confirmed flights, seats, and a PNR. Nothing from either DL or RSSC about any cancellation.
  6. NCL is a mass market cruise line and advertised as such. RSSC is advertised as a 5 star cruise line and FDR Jr. needs to remember that. Money is fungible.
  7. All the tag has on it is the deck number and a space on the back to put your name and room number. Not familiar with the hotel ones as we typically book our own hotel. We are Silver right now but will be gold in July. Is that the level to get the "old" tags?
  8. Received our pre cruise docs and bag tags about a week ago. Definitely not the old Regent. Instead of a nice holder with a printed cruise summary brochure and tags with our name , we get a plan paper envelope with blank tags that have nothing but the deck number on them. Now I'm all for saving money BUT, in the same week we received 7 full color Regent brochures, including an almanac sized one. Seems to me that cutting back on those and going back to the little things that made Regent what it is would be money better spent.
  9. Ortho (and all who are on this cruise), we are having an impromptu get together at the Splendor Pool Bar at 5PM on Sail Away day. Do join us!
  10. Have used Rome Cabs many times to/from Civitavecchia to FCO. Great service. Roughly 45 minutes to one hour in the morning. We'v left ship as early as 7AM and as late as 8:30 AM and never missed a flight. Highly recommend.
  11. Also on Splendor 2/11. Need to root for my Lions!! Last year on Oceania in Antarctica, they threw a Super bowl party with all the typical tailgate food and showed the game in Horizons. It was great .
  12. Had R add the numbers when making the reservation. Went on AA.com to confirm that it was done. This was at the time of making the air res (deviation). We always deviate to get the flights we want. Well worth the $175 per person.
  13. Except : the venue was in good use every night it was open on the Carib cruise. The point being, if the weather is conducive, the pool grill should be open for casual dinner. Previous posters have commented that staff advised them it was stopped due to budget .
  14. We've been on Explorer twice in the last year and found her to be a wonderful ship. We did have a hiccup one night in Compass Rose but it was handled extraordinarily well by the Chef. Very pleased with our PH and general service. One difference from our Carib cruise to our Istanbul cruise was the lack of any evening service at the Pool Grill. Such a shame to eliminate this venue due to "bean counting".
  15. We are on a 17 Carib cruise this winter on Splendor. It is also marketed as 2 segments and we have friends joining us for the second segment. So, how do I make dining reservations?? We want to eat in all 3 during the first seven days but does that mean we cannot make reservations for the next 10 days with our friends??
  16. When Regent resumed sailing after Covid, we went on the Explorer in the Carib. On a 10 nite cruise, the Pool Grill was open for dinner 4 nites. In October of last year we were again on Explorer for a 14 nite cruise and the Pool Grill was only open once. Very disappointing given that there is no other casual dining spot on board in the evening. We assumed this was a temporary move due to staff shortages but it now appears "somebody" in Miami made a random decision without thinking about the impact. Weather permitting, the Pool Grill should be open for an evening buffet. Come on Regent, live up to your marketing hype of "first class all the way".
  17. I strongly recommend NOT going on the donkey trail up nor down. First, it's bout 900 uneven steps with donkey doo everywhere. No guard rails, and the donkeys just keep on coming. I would also not ride the donkeys for two reasons; one, you will smell like donkey the rest of the day and two, they are frequently abused by their owners. Take the cable car. it's simply and quick.
  18. We've done the vaporetto to Maratima many times from the Hilton. Picks you up right outside the hotel. Very easy to do.
  19. Anyone have the connoisseur BOTTLE list for bottles en suite?
  20. No shuttle from the ship. Taxi cost quoted from City Cabs is £25-£27 one way.
  21. Sadly, for whatever reason, the X99 is not running on June 14 when Oceania Riviera is docked. Would the train be faster than the 43 bus?
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