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  1. Hi Imcpa, I am boarding in 3 days time, so happy to find the answers for you. I do know that the upper cabins have different shampoo, conditioner etc to the lower deck cabins, so that answer will vary.
  2. I’m looking forward to following your cruise. The trip only needs to tick your boxes for what you feel is an enjoyable way to holiday, I wouldn’t worry if it’s “boring” for others, it’s not their journey. I leave on the eclipse on the 3rd of February to the Antarctic and then again in August for Iceland & Greenland. I’ll try to do a trip report also.
  3. We have booked the owners penthouse and I rang Scenic to see if we could upgrade to business class and was told charter flights are only one class, so I’m not going to be happy if this information isn’t correct. Looks like I’ll be be back on hold with “annoying voice” again, straight after the holidays.
  4. Also did you fly home straight after the charter flight, or opted to stay the night? scenic say not to book an onward flight until after 8pm, which we did at 11:45pm, only to notice yesterday that our trip personaliser shows that our charter flight gets in at 10;10am. What on earth do we do for 12 hours? We won’t be able to check in for our onward flight so early. I’m thinking that we have no choice but to stay at an airport hotel for 10 hours. If I’d know I would of come home the following day.
  5. Indeed you did help me, again thank you. One last question, how did you go with luggage limits on the charter flight ?
  6. Thank you so much for your travel blog. I’ve loved it all and have appreciated all the time you have put into it. In regards to the “distinct class system”, for those that are in much higher priced cabins, the perks are what they pay for, sometimes 4 times or more than the lower cabins. You are an experienced Regent passenger and they too have the “perks” for upper cabins. As do most cruise lines. I too will do an blog when I am onboard, as I understand how much it means to future travellers and how excited they get for their upcoming cruise. Thanks again for sharing your gr
  7. Wow, Wow, Wow 😲 Just fantastic. can I ask what camera you are using. Excellent photos.
  8. A few weeks ago I phoned Scenic to see if we could upgrade from an economy seat on the flights from Buenos Aires & Ushuaia. I was doing this hoping that by upgrading, our luggage limit would be increased and it would be more comfortable. I was told it’s definitely a chartered flight, so only one seat class and 20kg luggage weight + carry on. Without seeming snobby, it seems odd that it’s a luxury cruise line and you have to fly “cattle class” for a 3 hour + flight.
  9. Nooooo anything but that annoying voice on hold lol. Thanks for for the answers, it’s appreciated.
  10. Oh one more question - for the new passengers joining the cruise, were they taken straight to the ship from the airport or did they have a small tour of Ushuaia first? I’ve read other cruise lines do the small tour to kill time on the turnaround before boarding. I’d love to have some time to see Ushuaia's shops etc but highly doubt I’ll be able too. Fingers crossed
  11. Question One - How did the Eclipse handle the Drake Passage? Or did you have the Drake Lake? Question Two - what is the ships temperature like indoors? Long sleeve, short sleeve or jacket required? Question Three - we are in an upper cabin that has complimentary laundry service, however in the brochure it does have an * stating that this service Is limited in polar areas. Does this mean that even the guest self service laundry can’t be used? Any info on this, will help me with my packing 😀 thanks
  12. The Viking Sun is currently on a 244 day world cruise, so highly doubt it will be an issue for you. Im getting very excited to see this leg of your journey, so expect a few questions form me (if you don’t mind)
  13. No I didn’t take as complaining. I would also find the noise annoying, especially if trying to sleep. The tv show Getaway, is a travel show in Oz and Catriona Rowntree is currently on board doing this. Catriona is always presenting Scenic tours on the show, she is also the annoying voice that we have to listen too when on hold, when phoning Scenic in Australia. I’ve noticed on Scenic’s Instagram they show a lot of photos from your trip. Take a look because there is an awesome one, taken by drone of the ship in front of the glacier.
  14. Have you asked if they can move you to another cabin? As you’ve stated, it isn’t a full house, so maybe that would solve the problem.
  15. WOW that’s amazing. How on earth are they going to handle that? How often do they empty, or how many days capacity are the tanks? Keep up the great work, I’m thoroughly enjoying every bit of information on the Eclipse. Also thanks for the tip regarding casual clothing. I’ll leave the long frocks at home 😂
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