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  1. Hi Goorawin, just a couple of questions please; you mentioned that that there weren’t any printed menus, but they’re shown on your tv screen, so what happens when you go to the restaurant? Are you meant to of memorized it? is your room key a card that is linked to your ID card, do you wear this on a lanyard? what are the tours like at each port, are there many to choose from? You mentioned that the drinks weren’t up to what you were expecting, why? Are you only offered a select wine each night etc? I’m really hoping things have settled down for you and you are now experiencing a more relaxed ship.
  2. I have found this video on the eclipse. It shows interiors in a 3d render but also has images at the end. https://youtu.be/k5azJVmX9LY
  3. Goorawin, Im another that has been enjoying your reports. We’ve all anxiously awaited for this maiden cruise and you are the only one that is allowing us to get some inside knowledge of the actual ship. Scenic keep posting glossy gorgeous photos, which now seem they must to be 3D renders, after seeing your photos. Please continue to post here, as I look forward to hearing what you have to say each day, be it positive or negative, you’ve given a great report.
  4. They just pulled their post off FB. I thought I’d be deleted, so I was surprised to see them delete the entire thing
  5. As predicted, Scenic just posted to their FB page about the wonderful maiden voyage today and how beautiful the ship is. I urge others to comment on their FB post, so others know it’s not true.
  6. Unbelievable.......or is it? I’ve said all along that Scenic not showing interiors and shouting it from the roof tops, raised alarm bells. Goorawin I’m so sorry to hear what you are going through. You are our life line to the truth at the moment and I am eagerly awaiting Scenic’s propaganda on their FB page.
  7. Thanks. We disembark at Seward. We don’t catch the train until 6pm, so was hoping to stretch the morning out. We have a helicopter flight at 12, so we can easily fill our time off the ship in after leaving the ship.
  8. What’s the latest time you can disembark, (before they kick you off) when you have your own travel arrangements?
  9. It’s all good and said in jest Travelcat2. Perhaps an Aussies sense of humour isn’t translated easily here. We certainly don’t get our knickers in a knot over small stuff. Having a good laugh and a fun life is very much on my agenda. I certainly won’t be loud and obnoxious around other diners/passengers but you will see me having a wonderful cruise and enjoying every minute. Now back to Top Tip questions - can you bring your own travel coffee cup and get Coffee Connections to fill it? I’d love to have a warm cuppa up on deck whilst watching Alaska pass by.
  10. Oh lighten up a little, perhaps these people were doing something outrageous, like celebrating and having fun, on a trip of a lifetime . Good for them and hopefully they didn’t hear from stuffed shirts that they were the “joke of the cruise”. I hope they’re on my trip and I will join them with my lanyard. Oh what fun we will have!
  11. Well I’m heading out to buy the loudest lanyard I can find and then pimp it up a bit. Dimnontes and feathers should do it. Thanks for a good chuckle Bill.
  12. Oh my goodness this made me laugh..........heaven forbid that I dare look like a mainstream cruiser, even though I can afford to be on a luxury line........... who cares what I look like or anyone else if they prefer to use a lanyard. Will nobody speak to me because of it? Sheesh!
  13. Im not just meaning Roll Calls but any general discussion for Scenic Eclipse, ports, cruises, trip reports etc. EDITED - Sorry I just realised this thread was under the “All other cruise lines”, which I only found by searching Scenic Eclipse. I thought this was under the Scenic River cruises section. All’s good 😀
  14. I have the Antarctic cruise Feb 3rd and Iceland Greenland early August booked. Prices have risen considerably from our first cancelled bookings, so the compensation wasn't much use. I want to stay positive about the ship but what is worrying me, is that we are yet to see any internal fit out videos or images. Each time they show something, it is purely the exterior and it seems to be the same thing over and over again ( I think I've seen it being painted for the past 6 months) You think Scenic would be shouting from the roof tops, how good it looks with the internal fit out. I'm hanging out for it's August inaugural cruise, then I can relax and make our final payment without worrying. Also when is Cruise Critic adding Scenic Eclipse to the boards? It would be great if we can start roll calls and discussions. How do we go about getting this to happen?
  15. Hi, So far we have had 2 cruises cancelled Antarctic & Arctic. We have rebooked for next year and are waiting anxiously on any positive news regarding the launch. I got tired of the other thread also. Today I received email from Scenic. What are are your thoughts on this. Can we finally see a light at the end of the tunnel, or will the ship not be released from the bankruptcy? 14 May 2019 Scenic Eclipse Continues its Build to Completion and June Sea Trials Dear ********** We are writing to provide an update on Scenic Eclipse after some recent developments within the shipyard in Croatia. We have unfortunately been advised that a commercial court in Croatia, has placed the Uljanik Shipyard into bankruptcy this week. To ensure work on Scenic Eclipse continues however, Scenic has been able to negotiate an agreement with the court-appointed bankruptcy trustee. This will ensure works continue as planned to allow Scenic Eclipse to head to Reykjavik, Iceland for its inaugural cruise on August 15, 2019. This development comes after a breakdown in negotiations between the recently chosen strategic partner, Brodosplit Shipyard and the Croatian Government. The strategic partner is a consortium comprised of the Croatian DIV group and Italian Shipyard Fincantieri. “Scenic Eclipse continues to remain on schedule for its first sea trial in early June after its completion of the dry dock work last week,” states Scenic company spokesperson. “We are saddened by the loss of jobs at the shipyard as we have developed a wonderful relationship with many of the hard-working men and women there and hope that a court-determined resolution is found in the near future.” We thank you for your ongoing support of Scenic Luxury Cruises & Tours and look forward to welcoming you on board Scenic Eclipse.
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