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  1. Cruiser Virginia We are on a cruise to Africa in Jan 2022. What cruise are you on? Interested in your tour operator for the private excursions. Hope things are better in Jan and we can cruise Kandy and Ron from Texas
  2. This sounds great. Hopefully it will continue for a while. Heathrow was very hetic. Thanks for this info. Kandy
  3. We will have a 6 hour layover so should not be a problem. The return is also a longer layover. We don’t mind that especially at Heathrow as several times came very close to missing connecting flight. Not especially excited about BA but the best for us flying from Austin and only one stop both ways. Other choices with only one stop are not on the days we want to arrive and depart. Hopefully this will be a go and no masks or quarantines . If that is the case we will cancel.
  4. I am trying to book air fare for our Cape Town trip in Jan of 2022. I am trying to decide if I want to fly BA and connect in London and hope the restrictions are off by Jan or fly through Newark . The problem with the latter is that we have to fly in a day earlier and leave a day later to get the United one stop flights. Does anyone have any suggestions. I am thinking by Jan if the restrictions are not lifted in London then most likely we should not go to Cape Town and the cruise might not go.
  5. My tour guide in Africa just sent an email saying that MSC just cancelled all cruises into south Africa until Nov of 2021. Wondering if all the other cruise lines will follow suit and if those cruises in Dec and Jan will go to Africa. It is hard to make plans for air and excursions right now not knowing what is going to happen. UGH
  6. I have made plans for Cape Town with a private guide for 3 days and also he will take us to the safari Camp Dwyka at which we will stay for 2 nights and then he will return us to the cruise ship. We have the 3 Days in Cape town all planed out as we will see most everything including a wine tour. We will be staying at The Table Bay Hotel as it is on the water front and close to all the good restaurants and shopping if we choose to do that. I decided if we are going to fly Emeritus we might as well do a stop over in Dubai either going or coming and see the area. I am just in the stage of mak
  7. The dates just continue to move back. Things are not looking good. I continue to be disappointed. 2021 is beginning to look worse than 2020 with all that is happening everywhere and that is hard to believe.
  8. We are planning on spending 3 days in Cape Town and then going out to a safari camp about 3 hours from Cape Town and spend 2 nights prior to the cruise. We have made arrangements for a private guide for the entire say in Cape Town and also to drive us to the safari camp and return for the pick up and drop us off at the ship. Hopefully all of this will be possible by Jan of 2022 but holding off on the flights and Hotel until mid summer. Who knows what is in store for us. We were suppose to receive our first vaccine today and the weather here in Texas is the worst in 30 plus years so nee
  9. Lots of good info and thank you everyone. I have used tours by locals many times and never had a problem and always very pleased with the guides. It appears there are many good Hotels to stay at and will have to make a very hard choice. Maybe since this is a once in a lifetime stop most likely will go for broke on the Hotel.
  10. Thank you guys for the info I will certainly look at both of these hotels.
  11. Hopefully we will be spending a few days in Dubai prior to our Jan 2022 cruise from Cape Town to Cape Town. We decided that flying Emeritus would be a real treat and we can fly business class from Houston, Texas non stop to Dubai. We decided while there to spend a few days seeing the city so I am looking for suggestions for Hotels and Private tour guides to use while there. Of course we all know this is dependent upon covid being somewhat under control and cruising resuming. Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated. Sooo looking forward to cruising again as reaching the age of 76 those
  12. I believe Pcardad,s predication of cancelling all May Cruises will come true. We have a cruise on the Voyager to the Holy Lands in May and all the Cruises on Regent in May show waitlisted. I just wish Regent would make the announcement so we can move on. I am soo ready to cruise but it is looking like not a chance this year. We are scheduled to receive our first vaccine this coming Tuesday and here in the Georgetown ,Texas are they are predicting many inches of snow. Ugh I was hoping 2021 was going to be better than 2020 but so far things are not turning out like I had hoped. Keeping fingers
  13. Thank you We are use to cruising on Regent and Business Class air is included but I always pay a little extra in order to choose my flights. We have cruised on NCL in Hawaii and also in the Caribbean but we have always just purchased our own air with points. We are doing the NCL cruise in Africa in Jan of 2022 . We were booked on the Regent cruise but it basically is almost the entire month of Dec of 2021 and we decided we didn't want to be gone over the Christmas Holidays so I found that Norwegian had basically the same ports and the cruise is in Jan so decided to go with that. A lot
  14. Thank you but my question is is it cheaper or the same price I can buy it for?
  15. Wondering if Norwegian offers Business Class air to Africa and if so can you choose the flights you want? I know they offer coach class but what about business?
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