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  1. So we have these multi city flights with an overnight in Miami and American is wanting to check us in for our flights tomorrow but I am concerned if I check in it is from Austin to Barbados and we are spending the night at the Miami airport. Should I just wait until tomorrow to check in at the airport and only check our bags to Miami and then the next go checkin again for the flight to Barbados.
  2. After multiple times finally completed the form. Could never figure out what the issue was.
  3. Finally after multiple tries completed the form.
  4. I filled out the form online and submitted it and after 30 minutes was still submitting. not sure what to do.
  5. I had the form all filled out and submitted it and for 30 minutes was still submitting. has anyone had problems in submitting this form. Notsure what is going on.
  6. Our trip from airport to Barbados Hilton is 30 US dollars. Tip not included.
  7. Thank you will try one of these.
  8. What is the best restaurant in Barbados for a wonderful evening meal prior to a cruise in Barbados. Seafood would be great.
  9. We are using Caleb Knight Here is his contact calebknight17@yahoo.com Tell him Kandy gave you his info He has been very responsive Recommended by The Hilton Barbados Resort We are using him for transport from Airport to hotel, from hotel to ship, and from ship back to airport with a short tour of the island. Very reasonable
  10. We are in Miami for 17 plus hours staying at the airport does short check mean you still go pick up in baggage claim
  11. We booked a Multi city flight with an overnight layover in Miami going and returning home. Can we request our luggage be sent to Miami and recheck the next day to Barbados or does it have to be checked all the way to Barbados? Never had a multi city flight with an overnight layover.
  12. We have used Rome in Limo many times and they are great. Will also do private tours on the way if interested.
  13. Yes many years ago when began cruising with Regent the wine choice was definitely better for Reds in my opinion, we are heading to the Caribbean in Feb on Slendor our first time on Splendor. Hopefully the choice will be good. In the past we have used OBC to purchase reds we like.
  14. Those of you who found better reds what were the ones you enjoyed?
  15. If they add something in its place but that doesn’t usually happen. Better included wines would be great .
  16. Like everything else today pay more and get less.
  17. Seems more and more things that made Regent soo special are going away due to cost cutting measures but prices continue to increase.
  18. We just received our luggage tags and cruise documents in a white envelope. What has happened to the very nice holders for the cruise docs? Have they done away with these? our last cruise was last May and we receives one for that cruise.
  19. We booked a tours by local guide for the transfer.
  20. We have a private transfer with a tours by local guide. Pick up at ship tour Seward and drive to anchorage with stops along the way and tour Anchorage with a late lunch and drop off at airport. Our flight departs at 8:00.
  21. Yes we have kept eyes on our cruises and if there is a reduction prior to final payment we call our TA and ask for the reduced price. One time we said we would cancel and rebook if necessary but Regent finally gave the reduced price. Good luck.
  22. That is what our cruise shows but when I called Regent they said no contract was signed yet and would not know until the end of Jan.
  23. I called Regent and the lady said the Sheraton but the web site for our cruise says the Fairmont . She said they will not have the contract until the end of Jan. If that is the case why on the cruise website does it say Fairmont? Our group is going in 3 days early and touring Vancouver and then hopefully staying in the same room for the 1 night pre cruise hotel offered by Regent. We have done this in the past many times without an issue, but who knows now with all the uncertainties going on.
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