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  1. I'm at the airport heading home from my first cruise in the MSC Yacht Club. I think it is a great option for some and a poor one for others. I'll be writing a review in the next couple of days. Spoiler..... we loved it,but there are some caveats.
  2. I'm at the end of my first cruise on Seaside out of Miami. Sorry to say that MSC does allow smoking in one section of the casino slots. Those who are highly sensitive to smoke will find the casino a no-go zone.
  3. Thanks for your response. In 2020 the Preziosa sails the route I'm interested in. I'm hoping the same itinerary is available in 2021.
  4. @Norwegian Cruiser 73 Off topic, but I think you may have some good advice. I am writing this from the Seaside Yacht Club. I booked this cruise because I wanted to try MSC and the Yacht Club before deciding on a cruise line for a Norwegian fjords cruise in 2021. My thinking was that the Top Sail Lounge would provide a perfect, less crowded viewing area for this scenic cruise. As a trial run, this cruise has sold me on the Yacht Club for warm weather itineraries (I love the pool area and service). I'm not so sure I would like the Yacht Club as much on a colder itinerary as I find the experience elsewhere on the ship to be too crowded. What would be your recommendation of cruise lines for sailing the fjords? Yacht Club would be perfect if the rest of the ship wasn't so darn crowded.
  5. That sounds like a good decision. Given the preferences you have expressed, I don't think the Yacht Club would be a good fit.
  6. Me either. It's a large casino, but it's also a large ship. They would certainly make more money if they had even more slots. It's mostly a problem in the early evening hours. Still very strange.
  7. I agree he does not seem too impressed with YC compared to Celebrity suites. I can say that on our Seaside cruise in the Caribbean the service has been near flawless and there are no language issues. Now keeping in mind that this ship/itinerary has a much higher percentage of N. AMERICANS, I'm sure it caters to them. Since N Americans are a minority on their European itineraries, I'm sure cultural issues are more profound. I'm not surprised if some find the European vision of service different.
  8. I'm relaxing by the pool at the Seaside Yacht Club as I write this. I've done 3 cruises on X and this is my first time on MSC. I'm a firm believer that there isn't a "best" or "better" cruise line. It's totally up to what an individual is looking for and what's important to them. I don't sail in suites and so my impressions are probably not relevant to those who do. I'll write a more detailed comparison once I'm home, but for my style of crusing Yacht Club is a great option. I don't expect fine dining on a mainstream cruise ship, but do enjoy some of the speciality restaurants on some ships. My best meal always seems to be at an upscale restaurant precruise in the departure city. So finding the food in YC to be pretty much on a par with the Celebrity MDR is not a deal breaker for me - especially since the rest of the dining experience was so pleasant and un-MDR-like. We like to spend a lot of time relaxing by the pool. The YC is wonderful for this - uncrowded, great service, quiet, small but nicely done buffet and bar poolside. Everything I look for. What isn't so great? The experience outside the YC. It's pretty much like Carnival - great for kids and the party crowd, but not for me. This does stretch to the casino as well. Crowded and loud. The tables are full and it can even be hard to find an open slot at primetime. If you're like us and are content to relax and enjoy life within the YC, it might be just the thing to give you an upscale experience without paying suite prices. I suspect those who find good dollar value in Celebrity suites will not favor MSC Yacht Club. More to come once I return home.........
  9. Bea Regarding the not smoking.... Has DH ever tried Chantix? I was dubious, but gave it a try. It really worked for me. After 2 weeks of smoking while on Chantix (you continue smoking until you're ready to stop), the urge and craving pretty much disappeared. I couldn't believe it. From that point on I continued to take Chantix for a total of 6 months and after the first 2 weeks it was actually easy not to smoke. Easy to quit smoking - imagine that! It's not cheap, but they actually price it to be about that same cost as smoking for a 1 pack a day smoker. Just thought I'd mention it. For me it was a miracle.
  10. I'm on this cruise. Everyone feels different about sea days, and there are a lot of them on this cruise. I think the return from the south pacific to L.A. is 8 straight sea days. We love them. If you don't do well with sea days, this is probably not the best cruise for you. If you are OK with sea days and the south pacific is on your bucket list, this cruise is a very good and cost effective option. I've been to Tahiti before and longed to return, but it's soooo expensive. On such a long flight I find economy class to be torture. You'll find business class airfare alone costs as much or more than this cruise in a balcony cabin. Then there's the cost of lodging which is again very expensive. The over-water bungalow we stayed in 25 years ago now costs $1,000+ per night! Sure you could take a cheaper approach to a south pacific vacation, but dollar-for dollar we find this cruise to be a real bargain. I still hope to one day return to Tahiti for that over-water bungalow experience, but until then this cruise is an affordable compromise. If you're interested, there's a very active roll call for this cruise.....
  11. You certainly seem to have read a lot into a simple statement that RCI said they would not be offering a refund.
  12. “My family and I arrived back to our hotel room in Rome only to find our safe with all of our passports, money, and other valuables missing (literally ripped out of the wall) along with some of our luggage, a purse, and a cell phone,” Cassandra later wrote on Facebook. “The security cameras in our hotel are inconveniently “out of service” for the week,” she went on, claiming that the local police and Canadian embassy were not available to immediately help them. To add insult to injury, without their passports, the group were not able to make their cruise, the Mirror reports. Royal Caribbean reps also reportedly said they would not be issued a refund for the trip. Here's the full article https://www.foxnews.com/travel/family-royal-caribbean-cruise-trapped-hotel
  13. I did a full transit on the Coral last year. I booked the Sanctuary for 1/2 day (afternoons) for all sea days, plus the full day on canal day. I thought the Sanctuary was a great place to watch the locks. If you're on the fence, I say DO IT!
  14. Wow! That does sound outrageous for the 3rd & 4th person. Is this a one-off or has this become standard?
  15. Interesting response. I'm an "old person" and I found it funny. Sorry you found it offensive.
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