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  1. Something tells me there are going to be a lot of joggers being chased by waiters carrying bottles of champagne😁
  2. Rage typically lingers far past its expiration date. I am opposed to vaccine passports and agree that the push for government issued passports has evaporated. Time to find something new to ***** about😜
  3. I don't profess to be an expert on the completeness and clarity of the CDC guidance to cruise lines, nor do I understand if that guidance is sufficient and practically achievable by the cruise lines. I give little credence to many of the posts, on both sides of the issue, that profess with a false certainty that either the CDC or the cruise lines are to blame. What I am certain about is that the cruise lines desperately want to resume sailing. I would be astounded to learn that a clear and achievable path has existed for the cruise lines to resume sailing and they have opted to ignore it in
  4. I must admit I get a kick out of all these people who insist it's xenophobic to refer to it as the China virus having no problem referring to the South African, Brazilian, or U.K. variants.
  5. It's a beautiful day in CO. Got me some ribs on the smoker. Will likely fix a G&T in a little bit🙂
  6. Yes there is room for abuse in vaccination records, just as there is room for abuse in vaccination passports. For example..... without knowing the form vaccination passports will take, we can't be confident they can't themselves be counterfeited, also, don't you suppose a bogus vaccination record could be used to procure a vaccination passport? Sure there's risk, but as I've said there's also risk that vaccination passports morph into something less benign. Everyone will assess these competing risks for themselves and reach their own conclusion.
  7. Good to hear. Probably too philosophical to discuss here, but food for thought..... It's easy to fall into the trap of taking a broadly stated belief - everyone should vote, everyone should get vaccinated, etc. - and apply it to a specific instance. Generalities that start with "everyone or no one" rarely if ever hold up. There's always exceptions. Without knowing @Mary229reason for not voting, it's unfair to apply the "everyone should vote" belief to her specific situation. I imagine there could be moral or other reasons one could choose not to vote. I
  8. Yes. Everything you say is true if you take a benign view of a vaccination passport. However, I can show my vaccination records, along with any other requested health records, today. I don't need a vaccination passport. That said, if a vaccination passport is just another form of documenting my vaccination status I have no objection - although I could argue it's redundant and unnecessary, but let's not argue that as it's a minor point. My issue is that many programs grow beyond their original intended purpose. Once a vaccination passport exists, people/companies/governments wi
  9. There will always be disagreement when it comes to government's proper role in controlling its citizens. While one person sees a "vaccination passport" as the start of a slippery slope, others see it as a harmless aid to facilitate safe travel. These opposing viewpoints are not going be resolved. In such situations I ask myself.... Is it truly necessary? My conclusion is that it is not. Many schools have long required proof of vaccinations for its students. We have accomplished this without vaccination passports. International travelers have sometimes be
  10. This has also been my understanding. It's interesting to see others state with authority that this is not, and has not, been the case. Someone is clearly wrong. I'd sure like to see this clarified, but who to believe?
  11. Please tell me you are NOT disagreeing with her choice to keep her reasons for a personal decision private.
  12. I guess I'm just one of those people who doesn't place blind faith in authority. I actually believe that it is incumbent upon them to justify their actions - especially when it comes to restricting others. You believe they "obviously" have justification even though they have not explained it. I see it differently. @Fouremcoreally highlighted the disconnect between this policy and reality when he pointed out that the physical paths taken by arriving and departing passengers are almost entirely different (except for the gangway) - they do not share the same terminal spa
  13. That sure sounds like more cruise line friendly solution than a 12 hr separation.
  14. I agree that this policy would be impossible to apply to an air terminal. Your explanation of the different passenger flows is interesting - particularly with respect to the lack of overlap between the paths taken by departing passengers and embarking passengers. In my mind this raises even more questions as to the need/benefit of a 12 hr separation and what science exists that justifies this policy when so little area is actually shared between arriving and departing passengers. I know others disagree, but I just don't see the necessity of this 12 hr separation.
  15. Thank you for the thoughtful reply. I have no issue with what you've proposed as a rationale. It offers an explanation as to how a 12 hr separation might reduce risk, but I don't see it as science based - primarily because it does not establish that a significant risk exists in the first place, nor does it establish a scientific basis for a 12 hr separation. My question regarding the science behind the 12 hr separation is based on studies that offer conflicting findings. For instance, assuming cruise passengers and crew are required to be vaccinated..... Surface contact i
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