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  1. Having the vaccine does not mean you are 100% protected from either getting or transmitting the virus. We wear masks to protect not just ourselves, but everyone else we come into contact with. It’s a small price to pay for contributing to the end of this awful pandemic, n’est ce pas? 😊
  2. I just don’t understand his taking a position that risks overall public health. Facts are facts, scientific analysis is independent of politics. 😳 I am sure people will be offended by my post, but honestly I am being apolitical in this statement.
  3. Hi all! well, COVID19 clobbered what would have been our first Regent cruise. Now I’m looking for a new one to try, and I am curious about how Regent ha does air. Can I choose my preferred airline? How far in advance can I get our preferred flights confirmed? Is there a fee for doing so? Thanks so much for your feedback.
  4. Hi everyone! actually, my experience in working the details of our free cruise was fairly straight forward, despite our challenging timeline...here’s our situation at the time: we had cruise #18 in November of 2019. Cruise #19 in late January. Free cruise early March 2020...so obviously, our final for the free cruise, in which we upgraded two to three categories above the category we nominally sail in, was due before cruise 19 was taken. No problem, my fabulous agent worked with O to get the pro-rated cost difference, and we made final payment. O will work with you provided you have a ve
  5. Wow! We just received an update from our travel agent sent to her from Oceania...all O Asia cruises through June 2020 are cancelled. Full refunds, 25% FCC for cruises in 2020...
  6. Hello all, my husband and I have many cruises with Oceania, Silverseas, other lines...looking forward to our first Regent cruise this fall. Quick question...for in-suite usage, may we request in advance to have bourbon and vodka awaiting our arrival? How might one go about doing so? many thanks for your kind assistance!
  7. Hello, all, Contemplating a Regent Cruise out of LA...does anyone know which hotel is used for the 1 night hotel stay for Concierge class or higher? Also curious...I assume the OBC crédit can be applied to spa treatments, as on other lines? Many thanks in advance for your kind responses.
  8. Hello, folks! Oh Lord help me, I hate to be negative...but I do want to be truthful about our Silverseas experience. We have sailed one time on Silverseas, on Shadow. It was for the Monaco Grand Prix, so we paid a hefty price tag for what we expected to be a luxurious experience, especially given the SS “advertising brochure”. We have done GO cruises before on other luxury lines, so we know and expect a GO cruise to be much more expensive than a regular med cruise. That’s just life, and we accept it. In all candor, and with deference to SS devotees, our overall experience, EXCEPT for
  9. Hi, Flatbush Flyer, thanks for your response! Do you know we pre-book? I did not see anything under the “manage my cruise” section....thanks again 😊
  10. Hi everyone, Happy New Year! Hasn’t anyone experienced the new Aquamar spa onboard yet? If so, how are the services and prices? Would love to hear about it!
  11. Well, I must admit I had to re-write my choice of words a few times...finally, I hit upon “careless”...it sure sounds like the ship is still fighting it, given that the laundry is still closed and they are still sanitizing tables between guests. I do know there were a few folks from our cruise are continuing on to the transatlantic currently underway, so I understand why O would continue with these procedures. As for people who feel that the height of the buffet is somehow discriminatory, well that’s too bad- but don’t they value their health more than feeling inconvenienced? I certainly
  12. Just got home from the Marina cruise Marseille-Barcelona, the one in which we had Noro outbreak. We were also on the cruise in January 2018 that had noro, as another person posting to this thread had experienced. In neither case did we get paper plates, and we always had a nice dining experience, even with being handed salt, pepper, sweeteners, etc., instead of having them on the table. I agree, O’s crew works this stuff really hard, yet I also agree that some processes- the exchange of tour tickets for bus tickets- doesn’t seem to make sense. Having said that, we did learn that at the bars, o
  13. We are in 11/11 sailing. We are in Monaco now, (arrived Friday) and have been notified to show up at Monte Carlo port for transfer to Marseille. We had a driver take us from Nice to Monaco, it’s only 30 minutes by car. Monaco has an offshore gale warning in effect tonight and tomorrow, clearing out late Monday. Harbour is closed to incoming traffic tonight and tomorrow. Oceania made a good call on this.
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