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  1. A bird in the hand ........................
  2. Sounds like it Wendy. Glad I got my money back early this year.
  3. Not so. You are struck if they decide your rebooked cruise is a go even if it it isn’t what you expected and hoped for. Glad I got my money back. Bought an airstream travel trail instead for years and years of enjoyment and exploration in the US and Canada. North America has as much beauty and interesting sites to see as anywhere in the world. Cruising is now a 2022 and beyond dream for me.
  4. I know that comparing Crystal to Regent ruffles some feathers but I think it is sometimes useful to compare similar (more ruffling) products or in this case, communications to their customers. Here’s what Crystal is saying about future cruises: ”Crystal has canceled all ocean, river and yacht sailings for the remainder of 2020. Sailings are expected to resume with the Jan 3, 2021 sailing of Crystal Esprit. Crystal's first scheduled river cruise departure is the March 26, 2021 voyage aboard Crystal Bach.” So why can’t Regent be more forthcoming with their cancellation communication. We all know that there won’t be any 2020 (and maybe early 2021) cruises so just say so instead of playing games with their customers. In Crystal’s case they are saying that only their yacht cruising will start up early 2021.
  5. Agree. To add to the dilemma, let’s say that the cruise you had booked with FCC’s does sail, but the onboard and onshore experience is so different and so limited (a strong possibility especially for the early cruises) that it doesn’t meet your expectations of a Regent cruise experience as you have come to expect. Personally, I would feel ripped off and disappointed that I spent so much money on a cruise that was so different than what I was accustomed to and expected for a premium price. I must admit that my life doesn’t revolve around cruising so I won’t cruise until the facts come out from real cruises and lets me know what the entire experience will look like under the “new normal”. Until then, I will keep my cancelled cruise cash in hand, stay safe, sit back and watch what happens, and enjoy the little things in life because there is so much to enjoy and be thankful for, even in these COVID-19 times.
  6. Simple, they want to keep your $$$$ as long as possible. Regent is a follower not a leader during these COVID times but they sure do advertise a lot.
  7. I believe at startup there will be a limited amount of ports that will be open to cruise ships and all cruise ships will be jockeying for port space, tour guides, etc. because they all want to get the $’s flowing again. I also believe that many tour guides are no longer in business. It will be interesting to see if the demand for cruise ship tour guides will equal the supply of guides. If the demand exceeds the supply then prices will go up. If supply exceeds the demand then maybe prices will go down. Simple supply/demand economics. The same holds true for airlines as many are cutting back on the supply side of the equation. There are a lot of things to be worked out in addition to the COVID-19 safety guidelines and ship procedures. I believe it will take a long time after things open up again (over 1 year for the cruise ecosystem) before things are fairly normal. I know that everyone has their own desire to start cruising again but for me, I don’t see my next cruise until sometime in 2022. If the virus is under control and a vaccine is available then 2021 will be a year to explore the United States and Canada on land for me.
  8. The only thing that I can say about Regent’s actions and communications during this pandemic is that they are consistently pathetic in being open and honest With their customers.
  9. Regent, get your act together. Be honest with your customers. There won’t be any cruising this year.
  10. All the cruise ships use the same pool of tour guides. With Regent, the more popular tours get booked quickly by people in named class cabins, sometimes leaving only less desirable options for the people in the less expensive cabins. I would prefer to choose a external private /small group guide than a Regent tour that wasn’t of interest to me. If that option isn’t available then it’s another reason to delay cruising until a somewhat normal state occurs. For me, the destination is a priority and if I can’t experience what I want to see and do, then I’ll wait until I can.
  11. Be careful what you wish for. If the cruise industry goes too soon and too fast they will have outbreaks and then they will be idled for a longer period of time. We’ve seen what happens when cities and states open up too much, too soon - COVID comes back with a vengeance. We are now seeing increasing COVID cases throughout the world and the experts believe the worst is yet to come because of the combination of COVID and the flu.
  12. Maybe I am more aware of my surroundings since I’m in the vulnerable category and/or I am more sensitive to people not following best practices. I have a nephew who has flown quite a bit and he enjoys the fewer crowds in airports and airplanes. He also interacts with groups of friends often not following best practices. It is certainly a different attitude about the risks and preventions for COVID-19 than what I believe in. My experience with my flight was that there were a noticeable amount of people that didn’t adhere to the best practices. Most notably people who wore their masks beneath their nose (a useless practice) and the lack of social distancing around food court lines and seating, getting off the plane, and in baggage claim. If other people aren’t concerned about those things then sure they would feel flying is better now with smaller crowds and open seats on airplanes. I will only fly again in the short term if there is a family emergency.
  13. I appreciate your perspective and experience during the pandemic. I did say in my post that the people not complying with best practices wasn’t the majority and compliance on the plane was better than in the terminal in Baltimore. The biggest thing that I saw was people wearing masks beneath their noses in the terminal and on the plane. They might as well not wear a mask at all. The 2 people directly seated behind us never put their masks on properly. With this virus, all it takes is 1 to get the ball rolling, so to Speak. The Buffalo airport was much better with compliance. They even had every other urinal and regular toilets roped off. It may have been the time of day in Baltimore, as it was lunch time, where everyone was shoulder to shoulder in line for food at the various food courts. The bottom line is that not everyone will comply no matter if it’s a plane, a cruise ship, a tour bus, a hotel, etc. Our church started in person services a couple of weeks ago requiring social distancing and masks and so far there haven’t been any cases related to our church. My wife and I will watch the service online for the foreseeable future so maybe our “standards” are more rigorous than others. My wife is a nurse and she has seen what can happen to people who get COVID-19. We must respect the virus and realize that it will be around for a while.
  14. As far as people not wearing masks at BWI, everyone I saw had them, but many had them around their neck with their nose and mouth fully exposed (and not just the one's eating or drinking). There was actually one woman, who was on our flight, that did not wear a mask at all in the congested airport but did put one on when she got on the plane. This is certainly not the majority but a large enough sampling to be very noticeable. It seems in the US that following the COVID-19 guidelines is considered more of a suggestion than an enforced law. I would love to say something to those folks that aren't following the guidelines but there have been too many incidents of confrontation when some folks are challenged, so it's too risky. It is difficult to ask service employees to police these guidelines because it can put them at risk for injury and attacks. It will be very challenging to say the least for Regent employees to become the onboard "police", so I think it is safe to assume that there will be some non compliance on board and on excursions. I also think that many companies have good policies in writing but if they don't enforce them then they become just words. You almost need an independent entity to monitor compliance and either have the company fix the issue immediately or have some type of reporting system that is public information so that individuals can judge for themselves if it is safe. That may be going to far for some, but this is serious stuff and it's coming back as we have seen in new spikes around the world. When travelling or even going to buy food at the local grocery store, you have to assume that not everyone is following the guidelines.
  15. I know this isn't directly related to cruising but most people need to fly to get to their cruise embarkation. I flew from Buffalo, NY to Austin, TX via Baltimore, MD on Southwest airlines this week. My wife and I wore N95 masks and face shields and didn't eat or drink on the flights. Here are my observations: all passenger on the plane and the crew wore facemasks, unless they were eating or drinking. I think some folks really sipped on their drinks an extended amount of time to maximize their mask being off. Several wore their masks below their nose, which is essentially useless; Southwest kept the middle seats unoccupied unless a family was travelling together; there was no social distancing in the airports especially in Baltimore around the food court; many people inside the airport weren't wearing masks, especially the younger folks; Southwest did instruct people what material a mask needed to be made of and how it should be worn but they did not enforce it on the flight; getting off the plane everyone did the normal get up and wait in the aisle and social distancing wasn't a consideration; same at the luggage pick up point. Bottom line is that we weren't scared because we were well protected but it was concerning to see so many people ignore the best practices, especially the younger folks. So why do I bring this up on a cruise forum? First of all because most must fly before cruising but more importantly it illustrates how ignorant and selfish many people are by not following the rules and/or getting around the rules (the long sipping of drinks to keep their masks off). If anyone thinks this type of behavior won't occur on their flight or their Regent cruise, you are dreaming. And if you think it is just the younger folks and that there aren't too many of them on Regent, I can attest that the older folks were just as guilty of breaking the rules as the older folks. At times, one would have thought that there weren't any special COVID-19 precautions.
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