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  1. Menu is limited. Eggs, toast & choice of meat (bacon or sausage) for breakfast. PB & Jelly on home made bread for lunch. Dinner is probably going to be something that was home made and previously frozen and microwaveable or if we are docked, hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill. Drinks are BYO and must be shared with the staff. Gratuities are not included, prepaid and not optional. Staff will determine the amount as a percentage of the fare. The % is subject to change without notice. The staff sleeping quarters are on the same deck and the guest sleeping arrangements are pull outs from
  2. Well Mr Levin, you have opened my eyes to cruising with my Airstream. The Pappy cruise line will be open soon. We have room for 4 more people. Book early, the prices will go up soon. Send me your 10% deposit and I will hold onto it and let you know every month or so if the cruise will sail. PCARDAD, my reference to feeling bad for folks has only to do with the current uncertainty and continuous cancellations of cruises. I know how exciting it is to find a cruise you want and go through all the planning and anticipation. I was there last year and then COVID hit and it took all the
  3. When COVID started, I took my cash refund and never looked back and never regretted that decision. I love to cruise but only do so occasionally, maybe once a year at most, so it wasn’t hard to give “it” up. I won’t even a consider a cruise until we know for sure that things are back to normal. So I took that refund and bought an Airstream RV and have loved every minute of it, sharing great times with my grandchildren and enjoying the great outdoors. I feel bad for those of you who are going through the uncertainties and cancellations of cruises. Hopefully, most of us get vaccinated and we can
  4. I know that viruses are not intelligent. I used the word “seemed” not to imply that this was a fact but to convey that COVID is adapting to it’s environment. I apologize if that wasn’t obvious. As far as quoting reliable sources, my quotes were directly from Pfizer, our president and Dr Fauci. I hope those are reliable sources.
  5. Sometimes this virus seems like an intelligent being, mutating so it can spread easier and diminish the effectiveness of current antibodies and vaccines. There has been a lot of concern about the so called South African variant and now this from Pfizer: “A laboratory study suggests that the South African variant of the coronavirus may reduce antibody protection from the Pfizer Inc/BioNTech SE vaccine by two-thirds, and it is not clear if the shot will be effective against the mutation”. President Biden said that he is hoping to get back to a reasonable level of normality by Christm
  6. I suspect that we will see several more monthly cancellations before some start up cruises occur. I am now beginning to think the unimaginable is possible in that cruising won’t start in earnest until 2022. I wonder how many cruise lines will survive this economic disaster. Those who do, will easily sell out cruises once it is shown to be safe and people have regained confidence that the pandemic is over, or at least controlled.
  7. It will be anti climatic since everyone knows that it will be cancelled, including Regent.
  8. One phrase in this article, and the only words that have been consistently used with COVID-19, is “that we don’t know”. It is in fact a novel virus and by definition it is a strain that we haven’t seen before. We do know that viruses mutate and adapt but with COVID-19 we don’t know (there it is again) how that will look and whether current vaccines will be as effective against these new mutations. We have learned a lot about COVID-19 but at the moment the virus seems to be 1 step ahead of us. That’s nothing new for viruses. They are always mutating and getting more efficient at spreading and i
  9. And that is the crux of the problem, we have a lot of “don’t knows” with COVID. We don’t know; how long the antibodies will be effective, we don’t know how long the vaccines will work. We don’t know if enough people will take the vaccine; we don’t know if we will reach herd immunity and even if we do when it might be; we don’t know if you can be reinfected after getting COVID, we don’t know if the vaccines and immunities will work against new strains of COVID, etc, etc, etc. During the Spanish “flu” pandemic, it didn’t stop until the virus couldn’t find new people to infect, it essentiall
  10. But you are probably right in predicting through August at minimum
  11. The first jab is easy for most people. The 2nd shot is more likely to create symptoms such as fever, chills,. Body aches etc. but that’s a good sign that your body is properly responding. I’ve had my first shot, Moderna, and just a little sore where the shot was applied. My wife, a nurse, has had both shots of Pfizer and the first shot was just some soreness. The second shot brought a fever of 101, docs aches, etc.after about 12 hours and lasted about 12-18 hours and then she was fine
  12. Having enough vaccines available vs the extraordinary task of distributing and giving the shots are different challenges. July would be great but the powers to be in US government are telling us fall 2021. We have a lot to learn in the next few months about the vaccine’s true effectiveness and the period of time it provides protection. They are already talking about booster shots to combat the COVID mutations. At this time, we also don’t know if a vaccinated person can transmit the disease to others. The vaccines don’t necessarily keep you from getting the virus but they have been proven to re
  13. True. The cash for My Regent cruise that I cancelled almost 1 year ago is in my pocket so it’s not play money. When I cancelled in early 2020 I honestly never thought that we would be in worse shape with COVID in 2021 then we were in 2020. It seems the only answer is to get a majority of the people vaccinated before cruising and travel in general can recover and that’s going to take a long time. With the new uncertainties of the variants of COVID and the effectiveness of the current vaccines against those mutations, it feels like we are in for a much longer battle. The major cruise lines all b
  14. So many unknowns about the vaccines. “They” say that the first jab of Pfizer and Moderna might be 40%-50% effective but that isn’t scientifically proven. Oxford’s efficacy rate is 70% with both jabs. The real issue is supply and demand so governments need to make the tough choices of who gets the vaccines and when. We need to follow the science and in this case the science strongly recommended 2 doses 21-28 days apart. If we vary from that scientific analysis then the outcomes are unknown and we might wind up in a worse situation than taking the slow and steady approach to get our people vacci
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