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  1. Wow, I am SO grateful you told us about this experience! Thank you so much
  2. Mandarin Miami is taking bookings through May 2025…it is slated to eventually be replaced with two towers, one a Mandarin residences only and the other a combination Mandarin hotel + residences. Might be delayed further, but that’s the current plan. FABULOUS hotel, great bar scene with live music, and the views are gorgeous 👍🏻
  3. Hi everyone! I am curious to see if any of you have had luck booking custom air using Emirates? ☺️
  4. Thank you for your replies- the transfer is free to us, however I am not sure how early we would have to leave to be part of that group.
  5. Hi everyone! We are on the upcoming Splendor TA, never used Regent’s airport transfer before. Our flight doesn’t leave until 3 pm. Are we better off with a leisurely departure off the ship on our own, or should we take the transfer bus? Do they usually offer later departures on busses for later flights, or will we be stuck with the 6:30 am crowd? Thanks!
  6. Personally, I see a cruise on Regent as my chance to bring on the sequins…dresses, pantsuits, heels…I love dressing up and have never felt out of place on Regent. I do think that Regent customers dress better for evening - and smart casual will fit in just fine.
  7. What other toiletries (brands) are available on Regent? I’m also not a fan of L’Occitane…
  8. We sailed once on one of the Windstar motorized ships about a year after it was acquired from Seabourne- it was probably 2017 or 2018- never, ever again. Poor maintenance, poor ship condition, terrible bed, unhappy crew, poor food, everything about the experience was poor.
  9. Also on Vista, and really glad that we will be avoiding a “Victory at Sea” kind of ride 🤣
  10. On Vista now in a PH on deck 11- we can hear the conversations in one cabin next to us, definitely hear voices from other side cabin. Not as quiet as other O ships.
  11. Check out Mandarin Oriental- fabulous live music on Friday and Saturday nights!
  12. Hello, fellow O cruisers! we are on Vista arriving in NYC on 17 September; never needed a transfer from O before so I’m curious- are they ridiculously expensive? I’ve heard the terminal is chaos hence considering using O for transfer to EWR. Are we better off just getting a private car or cab? Thanks for your sage advice!
  13. Sorry to be so late to the topic…I suggest a stay overnight, then a flight that doesn’t require rush hour navigation. After so many years taking cruise out of Miami, or returning to Miami, we finally MOVED to Miami. Sometimes debarkation is fast, many times, however, not. When it is not, it’s can range from mildly stressful or annoying to terrible. Not O’s fault, it’s a function of local authorities and capacity (so many other ships in port). For a hotel, I recommend Mandarin Oriental, pricey but worth it for the bay front views, exquisite food, marvelous live entertainment on Friday and Saturday nights. Also, the Intercontinental is at a fun location near Bayfront Park. Hyatt Centric on Brickell Bay drive is also terrific.
  14. Hi everyone! I can’t believe it, but we are actually about to receive our free cruise! I have some basic questions that I figured this community might have answers to. Will we receive our standard “O” benefits? Tips, gratuities, shipboard credit during the freebie? Anything else we should be aware of? Thank you ☺️
  15. We are currently booked on an 18 day cruise- for family reasons, prefer to leave the ship two days/two ports prior to the “official” cruise termination. Has anyone done this before with O? Do they charge any kind of surcharge for this? Thanks!
  16. Sorry, guys… my title for the entry got wiped out. I’m trying to find the contact info for Viktoria. thanks…
  17. I know it may seem weird, but I wanted to try to contact her. She was so very kind to my husband and I during our last Splendor cruise- and a fabulous bartender, too!
  18. This was a fabulous cruise! While I don’t understand the somewhat negative tone of the poster who knows folks onboard in isolation, I can offer what I observed during our glorious crossing: Two o of the entertainers were “out of commission” for about five or six days (Boogie and Kasia) but returned to perform last night. I also observed food being delivered by someone in PPE. My understanding is that we had 560 passengers on board. As for “forced testing” no, that did not happen. We did not need a test so we did not take advantage of tests offered. FWIW- God forbid it had been us, I would much prefer to remain in my own suite so I would not be angry about remaining there. I’m so sorry for those that developed Covid during the cruise- how very disappointing for them! I wish them a speedy recovery.
  19. I saw the same thing- deck 8 near stern elevators port side. I suppose it could also have been norovirus. I say that because I did observe one time someone leaving the washroom WITHOUT washing their hands- gross and poor judgement…
  20. Hello all, forgive me if this has already been asked, but does anyone know the current champagne served by the glass on Splendor? Just curious…and planning ahead 🤣
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