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  1. I use a VPN all the time. No problem accessing Seabourn's web site. As to the question about "why" well if you need to ask... If you like your data being read by ISP provider, sold, etc. no reason. And if you use one only get one that does not log requests and unreasonably slow down your traffic.
  2. So Long and Thanks for all the Fish I've read all 5 of the Douglas Adams trilogy, along with the "And Another Thing" tribute but that is nowhere as good. Have to agree w/ you. Classics - my Favorite being "So Long and Thanks for All the Fish".. For those of us in the know who played in the kernel of the VMS operating system back in the '80's the "Hitch Hiker" meant knowing how things really worked. (And Bruce Ellis) An appropriate reference BasandSyb.
  3. Damn my friend, I wish we could come and drink some good scotch w/ you but not to be given at the moment both our no travel situations. No going to Hawaii for a couple of months and now we are locked down, including leaving our wonderful place effective tomorrow. I happen to agree with Ka Honu that these are extenuating times - and that the policies have morphed over time. We were supposed to be on the Odyssey as I write this and were going to go despite the dire warnings - time will tell if they are valid or hysteria - and waited until the cruise was cancelled before we unpacked. Since the cruise was cancelled we had the choice of a 125% FCC or 100% refund. As I suspect many more cruises will be cancelled my advice is to wait until the last minute, if possible and it might not be for everyone, to cancel to get the refund if that is what you want. That said I think ALL travel companies from airlines to cruise lines should allow for the rest of the year, at least given what we know and don't know, today the ability to cancel and get a 100% refund. The airlines might pretend they are being nice by waiving cancel fees but none that I have seen are refunding your money, unlike Seabourn does of they cancel the cruise. And all my flights have been cancelled. The cruise industry is in uncharted waters (pun intended) and Carnival Corp. CEO Arnold Donald said that "the company is prepared for a cruising pause to last for the rest of the year, but he thinks the industry will come back stronger."
  4. I suspect cruises will be stopped for much more than 30 days. While statistically the number of infected people in China vs. total population - even if you triple the number of people they claim were infected, I'll leave it to you to do the calculations 240000 / 1.4+ billion (# reported was just over 80,000) - was low. They did a good job of isolation to prevent a majority of the population from being infected. On the other hand other countries have either been late to react (US in particular) or have not been as aggressive, and it took more than 30 days for China to contain it. And that assumes it really is contained. Too many countries will want to be more careful and keep their restrictions in place for more than 30 days. I doubt very much there will be any cruises in the Med until late summer at best. But who knows.
  5. Agree 100% while easy to complain the logistics are a challenge most people can't begin to fathom.
  6. I'm sorry for your predicament, we were planning on leaving for St. Martin Monday to join the Odyssey on the 21st but Seabourn or any other cruise line can't be held responsible for these changes as it is governments making the rules. Could Seabourn have had a much better, i.e., flexible cancellation policy for cruises in March, absolutely. That is one area that they fell on their faces on and annoyed me and many others who had cruises that embarked in March, We were still going until the imposed restrictions on travel from the EU to the US came into play. Had considered doing the Caribbean segment but that is no longer an option. Enjoy Barbados, we have been there several times and like it. Safe travels.
  7. Yep - finally Seabourn has come into the reality of the situation. However, there are many people who now will be stuck in transit somewhere. Luckily we were not to leave for a few days.
  8. I agree Ann, but since it falls under the "Now, you can book your cruise with confidence: cancel for any reason and receive a Future Cruise Credit in the amount of your cancellation fees. Some restrictions apply." title it is not, IMO, explicit in stating if not only for new bookings. I think and hope you are correct, as a suggestion maybe Seabourn should look at other travel sites, e.g., Delta's site is pretty clear as to existing and new bookings. That said, reading the new Terms & Conditions there is no longer the requirement to book the cruise using the FCC within 90 days of the cancellation date, you will now have until December 31, 2020 to re-book and the FCC can be used for multiple cruises.
  9. Very interesting however it is listed under the Book w/ Confidence section implying it is applicable to new bookings, and is not - at least from my reading - concise in stating that existing reservations qualify, or am I hopefully missing something? Given the last 26 hours here in the US of nebulous policy decisions related to re-entry I am glad to see Seabourn finally be more flexible as regards cancellations for something no one could have predicted.
  10. Have to agree with you. Sad that Seabourn risks losing many first timers as the product is excellent. Management needs to wake up re: cancellation. Make it effective tomorrow, 24 hours full refund. Show leadership.
  11. Agree Seabourn's policy re: cancellation is poor. And we are long-time Seabourn cruisers.
  12. Lots of speculation on this thread, from the post: "this virus is man made and weapons grade" (post 537) - I never saw anything to back that up - did anyone else?, to people sharing their personal health issues. Everyone has to make their own choices - and I agree Seabourn's policy is very deficient especially when compared to other lines (see Regent for a good example of what a luxury line should be offering to booked guests). In the US the CDC and State policies have been driven by political considerations rather than science, although they now seem to be able to divorce themselves from the re-election campaign. Airline cancellation rules are all over the place. United pretty liberal, Delta very restrictive. Someone I respect who runs a major research lab that is part of a much bigger US hospital, and gets daily updates from the various groups in her organization, told me that travel for healthy people should not be a concern, rather "it is immune compromised people who are most at risk." That is not to say a healthy person can not contract Covid-19, rather that if they do the chance of recovery is very good. A different calculation that one needs to take into consideration is will the itinerary they booked be what the cruise actually does, and if not are they willing to take the cruise? Again everyone has to take into consideration their own health conditions and how flexible they are willing to be and what if they have to be quarantined if anther person on their cruise exhibits symptoms or tests positive. YMMV.
  13. OK then go on your biz trip and get worse. If you think it ridiculous. I used to travel 48 weeks a year but if I were sick no job would make me get on a plane. But that is me, and you are you. Sorry for trying to care about you.
  14. I'd seriously, if I were you, not go. You don't want to get worse and please don't infect others.
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