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  1. 2SailingNomads

    New Regiis Ova Caviar

    We had it quite a few times on the Ovation, which we disembarked from last Saturday. Honestly I could not tell the difference from what they used to serve. But I don't claim to be a caviar expert, only have it when on the ship.
  2. 2SailingNomads

    Disembarking Barcelona May 1,2019

    Last time we left from BCN we were one of the first off, had a car waiting, and were sitting in the lounge in about an hour - and unlike the other posters that time we were not flying business class but could still use the Sky Priority check-in, which is the same as business class. I don't recall the exact departure time but it was before noon. My opinion is it all depends on how much stress you want to potentially encounter.
  3. 2SailingNomads

    Odyssey Barbados to Lisbon

    We have done multiple trans-Atlantic sailings on Seabourn going both ways. For us we really enjoy them as it is all about relaxing and enjoying the ship and the passengers and crew. Unlike on a port intensive cruise on a crossing you have a lot more opportunity to interact with your fellow passengers. As noted above there are plenty of activities to occupy your time or you can choose, as we often do, to simply spend some time in the gym and then relax the rest of the day. As to the weather and seas it all depends on Mother Nature. We once sailed on the Quest from Fort Lauderdale and the Atlantic truly was a pond, but once we got into the Med a front came thru and we had some rough seas. So far we have been lucky and never had a rough crossing - fingers crossed for next years'...
  4. 2SailingNomads

    Sihanoukville Port Transportation?

    Lots of people on our cruise did exactly that. Beaches were full of garbage, bad smells, very poor roads. No one I spoke to had a favorable impression of it, I think the only reason for the stop is for those going on to Angkor Wat. And the worst part is you need a Cambodian visa 😞
  5. 2SailingNomads


    Friends of ours did a private tour to Angkor Wat and the company had a van waiting to meet them at the port. I would advise checking with the company you are using to confirm that they will meet you there. However, I don't recall if there were taxis easily available or not at that port if you need to arrange your own transportation to the airport. Sorry.
  6. 2SailingNomads


    On the Ovation now and we were docked in Sihanoukville yesterday. Also docked in Singapore, and will be docked in Ho Chi Minh tomorrow.
  7. We are currently on the Ovation - had a wonderful beach b-b-q today in Ko Kood - crew, a combination of many we know from prior cruises and new faces are all very good, and so far after 19 days we have had exactly 0 issues with service and have thought the food is some of the best in recent years. Pax with poor manners and rude behavior is the only problem we have encountered so far which is not a problem Seabourn can easily rectify,,,
  8. Wow - good choices. If I may: look into the seaplane in Misty Fjords on your own vs. Seabourn - lots of operators. We did the Seabourn one but had looked at another and wished we had done that one, Something Jack I think was the name or Pirate or some such. Icy Strait Point, absolutely do the whale watch. Tracey / Endicott - the cat trip was amazing - we saw a lot of glacier calving's. And if you were lucky enough to book the Bears of Anan - which we could not, I heard it is very, very good..
  9. 2SailingNomads

    Seabourn Ovation - High Speed WiFi???

    Speed depends on a variety of factors, including line of sight, how many others are sharing the same pipe and WiFi hotspot, and what they are doing bandwidth-wise, etc. In Alaska last summer on the Sojourn the speed most times was pretty decent - but then again I don't try to stream video or other things that hog the bandwidth to the detriment of my fellow cruisers. Price however is totally consistent across the fleet, depending on your status. For us it is $0.00 🙂 - then again we have spent $$$$ to date on Seabourn - and will continue to with no complaints.
  10. Your picture of the roads and taxi reminds me of St. John's - my favorite island in the Caribbean.
  11. 2SailingNomads

    Transfers with Seabourn

    I would highly recommend prearranging transfer with a private car service as taxis are, from our experience, rather small. We spent 5 days pre-cruise in Santiago and used the same company from the airport to the hotel and then to the port in San Antonio. You can also hire one of the tour guide companies that will take you to the port and stop at a winery or two on the way if you prefer.
  12. 2SailingNomads

    Temperature on the Quest

    When we were on last year the inside was quite comfortable. Never had a need for extra clothes inside.
  13. 2SailingNomads

    Dress Code

    Yes to both of the last posts with caveats. I believe the actual nights are chosen by the on-board crew, especially if the 1st and 2nd days are sea days. Usually - if a long enough cruise - the 2nd to last night is formal night. For longer cruises, especially if over a holiday, e.g. Christmas / New Years they time it to coincide with the holiday. Your mileage may vary 🙂
  14. 2SailingNomads


    I agree with Heather that it is NICE to have a printed brochure - and also agree w/ wripro that prices are fungible so don't use the printed ones when you book - so you can sit down away from the computer (especially given the "revamped" Seabourn site that most of us do not like) and book mark pages cruise you want to revisit. Plus it has deck layouts, while also on-line, nice to be able to view anytime if you rip them out or bookmark when looking at the ever changing price.
  15. 2SailingNomads

    Visa service - China, Cambodia, Vietnam