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  1. 2SailingNomads

    Eric Cass

    Agree 100% with Chairsin's comments - we were blessed to have sailed with Eric & Jean multiple times and we have a lot of fond memories and good stories. I'll have to contact Jean as I had not heard this sad news until just now. Very sad...
  2. 2SailingNomads

    Cruise Director on the Odyssey

    We have done a few of these (and now have a few great friends who we never would have gotten to know) and skipped more than a few and who knows who we missed out on meeting, but a few have been total busts. Last time I spent the entire time talking to the Guest Services manager who we have known for years, so have no idea who the others were. Hit or miss IMO and depends on what else we want to do that evening or were doing prior.
  3. 2SailingNomads

    Pacific Specifics

    As both Roxburgh and I know there can be fishing boats that are lost in that part of the world that the good ship Odyssey can rescue in that area. (Hint: check out the 3 stick figures on the Odyssey rescue boat, that was a cool experience how the pax and crew responded)
  4. 2SailingNomads

    Pacific Specifics

    I remember that port very well. Wish we had more time there 🙂
  5. 2SailingNomads

    Cruise Director on the Odyssey

    Yes we love James, know him for many years going back to the small ships. And yes, I was referring to David from Portugal, not the F&B David - who we both know well. I like that stewardess mixing idea especially since there are times we could be on until almost the last day before we run into one or more of them we had on a prior cruise. On another note, my wife read some where that they changed out the French fries and there was a lot of consternation (not sure if it was only on a particular ship or fleetwide) but due to complaints Seabourn are bringing back the usual ones. Glad to hear from long time sailors that food is very good. Salute!
  6. 2SailingNomads

    Cruise Director on the Odyssey

    Hi Markham, Hope you & A enjoy the TA - wishing you smooth seas. Hear there are some good old time crew (James, David) on-board. 2SN
  7. 2SailingNomads

    Odyssey Questions

    You can speak to someone in the Square to order flowers once on-board. We have done that to send a bouquet of flowers to others we have met on-board. They will work with the local vendors to procure as close as possible to your requests but what is available will obviously be dependent on the ports you will visit.
  8. 2SailingNomads

    Antarctica clothing sizing for a petite

    My wife is also petite and the coat she ordered was too large but went to the exchange and got a size that worked perfectly. Based on recommendations from Chairsin - who had done Antarctica a year earlier and has offered great advice on another thread - we brought our own pants instead of renting. Would suggest you do the same so you have pants that fit correctly.
  9. 2SailingNomads

    The TK Experience on Seabourn

    We have mostly had good experiences at the TK Grill, probably 15 or so times now. I was not a fan of the chicken, and have no idea why they bring out this big plate of veggies that they do not actually offer you when they do the presentation, (are they real or plastic?) plus I normally don't order chicken but my wife wanted to try it. We have consistently enjoyed the sole and steaks. I also like the crab cakes and the chowder as apps. The Cesar table side has been hit or miss. One or two times had some minor issues with service but we have had service issues in all the restaurants, especially if you are on-board for many days it is bound to happen. The people who work there are human, like the rest of us and sometimes make mistakes. With Seabourn, at least in my experience, when mistakes occur they make up for them. We liked the former R2 only for the signature menu and even if on for 3-4 weeks only would go once so we think the Grill is a big improvement. As always food is very subjective and personal matter, and the experience can vary from night to night in any venue whether on sea or land. Where we live we have a go to Mexican (but true Mexican not Tex/California Mex) and also a high-end restaurant we consistently frequent (in a town of high-end restaurants there is only we regularly go to and take visitors to) that over the years we have each been to many times. Almost every time - despite totally different experiences - they have been great, but there have been a few times at each where had it been our first time we would likely not have returned. We are looking forward to Earth and Ocean on our next cruise based on all the good reviews we have seen.
  10. 2SailingNomads

    Seabourn Alaska 2020

    Historically Seabourn releases new cruise itineraries going out to about 18 months in advance every six months, but lately has gone out further. It is frustrating given that other lines go out 2 or more full years in advance.
  11. But where is Artie? (I can guess... getting to know the expedition crew for the upcoming season) and yes I know not the same as the brass sculptures. I always wondered which of the crew had to walk the dog on Sojourn...
  12. 2SailingNomads

    Port Check-in (Sint Maarten)

    As far as I know there is only one terminal where all cruise ships depart from, and it is about a 45 minute ride from the French side where we stayed 2 years ago. There are multiple locations for ships to dock there. But there are 2 different places to arrive at, one where the "big" ships were docked, and a second about a 2 minute drive further where the Odyssey was waiting for us. (Including the now most unfortunately departed Darius with a few cold beers in his hand for me only he knew I would enjoy...)
  13. 2SailingNomads

    New web site design?

    Yes I went to the site today and the "old" home page and itinerary pages were served. I have, as jenidallas also observed, that I get either the new or old site depending on which computer I use, not even which browser.
  14. 2SailingNomads

    First time on Seabourn - Patagonia and Antartica

    Nice picture Fletcher.
  15. 2SailingNomads

    Seabourn pricing !

    Here's to hoping you enjoy your cruise and good for you snagging the price drop. One has ot be diligent in that regard, especially around the end of year holidays. I know one itinerary I would have loved to join friends on, but can't due to other things, has dropped significantly.