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  1. Seabourn experience, Markham sums it up well above, also these 2 ports: Ephesus, Mykonos
  2. Agree totally. Over the years there have been multiple threads on this topic. IMO what one chooses to do should be kept to themselves if they go outside the stated policy. People have been criticized for saying they give cash (and we have seen more than a few blatant examples when the giver wanted the attention of those around them - and cases have been reported on this board of the same behavior) or "gifts" to crew. We have gotten gifts for multiple crew members over the years - and have taken more than a few out for lunch, and ever since we found out about it we always do contribute to the Crew Welfare fund, but neither of those are "Required nor expected" - although appreciated. And we make our Crew Fund contribution near the end of the cruise, typically the last day or two before it ends as we are saying "Thanks - to everyone from the guys painting the rails and cleaning the public restrooms to the Officers", not that we are expecting anything special for making that donation.
  3. No worries Lois, twice we have been on during SuperBowl games and each time it as shown in the Grand Salon along with hot dogs, beers, Bloody Mary's, popcorn and other treats. And of course a few crew circulating in case you want something else.
  4. Just to 2nd Chairsin - the Casablanca winery region is definitely worth going to, about an hour's drive and Emiliano is a definite must stop, IMO. Love the Coyam too but there was another - Signos that I liked more, Ge did not do it for us, and brought a couple of long ago drunk bottles.
  5. Yes you will have to disembark in MIA unless the ship only visits US ports. In our experience you can wait until everyone else has disembarked then someone from Seabourn will accompany you to immigration. You will then have to wait for some undetermined period before you are allowed back on the ship. When we had to go thru this exercise we choose to not go with the group to wait and walked around the port for about 20 minutes to get some exercise. When we got back in the terminal those who waited were still waiting. We were planning on going into town but since we had our passports and not our beach things wanted to return passports to the suite safe first before heading to the beach plus we had been led to believe it was walk off, go thru immigration then immediately walk back on, but that was not the way it turned out in FLL that day. And we do have US passports.
  6. In all our cruises I've seen it open maybe 6 times. Once in the Amazon, multiple times in the Caribbean, once in Greece and a couple of others that don't come immediately to mind. IMO the beach b-b-q is usually preferred. Someone told me a few years back - was a crew member but can't vouch for how accurate this is - that the marina's work better on some ships than others and on the ones it doesn't work so well they usually opt not to use it. That may also have been resolved in a subsequent drydock. I would definitely use a TA - almost all will give you a discount and maybe some additional perks. W/ Seabourn direct you are basically paying list price.
  7. We split our time there, started at the Ritz on Club floor and loved it - and you can sit outside the roof top pool area off of the gym area - inside was quite warm, I had to abandon the gym after about 20 minutes. Based on my friend Chairsin's recommendation we also stayed at Le Reve and enjoyed it. Big difference between the 2: Ritz lots of room as we had a suite with plenty of space, twice a day housekeeping, someone always available to assist in anyway, in the financial district so quiet at night and on the weekends, subway station about 300 feet from hotel entrance. The Le Reve room we were given was small - and that was the second one as we refused the 1st one we were taken to, hotel had a more intimate environment, nice outside courtyard for breakfast and afternoon / evening times, not too many people working there - we had to take our luggage down ourselves the day we departed and wait a bit to checkout as only one person at the small front desk.. As Chairsin said, location is on a quiet street and there was an excellent French restaurant down the street and many others within a short walk - depending on what type of food you wanted nothing was more than 5 minutes or so.
  8. We got sales brochures in Saturday's mail touting that the sales are extended to August 31.
  9. We have never spent a day in the Retreat but do know some people who like Floris were given complimentary access so suspect that may account for the business observed. Given no views nor air I have no desire to be there, even if offered.
  10. I agree totally that 60 minutes is reasonable to let one socialize, have lunch (although iif we are having lunch in the MDR we take our belongings back to the suite and remove our towels as we often spend well over an hour in the MDR), take care of an issue with Guest Services etc.. IMO the people who put 2 books out and don't appear for 3 plus hours and those with multiple locations are the bigger problem. Not someone who actually occupies the location and leaves for XX minutes for lunch, a lecture whatever but then returns. It is not that hard to figure out who reserves a chair at 7 and does not occupy it until 2 or goes off the ship or has multiple locations. As Raphael wrote above most of SB pax follow the stated policy, it is that small percentage who do not who cause the problems. Similar to those who can't be bothered to adhere to the dress code, not talking during Muster drill, etc.
  11. REALLY??? "I would be a bit embarrassed to be enjoying my Napa Burger at a shady table around the pool while my "things" were reserving a sun lounger. It just doesn't seem right to me." "Yes, you can play by the rules, but I would ask, what it the right thing to do? " I initially responded agreeing that people were NOT playing by the posted rules, and even when I did someone removed my stuff, BTW at many high-end beach resorts where they have time limits (supposedly but almost never enforced) an exception is ALWAYS made during the lunch time hour - and now you attack me? I am so glad to know - because in many of your posts you do tell how wonderful you are, you would give up your location, maybe even if you had to use the restroom. And the point which you seemed to have missed above is many people do HAVE 2 places, one in the shade and one in the sun, which we never do - that is a bigger problem, not someone who has one place and leaves it for under the stated amount of allowable time. Why don't you instead of criticizing me look at the 5th and 6th post on this thread and reply to that behavior???
  12. Markham, Actually on that cruise the policy was posted in several places, including every few days in the Herald as follows, from the Feb 13th, 2019 Herald of the Ovation: Please do not "block" or reserve sun loungers. Guests are reminded that any belongings left on the sun loungers for more than one hour will be removed and placed in Seabourn Square. So to answer your question, I was playing by the rules, and to be honest I am surprised you have not seen this policy for yourself as I have seen it on other cruises the past couple of years. Cheers!
  13. We have also seen people (one couple from Mexico a couple of cruises ago in particular who were also rude to the crew) who would put out their stuff on beds every morning around 7 a.m. or so (I'm usually not out that early but my wife often is) and on port days go off the ship and not come back to the "reserved" beds until 2 p.m. or later. We have witnessed others remove peoples stuff and confrontations ensued. On our last cruise, we left our bed one day to go to lunch at the patio grill - where I had a full view of it - and 40 minutes later a bar waiter, who I had not yet encountered and did not start his shift until 30 minutes after we had left removed our stuff. As I had a clear view - and we were finishing up lunch and nowhere near the "1 hour" I went back and politely asked to see what measurement of time he used, he said he asked the people sitting next to us - who would disappear for hours at a time - but wanted their friends to sit next to them. So it is a tricky dance.
  14. We have sailed between Australia and New Zealand and have done many ports on all the lists but not the 2 you are inquiring about, sorry. Glad to see SB going to different ports in that area of the world. One I would like to visit is Christchurch.
  15. Lincslady, you certainly are correct. I've had bottles replaced the night before we disembarked. In my experience getting your preferred liquor has never been an issue (when on-board, whereas Seabourn Club has consistently failed to provide what we requested thru them - and they stopped calling before the last few cruises to ask what we wanted that never was in the suite when we embarked, but the stewardess always had it corrected either that night or the next day, depending on how the provisions were handled on embarkation day). Over the years we have had many "exceeded expectations moments" and beyond that I can't talk about. I will tell that when "My favorite penguin" was still the bar manager (so sad he left Seabourn) he would be waiting at the gangway when I boarded with something special he had procured for me, with a mischievous smile on his face... I never knew what would appear in my suite afterwards during the cruise...
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