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  1. Morning Haworth, how are things for you now? Hope you reach land soon. Edit- just seen your update.
  2. Completely agree with you. I've taken this cruise twice with Seabourn. The first time was on Sojourn in 2014. We did not stop at Sihanoukville and did overnight in Bangkok which was good, given the distance from the port to the city. The second time was on Ovation in Dec18/Jan19. Stopped at Sihanoukville and had a too short one day stay in Bangkok. We would have much preferred an overnight again and to omit Sihanoukville.
  3. Rols is correct, some airlines are attempting to crack down on passengers buying a return ticket with no intention of using the return coupon. Lots of people do this, because as we've seen here, one way fares (especially longhaul) tend to be more expensive than return fares. Passengers who have status with the airline (BAEC for example) need to be especially aware of this as they can be easier for the airline to go after! . To date I'm not aware of BA actually suing any of its passengers but there has been discussion around this elsewhere on the internet, 'punishment' appears to be removal of miles and status.
  4. Yes, a version of what the reviewer describes was happening on Ovation three months ago. It didn't work well, in our opinion. It took longer to get refills and on evenings when we hadn't chosen the recommended wine of the day it was difficult to follow a conversation on tables of more than 2 people because we had to constantly stay alert to which wine the server was filling our glasses with. Bad move, Seabourn.But I imagine it saves money.
  5. On the SB website I can see several Seabourn cruises that still show Antigua as a port call. Do you know exactly when this is supposed to be happening? I can't stand the new SB website so I don't have the patience to look much beyond the end of March 2020 . If SB has cancelled it, perhaps someone who is booked on one of the cruises can tell us what (if any) alternative is offered.
  6. I'm beyond excited about this! Ship looks fabulous.
  7. Agree with Dan on both points, plus another. If you've been dealing with Seabourn UK, sorry to say, they're especially poor to deal with. Since GDPR it's been even worse. Several of us UK regulars had problems receiving brochures, no longer receive a post-cruise questionnaire and so on. Fortunately the end product is indeed far superior.
  8. Thank you Keith, lovely photo. Sojourn is my favourite so it's good to see her in a port that I've visited on her.
  9. Thank you for this review. I'm still drafting a review from my first cruise on the Encore class ships, which was on Ovation this past December/January. I see some interesting parallels in experience on board your Encore cruise and my Ovation cruise and some points you've made here are the exact same ones that I've already written in my draft notes. Very interesting read, thank you.
  10. Don't get me started on packing! 😀
  11. I travelled to Vietnam using a UK passport on Seabourn in December 2018. No visa required and no charges at all from the cruise line for the three Vietnamese ports we visited, which were Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang and Halong Bay. It's interesting that Cunard is charging $5 as both it and Seabourn are part of the Carnival group.
  12. Like Mauzac our first cruise (on Silversea) was only ever going to be a one off! That was in 2011. We cruised again with SS later that year then moved to Seabourn. Having only cruised with SS and SB we are probably rather spoiled. I find land holidays a little disappointing since discovering cruising. I also agree with catlover about dreadful airline experiences. I will only fly in business or first class on flights longer than 5/6 hours but even so, the service, food and general airport experience is awful, mostly. This could well be the thing that stops us taking several cruises a year after retirement. I'd prefer one longer one so that flying frequency is reduced. We can't afford a private jet either!
  13. Taking earlier retirement than we had originally planned was a big decision to make, as it did mean that for the time prior to retiring we would both be working longer hours and have far less leisure time than we did even 3 years ago. I'm not sure that either of us will stop working entirely for at least another 10 years but it's good to know that we won't have to work if we don't want to. Our ideal cruise length at this stage in our lives is 21 days but it's not been possible to do that since the the end of 2015. We usually add at least 2 or 3 days at the beginning and end of a cruise, depending on how long the flight to embark port has been, so 14 days onboard plus pre- and post-cruise days works well for now. After retirement, hopefully in two years' time, we will take longer cruises. We very much hope to have the opportunity to do a long South America and Antarctica cruise, and given the distance involved for us in flying to e.g. Buenos Aires or Santiago we would look to spend at least 4 weeks pre/post cruise exploring Argentina and Chile. At the moment this is just a dream though.
  14. Cost isn't the issue, available leisure time is the issue. We are currently averaging one 14 night cruise a year, although when we started cruising it was more frequent than that. I was also able to get away to travel solo back then also. In 2018 our SB cruise was our main holiday, we had a few days away throughout the year but we made a decision about 3 years ago to bring our retirement date forward. Therefore we are working longer hours currently.
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