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  1. I forgot to reply about the formal night, the original reason I started to write the post! We have found in recent years that generally, formal nights are held every 7 days, so less than 14 nights has only one formal. 18 nights was two formals and so on.
  2. Not just the UK government, as I understand it we're still not allowed to enter the U.S so we wait for them to change their advice too. We have an eye on the Ovation from Miami in December, although I'm really not keen on that ship it's the only way a cruise may be possible for us this year. Waiting for U.S to let us back in though!
  3. Sounds like they hope to use the marina, depending on sea conditions.
  4. So when your suite stewardess, or whatever they are called now, introduced herself with champagne and canapés, did she not offer you a choice of hand soaps? Hermès and L'Occitane hand soaps were provided previously, but toiletries such as shower gel and hair care products were Molton Brown. Is the soap now also Molton Brown?
  5. It's a complete mess. Booking SS will not solve the issue for those of us who have been told repeatedly that we can't get insurance. We only have a couple of weeks in September for time off work this year. Our only option for a cruise just now is a UK only cruise. We live on an undeniably beautiful, interesting island, but of course our climate is an issue!
  6. I found the government document I referred to, with the staging dates. Section 32 covers cruise travel, domestic and international. It refers to cruises from the UK but I think it may be a reliable guide to what dates FCDO may or may not update. https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/977446/Report-of-the-Global-Travel-Taskforce-accessible.pdf
  7. Great news. We've been concerned for the crew members through this past year, and so good to hear many have returned.
  8. Caviar: https://www.seabourn.com/en_US/partnerships/partnerships-sterling-caviar.html
  9. Disclaimer. My most recent SB cruise was December 2019 to January 2020. No choice of caviar. Can't help with type as I can't stand it! But am fairly sure it's not Beluga. Toiletries are Molton Brown only for shower gel, body lotion, shampoo and conditioner. There is a choice of hand soaps. L'Occitane and Hermès Orange Verte. Included champagne is Montaudon. Several others on premium wine list. Trivia venue is The Club. Held at different times. On sea days it's usually around 12 noon, on port days on our last cruise it was at 4.30pm some days an
  10. I have also seen 31July mentioned too, but can't find the web page now. 🙄 It was in a government document setting out a timetable for review dates. I read the thread about the Iceland cruise on the Viking board over the weekend and must admit that even though Viking handled it very well, I'm now feeling a bit more cautious about getting on any cruise. Concerns about travel insurance and inconsistency in responses from insurers about cover are not helping!
  11. Sorry to read this. It's so disappointing. It's exactly in line with what they told me. And several other insurers I tried too.
  12. Monday would be great! I would go ahead with Silver Moon unless SB immediately confirmed that it too had changed its stance. I suspect Viking may be correct though, mid August more likely.
  13. Hopefully it will only be until 1st August, and apparently the decision has been taken as Seabourn's legal team has reviewed and considered the implications of the FCDO advisory. So not directly related to actual Covid rates. ('Banned' was my own word by the way, I'm sure Seabourn actually used a more diplomatic approach in its announcement yesterday!)
  14. I left FB a while ago but may be tempted back just to join the group. Our cruise friends often pass helpful information to us that they picked up in the group. If I do rejoin FB I'll let you know. It's difficult to predict what the government will do here. I want to be optimistic and hope that the restriction on cruising will be lifted soon. But I'm afraid instead that my glass is half full.
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