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  1. Isklaar

    Caribbean excursion recommendations

    Can you please list your ports?
  2. Isklaar

    Cabin setup preferences

    Thank you, I'll try it on the iPad when I'm home later. Will update.
  3. Isklaar

    Cabin setup preferences

    I am getting seriously fed up of Seabourn's useless website. I have followed all of the steps above in order to try to set up suite preferences, a procedure that I previously used to complete in about 15 seconds. I am unable to get access suite preferences. The only 'preferences' I can access are those where the SB club benefits are nominated.
  4. Hi ellbon, it's included. There's no charge for it so no need to use your OBC.
  5. You can have it served correctly anywhere on the ship at any time of day. No charge. This is an example of an appetiser in the restaurant, it's not the regular caviar service.
  6. Isklaar

    Antarctica Live On Board

    Thank you for clarifying about the Drake sea conditions. I saw a post elsewhere on social media that said the Captain was avoiding Drake's 'due to 3 meter waves' 😁 I assumed it was just a typo but was keen to find out the actual expected wave heights. Fabulous photos!
  7. Isklaar

    A Lurker's perspective

    Thank you for delurking to share your thoughts Ian! Interesting to read about the comparison with Cunard, we're also planning a QM2 cruise at some point.
  8. Thanks for your update Stickman. The presentation of some of the plates is poor, IMO. Not up to the standard usually (previously?perhaps this is the Brave New World) seen on SB. Disappointed but not terribly surprised to read about service issues. I've found that the service overall has slipped in the past 3 years. Possible reasons for this have been done to death here on the board and I won't go into it again here. Besides, Seabourn ought to have sorted it by now. Anyway, I do hope that you're still able to enjoy the rest of your cruise. Btw, you probably already know this but if you enjoy caviar you can order it at any time and they bring a larger portion than the appetiser size above. At least they used to - it's been nearly a year since I was on SB and fear that there may have been some changes during that time.
  9. Isklaar

    Antarctica Live On Board

    Wonderful photos Floris, thank you for posting them.
  10. Isklaar

    On Board VISAS for Vietnam

    Not too long to go now!
  11. Hi Silver Spectre, I can part answer this one for Stickman! No the glass pop out thing isn't the only place to use as a vanity table. There is a vanity table between the bathroom and the walk in wardrobe. It has a mirror, a shallow drawer and a stool. By comparison, it's a much smaller area than the one on e.g. Silver Spirit which if I recall correctly is opposite the bed and is quite wide. Edited to add - you can see it here at 1:25 :
  12. Isklaar

    On Board VISAS for Vietnam

    We did this cruise on Sojourn in 2014. and are on the Holiday cruise this year. As DCTraveler posted, it's very easy to do onboard. SB took our passports and dealt with the visas for us, it worked fine. SB charged about $50 USD each to do so which was considerably more expensive than doing it ourselves, but hassle free. We're doing the same thing this year. (We're not US citizens but I believe procedure is the same for UK passport holders). DCTraveler, we're all cruising on Ovation aren't we? 😀
  13. Have a wonderful cruise Stickman! Thanks for the suite photos, very useful to those of us who are new to the 'big' ships. Seabourn's cheese selection is not one of the line's strong points, IMO. An exception is to try the cheeses offered during the TK evenings in The Colonnade, each menu has a specially matched cheese and they're usually very good. Enjoy your first evening onboard and I'm looking forward to following along with your cruise.
  14. Isklaar

    First timer questions

    Hi Raphael, it wasn't myself who posted that comment, it was SLSD. Hopefully she will see your post and reply. I do know a little about prices from SB though, as we have often requested a quote at the time we book our cruise. We have certainly never been offered a 'fantastic' price, each time SB has quoted us a higher fare than the ones our TA has found or that we've found ourselves and the route offered by SB has often been more complex than necessary. Should add though that we are in the UK and will only fly business class or first class on flights longer than 6 hours, so perhaps that could explain why we've been disappointed each time by SB prices. We will keep on asking for a quote from SB each time we book, perhaps one day we will be offered a good deal!
  15. Isklaar

    Barbados to Mayreau

    What is the exact date you are travelling to Barbados to embark the ship and what date does the ship arrive in Mayreau? I looked at the ferry schedule when you posted your previous thread and it seemed as if the ferries do not operate every day of the week. what is the next port after Mayreau?