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  1. Yes Father, I always enjoy watching golf on the sports channels. The time difference means that I can watch it without interruption after DW has gone to bed!
  2. Hello All, It is evening here, sitting in front of the laptop watching the Masters on the TV and a glass of wine in hand. It surely is a hard life. Zaandam has departed Sicily and is heading to Cyprus to the Moni Anchorage, in Akrotiri Bay, which is off the coast from Limassol, Interesting position. Cruises from Cyprus anyone?
  3. Room service Breakfast is available on disembarkation day. It is great!
  4. The Bridge is coming together and will be ready for sea trials. The Bridge is coming together and will be ready for sea trials. I just love the comment about the bridge being ready for the sea trials. It would certainly make it a bit easier on the crew if the bridge was ready 🤔
  5. Glad you received them ok. We don't receive much snail mail nowadays, so hard to 'harvest' the stamps! More will follow.
  6. @StLouisCruisers happy birthday to you and little sis. @Overhead Fred happy anniversary Fred and Mitzi.
  7. Europe is closed to non essential travel. Greece is part of Europe so is also closed to non essential travel. The Greek tourism minister has expressed a wish for tourists to be welcomed by mid May. In March 2021 Haris Theoharis is reported as saying: “We aim to open tourism by 14 May with specific rules and updated protocols,” he said. “Until then, we will gradually lift restrictions if conditions allow.” Since that speech no restrictions have been lifted. Gradual or otherwise. Greece is part of the Schengen Area which is also problematic for allowing non EU travelers acce
  8. TERMS AND CONDITIONS 1. Future Cruise Deposits are non-transferable. 2. Future Cruise Deposits are for new bookings only. 3. Future Cruise Deposits are issued per person. 4. Future Cruise Deposits currency is non-changeable. The currency of the Future Cruise Deposit and the booking it is applied must match. 5. The Future Cruise Deposit should be applied to a booking that sails four (4) years from the date of purchase and will be automatically cancelled and refunded if not used within that time. 6. Additional guests in the stateroom who do not have a Future Cruise Deposit will b
  9. Yes I agree that is what they are doing. The press release was regarding a web update on financials for the first quarter presented by Arnold Donald and David Bernstein (C.F.O.) and the current position of the group. I would think that the first base to plan summer cruises would be to establish a 'Home Port' , register with that port and ensure that refuelling, provisioning etc is possible. Then, I would think they will look at routes and get agreements from those ports only then would they be in a position to announce the cruises.
  10. Could I just point out that the FCC OBC shown above is out of date, as the rates changed in January 2020. The rate of OBC is now solely based on the length of the cruise and not the stateroom category.
  11. HAL cancelled Alaska cruises out of Vancouver, but as far as I remember they didn't cancel Seattle departures, but suspended sale of them waiting on negotiations with CDC.
  12. Too late to edit this, but I have just looked at Royal Caribbean and they are home porting in Limassol, Cyprus, and cruising to Greek Islands and Piraeus, so it must be ok
  13. Don't rule out Volenam and Zaandam until you see the itineraries. They will be able to access smaller ports than the other ships. Also remember the ship is more just a sleeping/eating location for a Med cruise.
  14. If sailings go ahead they will probably replace Westerdam with Eurodam. They already have Volendam and Zaandam positioned in the Med. Rotterdam is scheduled to commence sailing in August and, as reported above, Eurodam is now listed in the official schedule for Piraeus. That would be more than enough capacity to try to sell at short notice. Any further ships would probably be home ported in Amsterdam/Rotterdam or Copenhagen to cover Northern Europe cruises. Just my opinion!
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