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  1. From the HAL side, there is no reciprocity. You automatically get one star status, which entitles you to nothing of any relevance.
  2. We were also booked on the November 2020 Transatlantic and had only a deposit on it, paid with a Future Cruise Deposit Certificate. HAL cancelled this cruise on May 7th, when the cancelled all European cruises for 2020. Today we received our FCC and additional FCC. I am surprised at how quickly they were issued.
  3. Roast Hake with chorizo is a gorgeous fish dish. The raw fish is a very soft flesh but it firms during cooking. Also known as Merluza in Spain, Saumon Blanc in France and (I understand) Whiting in USA. You will find it on most of the menus of chiringuitos in Southern Spain.
  4. Happy birthday boy! It has been a lovely warm day in Ireland (24°C)
  5. We have done both verandahs and vistas on Koningsdam and unless there is very little price difference or you are desperate for a pair of mediocre binoculars to use, then stick with the verandah.
  6. HAL have quite a few departures listed for September/October from Vancouver to Hawaii, Sea of Cortez, Japan. I suppose that they have time to reschedule the embarkation port to Seattle or San Diego or LA, if they are going to run them.
  7. After reading the rubbish written in the first two paragraphs, I stopped reading the article. (Quote:) President Orlando Ashford will leave the premium cruise line at the end of May. Ashford has served in that role since November 2014 and led a rejuvenation of the brand through an emphasis on enhanced onboard entertainment (end quote) This was just too much hyperbole.
  8. The contra of this is when someone on the combined roll call mentions a port that you are not going to visit, on your segment, and panic sets in and think you are posting on the wrong roll call or your itinerary has been changed.
  9. The earliest departure date is currently September 20th, so that is almost 4 months away. They may have a plan, but I bet it is pretty fluid.
  10. Good morning and thanks for the daily report. Good news here is that McDonald's Drive Thru's are reopening over the next week. Ooh, my cholesterol! 🍔
  11. That is a good start. When you learn a lot you should return here and post facts.
  12. If you read the other threads then you will be able to aggregate the responses.
  13. That BB King's on the Rotterdam was the best. Like a real blues/jazz club. Close to the band, low ceiling and lots of atmosphere.
  14. You are correct. Each segment should have a separate Roll Call per CC Rules. You could bring it to the attention of the Admins by clicking on the 'Report Post' at the top right hand corner of the first post (roll your mouse over near the '#1') and advise Admin that the RC is contra to their instructions Or you could just do as @CruiserBrucesuggests and start a Roll Call for your segment. Then post on the other Roll Call so that fellow cruisers on only one segment can join you.
  15. know far more than a HR person? Quite possibly!
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