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  1. However there were signs at each side of the stage stating that 'masks are required on dance floor'.
  2. 👍 Hope both you and Martha enjoy the rest of your cruise. Great to meet you!
  3. Eurodam, October 6th 2021. This sign was in the check in area.
  4. The Captain now, may or may not be the Captain in January. They used to do 3 month rotas, but we do not know when the current Captain's rota started. We really need Capt Albert to update his site.
  5. Hope to know within the next few days! We have just ended a cruise with HIA. Interestingly, the price of drinks has not posted to the folio, whereas on previous cruises with free drinks, the value did post to the folio and then a credit to remove it. It should be easy enough to calculate how they are calculating the credits when the cruise posts to our mariners account.
  6. I know it is a different ship, sailing from a different continent, and HAL are notoriously inconsistent, but this was the notice that greeted us as we boarded Eurodam in Italy.
  7. Sorry to hear that Roy, but not being an emergency must be taken as a positive. 🤞
  8. We have also returned home after our 12 days on Eurodam. Agree with @Cruising-along that the MDR was poor. We only ate there once as most of the repetitive menu was available in the Lido, but it was easier to mix and match the foods in Lido to make a more interesting meal. Pinnacle Grill was good and Tamarind was very good. The winner however on a 'value basis' would be Canaletto, which was great. We also stayed for one night in Venice after the cruise. Venice was more crowded than I expected. We much prefer Grand Turk over HMC. The fact that the ship can dock at Grand Turk is a big plus and there is more to do in GT. We wouldn't bother going ashore in HMC anymore. We have missed a lot of the Daily postings for the last two weeks so we may have missed some sad or some happy news. We will try to catch up on the back reading. In the meantime, can we give a generic 'well done' to those on the shout out and hugs and sympathy to those on the care list. Take care all!
  9. Perhaps if you are going to the Middle East or Far East. Otherwise I think it is highly unlikely to fly in their metal, but it is possible that a code share using EY or EK flights, but flown on another airlines metal.
  10. I now remember noticing colour/coloring classes on Eurodam last week. Didn't go and can't remember where they were listed to be held. But they were on the When & Where and Navigator App.
  11. Not sure what you are saying here, but 4 star gets unlimited laundry, not just one bag. Perhaps you were commenting on the fact that you need to be 4 star before you can get free laundry?
  12. I wrote in major requests! English bacon, baked beans, hash browns, grilled tomato. They got most of it right.
  13. I really have to agree with you. I believe that HAL decided to use Porto Marghera without totally examining the safety elements of the ship arriving and departing Marghera. The first embarkation at Marghera on September 12th was the one and only. That departure featured a lot of manoeuvering to access the lagoon. The departure on 6th October was not notified to pax until at the Venice Cruise terminal to check in. This departure was rearranged to Trieste on the basis of bad weather due in Venice, but the weather in Trieste was just as bad if not worse, than what had been expected in Venice, leading to a greatly delayed departure and a cancelled port of call (Katakolon). The current departure (October 18th) was moved from the previously planned Marghera to Trieste much earlier and the reason given was quite pathetic. HAL should man up and say that they screwed up and apologise to their customers. A few free drinks is not the answer.
  14. Italian TV is currently showing video of water cannon being fired at protesters.
  15. I would suggest planning on being onboard no later than 9.30 am. The crew will probably still be doing deep cleans before the next batch of cruisers arrive and those cruisers will still expect to be onboard by 11am!
  16. When we were checking in to the hotel there was a couple checking out who had Eurodam luggage labels. I asked them what time their checkin was and they said 4.20pm! I suggested that they not wait until then and go earlier. But if people were scheduled for 4.20 check in and then testing etc plus drive to Trieste, it makes sense that some are still in transit. This has been very poorly thought out by HAL
  17. This evening I offer some land based food porn. Actually can you call Venice 'land based'?? We are staying in Hotel Santa Chiara in Pza Roma tonight and had a late lunch/early dinner in Restaurant Poveledo, just past the railway station, on Lista Spagna. Good food, great service. We shared bruschetta and lasagne as a first course and then I had Sole in lemon and wine sauce as a main.
  18. @Vict0riann What is happening in Trieste? Eurodam is still moored and I thought she was due to sail at 8pm
  19. I remember that there used to be a place (either booking or checkin) that asked if you were celebrating a special event during the cruise, but that option appears to be no longer available. If you are going to eat in PG/Tamarind etc, I would suggest contacting the manager a few days previous to arrange the celebration. If you are going to use MDR, then again a visit to the Maitre D' may solve the problem. Happy anniversary!
  20. @Florida_gal_50 Here is the notification that we received on Eurodam in Europe. As you can see they offer the opportunity to request a PCR test. A PCR test was also verbally offered to us depending on where we were flying to. I think they have it covered!
  21. Really depends on your choice of wines. You could buy a medium to good wine, pay the corkage and still be coming out ahead of the wines offered onboard.
  22. We were very sad to say goodbye to Ann and Pat this morning. Disembarking itself was smooth but not silent! Carlyn, the CD was on the PA system from about 6 am as she started to organise those with early disembarkation for flights from VCE. Our slot was between 8am and 8.20 and at about 8.15 we were called and we were then bussed from the gangway across Trieste to the cruise terminal. There did seem to be a lot of protests underway at the commercial port area. I hope that the protests do not impinge on the latest passengers boarding experience. There was only about 20 passengers on our bus, but it was still 11.30am before we arrived to Venice Cruise Terminal, where we were dumped unceremoniously at the watertaxi/taxi stand and left there. Not a very pleasant morning and the 'End of Term' report for HAL would say 'Must try harder!'
  23. The standard test was antigen, but they did offer PCR if you required it for onward travel.
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