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  1. There is a mention of HAL doing the land-based summer tours in Alaska. I was looking as well since we are on the second leg of the Rotterdam inaugural voyage this summer. See the last sentence of the attached.
  2. Speaking of HAL and social media - I read this announcement from HAL on twitter today - can’t believe no one is talking about it.
  3. This is just an FYI of what is on the celebrity board regarding the new offering (not a reply to Kirk, but just an fyi to all): “Here is what I've learned from our travel agent regarding Celebrity's Summer Sailings on Millennium from St. Maarten All passengers 18 years and older MUST be vaccinated (16 years if they have the Pfizer vaccine). All crew will be vaccinated. Negative test 72 hours before arriving in St. Maarten (St. Maarten requirement). We are not going to be required to use ship tours…you can get off the ship on your own and do your own
  4. Weymouth sounded low key. I was happy to have my feet in the ground in the UK. What is your recommendation? Thank you!!
  5. Good to know!! Thank you!! Would love Rotterdam as well - totally tracking down a warm stroopwafel!
  6. I’m on the second leg of the maiden voyage and we received the email yesterday explaining that, due to the COVID-19 crisis, the ship’s delivery is being postponed to one year from yesterday, July 30th, the name will be changed from Ryndam to Rotterdam and that it will be the centerpiece of the fleet. My 10-day European Splendors itinerary was changed to a 14-day European Splendors Itinerary, removing Normandy, France but adding an overnight in Bordeaux, France, adding Britney, France and adding Weymouth, UK. They also changed one city in Spain to Alicante, which looks amazing.
  7. We received a bulk of our $8500 refund today to amex so there is movement happening. Still keeping our 2021 Mediterranean cruise with hope that things improve!
  8. Here is the announcement on social media that mentions cash refunds at the bottom.
  9. Pandemics are covered if you purchase “Cancel for any reason” protection, which we did through the HAL Platinum Protection Program but, just as everyone else, we are still impatiently patiently waiting for our refund.
  10. Has anyone received a credit card from HAL since March 20 for a cruise that was cancelled or for one that you chose to cancel? Thank you!
  11. Cancelled 3/11 Mediterranean Empires for three. Was told 7-4 days then 3 weeks then 60 days and now 90 days. The only good news is that I read the CCL recent bond offering was an overwhelming success and they also raised money through taking on some long term debt - they should have enough cash to get then through at least 2023. Plus, they are depending on everyone using those FCC - that is part of their ability to recover from this. At the very least their customers are the last ones that CCL will leave holding the bag if they ever want business again - they need us to
  12. If things are still bad, they will change your embarkation port. I’m not familiar with your cruise but Barcelona would be a possible alternative. You still have a little time to let this play out.
  13. From today’s press conference: Fauci Says Cruising Is OK If You Are Healthy https://www.forbes.com/sites/douggollan/2020/03/09/fauci-says-cruising-is-ok-if-you-are-healthy/ Speaking at a White House press conference tonight, Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), told reporters if you are healthy, there is no reason to eschew cruise vacations. The answer was in response to a question by John Roberts of Fox News. Initially Fauci did not answer the question, one of several from the veteran reporter.
  14. My letter did not state new booking. Am I missing something?
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