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  1. How much do they charge for a taxi to/from the airport to the cruise terminal? We have been trying to get transfers from Celebrity, but they are not available yet.
  2. SeaHunt, what type of PCR test did you get? I'm confused because the website specifies an RT PCR. Do they also accept the regular PCR test as well?
  3. I am in no means a lawyer, but it seems to me that the cruise line could just add a vaccine requirement in their cruise contract. We all sign, and agree to the contract before we cruise. If you don't want to sign the cruise contract it is your prerogative, but you also don't get on their ship for the cruise. Am I out of the ball park here?
  4. Thank you Ken. This has been very educational and enlightening. Great job of keeping things on topic. Happy cruising.
  5. They were beers both brewed in Evansville Indiana. They were big in the Midwest when I was a kid in the 50's & 60's.
  6. The gratuities issue happened to me also. I paid off the cruise, and got a confirmation of a zero balance. The next day I found the additional charge of $217.00 for gratuities added to my account, and it said that I was not paid off. I removed the charge myself online. The next day the $217.00 was back, so I called. They took it off, and I got another confirmation of zero balance. Later that day it showed my cruise was paid off, and that I had a credit of $217.00. I was going to call back the next day, and by the time I got back online to check it my account showed I had overpaid by $217.00. T
  7. Even though the industry is not a US company, they generate an amazing amount of money for the port cities they are in. Have you ever watched them loading the food/drink supplies one semi after another into the cruise ship for each voyage? It is amazing. Then you have the port itself which provides the staff/longshoremen. Then you have the hotels/bars/tourist attractions on shore that receive income from the tourist they attract. For the people who rely on the ships for their income, I would say that they consider them an essential industry. You can bet that those people are receiving funds fr
  8. Hopefully Celebrity will come out with something like that in short order. Personally I like to see everything in writing from the cruiseline. I hate to go fishing for information on my own.
  9. I emailed the St. Maarten officials this morning. If you are flying in for the cruise, and staying less than 24 hrs you do not need to buy the insurance.
  10. Rick, There is a roll call for the 6-12 cruise that I booked this a.m.
  11. P&O announced today that they are requiring vaccines to cruise. Looks like they are falling in line one by one.
  12. Virgin Voyages announced today that they will require vaccines in order to sail.
  13. I got my second Pfizer vaccine Feb 27th. I had no side effects other than the usual sore arm I get after any vaccine. It lasted about 24-36 hours. I have to admit that I had doubts that Indiana would be very efficient at getting the vaccines out, but from the time I arrived at the vaccine site I was in and out in less than 25 minutes. They are even giving a letter of vaccine certification from the Indiana State Dept of Health in addition to the COVID19 vaccine card. I got a notification today that Indiana just hit the 1 million vaccines given mark.
  14. If I remember correctly approximately 22 percent of that population number in the US includes children who won't be getting vaccinated.
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