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  1. Just curious, is that all the luggage you are taking on the trip?
  2. It would be a hazard for anyone in the event of an emergency. Some cruiselines even post cards in the room stating this.
  3. I just found your post. I've missed following you guys. Mike and I are taking the Solstice next April from Hawaii to Vancouver so I'm anxious to follow along. Wow you are up to 35 pages. It will take a while for me to catch up. Hope everything is going well on your adventure. It sounds great.
  4. It is funny to think back to those class cruise ships. I had a suite on the Zenith, but there was no balcony, only windows. I still loved those older smaller ships.
  5. My LRC set came with chips to use. You would be able to play with those since no money is involved.
  6. I just found your posts. Sorry for being so late. Thanks for posting. We are considering a trip on the Oosterdam in 2025. We are really looking forward to all of you thoughts.
  7. Great input from everyone. TeeRick, good to hear from you it's been awhile. I'll probably look into the Voyager (1st) & Radiance class ships. I'm not unhappy with Celebrity at all. In fact I have another one booked on them right now. Sometimes it it just nice to shake it up a bit. Lol. I may be easy, but I've never had a bad cruise.
  8. We haven't sailed on Royal for years (1990's). We really like the Celebrity Millenium, and Solstice class. We are considering trying Royal again. For those of you who have been on both, which Royal ships would you consider similar to the Millenium and Solstice class ships on Celebrity? Which ships would you recommend and why? We really don't like the very large ships on any line we have been on. We plan on avoiding prime family travel time as we are aware Royal is much more family friendly.
  9. For those who have recently been on the Vista: What was your favorite food in the main dining room?
  10. Great pictures. It always seems that I invariably leave something behind. Usually nothing I can't live without though.
  11. larry_s_taco


    Is there anything around the cruise ship port that is walkable and worth seeing in Tortola? We don't have a tour planned and was wondering if we should book one or just walk around.
  12. Does anyone know of good restaurants in Phillipsburg that you would recommend. We always end up on the French side and have not spent much time around Phillipsburg itself.
  13. Glad you are on. I agree Celebrity boarding is usually glitch free. We are getting on Reflection on Feb. 17th. We are looking forward to your input.
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