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  1. Good info. Thanks. If all else fails I would be happy with the majority of one day, and a full day following. I would really prefer it if they could set it up for 3 days prior. I'm still quite a way out from the cruise, so I think I'm going to keep trying.
  2. We are booked next year for a 7 day on the Epic. We are sailing out, and back into Rome. I've booked through NCL for air and hotel. So far they tell me that they can only get me there two days prior to the cruise (including 2 days in a hotel). Does anyone have experience with this? When they say two days prior, does that mean you will have two whole days in Rome prior to the cruise or that your first day is used flying in, and getting to the hotel late, then only spending one whole day in Rome prior to the cruise? They tell me there is a possibility of getting a third day in Rome if I wait closer to sailing time to book it. The information is just not really clear to me. I'd appreciate any info from those who have done it. Thanks, Larry
  3. We were notified that we did not get the upgrade two days before sailing out of New Orleans last May.
  4. We are booked for Sept 9, 2020. My question to those of you who have sailed this time of year, and itinerary, can you share any of your personal experiences with us? We have never been to Europe, nor on the Epic, and have no idea what to expect. We are flying in early to spend at least a day or two prior to the cruise. Thanks, Larry
  5. We flew in April from Louisville, KY to New Orleans for a Breakaway cruise due to the free airfare. Everything went smoothly. When we arrived in New Orleans there was a NCL rep. there that met us in the baggage area, and escorted us to our transfer bus, explained what to do when we got to the hotel, and where to meet our bus for the transfer to the port. (all transfers and hotel was arranged by NCL) They did a great job.
  6. I really like the sound of the western trip.
  7. Thanks. Any suggestions on a round trip Rome itinerary?
  8. Yep. Evansville with all the crazy weather lately! I wish we could go on the cruise this year instead of next. I'll be looking forward to your feedback after your cruise this year.
  9. I've not hear of that line. Are they large ships?
  10. We are cruising on the Breakaway April 7th. We are traveling as a group of 8, and would like to dine together every evening in one of the free dining rooms. Our questions are: 1. Are the menus in the main dining rooms the same in each restaurant (Taste, Savor, and the Manhattan)? 2. Would we be more likely to get a table for 8 in a specific one? 3. What is your favorite, or the one you would recommend? Thanks, Larry
  11. Thanks to all. Good info to know. I've heard that the Crown Plaza has a shuttle also, and that the bus stops right outside the hotel just in case you don't want to wait for the shuttle to town. I'm not worried about getting to and from the airport or cruise port because I got those transfers through the cruiseline.
  12. I'm locked into the two hotels. The cruise line doesn't allow you to fly early if you don't purchase their flight/hotel package. I don't really mind because their flight was about half the price of what I could find elsewhere, and the hotels are reasonable. I know that the Crown Plaza is closer, but both hotels offer shuttle service to downtown Rome.
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