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  1. As you have probably realized, the Symphony is smaller than Summit but Summit's space ratio is 34.1 and Symphony is 60.2! (Summit length is 965 ft and width is 105 ft. - Symphony length is 781 ft and width is 99ft.) That said, I would highly recommend you give Crystal a try!! Please come back and let us know what you decide. ~Nancy
  2. Ha! So true. I love that the greats come back, but they need to update for sure!
  3. No problem! Just wanted to clarify for anyone who hasn't seen the other pictures. Have fun on your upcoming Bahamas trip! ~Nancy
  4. True. I have enjoyed 98% of the lecturers on board but it would be very good to have a fresh perspective. Even at my limited number of sailings, I have encountered a couple of repeat lectures! ~Nancy
  5. I hope they have changed that big chair in the lounge to another smaller one by now! Keith, one picture in the middle looks like a regular penthouse veranda suite. Is that correct? ~Nancy
  6. I understood it to be a refundable OBC if it's a gift from a friend and I don't spend it. Am I correct? I certainly hope so!!! ~Nancy
  7. I mostly cruise solo so I have used one of these brightly colored cards in the Lido or at a bar when I had to leave for a couple minutes. The Lido waiters seemed to appreciate it!
  8. I renewed my Global Entry entirely online about 6 months ago. I hear that some people are having to go in person again for the renewal. I wonder why some are in person and some online? ~Nancy
  9. You may be able to get an idea from these two sets of pictures from halfacts.com: Zuiderdam Signature Suites have been refurbished. 6105 – Zuiderdam | HAL Cruiser Information (halfacts.com) 6063 – Eurodam | HAL Cruiser Information (halfacts.com)
  10. The Vista class SS are not smaller by my casual observation! I haven't measured though. I haven't had a Signature Suite on Zuiderdam, but have on Oosterdam and Noordam (sister ships to Zuiderdam) and have on the Nieuw Amsterdam (sister to Eurodam). They all seemed/felt the same size to me. (All were standard deck 6 Signature Suites, not aft or other one off configurations.) If anyone can list any significant differences between the Vista and Signature class ships, I would be curious to know myself. Truly, they are both great! ~Nancy
  11. Good to hear! Thanks! ~Nancy
  12. Thank you. This review sounds bad. It doesn't encourage me to book. I really enjoyed HAL the last couple of times I've been onboard (other than a really awful Sel De Mer on Oosterdam in December 2019). My feeling is, sadly, if they can't deliver an upscale "main stream" cruise, I'll go elsewhere. I'll keep watching, ~Nancy
  13. The answer is, around the public areas of the ship, including Lido and restaurants, even just before COVID in December 2019 the flowers were very reduced. Sad to me. ~Nancy
  14. @SthrngaryI love the mushroom soup but there is no way I could eat all that and still have one of the other tasty entrees. Solution? I order a small portion of the mushroom soup in a cup, without the bread bowl....then I can eat (most of) the Osso Bucco or Lasagna or..................... ~Nancy
  15. BoozinCroozin has the fast, inexpensive, and low stress answer to your pre cruise test questions!! See posts #17, #19 and #21 above.... Why drive all over town when you can get it done easily at home? Abbott’s BinaxNOW™ COVID-19 Ag At-Home Test Kit 6 Pack (emed.com)
  16. It must be the proctored version though! Abbott BinaxNow COVID-19 Ag Card Abbott’s BinaxNOW™ COVID-19 Ag At-Home Test Kit 6 Pack (emed.com)
  17. Carnival accepts the BinaxNow proctored tests for the pre cruise testing of vaccinated people. It's reported by several people here on the CCL and other lines forums. See post #29 below. Yes, the cruise lines should specify brands which they accept to make it clear to everyone~
  18. @Borge. Welcome to Cruise Critic! Please read all about the inexpensive and low stress solution to the pre cruise testing. There are several threads here on the HAL forum as well as other lines forums. For example read this: Posted yesterday at 10:57 AM Ellume + Azova is another antigen self test/video observation combination. Have a great cruise! ~Nancy
  19. If your doctor (or CVS or Walgreens, etc.) can give you the antigen test, then I don't see why you would need the BinaxNow test. One or the other? Good luck! ~Nancy
  20. So happy to see you are starting this cruise! I'll be happy to read anything you have time to post. Thank you! ~Nancy
  21. I don't know what Walmart is selling but others have reported that Walgreens, for example, carries both the at home not proctored test and the proctored test. You need to read the labels on the box to make sure you get the one you want.
  22. You must use the proctored version of the test and they provide a report online with your result and all the pertinent information. You can then print the pdf of the report and also keep it on your smart phone.
  23. Debbie it sounds like you and your crew have an excellent plan for your cruise! Soak it all in and have a fantastic trip! ~Nancy
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