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  1. The majority of men do not wear suits or tuxedos, but if you want to you will not be out of place! Nice if you want formal pictures. This website from Roger Jett has a comprehensive list of "When and Where" (daily activities), menus, pictures of rooms, bar list prices....pretty much everything you may want to know. Thanks Roger Jett!!!! http://www.rogerjett-photography.com/specialty-2/on-locations-specific-cruises/westerdam-alaska-2019-when-where-northbound
  2. Thanks for the big laughs Roland4 and Stickman1990!! 😊 ~Nancy
  3. Post #7 has a picture with all three beds made up for sleeping. 2 twins and one sofa bed.
  4. Vince thanks for your thoughtful explanation about these kinds of changes! You made points that I hadn't thought of. Of course my initial reaction was dismay at the removal especially of the Geirangerfjord, as I feel this is a devaluation of the itinerary. I hope that something will be worked out so the Serenity will still be able to sail there in 2021, but it doesn't sound likely from what I have read in the links posted above. ~Nancy
  5. So, the latest update is no update!! My TA called Crystal again yesterday (Saturday) and got a different rep who also didn't know the "operational considerations" for the itinerary change. He said he will find out and call back. No call so far (Sunday 3:55pm). My TA did point out to the Crystal rep that if they had just communicated the reason for the change(Norway restrictions?) initially in the announcement a LOT of time trying to figure it out would have been saved by everyone.....TAs, clients, Crystal Reps and Cruise Critic members!!! Stickman1990, I am really wondering about the Serenity 2021 Norway ports being changed also. Does anyone know if Serenity has the advanced environmental emissions specifications required by Norway. My guess is, no. ~Nancy
  6. The public schools in my area are off the whole week of Thanksgiving. In the past they were only off Thursday/Thanksgiving and the day after but my guess is that so many families were taking their kids out for the whole week that they just made it official! Now schools start a few weeks earlier than the past to make up the extra days off during the year. ~Nancy
  7. I was just notified yesterday that my cruise on the Crystal Symphony in June 2020 has cancelled Geiranger and Flam and added Olden and Molde. I'm wondering which of the older HAL ships are still permitted to sail there, if any? ~Nancy
  8. Stickman1990: My TA called Crystal this morning to ask for the reason (what were the operational considerations?), but the person didn't know and said they will call back with the information. As of right now, 6:59pm, the Crystal rep hasn't called back. canadianINtexas: Those beautiful pictures made me get excited to go to Olden! I know I will enjoy the cruise even with the new itinerary but would have appreciated a more detailed explanation from Crystal in the email I got today, which was the same as the one my TA got yesterday. Thanks for all the links people posted. I'll read them tonight. gwesq: I don't think the changes are a deal breaker, but it will be interesting to see what type of ships will be allowed in those areas in the future. I know Hurtigruten is still going to Geiranger but they aren't officially "cruise ships". (although the new remodels are looking more and more cruise like to me!) Now I need to google Olden and Molde to see what is in those areas.......moving forward!!!!! 🙂 ~Nancy
  9. The itinerary has been selling for quite some time, but I don't know the exact date. The point I would like to make is that if the restrictions have been known to be in place for a period of time (?? how long??) then why did Crystal sell me the itinerary up until today?
  10. Thanks LHT28, I had heard about the new restrictions, but thought that they will not yet be in place in 2020. If the restrictions are indeed for 2020, then why would Crystal sell an itinerary that was not doable? I will survive and enjoy the new ports, but a better explanation from Crystal would have been helpful to those of us who just recently booked with the original ports published. I will hear from my TA tomorrow to find out what Crystal says....just disappointed about Geiranger and Flam. 😪 ~Nancy
  11. Hello to everyone booked on the Symphony Dover to Copenhagen cruise OCS200619-14. June 19, 2020 to July 3, 2020. I just got a call from my travel agent regarding a change to our itinerary in Norway next year: From Crystal: "We look forward to welcoming your clients aboard Crystal Symphony’s June 19, 2020 "North Cape Brilliance" cruise. We are writing to let you know that we have modified the itinerary for this voyage based on operational considerations. As a result, Crystal Symphony will now visit the village of Olden, Norway, on June 22, instead of Hellesylt and Geiranger. And, instead of cruising the Norwegian Sea on June 28 and visiting Flåm on June 29, the ship will overnight in Molde, Norway on June 28." I am very surprised to not have any explanation from Crystal for eliminating two of the most iconic ports from this cruise! Is it possible it's because of Norway restrictions, or something from Crystal? I have been reading about future changes to Norway's environmental requirements to ships in certain areas/fjords but was not aware that the restrictions were in already place for 2020. I would have hoped Crystal would give the reasoning for this change in their email to the travel agents! My TA will call them first thing tomorrow morning to get more information. I certainly know that it's any cruise lines right to change itinerary, but I sure am disappointed to have two of the main ports removed from this cruise! I'll let you all know when I hear any new information. ~Nancy
  12. It must have just been the group on this voyage, for whatever reason, were early eaters! I spent 46 days on Symphony earlier this year and never saw lines like this!! The good news, as Vince mentioned, they get people seated very quickly. Me? If there was a line like that, I would just park myself in the Cove and have something to drink and enjoy the music until all those people were seated. I'm so glad to see pictures from this voyage. I was beginning to wonder if all the CCers were keeping the trip a big secret! Thanks for posting Vince, ~Nancy
  13. I got upped from a two star to three star after the first of a back to back cruise. I just went to the front desk and they printed me a new room card with the three star logo on it and my three star discount applied to the second B2B segment with no problems. That was on the Oosterdam in 2018 ~Nancy
  14. BART from Embarcadero station would be the quickest in the morning due to the always bad traffic at that hour. Take a cab or UBER to the BART unless you can walk the 1.1 mile with your luggage. The BART goes right to SFO. I still wouldn't book a flight quite that early unless you have a back up flight available. I don't like stress! ~Nancy
  15. Depends also on the port and other circumstances. They will inform you on the ship. My last back to back out of San Diego we were sent to a room on board on the morning of the turnaround to present ourselves and our passport to immigration officials. We didn't have to leave the ship since we were already cleared. In Ft. Lauderdale I had to leave the ship and wait for about an hour to re-board after being cleared. Doesn't seem to be consistent. In foreign ports I haven't had to leave the ship. Sometimes we had to personally present to the officials on board and sometime the ship's staff just dealt with the foreign officials because they had everyone's passports in the purser's office. ~Nancy
  16. I can understand that they don't want to disturb people in their cabins if it isn't an urgent/safety announcement. If I was asleep or ill I don't necessarily want to hear the general daily captain's updates. I do love listening to the captain when I'm out and really get aggravated when people can't be quiet for a couple minutes so we can listen.
  17. I recall that the channel number information for captain's announcements and others such as narration in Glacier Bay or the Panama Canal is listed in the TV Channel Guide.....bridge view channel. Oops, was posting while others were and I got a phone call so delayed pressing "send"...... ~Nancy
  18. Thanks fatcat04. The 15 alcoholic and unlimited non-alcoholic beverages was what I experienced in May 2019 on the Noordam.
  19. The link above tells all about the April 2018 Dry dock. Have a great trip! ~Nancy
  20. Neptune and Pinnacle Suite passengers on K and NS can eat in the separate Club Orange dining room.
  21. Thank you for this interesting information freestyling! ~Nancy
  22. When I needed cash on the Nieuw Amsterdam (2018), Oosterdam, Noordam and Zuiderdam I got it from the front desk. No ATMs. Last cruise was May 2019. ~Nancy
  23. RocketMan275- Dang, can I hang out with your family?......What great luck to get the free cruise on their first HAL cruise!! One note about the Pan Pacific Vancouver Club Level. It was so excellent I booked at the Pan Pacific Club Level in Perth Australia last April. Ugh! The Perth Club reminded me of my high school cafeteria and didn't even offer anything but coffee and tea between breakfast and happy hour. What a disappointment after the Vancouver experience. ~Nancy
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