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  1. Only issue I’ve had on R ships on 3 or 4 is engine noise. Is your room fore or aft?
  2. I think it's actually the length of the cruise, that determines the amount of OBC or number of excursions. In most instances(but not all) it would be the more costly ones.
  3. Well I would disagree. It's been my experience that it is usually the second day of the cruise, regardless of port or sea day. Perhaps you're thinking of the repeaters party? That is usually on a sea day.
  4. Thanks for explaining all that. I actually know those things, and have been recommending basically what you said for a few years, I just didn't understand how the EXcel sheet proved it. I guess more than anything it's just a place to put your figures. I'm old school so just use a notepad and calculator(and past experience). For me, using the Excel would cause more work than it saves, but I guess it's whatever you're used to.
  5. Could you give some more detail on the rotating restaurant closures. Is this also the specialty restaurants? The MDR closed on port days is really nothing new, they had been doing that hit or miss well before Covid came along. I think someone else mentioned having to adjust their specialty reservations. This is the kind of thing, although small, would deter me from cruising until all of the amenities are back in place.
  6. Must have been someone else, I really don't do reviews, although I do a little live reporting here and there. Not so much of that for me lately.
  7. I guess I don't really understand what this is proving. I've never been a fan of Excel files. Where is it showing me one choice is better than another?
  8. I think Panama City might be a new departure port, at least that I've noticed for Oceania. Out of the 3 Panama Canal cruises I've been on we never seem to stop there. But, I've always gone from the west to east.
  9. Yes, I see what you're saying now. And yes, I think the marketing folks do tend to confuse things. Just to add another thing to Robjame's list, the second night of the cruise is usually Captain's Welcome party. There are free drinks pretty much at most bars for about 3 hours that evening. This is one reason we usually wait until the third day, or later depending on what's happening, to upgrade.
  10. I'm not so sure. Why do you think OBC would be a good idea? Money is money, whether you pay for the OBC in your initial fare and then use it for upgrading once on the cruise, or just put it on your acct then settle it up in the end. What am I missing that you would think choosing OBC for the Olife and then using that to purchase the beverage package would put you ahead? The Beverage package is either $40 a day or $60 a day, per person, depending on which one you get. For me the best option is to take the basic package with Olife and then upgrade 3 or more days into the cruise with either OBC that DIDN'T come from olife, or just charge to our acct. For non drinkers the best option would be either excursions, or if they don't prefer that then no olife. I'm pretty sure taking the OBC with Olife is still a Zero sum game.
  11. Not sure I could agree that the Solo cabin is in a terrible location. Isn't it on the aft? Perhaps an undesirable location due to preference for some, but others love that location. I'd have to look at the deck plans again to make sure if that's where they are.
  12. I'm pretty sure transfers are now included with Oceania if you book your flights through them. Exceptions apply.
  13. It's not that you're colorblind, the colors are too close together. They definitely need more distinctive colors between the levels in each category.
  14. Seeing how NO ONE has been on this ship yet it would be really hard for anyone to answer this for you.
  15. As I mentioned before, I don’t really think the “pent up demand” is there that some would like us to think. But that’s just me.
  16. Yes, he figured that out, even mentioned it in his post.
  17. Absolutely, there is also an unquantifiable value in the overall feel of a smaller ship that you just can’t put on a spreadsheet and compare, as many people try to do.
  18. It’s a common practice before a new ship’s bookings are opened.
  19. Only way they won’t sail at higher capacity in 22 and beyond is if they can’t sell the cabins. It’s simply not financially sustainable.
  20. You might guess wrong. Many Oceania cruisers, which include current and previous Celebrity cruisers, are quite value conscious. I personally have been in insides on Celebrity and Oceania. We've been in suites on Oceania, but never on Celebrity as they are not a good value at all.
  21. As Lyn mentioned above, the value of using a good Travel Agent. Tips, obc, consortium benefits, room upgrades etc. Especially since you like to book expensive suites I think most TAs would be very appreciative of your business.
  22. I think you might be reading too much in to the meaning of "may". You are defining it as "maybe" while I think Oceania is just saying in a nice way that you "can".
  23. From the Oceania website', bolding mine. I HAVE AN EXISTING MEDICAL CONDITION. WHAT DO I DO? Updated July 2, 2018 Guests with any medical condition(s) or special needs that may require treatment or attention or accommodation during the voyage, or needing to travel with medical apparatus, including wheelchairs, motorized scooters, oxygen therapy, etc., must advise Oceania Cruises in writing at the time of deposit. Please note some ports of call may not be suitable for guests with limited mobility and in such cases, may disallow debarkation with a wheelchair or motorized scooter or for any individual with limited mobility. Oceania Cruises is unable to accommodate women past their sixth month of pregnancy. Oceania Cruises has the right to refuse or revoke passage to anyone who, in its judgment, is in a physical, mental or emotional condition unfit for travel or whose comfort on board may be compromised due to situations beyond the care that can be provided by Oceania Cruises. Oceania Cruises will under appropriate circumstances permit its guests to use special equipment such as those noted above, which satisfy the criteria stated in the Oceania Cruises' Policy Statement.
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