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  1. I was told on the Sky that you can use them but not redeem or earn benefits..
  2. Yes, drinks are included on the island.
  3. Sailaway rates include all inclusive bar. Tips are higher than other ships so you don't pay an additional fee in your booking - a lot of people tip when getting the drinks if a bartender is good (most are). There is a great selection of included mixed drinks, beer & wine - some that are not are marked clearly on the menu with prices.
  4. We had a stop in Santa Barbara & I bought him a bottle of wine.
  5. I'll try it! I'm wondering if the people who are getting this use their card often or not very much? If they are targeting certain usage patterns?
  6. I have been on CCL 19 times & Princess 27 times & the Sky is my all time favorite ship. Despite my status on those cruise lines, the Sky was far superior service.
  7. It depends on the ship - I have been told on larger ships that they're waiting for them to be washed the first day. Just ask the first evening & you'll get one.
  8. I loved those! They come in so handy. Haven't seen them in 10 cruises.
  9. I don't have it either. I would love someone to post the backdoor also.
  10. He is wonderful! Anyone know how long he'll be there?
  11. Yes, I booked a gty inside by myself (through a big online cruise agency) on the Coral repositioning this weekend & got a balcony cabin assigned today. I took an educated guess & did the gty because there was one inside room left & about 50 balconies, so I was pretty sure my shot at one was better than average.
  12. Totally makes sense. Yes, you would have absolutely seen a non refundable notice - I've booked a few & a big notice comes up.
  13. Hurry been there 3 times in 2 years and this is what I saw last month
  14. Out of curiosity, when you saw the price drop initially, could you have canceled old reservation & re booked then?
  15. There was one on our recent 3 & 5 day cruises on the Sky.
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