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  1. Got mine today for Oct23 cruise. Is this for every cruise in the forseable future? Or is there an end date?
  2. this company came through foe my sister when she canceled for any reason
  3. . You will get a full refund if you test positive, if you refuse test you will not get your money back
  4. Yes! Let me know what you decide. Ship & ports will probably be less crowded, that's what I'm excited about! Perfect time to go
  5. I'm still in the US, just been doing a lot of research. Good idea to spend time in Rome first. With new restrictions if your flight is late & you miss the ship you cannot get on at the next port.I would also recommend self quarantining as much as possible before leaving since you CAN test positive even if you are vaccinated (something I just learned)
  6. You have to get a test before getting on the ship. If you test positive you get your money back. There is a form you fill out before getting on the plane.It was hard to find but I finally found it. You also have to have a negative test to get back to the US. I am on this cruise so ask any questions you have, I can try to help. Are you on your own? I'm solo.
  7. My cruise in September stopped selling inside cabins (there were plenty, then they're weren't) until after final payment. Now it says limited availability. I don't blame them wanting to sell more expensive cabins if they have to decrease passengers.
  8. I used the one & only selfie I had taken on my phone from a few months ago.
  9. On my own so I'm doing solo room. Cruise is port intensive Europe so I probably won't have too much time to enjoy the ship.
  10. Yes, this is why I am doing NCL air & transfers, well worth a little extra $ for the reassurance
  11. Really cool, I'm looking forward to this ship!
  12. I added you tube & got a video, thank you!
  13. I tried to google earlier & all that came up were "waterfront getaways", vacation packages & travel agencies. I'll add youtube to search, thanks
  14. What is the Waterfront on the Getaway?
  15. I've been on cruises out of LA that have been delayed due to late arriving passengers, I believe they can file the manifest because they know who they are waiting for. I'm sure it depends on how many people they are waiting for as to weather they wait or not.
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