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  1. Has anyone encountered this? I had $628 each ( that includes my 75% bonus) for cruise portion & $220 each in port charges. I am looking over my booked cruises & I seem to be short the $220 each port charges. Do they show up somewhere besides your account?
  2. This is shareholder, right? I'll be getting that also.
  3. It's only a 7 day cruise so $100 seems like a lot, hopefully I can call tomorrow & find out exact situation. Looks like it's a large deposit if I don't use FCD but it's just sitting in a gift card so it doesn't matter what the deposit is.
  4. Yes, the former. I'm trying to figure this all out. I just tried to call them & they closed 5 min ago. Don't know if I have a booking or not - I think one future cruise deposit was applied, don't know if that held it. I had $50 OBC to start now it says $150 - did I get $100 for the certificate? I can't imagine I got that much. I am planning on paying by the 30th so I'' receive another $250. We don't spend much onboard & last time forfeited some OBC so 'd rather use the certificates on another cruise .
  5. Hello, I have a cruise on hold that has to be paid for today. My husband & I both have future cruise certificates. I have never used them on HAL, only Princess. Are they similar? I am getting a lot of OBC so I would rather save these for a future cruise if they come with OBC (and are they refundable if they expire?) I will pay cruise in full by the end of the month (& will be paying with gift cards) so money out of pocket is irrelevant to me. Thanks for explaining how they work!
  6. I was panicked! Didn't know what the crisis was haha!
  7. Do you only get it doubled if it is applied to 7 day or longer? I booked two & they applied FCC to 4 day instead of 7 day but I didn't want to call back & change/mess things up.
  8. I thought I was entitled to double my FCD certificate - I was told yes , then when I went to book I was told no. My cruise was supposed to be in April & I opted for the 175% credit on for another cruise. Should I still get the FCC doubled?
  9. Love these cabins! Never had an issue with odors. Also never had an issue with motion or noise - and I'm very sensitive to noise!
  10. I called & they told me all bonus cards are good until 12/21 even if they are marked 12/20, but I would call again to double check.
  11. Maybe because of all the government money! 🙂
  12. I have a 7 day on hold sailing(hopefully) October 24. If I pay it will be with gift cards so I figure it's no loss since the money is just sitting in my drawer & I may get goodies for the cancellation. I haven't paid yet because my husband is afraid they WON'T cancel (& I'm the opposite)
  13. It seems like I was $200 short of what I thought I was getting. It appeared hat we got an additional $100 for every FCC we had used on the cancelled cruise but when I finally got the last monies deposited in my account($410 port charges) it was only $210
  14. Apparently it's only targeted to certain people who have not paid for their bookings in full. I have 3 bookings on deposit & I was told I cannot get promotion.
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