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  1. so cool.. you should post them all over to the right of this forum where new pics are posted
  2. voljeep

    Change in Traditional Dining Times?

    we always do anytime ding ... in the mdr, that is hardly "an event" to us, so we can take a pager and enjoy a(nother) glass of wine in Vines
  3. more grate pics ! - what kind of camera are you using?
  4. voljeep

    Internet and number of devices question

    people have posted if you try to log on ... and someone else is also logged on.. on the same account, it will kick them off automatically (maybe not atomatically per the above post). might be fine if a kid is burning minutes...but...if it's your "other" that's kicked off... well..
  5. yes, looks very nice...maybe someday
  6. voljeep

    Donut Movie Lines

    Are you trying to donut me Mrs Robinson ? ELAINNNNNNNNEEEEEEEEEEEEEE DONUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS the sounds of donuts One word, Ben - DONUTS
  7. voljeep

    Donut Movie Lines

    It's not personal Sonny...it's strictly donuts..
  8. voljeep

    Donut Movie Lines

    Leave the gun...take the donuts...
  9. voljeep

    First Unread

    Make sure you are logged in ( I asked the same thing earlier and somehow 'the system' had me logged out )
  10. voljeep

    New Format - New Questions

    Anyone else having problems with the 'blue dots/stars' view first unread post coming and going?
  11. voljeep

    Coffee Card Price

    Does Princess discount anything if bought pre-cruise? I know about the 'bonus' internet minutes and the pre-cruise water package...anything else?
  12. voljeep

    Change in Traditional Dining Times?

    might as well be labeled early bird dining at the golden corral do you get a discount for going at 4:30?
  13. voljeep

    # days to your next Princess cruise

    413 long days now until a little 3 day on the SKY... looking a few others...but nothing booked, however our schedules are somewhat flexible so a last minute (14) days or so is not out of the question at the right price if out of PE/FLL and no flights involved
  14. voljeep

    No Receipt / No Signing & the New Coffee Card

    Same with us - I've gone to CS to have a bottle of wine we didn't order and a bucket of beer - both times I had a drink package - AIPB or PBP- no problem to remove...just took a few minutes and we to check our folio most days... hopefully it doesn't happen on purpose, but sometimes you gotta wonder about bogus charges...and who didn't get charged...