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  1. voljeep

    Are jackets really required for men?

    I think formal night attire should NOT be enforced for anytime dining, but STRICTLY enforced for traditional dining, as formal nights and traditional are old school cruising... we do anytime dining...
  2. voljeep

    Anytime dining doesn’t work!

    We always get a table for 2 - the most we have ever had to wait was a half glass of wine !!
  3. voljeep

    Anytime dining doesn’t work!

    Sorry, but no...Princess has chosen to reduce staff in the mdr's... it's either wait outside for staff to be waited on, or wait at a table with no staff - kinda like a doctor waiting room...
  4. voljeep

    What Are You Currently Reading?

    Cruise Critic - Floataway Forum - this thread...
  5. voljeep

    Compare Golden Princess to Crown Princess

    separate question regarding pre-tour can you book the Fairbanks Riverside Lodge for a couple of nights and get the same room as when the tour part starts? - good idea or not? we would basically be just chillin' those days after a long (from florida) flight
  6. Considering a Golden Princess cruise as part of an Alaska cruisetour next summer Never been on the Golden, looked at the deck plans...no Crooners? no aft adult pool ? not sure that matters much for Alaska, but still see Outriggers bar for the aft view - EDIT - ok see the Terrace Pool on Aloha deck now... Caribe deck deluxe balcony a good choice - if so, what side for north to south cruise? Is Golden a good choice - Late July 2019 cruise
  7. voljeep

    Cruise vs Land based tour

    FSU Girl - you and I both know these plans will again change !!
  8. I donut know about hijacking a thread... but it's now at ONE BILLION $$$$$$'s - that's a lot of donuts
  9. voljeep

    Sing-a-long Piano Bar?

    was that Kory Simon? - we walked out a couple of times and just went back to Vines
  10. voljeep

    # days to your next Princess cruise

    Happy Anniversary to this thread ! - Started one year ago today ..still over 400days to our next.
  11. voljeep

    Are jackets really required for men?

    I wear a nice long-sleeved dress shirt, and black linen pants on formal night to the mdr I also wear black echo sandals ( my dress sandals ) and would have a major problem with Princess if I was turned away for the sandals...MAJOR PROBLEM
  12. voljeep

    questioning an upgrade

    TA or call Princess - then there's something called a meta upgrade only, I believe - such as going from an interior to an oceanview - but not an interior to another interior maybe
  13. voljeep

    FaceTime on Regal Princess

    worked great on the Regal in March ... Platinum unlimited then ... wife Facetimed and gave a ship tour to our 3 year old granddaughter and got a lot of smiles...
  14. I wouldn't consider Salty Dog or crab shack as specialty dining, myself - yes it costs extra, but it's not that special.. How does the SHARE menu appeal to you?
  15. voljeep

    Are jackets really required for men?

    which Princess ship and itinerary ? certainly not anywhere in the US, I hope Alaska, New England, Canada, Caribbean should be way more relaxed than say Europe, etc