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  1. voljeep

    Cash out Non-Refundable OBC

    will it be a loss of a "perk" or another "princess cutback" when Princess closes this loophole and actually enforces a 'policy' that may or may not be in effect ? fine print
  2. voljeep

    Why Doesn't Princess Modern"icized" Their (Old) Ships?

    we got it once ( the last sea day ) on the Regal last year ( March , 2018 ) 7 day eastern carib it was packed with a waiting line when we left ... don't remember the venue ...
  3. voljeep

    Deck by Deck boarding

    we are at DEFCON 1 the morning when we leave the house driving down to PE/FLL waiting to board at the port - DEFCON 5 DEFCON 5 (least severe) to DEFCON 1 (most severe)
  4. voljeep

    Deck by Deck boarding

    ignore the 'suggestions' - get there when you want and get in line
  5. voljeep

    30 day V 2 B2B

    Changing cabins ?
  6. voljeep


    pre-order water before the cruise - very reasonable pricing ...
  7. voljeep

    Muster question

    or, she could already be seated in the venue prior to the announcement sippin' on a highball ..
  8. voljeep

    On Board Caribbean Princess Now 16 Feb

    will they be showing the Daytona 500 today ? 2:30 on FOX
  9. voljeep

    Current MUTS

    but the real question concerning fonts and colours is ... why not just use the default ??
  10. voljeep

    Step by step - opening our medallions!

    magnetic hooks, clips to put on walls to hold patters, hats towel clips for pool chairs realistic expectations...
  11. voljeep

    Princess Sale Come Back New start March 1st

    not much of a "sale" except for the $ 99 3rd and 4th ... now if they add grats, specialty dining ...
  12. voljeep

    Ultimate Balcony Dinner with .pdf menu

    Thanks to both - yeah, we'll just let them step outside for the most part are the HW and the Asst. willing to take a couple of pics with your own phone/pad in addition to any photos the ship photog takes ?
  13. voljeep

    Ultimate Balcony Dinner with .pdf menu

    Thanks, much appreciated - pretty sure we are going to try to book the 6-6:30 time slot How long did it take from table set-up to table removal? What about a tip for the waiter - $ 20 ?
  14. voljeep

    Ultimate Balcony Dinner with .pdf menu

    bueller ? bueller ?