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  1. for a runoff for 2024 ? - yeah, me too ...
  2. even if the CDC relents 'today' - is 7/1 still realistic for US cruises to begin ?
  3. so Florida was almost immediate - ahead of the curve so to speak - well done
  4. 1 today for us - and it's a big one with lots of exposures ... maybe the light at the end of the tunnel is not a train headed our way after all ....
  5. which came first - the New York quarantine or the Florida quarantine ?
  6. Cruise ships are different from other venues, whether we like it or not ... since we are vac'd, of course we want everyone else to be vaccinated as to not disrupt the cruise, at least at first until the cruise lines show they can handle an outbreak on board everything else - doesn't really matter to me - we will still wear our masks when needed ( and prolly times when not )
  7. does that also apply for you and cruise ships ? on cruise ships, at least for us, the problem is not being able to re-port and disembark with ANY quarantine - which is obviously not a problem with other venues because of the duration of the events
  8. are you in favor then of Brice stadium requiring that all people that attend Gamecock games in the fall be vaccinated ?
  9. says the poster from Michigan who is getting ready to go into a statewide shutdown while Florida counties are getting ready to lift mandatory mask requirements uh-oh
  10. surf's up at Mavericks, dude ! congrats on making your own waves
  11. 15 drink (alcoholic) limit per "Princess Day" - which runs 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. the next day Glock does NOT reset at midnight to continue drinking after the 15 ... It has been reported that bartenders 'might' serve you after 15, but you 'should' be charged
  12. while we have taken mostly Princess excursions, i know, i know, I wouldn't have a major problem with that ... but, there's that but again, I hope that somehow people will be allowed just to walk around in the immediate port shops without a guide telling them what shops and restaurants they can go into. I want to be safe aka vaccinated ( we are ) and I want the "locals" to feel safe also
  13. even if the CDC somehow allows cruising to resume , whenever , what is the word about the LA and SF ports actually accepting cruise ships ?
  14. no go here also - in stormy Central Florida - lost some pool screen panels yesterday, and today is gonna be worster
  15. we have replaced our little 5 day Thanksgiving cruise that was cancelled last year, with a 5 day Thanksgiving cruise this year ( hopefully ) on the Regal - which we have previously enjoyed we had 'gamed the system' and doubled our cruise fare paid . Yes, the prices have gone up, but with the additional FCC, we were able to change from a regular balcony cabin to a premium deluxe balcony, true aft. we also switched from BEST2DG to BSE with all the perks including a specialty dinner "good new is' I guess, that this will use all our FCC's except for $ 7 each - guess tha
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