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  1. only thing I can add is ... don't be afraid to ASK for the benefits included in the suite/pdf ... you "may" know as much or more than your "steward" does about what you should get If they state ... well, that is no longer included ... DEMAND to know what will be substituted for it j/k about that DEMAND part ... and pay attention to the times required to order some of the services ...
  2. yes ... blue, gold, medallion, er ruby, platinum, and then the top tier
  3. Originally ? the excellent CC staff sometimes move threads to their appropriate forum ... looks like that may have happened here ...
  4. link to passport info ... do it https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/passports.html/
  5. 2007 on the Diamond for us ... our first Princess Cruise !
  6. is / if Princess is still offering the option of getting a cruise card 'instead' of a Medallion ... will that process end and only the Medallion will be available if you choose to cruise Princess as an aside ... your postings are very much appreciated ...
  7. you might want to consider working with a Princess Vacation Planner (PVP) until you get more familiar with the process or a Travel Agent ...
  8. for themselves ? or to show others ? because they believe the others will like it ?
  9. same with us - no way to pay the difference for the upgrade to UBD ... we took the breakfast - was actually lot nicer than we had remembered from a previous perk when we had it but, yeah ... seems strange as a perk with Sabatini's breakfast included ... which we really enjoyed also
  10. wow - we've got ours - but have not received any kind of notice, yet, about our 12/4 sailing on the SKY out of PE/FLL
  11. deleted my thought ... I should prolly do that more often instead of posting ...
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