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  1. It will be in the patter when you board ...
  2. Read as many of these threads as you have time for... be sure to read a couple of the more entertaining ones ... formal night ... dress code ... drones ...
  3. voljeep

    Where will ship be in port

    I want to know before hand if our ship is sailing out of one pier/terminal and back into another to determine the best place for us to park ... this is in PE/FLL ... also knowing that those things can change ...
  4. we tip in cash , both at the bar and for waiter service ... yes, in addition to the 15% auto grat ... we always take $50-100 in $1 bills for a 7 day cruise
  5. whichever bar ... I've found that a couple of $ goes a long way to getting faster service in a crowded bar , along with a stronger pour, or fuller glass of wine ... also, be polite, wait your turn, be ready to order, smile, please and thank-you also seems to help and is just plain good manners also ask for their name so you can put it on a comment card
  6. voljeep

    Princess website still down?

    no problem here - 12:05 EST signed in thru Booked Guest saw my booked cruises and saved cruises accessed Plan a cruise went thru a mock booking until it stated NON-refundable deposit ...
  7. voljeep

    overcharged on final bill

    how many days is in a 7 day cruise ? when does the first day start for PBP purposes? when is day 1 of a 7 day cruise that starts on a Sunday? when does day 7 end? and I also have had drinks on "day 8" of a 7 day cruise included in the AIBP and the PBP
  8. voljeep

    overcharged on final bill

    your beverage package "expired" at 6 am on the day of disembarkation... but since you stated the charge was on your account before 5:50 am that day...hmmmmm
  9. voljeep

    Sail Away Traditions

    A speaker on the balcony ??? - why not headphones as to not disturb the other balconies close to yours ???
  10. voljeep

    Princess website down AGAIN

    when I try to 'sign in' to my account - the site wants me to download some kind of app ... not happening still able to see 'my cruise', but haven't tried to make any payments, etc typical...
  11. voljeep

    Dismbarkation Checklist

    our "issues" have mysteriously come up between the last night BEFORE embarkation and when the final bill is slipped under our cabin door during the middle of the night... we check our account on a mostly daily basis - and for sure every day the last 2-3 days of the cruise
  12. voljeep

    Rebates on Cruises from Travel Agents

    MCC retired ... since you opened the door.... what % of your commission earned from Princess did you keep for yourself and what % did you 'discount' to the customer? to keep it simple, use a commissionable fare of $ 5000 ...
  13. voljeep

    You Better Tip at Port Everglades - Or Else!

    would rather make Stewart, pool bartenders, Vines, Crooners 'happier' as we see/interact with them throughout the cruise - not a dash and go. will stick with the $ 5 for 2 bags
  14. voljeep

    You Better Tip at Port Everglades - Or Else!

    $ 5 for 2 bags is the right amount for us for the 2 minutes it takes them to take it out of the back of the suv and 'throw' it onto a cart...
  15. voljeep


    Buy 100 shares of Carnival Corporation stock ... this will get you OBC on each future cruise on Princess as well as the other cruise lines under the Carnival Umbrella ( Carnival Cruise Line, HAL, and others ) You can, if desired and allowed by plan, to purchase this stock in one of your retirement plans