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  1. drinks on balcony is appealing now - 1 each ordered at the same time on 2 separate devices / login with the Plus package ... PITA, maybe ... but would rather do that if necessary rather than having to remove a charge for the second drink maybe / hopefully that will change in the near future, but we will deal with it as is ...
  2. We ordered our Medallions back on 6/23, when we were "green lane" , for our Thanksgiving cruise. We are now 'in the yellow' with step 2 , personalize medallion now missing the green checkmark - and getting the dreaded 'white screen' what should be our next step - delete and re-install the app ? - then do we then have to 'reorder the medallions' ?
  3. Sailing on Regal over Thanksgiving - went ahead and paid final today (port fees, insurance) about 75 days or so ... will be watching for changes and re-evaluate in 30 days if still a go or not masks won't bother us, we should be able to handle the 2 day testing - maybe even driving down the day of cruise depending on receiving test results - the drive we can manage and be at port by 10:30 or so if day of testing is a needed fallback
  4. has anyone reported that they had an arrival time booked thru the "app", showed up early, and were denied boarding until that time ? or have not been able to book an arrival time at all, and denied boarding until their 'cabin deck' was called and then allowed to board ?
  5. How is the bacon supply holding up ? Any rationing yet ?
  6. deleted again - as to not sure about ordering room service off the full mdr menu's during regular dining room hours sorry
  7. deleted - as I am have not sailed recently and any thoughts of mine would only be speculation, and 'should be's ' - not what is actually happening on the cruises in process
  8. what happens if the TA doesn't pay Princess ... no cruise for you ??
  9. we had a perfect situation in 2019 - pre 'rona - on the CB 1) we took an upsell to our one and only ( so far ) suite 2) had OM in hand 3) got to terminal 2 in PE/FLL 'early' ( around 10 am as we had stayed in the Hilton Marina Inn the night before 4) the CB was coming off a wetdock/drydock so there were no passengers to disembark and no b2b passengers screwing around and not showing up at the assigned time and location 5) no wedding parties as I remember
  10. Can you order flowers for your cabin ? I tried to for a late November cruise - not available
  11. which ever one is closest to Vines ... I can take a 'to-go' from there so I will have a glass of wine while waiting for another to arrive from the mdr waiters for dinner
  12. REGAL TA begins 11/3 and ends in FTL on 11/17/21 - since that is after the current 10/31 expiration date - hopefully the '14 day' ship quarantine will be gone by then
  13. did this price drop happen to include a reduced price for passenger # 2 ? - there are some of those floating around for the short cruise(s) in November 2021 on the REGAL - NEW BOOKINGS ONLY - so any past promotion booked under ( OBC ) 'may' be lost just wondering
  14. someone - sorry can't give props to - did a pretty detailed posting with pictures of the un-boxing of the medallion when it first came out pre-'rona
  15. yet my iphone 10 XR works just fine after I updated to the current IOS ( didn't try on my 11 year old 4s before it was retired )
  16. I quess we are just different - we look at the paper patter the night before, semi-plan what activity(s), shows, etc we may want to do, ... then fit dinner in around those plans. most meals , including those on a cruise ship, are not "events" to us, sorry. I care nothing about 'getting to know' waiters / staff ( maybe that will change when we start taking longer cruises if/when that may happen now )
  17. 2 people in the same cabin, both with PLUS - each order a glass of wine on their own app for room service - does that result in 2 different deliveries as a totally non-IT type - is that such a hard thing to fix to link the 2 accounts so that each individual account gets 'charged' for their drink and they come at the same time by one room service server ?
  18. totally agree - actual experiences let the "old thread" be the place for the 'i believe' and used too's
  19. do really 'serious gamblers' go on cruises to gamble ? - or are a large % of cruise casino 'gamblers' just going for the entertainment factor that may not be available where they live
  20. understand about "thoughts" - but now there is actual experiences from cruisers on board, and hopefully more to come thanks disclaimer - we don't do TD, and we prefer anytime 2 tops, now even more
  21. I'm guessing our end of November cruise on the REGAL will be selling at capacity, but who knows what the actual sailing numbers will be at this time - lots of empty cabins as currently shown on the website. I know, I know ... REGAL will ( hopefully ) have had many cruises in the Med, a transatlantic, and a couple of short PC cruises before ours ... so we got that going for us
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